Blazer-clad students welcomed back with Dizzee ideas

St Anne’s pupils donned their smart new blazers for the first time this week.

Alderney school pupils in their new uniforms
Alderney school pupils in their new uniforms

St Anne’s pupils donned their smart new blazers for the first time this week.

As the children began the new school year, Years 7 to 10 were all wearing black blazers and clip-on ties.

When the idea was first suggested there were some negative reactions to replacing sweatshirts with more formal attire.

But head teacher Michael Gaunt was keen to implement the change, explaining that research showed that in schools where students wear a uniform there is a greater sense of identity, respect and responsibility.

‘Initially there was an adverse reaction to the idea of wearing blazers but as time went on not only were [students] more accepting, but they have been very positive about it,’ explained Mr Gaunt. ‘And I must say, looking at our students in assembly, that they look very good in them.’

Mr Gaunt began the new school year with an assembly about overcoming adversity and making the very best of life.

He used as examples of people who had done so, several Olympians and Paralympians, including Mo Farah, Tom Daley and gymnast Keiran Behan.

Another rather unlikely inspiration was British rapper Dizzee Rascal.

‘Think about life cause there ain’t no rerun; no DVD, no second season’ he quoted from the lyrics to the singer’s Scream.

He confessed he was not in fact a secret rap fan.

‘My neighbour in Cyprus loves Dizzee Rascal and we would hear his music coming from her car whenever she left the house,’ he explained. ‘At barbecues she talked about his music and I realised that the lyrics could be applied to anybody’s life.’

He said he expected the new lift, enabling wheelchair users to reach upper levels of the school, would be installed over the coming weeks.

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Upt North

Hooray, what a nice return to traditional values. I bet the discipline of the school improves solely because of this. It's a pain when you are at school and have to wear an uncomfortable uniform but it does give you a good sense of pride and belonging.