Buses ARE in crisis, says stranded deputy

ONE of Guernsey’s most committed bus champions says the service is in crisis after he and five others were left stranded in Torteval.

ONE of Guernsey’s most committed bus champions says the service is in crisis after he and five others were left stranded in Torteval.

Deputy John Gollop, a non-driver who uses the buses almost every day, was disappointed standards were slipping under Island Coachway’s successor CT Plus.

Deputy Gollop, pictured, who is also a member of the Bus Users’ Group, spoke out after the 7a failed to turn up for passengers waiting at Torteval Church after a parish event.

'I know there was a diversion at the time, which was a special factor, but it is another example of where the company doesn’t think,' he said. 'There was no notices put up and no information on its website.’

CT Plus said road closures and diversions were a fact of life in Guernsey.

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nice to know someone suffers the same as the public when using the bus service,now,all we need to do is get rid of the deputies free parking at states meetings and they will truly be in the real world of looking for a bus or parking place.


My god hes a lucky man!

This is the first time the bus hasnt turned up.....WOW, welcome to the real Guernsey!

But i dont see how he can say that the bus service is in a crisis when it simply failed to turn up for a single pickup....talk about jumping onto the bandwagon!

David Ingrouille

CT Plus statement regarding not having been contacted with specific requests for extra services is spurious. We attempted to contact the company in June by telephone on no less than four occasions and also by email with no response. We were looking to privately underwrite extra services for a three day event with 1500 attendants. CT's careful use of sentence structure is a great way to skirt the issue. One can't be accused of refusing extra services if one is uncontactable. Perhaps pigeons...?


i too have attempted to phone CT plus, they don't pick up and and sent approx half a dozen emails none of which have been answered.

You may have cracked it there David with the solution to communication. Plenty of pigeons down the Bus Terminus....


The Torteval Raod has been closed for about six months out of the last 18.

Each time the buses have stopped and turned around at Torteval Church (might have continued and diverted around the road works instead)

Each time the service has been deficient - two buses arrive at the same time so a wait of at least 30 mins.

At weekends (as Dep Gollop found) huge gaps in the 'service'

Not everyone in Torteval has a car or wishes to use one

More commitment by States members to a public transport system is required (but unlikely)


I quite like the idea of John Gollop being stranded in Torteval... permanently!


"More commitment by States members to a public transport system is required (but unlikely)"

You don't think £2million plus a year is enough?


need to get the mad doc back at environment maybe !

ernie le tissier

The bloney buses never turn up where I live- Jethou! Come on Guernsey Buses. Sort it bloney well out eh!


This is normal service on the 7A and sadly was very similar under Island Coachways.

Road works (of which there are SO many on that road) 7a abandons Torteval. Late night, ,early morning,forget about it.

Rain/snow etc - no service . During the last bad ice/snow period IC had the cheek to say "all services running as normal" when they weren't going past the airport. It's Torteval,, not the Shetlands.

Just part of living out west and why people, especially people who live in or near town, who tell me to abandon my car get short shrift.


I was on a bus last night (the 18.05pm 3A) and when it stopped in the Grange by Havilland Road a lady asked why the 17.55pm no.7 hadn't yet been past. It took nearly 10 minutes for the driver to find out from "control" that the driver of the 7 had gone the wrong way and missed out the Grange altogether, and that the bus company would send someone out to pick the lady up as she wanted to go all the way to the Imperial.

Absolute shambles, come on PB give us your take on the matter.

sarnia expat

I just wondered if our buses were fitted with headlights? only ask, as I couldn't believe my eyes to read that in twilight the buses cannot turn around? is this true?

Bring back the old Greys. You knew where you were with them. Generally stuck in Torteval waiting for a back up bus to be sent from town.

Nothing changes but the drivers.