Guernsey votes for change

ISLANDERS voted 22 new faces into the States yesterday and in the process ousted 12 sitting deputies. Deputy chief minister and Public Services minister Bernard Flouquet, who polled just 778 votes in losing his seat in the Castel, was the highest profile casualty in a night that saw the highest turnaround yet under the system of government introduced in 2004. Turnouts were up on 2008 – with an average of 70.8% across the districts.

First-time candidate Heidi Soulsby hugs husband Phil after topping the South-East poll. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1241258)
First-time candidate Heidi Soulsby hugs husband Phil after topping the South-East poll. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1241258)

Chief Minister Lyndon Trott only just survived in St Sampson’s by taking the sixth seat and is willing to stand for the top job again.

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Comments for: "Guernsey votes for change"

Dave Haslam

Its no suprise though really is it??

Although a real statement would have been Trott not getting in, he was very very lucky.


Although hopefully Trotsky will not get returned as Chief Minister...


A good night for local politics and a good turnout for change. Lets hope the new lot can live up to the expectations and have listened to people. This has been one of the best elections for years even with a couple who scraped back in. I think it highlights how out of touch many were with the feelings of the population and have paid the price. So for all of you who have been elected for the next 4 years take heed and remember your promises!


"Turnouts were up on 2008 – with an average of 70.8% across the districts.2

But how many people were on the Electoral roll in 2008.

This year it was an average of 70.8% in approx 30'000 people signed on the roll, to say we are in an island of 60'000+ , I see it as a pretty poor turnout when only a 3rd of the island have faith or interest in the system over here, and want to vote.

Result - FAIL !


But how many of that 60,000+ are under the age of 18.



there are 6,738 in the school system which includes grammar school sixth formers over 16 who are eligible to vote.

I don't know how many babies and toddlers there are but I would guess 3,000 max.


Please please please can Tony Webber come on this thread to try and explain his absolutely woeful vote count?

Has the penny dropped yet Tony? How many more times will you inflict your mind-numbingly boring claptrap on the electorate before it finally sinks in that YOU ARE TOTALLY UNELECTABLE?

What irks me is that you become a sideshow to the event, people should be concentrating on genuine candidates instead of wasting time on someone who has no chance whatsoever of getting in, but who attracts attention for all the wrong reasons.

Do us all a favour and slip into the shadows, and preferably stop writing those pathetic letters to the Press (as an ex-Deputy, as an ex-Conseiller blah blah blah blah waffle waffle waffle waffle) it must surely have gotten through, even into your not inconsiderable skull, that WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT.

Sugared Brazil Nut

Hear hear Phil. Sadly your plea about the letters to the GP will most likely fall on deaf ears.

Amazes me that some 350 or so people actually voted for this guy. Maybe they mistakenly thought that it was a way of handing in a spoilt paper...

Generally quite pleased with the results from last night, though new blood to replace both Quin and Adam would have topped it off even more nicely.


Something more for Tony Webber to digest

On my way out of the polling station and before I reached my car parked at the Vale Douzaine two people I know asked me if I had been sure to use all my seven votes in order to keep Tony Webber out

I confirmed that I had, along with many others by the look of the results


Actually Phil, we should allow him to continue, as he's a prime example of what the Guernsey electorate could end up with if apathy was allowed to rule!

A voting registration campaign in 4 years time could read: "Make sure you vote - and avoid a Webber"


I still doubt the 'workability' of IWV but if it does come in there is no doubt that there will have to be a deposit system to stop the loons and no-hopers clogging up the ballot papers. Would they still go for it if they knew a vote of below, say, 25 per cent, would result in them losing a grand or two?

Paul Le Page

You and I often agree Martino but not this time I'm afraid. I don't want any kind of link to wealth to determine whether someone can stand for election or not.



A deposit system.That's another good idea amongst several in recent posts. I hope someone is logging all these suggestions and I hope that whoever presents the IWV case in the Assembly next time does a better job than Ivan


Those 'loons and no-hopers' at least have the guts to try and make a difference and not just moan about everything. I personally would not like to see a system that excludes anyone who wants to give it a go, and it certainly should not be anything to do with money. It is then up to the people to vote in who they want.


Point taken re my idea of a deposit system favouring the wealthy as candidates but what alternative ideas do you have for ensuring the list isn't as long as your arm if/when IWV is introduced?

Paul Le Page


In my mind there are a few natural filters that will help keep the numbers down. The amount of hard work required to canvass the entire electorate will put many off, and the knowledge that you will be representing the entire island electorate (and are therefore legitimately accessible to all) will account for more.

What I would also add is that IWV will add an entirely new dimension to island politics - much of which won't become clear until it's actually implemented. Over time I can actually see it totally transforming the face of the political scene, far beyond the simple voting process - to the extent that in 10-15 years time government may well be unrecognisable to what it is today.

Having a client base of 65,000 people rather than just the population of your district will make a huge difference. The workload of deputies will undoubtedly increase (in terms of public contact) and it may well transpire that they will need to employ secretaries to deal with the extra administrative burden.

It is entirely possible that IWV plus a decrease in Deputies (both real possibilities) will see the days of the Deputy you can call at home come to and end, with Deputies becoming more like UK MPs.

As I said, a lot of the consequences of IWV won't become clear until after it's implemented, these are just my speculations. I still think it needs to be implemented though, if for no other reason than my belief that the majority of the population want it - and this is a democracy.


