Man killed in bomb house

HOME-MADE bombs have been found at the property of a man who died suddenly at his home in Fort George.


HOME-MADE bombs have been found at the property of a man who died suddenly at his home in Fort George.

Armed police cordoned off the property in Avenue Morley, St Peter Port, after they went there in response to a phone call on Friday night.

Police officers and Emergency Civil Protection Volunteers sealed off a large area around the house for public safety.

It is thought that the man might have died as a result of an explosion.

Other occupants of the property were evacuated and armed police started a systematic search.

Quantities of an explosive substance have been found within the property, say police.

Full story in tomorrow's Guernsey Press

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Good job we got that armoured jeep !........he he


I was waiting for a idiotic comment like that.

Martin bishop

What ever happens that thing will only turn up after the event it's a reactive thing not a proactive thing hence why it's a waste of money after all the bloke blew himself up before any police response at all.


Your wait is over and you can now go back to sleep safe in the knowledge that your island is in safe hands.

Blow-in Boy

Perhaps the £183k would have been better spent on an improvised explosives expert instead?

Maybe this is another inordinate sum they can spend next budget year?

I would have thought that the armoured landy would have been the perfect vehicle for this crime scene? After all it was built to (allegedly) withstand blasts from such situations?

@ Kongo - Not got any contribution suitable and concise enough to post?


I wonder where this "gentleman" originates from and why he should be hoarding explosive substances?

I bet we never get to find out the full details.


Don`t be so silly, how else will the on site police investigators get their takeaways.

Comin At Ya

It's funny how the usual riff raff who continually slate the police, or more specifically the armed response team, have failed to comment on the article. Interesting?


Probably because they have better things to do on a pub night then staying in and reading the internet.


Not such an idiotic comment. Was it used? If so was it useful. If not ... why not?


All rather sad and tragic to happen on this island, but the truth of the matter will come out, so let's not jump to conclusions.

Guern abroad

I'll wait for real proof, I am very cynical about these recent events given the latest acquisitions.


? The attack in Mount Durand was definitely real.


How horrific. Thoughts to the family and friends.

Blow-in Boy

Horrific? Anyone who is determined to commit an act of Terrorism - Domestic or International, isn't concerned about "horrific" or committing atrocities against anyone else. Therefore if they blow themselves up in the process of improvising explosives it is no loss to the greater good of mankind and the advancement of the Human gene pool.

Lynsey Holberry

This is something very rare in guernsey, it makes you think what he was going to do and who else he had involved and what do they plan on doing?

Are we really safe???


Wondered how long it would take for the comments about the armoured wagon. Its been bought, we may never need it. Was it over priced, pretty much so, could that money have gone to other things? yes it could have but, its here so deal with it. I'm along with most others that the money has been wasted but, it has and I hope to high heavens and back that it's never needed!

Its pathetic comments that keep this island in the dark ages. Times are changing and if you don't like it, go move to a place else where.

There have been more Knife & Gun crimes lately and will continue to increase with today's society. For all we know and will probably never find out, is that this man may have had an experiment that went wrong, maybe he was planning revenge on some one, but, until things are proven otherwise, speculation and assumption will only cause more problems than needed.

Rather than bitch about a vehicle that may never be needed, how about a comment that goes to the family who have just lost a son. Maybe he had a brother or a sister, spare a thought for those too. How about a thought to the coppers that help to try and keep your island safe, who have to deal with the aftermath of something like this along with the volunteers that give up their free time to help out when needed. All to try and make this island a safer place where they can!

Until we know the full facts of what went on in that house, it's best not to fuel the speculation fire and keep dumb comments to yourself.

Just remember, to assume makes an Ass out of U and Me!


Has anyone informed the Darwin award presentation committee?


Gun Crimes increasing ?? When ????

Just remember, to make assumptions and make pick statements out of the blue makes an Ass out of U and Me !


