Hadley quits Commerce and Employment

DEPUTY Mike Hadley has quit the Commerce and Employment board, blaming minister Kevin Stewart’s attitude for his decision.

DEPUTY Mike Hadley has quit the Commerce and Employment board, blaming minister Kevin Stewart’s attitude for his decision.

But Deputy Stewart hit back, repeating a claim that Deputy Hadley had thrown his toys out the pram over Sunday trading – a comment which had infuriated his colleague.

The fall-out followed today’s debate on Deputy Hadley’s Sunday trading requete, which was easily lost.

Deputy Hadley, pictured, emailed all States members with his decision earlier this evening.

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Deputy Hadley has done the right thing,how could anyone work with a turncoat frightened to upset the public such as Deputy Stewart is, who is only interested in E-Commerce to further his career.Get on another committee Deputy Hadley and fight for freedom of choice for islanders.



If, if, he manages to get another committee post, it will only be a matter of time before he throws his toys out of the pram yet again

Remember HSSD?



And he won't be the only one leaving with Stewart's attitude! I am amazed and disgusted that he was voted in in the first place...my votes certainly went elsewhere!


steady on island girl,thats my protest vote you are talking about there.


Great news for Guernsey families

and one nail in the wheel of the rat race make more money at all costs society!

Well done this deputies that want to keep Guernsey Sundays special

By the way I don't do church either.


Best of out of anything that deputy Stewart involved in. He has more important things like attempting to go through his entire term without achieving anything he can be measured against. He wasted a day as he has more important matters and knows its bad for his political career if he goes against the OAPs and religious sects that still listen to his dying radio shows

Freedom of choice is not the Guernsey way. My wife and I visited a local shop on a Sunday, the one with some goods not for sale, went home and within 20 minutes she bought over £100 of goods we had seen in their store from Amazon delivered the next day. Shame really but guess those working on the Sunday packing the goods are no longer in Guernsey so Satan will be staying away. We also went to the co-op and bought our petrol and a few goods which is crazy that I cannot go to a supermarket.

My daughter is frustrated as there only limited Sat jobs and as a student is desperate to earn a bit of spare cash. She could have worked Sunday and we could have employed more local students but guess will have to wait as would hate to waste Mr S time?

When there are 100 shops all empty will Mr S still be writing his strategy? St Simpsons residents hold your head in shame


PC I totally agree with you and as rou say when there are a 100 shops empty and people are spending more money in Jersey the internet and england those same shops for instance Mr Soundtrack in church square will be shouting for freedom to open on a sunday.

Neil Forman


Excellent post.

Nick Le P

PC - assuming your post about the Amazon purchases is correct then you don't really care about Guernsey business.

Could you not have returned to that shop the following day and bought them, thus putting your £100 into the Guernsey economy? Unless of course they were cheaper on Amazon?

I appreciate that you may not have been able to go back on Monday, but the fact you ordered from Amazon demonstrates that they were not essential purchases.

Further to this your internet shopping spree does nothing to support your daughter's admirable quest for a bit of spare cash.

Internet shopping and Sunday trading cannot really be compared. If that were the case then all shops would need to open 24/7 as the internet is. Also, traders are not bothered about internet competition because if they really were then their prices would be more competitive. Ever asked a trader to price match? They won't, even though taking a cut in profit is better than no profit.


Absolutely spot on Nick.

@PC - I did find your point about buying from Amazon a little amusing. Could you not have taken a note of what you wanted and phoned through the order and picked it up later that week? Surely you have 1/2 hour in your week between Monday and Saturday?

People go on about local shops hardly being able to compete with online prices I actually disagree to a point. A certain large toy shop near the Capelles school seem to have relatively good prices on certain items, sometimes even cheaper than Amazon (granted this isn't the case everywhere).

I'm lead to believe Next is doing exceptionally well at the moment and have noticed their customer service is excellent. Perhaps this it key to bringing shoppers back to buy local - customer service..... it IS free!


Nick, Jeff,

Why should I come back if I made the effort once, spent the petrol and in fact work most the hours the shops are open? Saturday is sports day for me so yes I could have waited but why should I if I can get the goods delivered?

I would have bought the goods there and then as was out shopping and would have them in hand.