Island Wide Voting could operate as follows:

* Keep the districts and candidates standing in them

* Voters can choose to vote in district or island wide

* Manifestos freely available to anyone as now

* Manifestos delivered within district as now

* Hustings sessions by district as now (bigger venues)

* Hustings televised and available on internet

* Fewer votes per voter

* drop in centres for one to one chats with candidates

* candidates can choose to canvass within district or island wide

I am not convinced that IWV would have made any difference to this election outcome. The polls predicted accurately and the results reflected the views of the island as a whole. In my opinion democracy worked well.


Lots of useful ideas thrown into the pot by Paul and Spartacus but both have failed to identify one major factor that will influence the 'workability' of IWV: the size of the States. You can expect Roger Perrot and others to lead the charge for a reduction in the number of deputies at the 2016 general election.

Paul Le Page

Let's get one thing straight - Tony Webber is only a time consuming "sideshow to the event" because people choose to make him one.

There is no obligation to read his letters in the GP, his comments or even his manifesto - people choose to for possibly the same reasons others choose to watch Jeremy Kyle, or more likely out of schadenfreude. We've all done it to be fair, so this isn't me being self righteous.

As for standing for election - like everyone who qualifies Mr Webber is entitled to do just that as many times as he chooses. Personally I hope he decides to call time on his political career as he must know after two hammerings at the polls he will never be elected again. If nothing else it would save him the £2,000 he probably spends on the campaign every four years and a heck of a lot of time.


Surely the chief post should go to a poll topper such as Roger Perrot , and not to one at the bottom of the barrel!!!!

Paul Le Page

I’m sure loads of people have done this already but I’ve done a bit of crunching on my spreadsheet which might interest people in terms of IWV. Of course IWV would introduce a lot more variables to this so you can’t draw many conclusions but it’s interesting to see nonetheless.

If sorted by number of votes island wide, the following changes occur:


Jane Stephens

Paul Garlick

Sean McManus

James Symons

Ivan Rihoy

Dave Gorvel


Elis Bebb

Barry Brehaut

Lester Queripel

Roger Domaille

Allister Langlois

Rob Jones

If sorted by percentage of votes gained island wide (IMO a more accurate assessment given the size difference in district) the following would have happened:


Sean McManus

Paul Garlick

Jane Stephens

Ivan Rihoy


Rob Jones

Garry Collins

Lester Queripel

Elis Bebb

Paul Le Page

On the percentage one, where the % was the same I made a preference for the highest number of votes.

Ivan Rihoy, Elis Bebb, Lester Queripel and Rhod Matthews all got 37%

Barry Brehaut

Hi Paul

There are other factors that should not be ignored, I am supportive of (a type) of paid parking, I have raised issues relating to the open market and I am not a fan of the 11+. That political profile is unusual in SPP South yet may have more support Island wide.In fact some candidates made the open market issue a key theme on the doorstep in SPP S. I believe there are less than 10 (?) open market properties in the Vale for example, so these single issues distort voting patterns.

Paul Le Page

Hi Barry - totally agree with you sir. Another example would be the St Andrews School issue which is a very localised issue.

This little exercise was meant to be some light hearted relief rather than a serious analysis of what would have happened in an island wide contest.

I must admit I was more than a little surprised to see it reach the pages of the GP, especially as it isn't totally accurate (if you go into decimal places on the % scores Elis Bebb stays in and Ivan Rihoy is out). Never mind, after this afternoon's recount it will be obsolete anyway!

iron maiden


I don't know if you and your fellow supporters think we have short memories. I seem to remember that due to the States inabiliy to bring in paid parking as they were instructed to do by the former traffic department, there was an extra duty put on fuel to cover this. Are you now going to remove this extra fuel duty if you bring in paid parking? Or are you just going to use this issue to screw more taxes out of the working man yet again?


Paul Le Page

I think either adjustment would have generated a better overall result than the current system has done!

Joe Broughton

Well, the results are in and by god there were some surprises! I was delighted to ascertain that Matt Fallaize had topped the polls in the Vale; he is a young, able, energetic and driven individual who will be a great assett to the States, I wish him all the best. Also, what an acheivement for Gavin St. Pier and Kevin Stewart! With Kevin's exuberant and "can do" attitude, and Gavin's sound business background, I am certain they will get things moving in the States. On a more shocking note, I was very disappointed to see Jenny Tasker loose her seat. She, to my mind at least, is a comitted, hard-working, determined indivudual who has contributed in many ways to the States. I feel for her and only hope she will perhaps stand again in the next election. I feel that the public were voting for total change within our Island's political arc and whilst it is good to see so many new faces, Heidi Soulsby, Michelle Le Clerc, I feel we have lost a great deputy in the form of Jenny. Still, all told, a very exciting first election!

Yvonne Burford

Hi Joe

Congratulations to you for your enthusiasm in bringing politics to a wider audience amongst the young.

I am disappointed that we only have 5 women going forward for the next 4 years and I hope we can encourage more women and young people to stand next time.

I agree with your comments about Jenny Tasker.


Chief Minister role should go to Barry Brehaut. Boots on the other foot now Lyndon!

iron maiden


Are you having a laugh?

Barry Brehaut must be about the laziest deputy about.

What has he done in the last four years?

