Ice rink returns thanks to new sponsor Wave

ISLANDERS will be able to skate on the ice again this Christmas thanks to a last-minute rescue by Wave Telecom.

ISLANDERS will be able to skate on the ice again this Christmas thanks to a last-minute rescue by Wave Telecom.

There were doubts about whether the popular event would return to the island after its usual sponsor Sure pulled out. But now telecoms company Wave has stepped in as a sponsor of the ice rink in Market Square.

It has joined together with parent company JT in Jersey, which has helped bring about the sponsorship.

The skating rink will be open from 8 December and will include traditional festive market stalls and some celebrity guests.

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Comments for: "Ice rink returns thanks to new sponsor Wave"


I find that the icerink is always much too large and that allows people to accelerate to dangerous speeds.

Must we wait for a tragedy before we wake up to this danger?


1. the skating area should be made smaller, possibly by a rail cutting the rink in half, one half for adults, the other half for children under 18

2. the ice should be made bumpier (like speed bumps) to further discourage speeding

3. helmets : mandatory. knee pads : mandatory. wrist guards : optional but to be provided on request.

Terry Langlois

dejavu - are you serious? are you suggesting we should make the rink more congested and include bumps to throw people off balance, all in the interests of "safety"?? oh, and separate the children from their parents, just to completely ruin the family outing experience. nice one.

Nicholas Legg

I am very safety conscious and understand that Iceskating Can be dangerous and appropriate health and safely considerations must be made to ensure that the rink is an enjoyable and safe experience for all involved. Nevertheless, I think the points raised above are ludicrous.

1. A smaller rink would only increase the danger, as the area would be more congested. Furthermore, I feel if anything it could do with being bigger!

2. Bumpier would make it more difficult to skate, so surely would become more dangerous?? Speed humps... would properly encourage people to try and go faster over them. I've never seen an Ice rink with speed humps.

3. Fair point, -18 should have to wear safely gear but isn't this already the case?

major Godfrey

Good Morning,

@dejavu "Must we wait for a tragedy before we wake up to this danger?"

It might be prudent if the people that run the rink were to employ the man who used to regularly hold childrens parties at Cochranes Dance Centre in he 80s, (if he's still with us). A quick 5 minute chat about manners, looking out for others, reminding you that running and skidding on your knees is not the way forward, maybe a rendition of the birdy song - tragedy, (not the excellent version by steps), averted.




@Nicholas Legg

2. the ice in the rink is already maintained at a fairly bumpy texture. I just think they haven't gone far enough here.

Think about it- when the roads iced up last year they closed the schools because they know: ice kills children. Now to put an area of smooth ice (the most dangerous kind) in the middle of town and then pack children onto it is clearly a deathtrap.

3. No, there is currently no safety equipment required. Professional ice hockey players wear helmets yet we allow children skating for the first time to go with no equipment. I don't believe helmets are even available.


I'm glad you also recognise the gravity of this situation. Of course some sort of safety lecture before skating should also be included. If you don't mind I'll take this as my point #4.

Terry Langlois

ok, dejavu, it is now clear that you are having a laugh



I think you'll find that the surface is only bumpy due to the rates at which the water expands as it freezez over the coolant pipes, and the operators don't have an ice-resurfacer/Zamboni to make it flat, as purpose-built ice rinks do.

And why do they do that? To make it safer.

If people wanted to go sliding over bumpy, frozen surfaces, they'd go snowboarding, skiing or tobagganing!

I agree on the safety equipment for children, though, that should be an option available to parents. But both Nic Legg and Godfrey make great points too, more space and better safety instruction would go a long way.

As we live in a somewhat temperate climate, we should be grateful that this modern technology allows us to go ice-skating, and that local companies are willing to put money forward so that we can do so. When I was a child growing up here (as with most of us), Ice-skating was something we read about or saw on TV!

Don't be so negative on it, it's a bit of a luxury for the island, which is a good thing. And if you don't think it's safe enough, make way for the thousands of people that do by staying off the ice. Simples.

