‘Sell me Sark for £2m.’ is rejected by Seigneur

SEIGNEUR Michael Beaumont has rejected a £2m. offer to ‘sell’ Sark to Sir David Barclay.

Seigneur of Sark Michael BeaumontSEIGNEUR Michael Beaumont has rejected a £2m. offer to ‘sell’ Sark to Sir David Barclay.

The billionaire businessman made the approach in January 2010 by offering £1m. for the island’s feudal lease and title, as well as a further £1m. as compensation for the loss of Mr Beaumont’s £28,000 per year stipend.

Sir David wrote to the seigneur making it clear that he had no interest in the feudal rights attached to the title, and would relinquish all apart from any obligations coming under the fiefdom.

He argued that Sark’s democracy would be significantly strengthened by the move, because Chief Pleas would have greater control over the island and its resources.

But Mr Beaumont (pictured) replied that he was unable to accept ‘and certainly at the moment I have no wish to do so’.

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Comments for: "‘Sell me Sark for £2m.’ is rejected by Seigneur"

Mr G

Good for him, Sark is worth far more than £2 million.


I wonder if Sir David would be prepared to make an offer for Mr Holroyd's Fief les Carterets?

Le Andrew

Feudalism or Plutocracy?

Your choice Sark!

I`d say fight both and set up a commune style

regime run by yourselves for yourselves.


I want a bigger Island for all my money deposit boxes.

L. Seagrave

What an insult, I would say that enough damage has been down to Sark by these people already. Sark is a beautiful place. I have been visiting Sark since childhood and it is magical, leave it alone. Congratulations sir on your decision.

Margaret Le Page

NOW IT'S ALL COMEING TO THE SURFACE!!!! This is as I figured many years ago. Thank goodness for Seigneur Beaumonts' common sense. Can you imagine the future of Sark had David B got his hands on the island????? Please Seigneur Beaumont don't sell to them!!!!!


What a bare-faced insult. Under the circumstances, Mr Beaumont's reply was more than tactful...mine would have been of fewer words !!

Mr Objective

Very revealing. At long last we see the barrier to a true Sark democracy. If

only Mr Beaumont could see that life without his special privileges could be

just fine. Why the need to have responsibility to influence Sark life down to

who holds every office. Why not just allow the dawn of democracy to break

and Mr Beaumont could still attend any functions or official gatherings he is invited to since there is little evidence within the exchanges of correspondence

pointing to a climate of acrimony against him as an individual just a very apparent impatience for Sark to get on and give democracy a chance.

David Barry

"Mr Objective"


Please do not insult our intelligence.

And no doubt your comment will shortly be available in the "Sark Newsletter" conveniently available online and the latest issue of which contains enough personal attacks on Mr Beaumont for any further comment to be needless except to say that any interpretation of Mr Beaumont's letter in which he refused to sell as not being a final refusal borders on the delusional....

Alan Marriette

Thank you Sir for not selling Sark.

No amount of money could justify the selling of such a beautiful island which is unique in the world.



The Crown lease on Sark is one thing David Barclay will NEVER be able to buy. I admire Mr. Beaumont's dignity in the way he has carried out his duties as Seigneur, especially in recent times when he has had to put up with unbelievable criticism and harassment from the Sark Newsletter. I sincerely hope that Sark will one day return to the peaceful island that I love, and although I would not wish it, if that means Guernsey playing a role in our future then so be it.

Mr Objective

Well there we go again. Anyone who has an objective view has to be

against Sark and Mr Beaumont. The question I would like to ask s why

is there a need to delay the advent of a fully democratic Chief Pleas to

satisfy Mr Beaumont's dignity. What about the Sark taxpayer who has

been offered release from the onerous payments. With the cost of living

set to rise faster than ever could not this be the time to draw a line under

feudal system once and for all and lets all move on.

Sebastian Peake

L'ile de Sercq meme est beaucoup plus important que tout deux, les envahiers et les inhabitants.


I find his statement about resigning & handing the title back to the crown but turning down an offer of two million pounds very fanciful.

His whole life has been devoted to creaming what he can, where ever he can. His morals are very flexible, to say the least, where making money is concerned.

It's more a case of thinking what the future holds for him on Sark over whether the deal could be sweetened by playing a cool hand.

I think the Sark folk need to demand full & frank account disclosures from all interests held under his control.

All the while he's maintained that his interests have been for the greater good of the people. With the island future being his main priority.


The truth is that all the benefits have been enjoyed mainly by himself & a handful of his associates needed to keep a reign of power & influence.

It's time for the man of the people to put his cards on the table & show what has gone where & why.

I'm not one to stir up trouble unnecessarily! However, the taxpayers have been paying ever increasing amounts with ever decreasing results being shown. These amounts have done little other than boosting the bank accounts of the one man that needs it the least.

I believe the people are starting to question his motives. The masses need to be brave enough to ask the questions that has been on their minds but they have let go for fear of rocking the boat.