Chairman of scrutiny! Wow, that has just been shown to be useless and failing. As a St Peter Port South voter I voted for six others to try and get rid of him.

Dave Jones is right, Lyndon has done a good job and should get the CM job again. Maybe they should give Brehaut a ministerial position, at least he would finally be see in a true light, at least we would probably get rid of him in 2016.

Best people elected in SPP south were Peter Harwood & Roger Domaille, these two worked tirelessly and deserve to be there.

Barry Brehaut

Iron Maiden

Make it easier for politicians to take part in forums such as this, the question is frequently asked "why so few politicians on on-line forums?" a post such as yours is why.


I wonder if politicians actually do post under a pseudonym from time to time

Take PBFalla for instance .. who might he be?


Barry Brehaut

Not sure that I can see anything wrong with Iron Maiden's post.

You clearly aren't thickskinned enough for a ministerial role.


Baz - a pretty lame post!

iron maiden


I stand by my comments, if you think it is unjust please feel free to list your achievements and any requetes or amendments over the last four years.

iron maiden

I saw Mr Forman at Waitrose today, very approachable guy. I voted for him as his manifesto was very good. Its a shame he did not get elected, he was upbeat about it though and thought he did quite well for his first time. I asked him what the first thing he would have done would have been if he had been elected, his reply was that he would not have signed any confidentiality agreement as he had promised accountability and transparency. Like to see others take this kind of stand. Hope he stands again in 2016, said he would.


Perhaps the Guernsey people only voted for those who are willing to abide by the code of conduct and safeguard their confidential information.



I don't think you'll find too many voters happy with the secrecy surrounding the UK fishermen's payout



I'm not happy about the deal, whatever the amount, its not the confidentiality of the details that concerned me

it was the deal.

Nevertheless it's a fair comment and debacles such as that should not undermine the importance of the confidentiality component of the code of conduct.

Mr Forman stated publicly that all civil servants should have confidentiality clauses extracted from their employment contracts which is nonsensical surely?

The kind of transparency I would like to see would be an annual report from each department as education have done and also more financial information on how budgets are spent. This would be a good starting point.

My observation is that facts are often in the public domain but they are not presented to the public properly. The public need to understand the reasons for confidentiality sometimes too.

Neil Forman

Iron maiden,

Thank you for your support, being a voter in SPPS you will have read the whole manifesto and not the shortened online versions.

I enjoy our little chat and I will return in 2016.

The next time I will post manifestos and then spend more time going door to door, this is where I made my mistake I think. I did not realise just how many houses there were to deliver to, I lost half a stone and have legs like bow strings.

I agree with your comments on Peter Harwood & Roger Domaille they both worked really hard and deserved their places, I also liked Rob Jones, I think he will do well. Roger thinks his wife voted for me instead of doing a single tactical vote for him which was funny. Nice couple, really enjoyed our chats.


Neil Forman

Commiserations. I hope you will now revert to your pseudonym? I miss your contributions and banter on this forum.

Neil Forman


Fear not, I am going nowhere. I have been catching up with things I had put on the back burner whilst campaigning.

I also enjoy our little banter sessions, long may they continue. As for my previous pseudonym, Frankie has been put away I will continue to post under my real name.

Did you guess I was Frankie? Or were you fishing?

Until we next cross keyboards, see ya!


Mr Trott would have come 33rd out of 45 if going on percentage of votes. Hardly a mandate for Chief Minister. As newbie's cannot stand for the top post the one candidate that looks viable is Mr Sillars. Please sir do us all a favour and stand for Chief Minister although we know you want to continue with education you can appoint someone you think suitable to continue your work and from your position (assuming you get CM) make sure the work you've started is finished.

If you wait another 4 years you could have a lot tougher opposition for the CM job - Harwood, Perrot, Fallaize etc.

Strike whilst you can Mr Sillars the electorate demand it!

L'eree Lad

"Harwood, Perrot, Fallaize etc."

How can you include Matt Fallaize in the same breath as those two preceding him?!

There, in a nutshell, is the problem with democracy...


L'eree Lad

Because fallaize is an extremely astute , competent politician

Who Represents Me?

There he is, damned by your own comment. I don't want a 'competent politician' - somebody versed in the art of (small island) politicking - I want someone who can get things done. Mr Fallaize, at the moment, would appear to be more suited to a life in the civil service. Having served a four year term as an apprentice, is he now prepared to take a post in Government ?


Sam, you are joking right?


Matt - is a political coward, he can sit in scrutiny and back benches and carp on and criticise. It is far tougher to sit on a board be a minister and make decisions that affect real people instead of just criticising your peers. He will always top a poll at election time when he hasnt actually had to take a tough decision.

I am so disappointed with him


Reading with interest the results of the polls, I do have one question. That is why does Guernsey need so many people representing such a small number in population? St Peter port has 13 i believe? Castel has 7,St Sampsons 6 and so on. Castel for instance has 4329 on the electoral role therefore just over 600 voters per representative? Am i getting this right or have i misread the figures? .


I think you are getting confused as the number you quote is people on the Electoral Roll, however it is a known fact that those registering to go onto the Electoral Roll in the first place were a much lower amount than the population. Out of a population of 65,000+, only 29,745 people registered to vote - hopefully that puts it more in context.


