The island votes.... for change

Guernsey has voted for change, with a dozen sitting States members losing their seats on a night that newcomers topped the poll in five of the seven districts. Among the highest-profile casualties were deputy chief minister Bernard Flouquet and Father of the House Ivan Rihoy. This page contains links to the results from each district.

Guernsey has voted for change, with a dozen sitting States members losing their seats on a night that newcomers topped the poll in five of the seven districts.

Among the highest-profile casualties was deputy chief minister Bernard Flouquet and Father of the House Ivan Rihoy.

It was only in the Vale that a sitting member topped the poll, with Matt Fallaize repeating his success of 2008.

And while two women members lost their seats - Janine Le Sauvage and Jenny Tasker - two new women deputies topped the polls in St Peter Port Port and the South-East: Michelle Le Clerc and Heidi Soulsby respectively. There were a total of 19 new members voted in.

In Thursday's Press you'll find a full summary of the results in each district, with interviews with and photographs of the names that made the night.

Click the links below to see each district's results.



St Peter Port North

St Peter Port South

St Sampsons


The West

Our Election Blog is still being updated with input from reporters in the various electoral districts.

Comments for: "The island votes.... for change"

Town Dweller

Au revoir, or rather goodbye, to Mrs Tasker and her high handed approach to the Town electorate who have now resoundly told her we no longer want her representation.

Well done to the Castel for despatching the well known second-hand car salesman that is Bernard Flouquet, and the big spender of our tax money, Hunter Adam.

Of course also pleased to see in the Vale Dave Jones voted back in, don't like his views one bit but he's exactly what politics is all about (and I would have voted for him given the opportunity in IWV).

It's great the electorate has finally had an opportunity to see what the real man Tony Webber is like and deal with him accordingly.

My only concern is the new Deputies will take to parish-pump politics and get bogged down in trivial matters, while deferring the BIG issues that require strategic thinking and decisiveness.

Paul Le Page

Sorry to burst your bubble Town Dweller but Hunter Adam was actually elected. In their haste to post the result TIG put the "elected" line below Jonathan Le Tocq by mistake - but that only gave 6 out of 7.

Terry Langlois

Hunter Adam was re-elected. Just.

Tony Webber's abject failure is noticeable.

Not sure why you should have that concern about the new Deputies? Surely that concern is equally valid or invalid to old and new Deputies, depending on the individual? Some of the new ones certainly sound like a breath of fresh air and have the drive to see improvements.


Very interesting to see that our Chief Minister, aka Supertrott, scraped through by only the skin of his teeth..!

Perhaps time for a new CM..?

Terry Langlois

I suspect that some of his poor showing can be attributed to the fact that he is the guy in the spotlight.

Being CM is a thankless task and he gets the blame for all sorts of things.

With our system, it is easier for people to decide NOT to vote for someone because they've heard/read a few things they don't like, rather than to decide who to vote for.


Let's hope our votes haven't been in vain. Let's hope we have an honest States and a spend thrift one. Let's hope these democratically voted deputies will take the reins of the Civil Servants and put them firmly in their place and make them realise they do not run the island as they seem to think they do. As they are not elected they need to know they are there in service. The clue is in the word SERVANT.


Well the eletorate have shown Bernard Flouquet what they think of him and the new States should thank the Vale electorate for saving them from Tony Webber.


If the CM had any respect or honour he would step down from the role,maybe its time to look at a new format for selecting a CM


Lets get a Trott out campaign on the go.


I see John Gollop has proven that you don't even have to get the name of the parish correct on your manifesto to get in!

A voter

John Gollop for CM.

Just imagine him representing Guernsey amongst the pin striped politicians of the world, I wonder if he`d get a new carrier bag.


I have a cunning plan...

Make John Gollop CM. Foreign politicians of state will take one look at him and think we're all a bunch of yokels and therefore no danger to them. They will then leave us alone!


Mr Trott would have come 33rd out of 45 if going on percentage of votes. Hardly a mandate for Chief Minister. As newbie’s cannot stand for the top post the one candidate that looks viable is Mr Sillars. Please sir do us all a favour and stand for Chief Minister although we know you want to continue with education you can appoint someone you think suitable to continue your work and from your position (assuming you get CM) make sure the work you’ve started is finished.

If you wait another 4 years you could have a lot tougher opposition for the CM job – Harwood, Perrot, Fallaize etc.

Strike whilst you can Mr Sillars the electorate demand it!


I think we need to leave the decision about CM to the people we elected to make such decisions.

IMO all of the elected members should be regarded as equal (including LT).

If we are going to go down the route of only certain members can be ministers etc then that should be changed and clear prior to an election and we can all vote with that in mind. Maybe it could even be a component of IWV in times to come.

Paul Le Page

Simon - I agree. Any elected Deputy has won the right to stand for any ministerial position (including CM).

Whether the current system is the right method of electing our Deputies is a different debate as far as I'm concerned.