Many shocking revelations will be stumbled across.

I know many searching questions have been deflected in the past. These deserve an answer if the island is to move forward in the right direction.

More importantly, those with the questions need to grow a backbone & ask them without fear of being cast out of the ever decreasing favoured circle.


Who on earth would have seen this week's revelations in Delaney's newsheet coming?

One can only begin to guess the difficulties that M Beammont is faced with in trying to explain to his loyal insider club just why he didn't take the only honourable course of action available to him and dismiss the offer out of hand with an irevvocable NO the minute he received it.

"At the moment I have no wish to do so"

Come on folks, get real. No amount of forelock tugging blogging by the repackaged and reconstituted Sarkdogs is going to paper over this one.

steven bourgaize

stay in there micheal Beaumont thats the only way sark will survive its lovely ways of life which is enjoyed by many people today.

Margaret Le Page

After reading Sark News 72 and 74. I shake my head at the utter Rag that it is and wonder why anyone wastes money on ink and paper to print it, even taking their time to deliver it to Sark residents. And Woe betide you if you don't accept this piece of despicable rant into your letter box. You will be named and shamed in this Rag!!! IS THIS SUPPOSED TO PORTRAY DEMOCRACY?????

"There were 2 shining knights in Golden armour clamouring from the battlements, and beating their GOLDEN breast plates from the Castley (designed from the Feudal Era!) thing on Brechou across Le Goulliot Passage to the Sark islanders. Unfortunately the islanders couldn't hear their message, so they decided to send an employee across to the Island of Sark with the news et al "The

Sark Newsletter." Telling the islanders how wonderful they will be for the islanders future if the knights are allowed to have their way. Now these knights have never quaffed a pint of beer with the locals in the pub and have never had a meal in a local restaurant. And I believe that, to my knowledge, neither of them have ever set a foot on Sark. But over the years have continually maligned all and sundry via The Sark Newsletter using S. Oliver previous editor (I wonder where she is now) and K. Delaney. But telling all and sundry how GREAT!! they will be for the Island of Sark and its' residents?????

AND THIS IS DEMOCRACY?????????????????????????

End of Fairy Tale.


There's a thing here bothering me. The pro posters keep suggesting that Mr Beaumont staying is beneficial for Sark yet it's supposed to be a democracy so one man has no influence. Does he? Or have I got that wrong?

The Barclays, on the other hand, have offered to spend their money removing feudalism, a seigneurs influence and handingnthe island back to Chief Pleas.

Oh, and saving Sark £28,000 a year. What's not to like? Other than that loss of influence by a few...


Margaret Le Page

Both of the brothers have been to Sark together once, to the best of my knowledge. There was the opportunity of a second visit, to bury the hatchet, made by Sir David.

This was conveniently misinterpreted. The Seigneur & his select few could have saved islanders a small fortune. Sark Shipping would have been thrown a much needed lifeline.

Let's see if the Seigneur will be prepared to dip his hand into his pocket if need be? It will be the first that I can remember.

The powers that be on Sark like to play dumb when it suits. It just doesn't wash.

Unwanted scrutiny is placed upon those that prefer to operate behind closed doors.

Rightly so.

Corruption is the outcome where no scrutiny exists. Much of this has happened on Sark in the past.

This will be made evident in due course.

Those that don't like something have the choice whether to spend their time & energy on it.

Freedom of speech is nothing new in today's modern world. It's only new to Sark.

The Sark Newsletter contains information that is nothing other than accurate, truthful & informative.

Even the style of writing was offered to be toned down if both sides could find it within themselves to put the past behind them.

Many decent well meant offers were made by Sir David privately. These were refuted on the basis that free speech is not liked or wanted by those wishing to carry on, like they have done in the past, secretively.

Change is as good as a break. It's nothing to fear.


My dear Paul you talk rubbish!

The Sark news letter is full of lies and propaganda. Spin beyond belief, every episode is more rediculus than the last ! delaney makes a complete fool of himself time and time again.

I should know I work for him.


Margaret Le Page


You like the "Gutter Press of Sark" (latest name for Sark Newsletter) for all the truthful??accurate??information?? I KNOW its' got such Claaarrss! now hasn't it? No accounting for TASTE is there????


Good golly, I see the six digit brigade is well fired up. Perhaps they sense the ebb of power now that the seigneur has refused to rule out flogging Sark for a few quid.

On that, what is interesting is how clearly recent events have indicated his belief that the lease is his to sell, hold or giive away (to Guernsey) as he sees fit.

Why not put the Barclay offer to a Sark referendum?

Ah, no, you didn't like the result when the last referendum went against you and in favour of democracy, did you?


The "Sark Newsletter" can't be that bad can it?

Oh dear - it jolly well is. Just read it.

The vitreol contained beggars belief.

Its just falls short of something published in the 1930's by the Third Reich.


I think neither the Barclays of Mr. Beaumont should have a hold over Sark...I say let it belong to the people !!!!!