St Marcouf

The ice rink needs to be substantially bigger, not even smaller - the rink of the past couple of years has been small and bumpy enough as it is, no opportunity for anybody to accelerate up to a significant speed on it even when empty! In fact, bumps, ruts, overcrowding and disorderly kids are the greatest danger.

However, what wonderful news and how fortunate the island is to have an ice rink returning at all.

Rant and Rave

I'm interested to see how Wave will be making the rink "Bigger and Better". I can only presume they are changing venue as I don't think they could possibly make it bigger on the current site, unless they use the steps!

I hope that if it is made bigger that they do not increase the amount of people on the rink. There always seems to be too many people on it (although this is probably because they all hug the sides and no-one actually skates in the middle).

Maybe Sure realised this and with the safety factors and increases in injuries from the first year had decided to play it safe and pull out. Thank goodness for Wave saving the day and endangering people further!

The main safety issue for me is if all the rink staff are issued with Wave mobiles and someone does get injured the emergency call cannot be connected!


@Rant and Rave

as we've covered already, the main safety issues are not related to mobile phones but:

1. the skating area being too large allowing skaters to build up dangerous speeds

2. the presence of smooth ice (the most dangerous kind of ice)

3. the lack of safety equipment

4. the lack of a safety orientation session before skating

Guernsey has an enviably low fatality record for smooth ice activities but that's no reason to be complacent. Must I remind you of the Winter Olympics? Thank goodness the plans for the luge track here were cancelled.


Wave and Sure should be concentrating their money and efforts into giving us a decent Broadband service at a realistic price.........


@dejavue: Make the ice bumpier? Are you for real? As a safety measure, bumps in the road and bumps on the ice cannot be compared. The former reduce the speed of vehicles. The latter are a serious hazard.

I now live in Canada where family skating is a regular winter pleasure. I am still wobbly on my skates, as I imagine most users of a rink in Guernsey will be, and I can state that the smoother the ice the more likely I am to stay on my feet.

N.B. Where I skate, everyone is encouraged to wear helmets. Bike helmets are good if you don't have a proper skating helmet. I do agree those should be mandatory.


@ kevin

I agree :)


Kevin, I'm pretty happy with mine. Much better than I got in the UK. Can't get anywhere near the speed they offer over there.

Meh it's something to keep the kids and missus amused whilst I pop off quickly for the xmas presents.

Town Dweller

My faith in the humanity of Guernsey has been restored!! Islanders are back debating non-subjects and getting very hot under the collar.

Children have been killed crossing the road, playing football and other contact sports, cycling etc.

And as always when a small group of people on the Island want to have a little bit of fun Victor Meldrew and his chums come wading in. There's no better place to live!


somewhere for the chavs to hang around intimidating people

sarnia expat

dejavu - love the posts. Don't forget Guernsey hasen't experienced Irony in any form since the late 1940's, so your posts may possibly have "fallen on stony ground". I think that unemployed chavs should be put to use as bumpers - i.e. tie them up around the perimeter and let small kids slip and slide into them with gay abandon. Or just abandon, if you please.

I also think that the current fantastic phase of "Cycling Down the High Street Very Fast Not Bothering to Avoid That Old Geezer Handing Out God-Blogs" is also not to be sniffed at.

Let's live dangerously - only another year to go before the end of the world 21 December 2012.


Is the idea not to go as fast as you can then? Is that not part of the fun of it? To get better and faster? Thats what I do anyway. Stuff the H&S brigade.


Am I the only one confused about the sponsorship?

The operators say that they would not be able to come back without the sponsorship, but seeing how busy this thing is, it strikes me that the operators make an absolute fortune out of this, and could easily have come without sponsorship!

Mr G

dejavu, surely we should be following the Environment Department's ideas by making life worse for ice skaters.


I think its great fun, just put A&E on red alert, for a few weeks.


whats up with people just ban all fun for the sake of h&s. please we where all kids at some point and the element of danger is the fun in most things ban that we will never drive a car lean to ride a bike etc


May i suggest a Ice slalom from the top of the Grange so people can speed down and jump onto a bridge which then allow them to slide away from the islands to the promised land.

The Exodus continues

We Innovate not Immitate



don't they say immitation is the sincerest form of faltery?