Lyndon Trott scraping into power in last place is a clear indication that the public have lost faith with him and want change (would have been even better if he didn't make it in at all). So if he gets the Chief Ministers post, it will be both a travesty and an embarrassment


There's a number of ways to look at Lyndon's result. On number of votes he would have come 26th out of 45 and he was less than 100 votes behind 3rd place in St Sampsons so his result is not all that bad. He is probably an example of someone who would do better under IWV.

When looking at those who qualify to stand as CM there is no reason why he shouldn't continue.

Dave Jones


You are right, in fact Lyndon Trott’s vote has gone up from what it was in 2008, in that election he polled 1100 odd votes and became Chief Minister and in this election over 1300 so the idea that he should not become Chief minister with more votes after having done the job with less support in 2008 is quite laughable.

The States will have a choice of candidates for the post I suspect, so we will have to see who is the best man or woman for the job.


Unfortunatly we all know already who you will vote for Dave. "Guernsey votes for change", lets start at the top.

St Sampson Voter

I agree Deputy Jones. Although there are many who post on these threads who make very valid and sensible comments, I personally do not think at this time that the position of Chief Minister should change from Deputy Trott.

We are facing unprecedented attacks from the UK and I think for Guernsey PLC we should have some continuity at the top. then again I suspect there will be many comments to the contrary, we are lucky to live in a democracy.

Good luck to all the new elected Deputies


Im surprised Matt Fallaize had the biggest vote. Who remembers him being voted in in 2008 on the strength of him trying to keep St Sampsons infants open, only to vote for it to close once voted in? The comments at the bottom here are interesting. A few "people have long memories" comments.


StatesHouse, thank you very much for posting this link. Anyone who seriously thinks Matt Fallaize will ever be a candidate for CM (or any other senior post) needs to read this.

I shudder to think that he could be around for another 30-40 years.


Hang on a mo.In 2009 newbie Matt Fallaize was in no position to make waves against the might of Steere and her Civil Servant boss

Steere was for closing both schools for economic reasons and if that was the gist of the paperwork circulated at the Board meetings at the time it would only be correct for Fallaize to change his mind even if it was against the popular ( but fact free)public opinion


If this is a vote for change, then we should start at the top. Its no good returning a Deputy to chief minister who has just scraped into his parish and will immediately fall back into the ways of the last government.

Lyndon Trott out and fresh blood in, someone who will gain the respect of the whole island.

There are candidates so lets hope they stand.


On a lighter side. Does anybody know why St Peter Port North and South take so long to declare ? They have the smallest electoral role and the smallest geographical area.Is it just to drag out the suppence or is there some other reason.

Channel Television, great stuff all bells lights and gizmos and a very excitable Gary Burgess arms waving all over the shop. And decided to go off air just before the first result came through.....Its one night every four years guys.

Smile of the night was the near heart attack Scott Ogier had when the returning officer read his number of votes incorrectly.(he would have been out).

And the 82 people who voted for Margaret Talbot-Cull despite the word withdrwan written all over the ballot form. I hope this was a form of protest rather than lets just stick an X anywhere. God help us if Island wide voting comes in....Its a ballot paper not a pools coupon.



St Peter Port South took as long as they needed to count the votes. No suspense in mind.


At least Channel TV were there and gave us a show even though they went off air too early and we had to view Carol Steere's fishnets. The BBC, people to whom we pay a license fee to provide a public service had nothing on TV.


What you are all ignoring in your IWV projections is that if there was IWV, then the votes would not necessarily be cast the same way. Some popular candidates would gain votes from electors in parishes that would not normally be able to vote for them. This at the expense of candidates presently receiving votes as a result of tactical voting or simply because some people like to put the full amount of crosses on the ballot paper.


As the song goes - Oh What a Night. And what a swan song for others.

I am not surprised at Trott's audacity in that he wishes to retain the top job, it is a great shame that some of our new representatives are unable to stand for CM.

Congratulations to our new Deputies Elect, between them they have the calibre and knowledge to make a real go of things.

With the exception of Quinn, Brehaut, Paint,de Lisle, Adam, and Trott, all of whom we could do without, congratulations to those Deputies who retained their seats.

Glad to see the back of Rihoy, Mathews, Gallienne, le Sauvage,Collins,Dud Owen,McManus, Tasker and Garret.

I am sorry to see Jane Stephens go, had it not been for her perseverance we may not have had Educations' fiasco made public, Matt Fallaize should have had the courage to tell us how it was, he has polled high, let's hope he is upfront this time round.

I was quite surprised that the DCM bombed so badly - sounds as though he was expecting a poor result, but at the same time he should have been at the polling station last night, if only to thank those of his supporters who did vote for him.


Totally agree with you.

Matt Fallaize sat on his hands on Education for four years and did absolutely nothing, taking in every word that he was told as gospel and he tops the poll. Jane Stephens had the courage to beaver away quietly but with determination behind the scenes and finally got the truth out. She has been bumped out of her seat by Gavin St Pier and Kevin Stewart. No justice. Jane also polled far more votes than many others who got in.

Will those two show the same courage as she did or will they simply join the old boys brigade?



What rubbish, and I,m sure that Kevin & Gavin will prove to be their own men


For the sake of all the disadvantaged in this Island I hope you are right. Let's wait and see.

iron maiden


Hope you are right, cannot see it though.


Golly Gache, what happened to Flouquet?