This draconian way which they deem fit to simply bat back and forward bids over these peoples home is a disgrace... They are treating the residents like middle age peasants.

Goodbye and good riddance to both parties is the way forward. Sarkees fight for your human rights !

Tony Ventress

Mr Objective,

Sark has a fully democratic Chief Pleas with approximately 90% of the electorate voting in the 2008 election and approximately 80% in the 2010.

How do the Barclays view Democracy? They are not on he electoral roll. They send their Guernsey advocate {what does a senior partner charge per hour? £500 is my guess) over to report back on Chief Pleas meetings. They use their propaganda sheet 'Sark Newsletter' edited by their Sark manager Kevin Delaney abetted by the Guernsey Press to virulently criticise those who do not toe their line.

How often are the Barclays seen on Sark? I have seen and spoken to them once which is more than most people here.

My own feeling is that they have always coveted the Title of Seigneur of Sark hence all their propaganda.

Margaret Le Page

Hear, Hear, Tony Ventress, WELL SAID!


Whoa! This thread has descended into some ill-conceived Gaddafi style ranting.

The truth is that Sark is a small fishing & fishing community which has enjoyed minimal administration combined with an envious system of taxation.

An antiquated and imperfect form of feudalism worked OK for many years, possibly too many?

This is has been replaced by the embryo of a democracy that remains in gestation.

The birth of democracy has been skewed by the arrival in the delivery room of a wealthy capitalist elephant.

The elephant must be tamed, shackled or shot before Sark's independence and freedom is lost to Guernsey or Westminster.

Margaret Le Page

Sarkdog, You are soooo right. Thank you for a bit of commonsense and a chuckle!!!


Nobody can denie the fact, that the investment made by the Barclay Brothers was well needed on the island.

This does not however mean, that we should bow to their every demand. It was completely their own choice to invest!

If I had done the same, I would expect to have my oppion heard, about on what happens on the island, but would not TELL people what to do, or how to think. THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY!

Unfortunatly K. Delany is just a very bad politician. He will tell people what they want to hear and promise the world, but belive me, these are empty promises.

However he works on behalf of the Barclay Brothers. He is only one man after all. It's the whole corporation we all disagree with.

Who ever Sark is sold to, there will be upset, and change. We all love sark 'as is' and ' as was'. Howvever living in the past achieves nothing!

Leigh Gibbins

The people of the Arab nations are fighting for democracy to have rights and a future free of oppression for their children and their children. What many are doing here is not for democracy but for present generation's personal gain. End the quarrel. Be grown up. Set an example. Respect. Make human rights count for children too. Look at the island through their eyes and so much of this stupid, destructive behaviour that is driving the young to hate Sark must end. Sark News should become a news vehicle facts and news not personal attacks. Democracy should be embraced by all in government who are legally entrusted to deliver this promise to the people - in their every action. All must be acountable for their actions. Make this work - not only for you but your children and their children.


Well said Margaret and Tony;if "Monaco Dave"was so concerned about complete democracy in Sark, why

did he phone some of the Tenants (land owners) (pre

2008 elections) saying that he would accept opion C (16 elected deputies and 16 Tenants) I call it

manipulative hypocrisy, or as so many are saying

" the Bark Lark "


why not transfer the Crown Lease into the name of the States of Guernsey and/or make it part of the Bailiwick. Give the Seigneur a pension for life- anything would be better than allowing Sark to fall into the hands of outsiders.


Thank-you Fief. I had forgotten all about the persuasive 11th hour U-turn phone calls to Tenants in 2008. The editor of the Sark Newsletter would appear to have suffered a similar loss of memory about the calls.

Duplicity indeed; 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do'?

Margaret Le Page

I'm Beginning to sound like KD of SEM (God forbid) but I can't help myself. Back in Dec. 2008 according to a UK daily newspaper, (obviously not the Telegraph) but apparently K. Delaney bought a Sark local person a pint of beer and because he had done this suggested that the recipient of said beer (get this) should vote for him (KD) in the coming elections????? HMMMMMMM!


Is this not what every body that stands for election does.

Many times, leading up to elections, you see people come out of the woodwork and venture into the pubs for the first time in years. Just to gain peoples oppinions, on who they are going to vote for. several times I have been asked the direct question, 'so, are you going to vote for me?' A little too much pressure I feel! Many people are guilty of that! Whats new!


If I owned Sark I'd allow more than one female dog.


I think they should put all the criminals on Sark. Then the guernsey prison site could be turned into a zoo to help tourism.


PRISON/ZOO! sounds like the same thing.

Margaret Le Page

This post is a carry-on to "tj and bobs'" posts and quite theoretical. If ever Sark becomes a Penal Colony for Criminals, a word of warning to those incarcerated there as a known Criminal, should Simon Heffer come into the equation "Beware"! He has some diabolical and I mean DIABOLICAL!!! justice for the worst cases.