Knock down ‘ugly’ Cour du Parc, say neighbours

PEOPLE living in its shadow are demanding that a derelict tower block be bulldozed rather than 'refurbished' as part of mystery plans for Cour du Parc.

This 12-storey block of flats has lain empty since the beginning of last year after costing 'many thousands' to maintain. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1275744)
This 12-storey block of flats has lain empty since the beginning of last year after costing 'many thousands' to maintain. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1275744)

PEOPLE living in its shadow are demanding that a derelict tower block be bulldozed rather than 'refurbished' as part of mystery plans for Cour du Parc.

Neighbours of the ageing St Peter Port flats were yesterday calling for the 'eyesore' to finally be demolished as the Housing Department, with the support of Treasury and Resources, announced it would unveil fresh plans for the block.

Housing minister Dave Jones revealed the department proposes to 'refurbish and reconfigure' the site at La Charroterie, but would not give details of the housing needs it would meet until a States meeting at the end of the month.

As both States departments remained tight-lipped over the plans, Deputy Barry Brehaut fired a series of questions in a bid to get more answers from the Housing minister and Treasury and Resources minister Gavin St Pier.

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It is pretty ugly.

Would be fun if they allowed it to be used for paintball/battletec of kind of thing if they were going to knock it down.


Rep Brehaut firing off at anything comes as no surprise, poor chap is v visibly smarting following Scrutinies' attempts to get his previous debacle in a more constructive manner.

Dave Jones

I dislike this building myself but the fact is it is structuly sound according to the surveyors, therefor it needs to have a further life. In any event if you demolished it you would be left with a very small site indeed that you could not do very much with.

Matt T

I live very close to this and I can see why people would prefer it to be taken town. Personally I can't say it bothers me either way but if it were to be refurbished, I would be a little concerned about parking in the area. It's difficult enough as it is now, the last thing we nead in this area is more people trying to park their cars.


Because no effort was ever made to reduce/prevent immigration the Island is overpopulated - both with people and cars.

Back in the idyllic days when I was young our unpaid States members were brilliant managers and we got around on efficient tram and bus services. As the population ballooned, taxis came into being and that high rise building was commenced and so was the sale of back gardens to facilitate the building of more housing. Go back to the future: Get rid of 90%of private cars, load 33% of the population into small boats and send them to Australia, thoroughly vet all immigration, pull down that tall building and all the back garden houses and use the rubble to reclaim Belle Greve bay, re-institute an efficient transport service, and give the States a new slogan:- WE PLEDGE TO SERVE AND PROTECT, FOR FREE!


Bry for chief minister


Surely this building would be of great interest to people wanting a starter home in Town? It is a an eyesore but I don't see why it is not sold with the proviso that the exterior gets improved. I would have thought any half decent architect wouldn't find it difficult to clad it or otherwise make it a bit more acceptable. The proceeds could be ploughed into low level homes outside town, tower blocks are not the way to go.


Your comment about improving the exterior reminds me of a comment a friend made when they "refurbished" Commerce House.

It needs some paraphrasing to put into context, but basically he said you can polish a t**d but it's still a t**d.


Sell it! Then let some finance company turn it into open market accommodation HaHa

Metric Anvil

Urban Splash required!


Ooh they do have nice designs.


Anything can be painted or clad nowadays. It would be mighty silly to drop a structurally sound building because a few people don't like the aesthetics.


You could cover up the brick work with a green wall - that would modern it up.

The roof looks flat as well... could you make anything of it? Put something up there?


It is a bit of an eyesore but if it’s useable we may as well try and make some money from it. Why not refurnish then put the flats on the open market to cover the redevelopment costs costs for a few years before changing the use to social housing. Better than sitting empty.

Dave Jones

It has been empty to long and I put my hands up to that ,however I think you will be pleased with the plans for the future of Cour du Parc when they are announced in the States this month.


Dave Jones

Why not just announce the plans here and now?

Dave Jones


Because the States must be told first, after all they may decide they don't like our plans for the future use of the building and they do want to tear the building down after all.

I sincearly hope that is not the case but the States must be given the option to comment on the proposels first, before we finaly present them to the public and the media.


Give it to Social Security for the youth who want to leave home or have to leave home. This would stop a lot of these land lords who supply sub standard rooms at exorbitant rents to Social Security.


That is actually quite a good idea. Young people really do need more help.

If your really worried about the balconies could you not just make them higher?

Dave Jones


I am not sure that is one of your best ideas.

It is a building with lots of balcony's and given the youngsters love of partying and alcohol which I know from my youth often go together, it is likly to be a recipe for disaster.


......or an opportunity for the Darwin theory to solve the problem.


If it were torn down and built anew (not so much an eyesore) then, if private, the prices would be quite high. In a run down but completely liveable condition then the supply of low priced rentals or properties on the market is increased- which is ideal. Having said that, if sold off to private developers then Housing could use the profit to buy up numerous other lower-end properties and do them up to use for housing needy persons at different locations around the island - rather than lumping persons together in estates. I've never been a fan of "estates", scattering social housing throughout the island is a more modern, seamless and civilised way of managing social housing. In any case, for this building, there are numerous good options.

Funny comment about youths partying, Dave, but putting jokes aside, if done up to be "liveable" this is perfect accommodation for persons trying to get that first step on the ladder.

Looking forward to the release of housings plans for this area.


It would make the ideal multi story car park. and would bring in revenue .

it would also serve this part of town and bring life to all the shops in the area .

look at this very seriously states members it is the time to serve all. for a better safe town.


Another good option Kat. My feeling is that it is serves a greater purpose as low priced housing. I agree with you that we do need more parking but its probably further down on the wish list. It will be interesting to see what plans Dave J comes up with.


I remember when it was put up and raved about as Guernsey's foresited development. I think it then housed people who couldn't afford homes - if it is structurally sound, then let's make it habitable, the problem of housing after all these years has not gone away.