You might want to cast your mind back to the nipper that had two unlicensed shotguns underneath his bed in the old section of town about two years or so ago. How about the chap who decided to end his marriage with 3 shots in to two people in a car park a few years back! I also wont mention the builder that decided to loose the plot and drive round town on a Saturday afternoon like a right mental case and threatened police with a shotgun he supposedly had in his van. I'll also wont mention the guy who forgot to change the address on his shotgun licence and was fined £600 and banned for a year for holding a shotgun which by the way, was never put in the press!

With the amount of fire arms that are on this island, there is always potential for problems.

I also know of a foreigner that got stopped on his way in to the island with 2 fully loaded 9mm pistols in his bag. Just because we do not hear about these actions, it doesn't mean to say that they don't happen. Would you rather hear about every single thing that happens with potential to scare the living crap out of every one or rather not know too much knowing in the fact that these issues do actually get dealt with in the correct way.

I gave up being a bouncer in town after 8 years because of the amount of knives and weapons I found teenagers with!

I don't just pick statements when i know they're fact.


And in one fell swoop, 90% of the arguments against Police equipment purchasing go clean out the window.

Case firmly in hand, can we please stop letting complacency jeaopardise the future of public safety?

sarnia expat

Megrez - exactly how would the armoured car have helped to stop this? Don't be naive. in any case the police said that at no time were the general public in any danger.....


You are quite wrong The arguments definitely do not go out of the window. The Landrover did not prevent the explosion or the death. Even if it had magically arrived beforehand all the police could have done was take cover in it. Just what do you think this thing is capable of? All it can do is protect its occupants from armed attack, which is why its a total waste of money. Any old ex-military vehicle would have the same job for nothing if there was any need whatsoever.


Well said Beanjar,I was just thinking seeing as the armoured vehicle is a specialized bit of kit, can anyone in the police force actually drive it.


Nice to see such happy smiling coppers!


There not coppers. Civil protection. With no power of arrest.


Obviously they're civvies, look at their jeans! That being said, I'm not sure why the press photographer went for a posed photograph in this sort of situation.


Cos the press couldnt get any closer to the scene, with their oversized lenses and trying to get answers from residents who wouldnt talk to them! And yes, i was there on scene.

Blow-in Boy

Ever tried to get a Telephoto shot with a 50mm lens Kongo? No? Didn't think so,mainly because it's impossible to. There is a reason that a lens is the size it is. Because it does a job that is needed to be done.





Whats doing with the volunteer-bashing? They turn out at all hours of the day to assist, what do you lot do?


These Civil Defence volunteers are just men who want to dress up in day-glo uniforms and strut about with their self importance and tell members of the public what to do.

By no stretch of the imagination does a stabbing have anything remotely to do with real cvil defemce.

Gone are the times when CD actually meant civil defence, ie preparation for nuclear war, war games in the Oberlands bunker and so on.

Anyone with the internet can find out how to make things. Not rocket science.



They still train for nuclear issues and such but it is moronic to hold it against them that these catastophe's don't materialise. You should be more appeciative that they they are there for when these things do happen.

They don't get paid, they do it for the good of this island and I find it disgusting you would suggest otherwise.

If you can't actually concieve people can do a good turn out of good nature think about the work they do and how much it would cost the police to do it instead.



That's why these people are called Emergency Civil Protection Volunteers I suppose

See if you can look up something useful to do on the internet


Glad to hear they still train for civil defence. I used to be one actually, mortuary duties, monitoring fallout, winching, Intex lol. However I fail to see how manning a police barricade for a stabbing, or as is the case now, aiding the Police is anything other than a quasi police officer on the cheap.

What powers do they have? Very little, the worst they can do is call in the police.

Shades of Raynet !!!

Landy Man

Jeans and trainers indeed, but when you get unpaid volunteers out of bed at 4.15, even the fashion police have to exercise discretion !!


