‘Vote or lose right to complain’

VOTERS must have their say today if they want to change Guernsey’s government, islanders have said.

VOTERS must have their say today if they want to change Guernsey’s government, islanders have said.

Sixty-three islanders were approached in the High Street by the Guernsey Press yesterday and asked if they would be voting.

The results found that just over two-thirds, 43, were planning to go to the polls.

Retired guest-house worker Wendy Clamp, 69, said she would be choosing from candidates in St Peter Port North.

‘It is very important to have a say in the working of the island,’ she said.

Retired civil servant Jean Chambers agreed. ‘If I vote, it means I can complain about them,’ she said. ‘If you don’t vote, then you can’t complain.’

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I don't think that,simply by voting, gives me the 'right' to complain,but I will complain if I want to or not,just like everyone else.It's called 'freedom of speach'.


Absolute bloody rubbish. I'm getting sick of hearing people saying this. I pay an ever increasing amount of taxes that contribute towards the running of this island. I have every right to complain and I will do so whenever I feel like it. I'm not going to vote for the sake of it unless someone really represents my views. I read quite a few manifestos and they were all pretty much the same.


I heartily agree with this headline - I'm forever hearing people say 'it won't make a difference' or 'I can't be bothered'

If you aren't bothered about trying to make a difference to island life, maybe you should move to somewhere you do care about. There's a boat leaving every day!


What a load of twaddle spouted from the retired civil servant. You aren't automatically entitled to complain simply because you have turned up at the ballot box. Anyone who has paid their dues are still entitled to complain about how their money is wasted. Most people have chosen not to vote as they simply think the current "ancient" parochial system of voting doesn't work. Although I voted today, not a songle one of my friends have. We'll find out later tonight if it's all been a waste of time or not.

Dave R

I would respect anyone who BOTHERED to get on the electoral role and BOTHERED to turn up at the polling booth to spoil their paper and thus make a statement.

Those who have BOTHERED to exercise their electoral privilege have the right to be disappointed, the right to be delighted, and the right to be angry about whatever government we end up with.

The rest of you need to grow up. However you choose to rationalise it, not voting at all is an abdication of your individual responsibility in a democratic society and if you don't like the government that you end up with, you can lump it.


the only statement a spoilt ballot paper makes is that you are incapable of correctly filling in a ballot paper .... nothing more

Dave R

Sorry, you are right that a spoilt paper counts for something. (Although I still have more respect for someone who shows up and only proves themself incapable of filling in a paper than someone who can't be bothered).

Le Andre

People are dying around the world for the right to have democratic vote.

Do not take it for granted.

I didn`t like any of my candidates but still stuck my voting slip in the slot even though it was blank thus making a democtratic statement.


And as part of that democratic process we have the RIGHT to abstain from voting.

That is part of the democratic process too. I didn't vote because the system is broken and I will not support the lesser of two evils, or a broken system.

That is my democratic right and protest...

Whilst we are at it, not everyone deserves the right to vote and im sure many people have wasted their vote.

"Oh, I'm not voting for him, his parents aren't from Guernsey"

I have heard that quite a lot recently. In addition to having six votes, some people used them all just to "use them up".


I look at voting as interviewing people for a job. If I were an employer and the candidates were interviewed and were not suitable I would not employ them. If like my parish I was looking for 7 staff and out of 20 or so people interviewed I felt only 2 or 3 were suitable I would only employ those and re-advertise.If I thought none were suitable I would employ none.

At this present moment there is no where to mark on a voting slip "no suitable candidates" so I have not voted. Personnally I believe we are too top heavy with politicians and believe these should be cut by at least a quarter or more. I also believe that they should be appraised yearly like other employees and if not pulling their weight given notice or probation and then hoofed out if not performing.


but there is a way to say 'no suitable candidates'!

a blank paper says exactly that .... and it is counted !


Alternatively you could have stood yourself or found an better candidate to stand.

If none of the candidates are suitable then you only have yourself to blame


So in the 2004 presidential elections, because Bush and Kerry were both lousy candidates, that is the American peoples fault is it?

I forget everyone must have time to run for office in your world right?


Agree with the comments on here. I did vote but I believe people have the right not to if that is their choice. As we all contribute to this island then we all have a right to complain if it is not being spent wisely. Like Compton I know many more who will not vote than will. System needs a major overall but I don’t see this really happening. The current system and apathy suits sections of our island.


Voting for a restricted choice of candidates (for example in the Vale) will have a negligible effect on how the island is governed or misgoverned in the next few years. Island-wide voting might improve things slightly but until the civil service is given a real shake up and power taken out of their (unelected) hands there's not much likelihood of improvement in the running of Guernsey.

Tax Payer

'Vote or lose right to complain’ - What absolute bloody tripe! I pay my taxes like everybody else so i do have an opinion and i'll vent it as i wish.

I took the trouble to vote last time and it made bugger all difference. £6m wasted on pulling out of the incinerator contract(again), a certain Education chief spending money like water, deputies either making racist jokes at press conferences or taking the p*** of their colleagues on Twitter. Not what i pay my taxes for. 4 more years of apathy i'm afraid.