Probably now in the benefits queue


No suprise that Dave Jones has thrown his hat into Trott's ring again as he will struggle to get a policy council job with the quality of new deputies we now have. At the very least everyone acknowledges that the Guernsey people have voted for change that should now be at CM level too. What ever way you would like to spin the numbers he came Sixth of six, he could not have done more badly and stayed as a deputy. Trott's performance at T &R and CM has been woeful, the new states needs a fresh start do not turn your back on the electorate now you have got your salary back.

Dave Jones


I didn’t struggle to get a Policy council job under Laurie Morgan or Mike Torode and I don’t remember struggling in 2008 either when I was challenged by another member for the vacant Housing post.

I got an overwhelming vote for the third time on that occasion to join the Policy Council as Housing minister. On Wednesday Deputy Trott was elected to the States of Guernsey and anyone elected to the assembly has a right to stand for any of the Policy Council seats. States members will decide who sits in those seats and that will be their choice based on the suitability and experience of the candidates.

Last of all can I use this spot to thank all the Vale voters for their support on polling day. It was a fantastic vote and I will serve you as I have always done over the next difficult four years.


Dave Jones your infatuation with Lyndon Trott is embarrassing. He does not have a mandate from the people. Hopefully he won't get a mandate from the deputies.

Ray the way you used your votes "tactically" was flawed, yes in the U.K. but not here. It is your kind of voting that returns John Gollop (he was the only candidate asking for "one of your seven votes"). Let's see what Mr. Gollop (one half of Wallace and Gromit)does if he is given, as his mandate would suggest, a ministerial job.

As I supected before the election a bad day for the education of the majority of the island's children, a great day for the colleges.

Dave Jones


I am not at all embarrassed by supporting someone who I think has done a good job as CM. I am in good company with Charles Parkinson and many others.

Also I think you will find he does have a mandate from the people as he was one of six elected in St Sampson district. Those who were not given a mandate did not get in.


I agree with you Kevin. Whatever you are anti Trott or a Trott supporter nobody, not even Dave Jones, can deny that he is a highly DIVISIVE character. We do not need a divisive character as CM in the next States, we need someone who is unifying, like Gorst in Jersey.

I don't think Dorey has what it takes even though I like him but

someone mentioned Sillars as a possible and my first reaction is 'Hmmm..' Could he be our Guernsey Gorst? Could he be persuaded by the newbies like Gavin St Pier et al to stand?



I agree we could do with a Gorst and maybe Matt Fallaize is more that type.

Sillars has done wonders diplomatically at education. I'm hoping he will stay there because frankly the stability and continuity there is imperative. If he had his eye on CM he should not have stepped up to education.

Dave Jones


Let s just clear up a couple of things, first of all I do not support Lyndon Trott on everything, there are several issues where we disagree quite strongly and I have said so in the States and around the PC table, I certainly don’t agree with some of our approach to HMG and the EU for instance and I have argued consistently that we should be much more robust in our approach to these two major critics. I also don’t agree with Lyndon’s view on indirect taxation and the arbitrary way it is inflicted on the population regardless of people’s ability to pay.

If you remember correctly Lyndon said in the States at the time of the budget and to the media that my behaviour over this issue was “irresponsible” when myself and five others including Dep Brehaut voted against the budget.

However on the issue of CM he has done a very effective job in my view and the view of several people who have worked closely with him. He is a strong character, I accept that but to be fair the job of CM is not for someone who a shrinking violet.

I only tell it as I see it, just as I have always done and I won’t say one thing and then secretly vote for something else, I believe people should know up front who Deputies support.

There may be some in the States and outside of the States who think his style is divisive, certainly it is a word Dep Brehaut used in a recent interview on election day and now by you, one of Barry’s known supporters.

I was disappointed that election night was not even over and comments from Dep Brehaut about where the CM came in the polls, should decide what job they do. I thought that was a pretty divisive comment.

I would remind Barry that Lyndon Trott polled 50% more votes than Barry for a seat in the States, so you can see these comparisons serve no real purpose and the only thing that matters is that those who were chosen by the public to serve as States members, are put into the roles where they are best suited.

It is in the end a matter of opinion and as I said it will be for the States as a whole to decide who will be the islands next Chief Minister and I will work with whoever is elected whether on the PC or not.


My god Dave. You really have gone off on a rather telling tangential rant that makes you appear like the CM's pet rottweiler.

Divisive is my own word and it sprang naturally into my own mind. Your attack on Barry Brehaut is quite gratuitous and uncalled for and tells readers of this forum more about your relationship with Lyndon Trott than anything else.

If I were you I'd stop barking right now.


Congratulations on re-election Dave Jones. Very well deserved. I would like to see you as our CM next.


I'm with martino,

The CM is without doubt divisive and not a good leader.

he lacks the respect of many and is not to be trusted.

We need new blood, someone who has respect of the whole community. Unfortunatly the states in their wisdom(or not) stopped newly elected deputies being eligible


I am with Dave here - I am sick of the personal attacks on politicians by politicians but Guernsey politics is no different to anywhere else - politics as a practice whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organisation of hatreds.

Baz and Mary are no different to LT - in terms of divisive and personal.