Looks like the police blew all their budget on egotrip toys and had nothing left for uniforms. Never mind, we can bung a few more £millions in the pot next year, the States is afraid to say 'no' to Patrick Rice.


a man has died and all you people can talk about is landrovers.

let the family mourn,and shame for allowing comments on a mans death.

Guernsey voter

Well said Milly.

Perhaps this story is one where the Guernsey Press should have decided not to allow comments. Whatever the results of the Police Investigation, a family has lost a loved one. We should not bring recent events into this tragic event.


Milly, as I understand it the police have issued only very limited information at this stage I consider it wiser not to speculate. If you want to make a show of how kind and sympathetic you are, whatever the situation, go right ahead. I fully expect the usual "I pray for the family" type comments which people come out with at every opportunity these days. There are certain circumstances under which I would not regret a death. Personally, I save my sympathy for those who merit it.


This is a tragic, as yet, unexplained death. Hopefully all the facts will come to light either by a police release after they are known or at the inquest. To jump to conclusions on this forum prior to that is premature and could make some comments look ridiculous at a later stage when the facts come out. That is the time to see if this was just another overreaction or justified.

I would answer Donk above and say that Policemen/women join the job because that's what they want to do (I spent 30 years in it) and fully appreciate, when joining, that at times there will be elements of risk and danger. Civil Helpers respond because that's what they want to do, become involved in helping out in incidents and would not join if they didn't want to be called out at a minutes notice. It a job and when you join the firearms section or bomb disposal section, it because you want to and accept the element of danger. No one expects any special recognition.


I joined Civil Protection for the main purpose of giving something back to the great island that I've and most of us have grown up on.

If i can help the blue light services where and when ever I can, I will, even if it means getting called out at 04:15 in the morning. When you get called out on an emergency at that time in the morning, you don't have chance to put uniform on or when you're at work, you don't have uniform with you.

It's a shame that more people don't help out in fairness, we're a good bunch in the end :)


Just before any confusion, this isn't the other Chris from the other posts.


i tell you, you lot are so stuck up about the bloody jeep that none of you are seeing the bigger picture and that is this is a bomb not bloody sticks and stones a BOMB.1st thing spend money on checks to see who the hell we let in NOT just workers, EVERYBODY yes that includes the rich who come here to retire. 2nd thing where was this bomb going to be placed ? maybe a school, town , anywhere. Instead of being so short sighted and just directing your comments and opinions towards the Guernsey police and there spending lets not forget the States and all its members who apparently have our best interests at heart ??????? and the part that they undoubtedlly have to play in all of this!! If we are going to start playing the blame game lets make sure its directed at the right people and organisations.

Blow-in Boy

I would say that £183k would go a helluva long way towards an improved screening system, more Officers, "specialist" Officers such as a Bomb disposal or improvised explosives expert, rather than spend it on an "ooh,shiny,must have it" bauble show of force.

The Landy wouldn't have helped in a situation such as this- unless they're going to drive it through the wall and put it between this officially unidentified individual and the explosion.

@ Beanjar Re: Milly's post - I totally agree with you, my sympathies also lie with those who deserve it. People in African 3rd world countries who have no food because the local Guerilla/Millitia are stealing/hijacking aid food drops, sick children who have genetic and other serious illnesses, those who are caught in Natural disasters. It does NOT lie with those who are intent on massacring people en-masse by building explosive devices (if it was a Gas explosion then I may have some sympathy), THOSE people deserve no sympathy whatsoever.

@ Sam - What OTHER conclusion can you draw from the fact that an explosion occurred and components were found in the house not far from the body, that when assembled correctly (or INcorrectly in this case) will explode and kill or seriously maim? I say use your noggin properly and figure it out.


Blow-in Boy,

It must be wonderful to know everything before the full facts come out.

sarnia expat

Calm down dear, you are sounding hysterical now.

