2012 Key Stage 2 data reveals primary schools' improvement

PRIMARY school achievement in maths, English and science is on the rise.

PRIMARY school achievement in maths, English and science is on the rise.

Education has released provisional Key Stage 2 data for 2012.

It shows that 79% of pupils achieved the minimum level expected at the end of primary education in English, up from 67% in 2011.

Maths was up to 77% from 71% and science from 79% to 86%.

'We know that there is a lot of excellent work and high standards of teaching across our primary schools as has been recognised through our independent inspections and the recent primary review,' said Education Department minister Robert Sillars, pictured.

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Many parents I know that were worried about the poor results sent their children for extra tuition.

grumpy teacher

When you say "poor results" do you mean English and maths or the 11+ results?


Good results increase

Its not just about teaching but parent input for offspring too

Not forced, just encourage them for a better life


This may have little pertinence with concern to the actual topic, but I personally believe that students are being spoon-fed these days. I've carried out a lot of mental analysis on the most recent GCSE results and have concluded that the teachers have made the work too easy.

In addition, I also think that examinations are becoming simpler-not just through teaching but also because of the relatively easy subject manner. For example, GCSE questions are often only 2-4 marks with one short essay (depending of the subjects though).


Suggest you all read Freakonomics to understand why the incentives exist for the teachers and schools to help the pupils appear to perform better and how and why they go about achieving this.

This is not reliable evidence of an improvement in performance at all.