Rather than being flawed my (and probably 1,000 other Vale voters)tactical vote helped the main ( only?) cause of the day .. which was to prevent Tony Webber becoming a Vale Deputy

OK I was 'forced' to randomly choose between the two newbies Collins and Symons in order to use up my seventh lottery vote but if I ( and those other 1,000 voters) had not done so Mr Webber may well have crept in with his 359 votes

Apologies to both Collins and Symons if that deflates somewhat your personal pride in gaining over a thousand votes each in your first attempt but you both owe a big thank you to the elephant in the room for that achievement

Subject to a St PP North recount that means that Gromit (Gollop) cannot renew his partnership with Webber or his replacement Wallace ( Rhoderick Matthews)but no doubt Gollop will find another mug to second his hairbrained time wasting amendments over the next four years

Paul Le Page


Given the less than high esteem Deputy Gollop is held among many islanders, how come he manages to consistently poll so high - whilst others in his little cabal fair far worse?

One of the island's many enigmas.


It's obvious Paul

Gollop is looked upon as a CHARACTER

Never mind that he wastes more time in the Assembly than Drogba does on the football pitch, he is good for a laugh

Send him up to the Vale next time and we'll sort him out


Hi Ray,

Unfortunate analogy, Gollop spend more time on his feet than Drogba - but a closer call when it comes down to the best player to hold up the long ball!

As a Vale resident, ~ I'd probably keep him in the backroom staff for analysis only. I'd be interested to hear his thoughts on the second leg fixture at the Nou Camp.


Get out of town Ray, we did not deserve you to re-elect Jonesy but I personally feel the States deserve Tony like they deserved Maurice Kirk!


Matt Fallaize for CM. He is honest, hard working, level headed and a darn fine political thinker. Well done Matt for another excellent result, deffinately the voters choice.


Speak for yourself Jones, he certainly wouldn't be this voters choice!


I can't believe you have that view unless irony is creeping in somewhere?

L'eree Lad

"deffinately the voters choice..."

Well judging by his ineffective time on the Education board, he is unlikely to be able to help improve your command of the English language...


Well done to all the candidates and for those who put their hat in the ring and were successful congratulations. But the next four years will not be easy and quite a few newbies will want executive government. So if that comes in there will be a lot of power in a few hands. Does Guernsey want to go down the same road as Jersey, with wealth propping up each politician. Be careful what you wish for. The last government were good they kept a steady hand driving through choppy seas, this new government may turn us into a small county that resembles the UK. Whe will have to watch and wait and see while the world demands to take away more from us.......

Town Guern

Don't normally agree with Mr. Jones on anything but i can safely say that i agree with that post of his.

The thought of, say Mr. Fallaize in the post dazzling us with his brilliance, busy doing nothing working the whole day through, the mind boggles.

And the nightmare scenario if by some quirk of insanity Mr. Brehaut got the job, well i don't even want to think about that one.

Get going Mr. Jones set the wheels in motion, save us from ourselves get us a good chief minister, and please not dear Mr. Gollop!!

Gavin St Pier - candidate for St. Sampson's

Firstly, thanks to everyone who voted for me in St. Sampson's. The election process is humbling: to be entrusted by so many people - most of whom you have not met - is daunting. I am under no illusions as to the weight of expectation on my shoulders and those of other new candidates elected yesterday. The honeymoon will be short; the challenges and hard work begin immediately.

On the doorstep, I was frequently challenged as to what one person could do. I said that my only promise was to try my hardest, but that I had high expectations that this election would see a rash of new faces elected. My expectations were exceeded. The island has indeed - with a high turnout (which I also hoped for) and a high turnover - loudly given newly elected members a mandate to demand change. If used wisely, this mandate cannot be ignored by sitting deputies returned. In my opinion, therefore, the House cannot simply re-elect everyone back into the same roles they were in before - that would not have delivered the change demanded.

In light of this, I have already gone on record that I will be putting my name forward as the next Minister of Treasury & Resources, because this is the area of government to which I believe I can contribute the most - and quickly. (I have not sought election to serve what is often termed an 'apprenticeship.') My intention to come forward is irrespective of who emerges as the Chief Minister and whether or not the Chief Minister sees fit to nominate me. In other words - for the avoidance of doubt for all concerned - I will be voting for whichever candidate for Chief Minister I believe is best suited to the role - my support is not and will not be dependent on the blandishment of any promise of subsequently nominating me for the T&R role.


You have only just arrived and you already want to be the Minister for Treasury and Resources!!

A little modesty might suit you better. I live in St Sampson's and I didn't vote for you. Don't let us down.

St Sampson Voter

I think he would be great Minister for T&R, he has the necessary financial experience for the job, I am not aware of any others who have the same but if they do I apologise.

John - as you didn't vote for him he cannot let you down, can he?


Elected deputies represent everyone, not just the people who voted for them so yes, he can let me down.



you don't appear to have much of a clue about politics.


Gavin - your first action as a deputy is disappointing, naive and displaying a complete lack of understanding of the role of CM, signs of being a sheep and following the herd.

sarnia expat

You have to pass your "apprenticeship" yet boyo.


Disagree. Why should we expect highly capable people (St Pier, Perrot, Harwood, Luxon etc) to do a 4 year apprenticeship before being eligible for a senior job? These people are professional, experienced and above all leaders. The voters supported candidates like this because they wanted them to make a difference, not to spend 4 years lerning the ropes. The States/CM should have the courage to put the right person in the right job.

Gavin would be an excellent T&R minister. As a St Sampsons voter I am pleased my vote went to someone with the courage to put himself forward for a huge challenge.