Blow-in Boy

@ Sarnia Expat - Was that aimed at myself?

sarnia expat

Sorry - wrong bloke. Narp.


Calm down Tony. Lots of people have experimented with things that go bang to a greater or lesser extent. Most are curious teenagers but who knows.

From the comments I have read it may well be just fireworks or even making own black powder for a shotgun. Just wait and see.


Calm down Tony, he might have been Osama Bin Laden's nastier brother or he might have been trying to make his own fireworks. Instead of pointing the paranoid finger of blame in all directions why not wait and see?

Mickey mouse

Good points Tony, this bomb or bombs were being made for a reason thing is when and what for how do we know this lunatic wasn't going to do a mass murder how can we be sure he is not al queida? Well we don't know but what we do know is that we do have crime here so to those people who go round saying Guernsey is a lovely safe place, well get real it is not. More vetting on the rich immigrants should be, this place is getting worse. It's a haven for criminals and Peudos and it's time tax payers money was not wasted on them if the criminals are not local then deport them!

Armaj Eep

His poor parents will have to live with this shame and a loss.

This island is collapsing gradually....


So whenever the States make any ridiculous purchases, let everyone keep quiet, grin and bear it. That is the type of attitude that keeps the island in the dark ages.

And yes, we all should feel sorry for the parents whose son was undertaking something obviously dangerous - but I bet not the whole truth will indeed be revealed. Cars driving over cliffs, divers going "missing" for days and many other stories have simply never been fully told.

The GEP is more interested in reporting on poop on pathways, bikers riding on the cliffs and unfortunate persons who accidentally moved a few years ago into a large house near the power station.


Its all speculation at the moment, why are so many people posting before the full facts are known?


guys i knew robert and have known him for years,from when he lived in devon, he was a little eccentric but was never going to be any harm to anyone but himself, messing with homemade explosives and making fireworks etc was just one of his hobbys, he liked fast cars and living life on the edge,but it would seem to me that he got it wrong this time, r.i.p. my dear friend

Oh no!!

So he wasn't Al Qaeda then? Just someone who liked messing about with fireworks and the like?

I hope the armoured Land Rover is on duty the next time a school trip returns from France, those pesky kids are always bringing back bangers with them.


Nicely summed up craig, i think you have probably painted the picture, except that he appears to have phoned the Police just before the explosion.


do we know if there was only one explosion?, did he call for help when it started to go wrong? we wont know for a day or 2 yet,i wish his parents and family our best wishes from all in exmouth R.I.P ROB i will race you again one day my friend,just not for a while yet i hope xx


So sorry for the loss of your friend and thanks for stating what you know. Please dont think all us islanders jump to the wrong conclusion so easily, some of us do sit back and wait for the facts to emerge.


boys will be boys, an play with toys they dont know about, well like they say, we learn from mistakes !! just this time round, that mistatke went 1 step further


My god have u actually read what you are all commenting on, Civil defence digs, police digs, blah blah blah!!!! Come on people, less with criticism of the police and CD team there seems to be more interest in the landrover and stupid speculations on what was he going to blow up more than what happened to this poor man. Shoosh your noise until the correct facts come out please.


Well said Blondie!


terrible accident, very, very sad for his family.

As a slight aside, regarding landy-gate...

to give a slightly broader picture of the man responsible for spending our hard earned cash on turning the local constabulary into star wars storm troopers, the Police Chief most definitely DID want a riot bus, and he also insisted on taking over certain other law/regulatory departments when he first arrived.

Thankfully, both demands have been denied to date.

A mere mortal such as myself might take this as some ego tripping power hungry individual determined to build his empire at any cost regardless of how inappropriate for the community he lives in his actions are, and regardless of the cost, period.

Others might see him as an honest bobby who's worked his way up through the ranks and who is simply trying to protect his new home that he loves so dearly......

his response to people's justified outrage at his liberal attitude to the tax payers wallet and my innate cynicism dictates the former explanation to be correct.