Guernsey is better prepared for snow than ever before

GUERNSEY is ready for snow.

Airport director Colin Le Ray with the new tractor and spray boom which can treat the whole runway in two passes. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1203167)
Airport director Colin Le Ray with the new tractor and spray boom which can treat the whole runway in two passes. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1203167)

GUERNSEY is ready for snow.

For the past three winters the island had suffered heavy snowfalls. But work has been going on behind the scenes to ensure the island is ready before the first flake falls.

Guernsey Airport has suffered some of the biggest problems in the past.

Just 10mm of snow falling on the 66,000 square metres of runway produces 100 tons of slush to clear.

Airport director Colin Le Ray said staff would try to minimise problems.

Comments for: "Guernsey is better prepared for snow than ever before"


At last they have bought a bag of saxo salt from Forest Stores....That should help!

Mr G

Nice waste of tax payer's money. Every time it snows all the other airports are closed anyway.


Typical negative response, if you were travelling somewhere and our airport was closed due to snow you would be moaning then as well.

Mr G

Lol, last year the snow affected a lot of airports, even if Guernsey's airport was open not every where else would be. We get snow so infrequently it's a complete waste of money.

Guern abroad

Have to agree, when Guernsey was open and we were sat waiting to board Gatwick then shut, really Guernsey may have well been shut anyway. So not money that needed to be spent but improving the drainage to stop the toxic stuff reaching waterways as it has done in the past and currently being reported should be avoided.


Many other airports are better prepared to deal with snow. Besides, who`s to say it snows everywhere else when it snows on Gsy?


Probably wont snow now for 14 years!


LOL! The donkeys really are a million years behind the rest of the world.


Always has been behind!


I reckon if Colin drives that tractor fast enough it might even take off!


guernsey has no idea how to deal with even slight snowfall,another guernsey shambles waiting to happen


It sounds as if you have a plan in hand pbfalla. Come on spill the beans.....


yeah PB come out with something useful and informative for a change!!

Roy Gueno

I hope he's not using PFOS in the crop sprayer

de carteret

so are they tring to tell us to expect snow then???

what do you guys think.....


Big promise ! I hope they can keep their promise ! Time will tell.


Great! The airport will be open but no-one will be able to get to it, unless Mark's packet of saxo is stretched out to salt the major roads to it!


I bet they still close down the schools at the slightest hint of a snowflake !


I sure hope that snow does fall very soon, its sure cold enough and its nice to get a break from the getting up and working all day. I really can't wait!

Captain Oveur

"its sure cold enough"

Actually I think we need the temperature to drop a few more degrees.

Right now it's 9c up at the airport, I haven't seen it below 5c yet up there this winter, and that's even on my early shifts.


Barely anything was getting to the airport last time. I was watching all the cars sliding back down the hill. Wouldn't it be prudent to sort the roads out too?

de carteret

is it likely to get cold enough to snow??? Just seems to be far to warm to even think about getting colder......

Dumdon quay

Rumour has it that SGT Bash off Robot Wars is coming out of retirement


I want some snow! It's so exciting for us Guernsey folk and we can go walking in the lanes and taking in the stunning scenery.

So what if we have the odd day of disruption - some people need a sense of perspective. It happens so rarely we should look at the positives.


Just heard it's unlikely to snow this month, good! I hate the stuff.