Absolutely right - get the right people for the roles regardless of time served.

Paul Le Page

I second that Al - competence and necessary skill is what is needed, not 4 years experience in toeing the line.

Those that can - do.

sarnia expat

We don't know how capable Mr St Pier is yet - he may well have been the big white chief in his previous position, but politics is slightly different. No one expects a four year apprenticeship, this would not be good value for voters money - and lets not forget they have been put there to provide US the general public with what WE want - not what THEY think we want. However, just to assume that they will swan into a top job after two minutes in the States is very ill advised and rather arrogant.

Paul Le Page

Arrogance and self confidence are sometimes difficult to differentiate, Sarnia Expat.

The first isn't good, the second is necessary to succeed in government.


I agree with Gavin St Pier regarding 'apprenticeship'. As the job is paid those that think it is an apprenticeship period should take an apprenticeship rate.

There's enough new talent in the States now for all of them to hit the ground running. There is zero excuse in these very tricky times for any of the House not to contribute effectively.

On the subject of Gavin St.P wanting a Treasury post; if he's got the background experience, which he has, and a mandate from ther people, which he has, notwithstanding a bit of horse-trading with the old regime, I personally see no reason he shouldn't be able to take it. The bloke appears keen enough.


In what way has Deputy Trott's performance at T&R and CM been "woeful", as suggested by Paul?

I would suggest that he has done a very good job in very testing times and without trying to be popular.

I think he's a very mediocre People's Deputy but an excellent Minister, and that was reflected in the polls. I am struggling to think of a candidate who would do a job as CM. We need the best man for the job, not the most popular person.


Plenty of brown nosing going on for the CM again I see.

Plus another 4 years of a cushy life style for some deputies.



Instead of unsubstantiated sniping, how about stating why you think he has done a bad job instead of merely making it known that you don't like him? Nobody who takes on the CM role and does it effectively is going to popular.


Looks like one of the first jobs our new CM and policy council will have to do is sort out 0-10 as the EU have said it's "harmful".

This is yet another example of change needed as the previous CM and council should not have wasted millions implementing 0-10 without first ensuring it was compliant.


Has Tony Webber not asked for a recount yet??



I should think Tony Webber is busy planning his next move and that might well be to offer himself up for the 2016 election in one of the St Peter Port mini districts where 6 candidates with less than 1,000 votes each ( including one with a mere 695 votes) are now £32,000 per year Deputies, whilst 9 candidates in the rest of the island with over 1,000 votes each ( including one with 1,297 votes) are licking their wounds

Perhaps it's time to revisit the St Peter Port district set up?

Dave Jones


Yet another reason we need IWV. I am confident we will push it through this time given the support for it in most candidates manifestos.


As I see it Dave Jones had made his views on LTs time as CM very clear before the election. DJ did well in the election and thus IMO has the right to support LT if he so chooses.

Secondly and also IMO under the current system LT is a perfetly valid candidate for the CM job.

Dave Jones


It was not a rant, I was merely pointing out those comparisons and public comments before the night is over by other deputies can be divisive, it was also the word Barry used in his interview. If divisive was your word then fine. I have not attacked Barry and the rest of the post is based on fact but I suppose that putting it into words could be construed as a rant. The truth is often hard to digest when passions are running high.

I only tell it like it is and incidentally, I am no quicker in defending the Chief Minister than you are in defending Dep Brehaut on every occasion.


Dave, you can count on one hand the number of times I have defended Barry in these threads. You would need a super computer to calculate the number of times you have leapt to Lyndon's defence.

Dave Jones


I thank you for your kind comments and I look forward with other Deputies to improving the lives of many in the next four years.

Barry Brehaut

SPP South is the smallest district so the real numbers are low, I topped the poll in 2008 with 989 votes and this time came in 3rd with 938. The poll topper in St Peter Port South, even this time, would not get a seat in the larger districts, sorry to state the bleedin obvious.938 represents 48% of the vote.

At this moment in time Jon Le Tocq and lyndon are up for CM as I understand it and I will support Jon. I should imagine if Lyndon becomes CM then Dave (hi Dave) will be up for deputy CM, I believe that is the intention.I will be dissapointed if Deputy Dorey does not stand he is a much respected member of the House. The public have voted for change, so lets respond with real change at the top, its what the people expect.

Paul Le Page

I can't see Mark Dorey standing after seconding Jon Le Tocq's nomination. I've seen some strange things in politics but supporting a candidate only to stand against them would trump most of them!


You're right Paul. Dorey will not go for now it so we're looking at Trott or Le Tocq. Hardly an inspiring choice and if I had any say in it I'd almost be tempted to stick with the devil we know.


I would go with continuity and hopefully Peter Harwood next time around. I do not support Jon Le Tocq - he, as far as I am aware, will have two jobs, as a deputy and a leader of a church and I honestly do not think he will have the time.

Barry Brehaut

Paul. At the time of posting I was unaware that Mark was proposing Jon, the nomination took place late today. Obviously Mark is now (unfortunately) out of the running.


So Barry,52% of your district didn't want you,yet you still came in third

By that token the person in your district with 695 votes is now a £32,000 a year Deputy despite 65% of the voters not wanting him

Something stinks in the present system and the sooner you lot get serious about IWV the better it will be for us simple voting fodder

Barry Brehaut


We will have a form of IWV because so many candidates have said they favour its introduction.I would imagine that several years from now forums like this will be documenting the islands discontent with individuals who keep getting elected on such a small IWV mandate. We have been here before remember. When you have to elect 45 from a field of say 85 ultimately some will be elected with fewer votes than some have now. My personal view is that we should have much larger constituencies yet reduce the number of seats.



You deputies say its too difficult a voter having to chose and vote for say 45 1 candidates.

I can't see why we can't just give voters 1 vote each, or maybe 3. Why do voters have to have the same number of votes as there are seats?

Just vote for the man you want, simples.


but baz it is easy to stand on a platform of criticising others and not actually having to take any hard decisions with any real responsibility - another political coward I am afraid - baaa baaa


I don’t personally dislike him, I just don’t like his way of doing things, especially without discussing it first with the departments he chairs .

For instants buying two ships, giving the firemen and their Union what they wanted at the drop of a hat , And thanks to Brother Trottski they are back for more.

And yes it may be a tuff job but he wanted to do it and seems he wants more of the same.. ....Could it be that it’s good for his personal business?


Mark B - what a prat! Complete ignorance how exactly do you propose the states should have bought the two tankers? absolutely intrigued with your approach



So you mean driving the ships decision and ensuring that a potentially crippling airport firemens' strike weren't acting in the best interests of the island? Surely we need a CM who is willing to make such decisions and seek ratification of them by the House rather than a CM who isn't prepared to lead from the front?

And to think poor old Laurie Morgan was ousted because he was just too nice.



look like we've finally found something to agree on in Mr. Gollop.


I wonder if voting would have been influnced if Trott had made his CM or nothing speech before polling?

Many prople had pointed out his lack of interest in everyday local politics and his 100% finance or nothing approach.

This would seem to confirm that view.


To all deputies,both newbies and old timers,who either campaigned partly on a paid parking ticket or perhaps intend to bring it back yet again in the next term,please cut out and keep the aerial shot of the Weighbridge roundabout in today's Press at the top of page 25

I love those aerial shots,they almost always tend to back up the fact that once the commuters are in and settled each weekday the traffic flows quite easily

I count five moving vehicles approaching or actually on our busiest section of road.North Beach is full so it's not a Sunday and the shadows suggest it is early afternoon

So Deputies,when you do decide to bring back the subject for further debate please be totally honest for once and resist the temptation to dress it up as doing our bit to save the planet,or to relieve the horrendous traffic the island is 'suffering' from

The honest and only valid reason to introduce paid parking is that it will be a very good little earner if the income is not blown on whatever method is used to collect that income

.... and over to you Rosie

Karl de la Mare

Looks like I've wasted my vote once again. I have been voting since 1985 and I feel I should have learnt my lesson by now.

After reading some of the comments by our so called ELECTED Ubermensch on this forum I can honestly say I am disgusted by their behaviour. Instead of taking the various comments personally and bitching at each other on some throw away forum, you should be proving that you work as a TEAM to solve and improve this Islands problems that the last bunch of incompetant chancers/gambalers caused.

Well the slight air of confidence I had about the future has well and truly been blown to pieces now.

Thank you Deputy Jones and Brehaut.

By the way Barry what happened to the enthusiastic young Socialist, with the support the miners badge in 1984. Did Tony Blairs style of Socialistory get hold of you?


Now that he is elected will Gavin St Pier be able to remain on the board of Aurigny? Is there a conflict of interest there or is it a benefit?


Having been part of one of the 14 teams of 2 counting St Peter Port North on election night, I know how extremely thorough we had to be and why it took so long! checking against 14 candidates in ballots batches of 25, not just twice but 3 times, nearly sent us cross eyed!

Which we all thorougly enjoyed being part off!

I just cant imagine having to cross check 75 or 80 candidates from 3500 ballet papers.

Someone is going to have to produce a well thought out cunning plan for IWV to work!


A telling dose of realism re the (un)workability of IWV from someone at the coal face...

Dave Jones

Peabody /Martino

You wouldn't do it that way, it can be done with touch tv screens by voters touchin the face of the candidates they wish to elect. you need a screen for every district i suggest 4. Their vote would be sent to central computer, press a button at the end of the night and you have your results for each district.

sarnia expat

Ummmm - elections happen all over the world quite often Ms Peabody and for quite a few more votes that 3500. Just get more vote counters in, there are enough of you Civil Servants out there used to bean counting anyway.

Cher Eugene

Sarnia Expat. Tell us where in the world an election voting slip has 75 candidates and 45 votes!!

sarnia expat

Sorry, think i might have misunderstood. my point was that counting votes in Guernsey is hardly onerous is it.


Typical comment from the establishment Mrs Peabody

Make it 'too difficult' and it won't happen.

As others said, other areas cope with elections, why not Guernsey?


Electronic voting system?

Provided it can be secure, reliable and not too expensive.


Just wanted to say that I answered a call for volunteers placed in the Gsy Press to help with the count on the night and I enjoyed every minute and would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take part.

Fascinating to see the patterns of voting, people placing 5,6 &7 votes, voting for totally different candidates compared to people placing just 1 or 2 votes, which showed how important it was to place even a single vote, as the ballot papers with just one vote were mainly for one or two candidates,which really made a difference to the outcome. Every single vote really does count!

I am totally for IWV and agree with plp's sentiments.