Next are doing more online locally if my wife is typical as our online Next bill to date this year is in excess of £500 and all shipped from the Uk as like me she works 5 days a week. Saturday is not the greatest shopping experience and the parent taxi's are in permanent service between sports and social events buses could never service.

Was not essential but time is precious so why should I waste it going back ? With no freedom to shop on Sunday in Guernsey then I have one option - support online retailers.


Is Kevin Stewart a prophet as well as a wise man? Firstly, the saintly individual stands firm against the aggressive minority, abusing anyone who wants to keep Guernsey a bit special.

He then predicts toys flying from pram and lo, it was so. Faster than you can say Moses, he made his Exodus.

I Luke forward to seeing the Numbers who stood for Guernsey and those who got intimidated by a few peoples Acts. Will be a Revelation.

We will have to see if Hadley gets another Job. Hebrews well, so Mark my words, he could invite Walter around for a cuppa in his spare time..


The right decision Deputy Hadley.


Shame Hadley didn't go the whole way and stand down as a deputy to let the grown ups focus on more important things.


That leaves a gap on the C & E Committee. Who will fill it, a hand picked Yes man or someone who wants to earn their keep?

Mary Lowe is desperate to actually do something while a couple of others without jobs seem quite content to sit back and gather in the sheaves while taking 'discreet' potshots at their working colleagues

The full day debate turned into one of PBFalla's shambles again with a very large percentage of the time taken up with the rules of debate and voting on whether or not an amendment should be debated

Lots of speculation from both sides about the probable effects of deregulation.Who knew at election time that so many of our deputies would turn out to have crystal balls?

Town Dweller

Ray, Mary Lowe? Are you serious, she is so yesterday's news!

I remember Mary saying when she was elected, decades ago, that no Deputy should serve once they had reached the grand old age of 65 yrs.

Perhaps Mary should be reminded of this infamous comment..... and how old is she?


As a signatory to the Hadley Requete I will be more than a little surprised if Deputy Lowe takes his place at C&E!


The States of Guernsey demonstrates its commitment to a modern Guernsey by defending antediluvian trading restrictions. Deputy Hadley has evidently ruffled a few feathers, and that indicates he has courage and the good sense to oppose the complacent defenders of stagnation.


It is a shame deputy Hadley did not have the common sense to phone deputy Stewart to say he was going to resign.

Deputy Stewart had to know about it first on twitter!

not a good way to hear someone from your board has resigned,


Yet again a serious issue becomes the subject of petty bickering, politicians should take the moral ground and stop slinging the mud like Mr Hadley appears to be doing by blaming his colleague in C & E


Sad to see him go, but he did the right thing. Hadley's always been prepared to stand up for what he believes in, regardless of whether it's going to make him popular. A few more like him wouldn't come amiss. Only worry is what otherwise unemployable nonentity will fill the vacant seat. Raise a glass to Maverick Mike!.


Not this time Mike Hadley but please have another go. Ignore Stewart's insults and ignorance he is just interested in self promotion and knows little of the majority of islanders wishes.

Neil Forman

If the Friquet had fifteen areas in their complex and say only ten could open on a Sunday and the management decided that the ten who worked in these areas could work on Sundays as it is their areas and the other five could have the day off the management would probably find themselves in a tribunal run by the very department Deputy Stewart heads because this is discrimination as all are equal so all should have the chance to work. ( If they want to obviously). As it is discrimination the Friquet would lose.

Waitrose, Iceland, M&S, Co Op and Checkers Express all sell roughly the same goods, some sell more choices of these goods and yet under our ancient laws one of these ( Waitrose ) is not allowed to open, others can open 6 or 7 of their shops. That is discrimination.

Yet the Majority of our States members turned their backs on equality and ruled for the status quo.

Deputy Stewart states that he wants a proper report on the matter before he brings this back to the States. How much have we spent on reports on this already?

Equality! Don't make me laugh.


Georgieboy, I would say that Kaufman Kent knew little about the wishes of islanders. He believed that he could net ginormous profits by carrying out a venture that would destroy the parochial nature of Guernsey,generate acute congestion issues for roads neighbouring Oatlands and provoke ill feelings accordingly.


Surely if you were a committed deputy, and thus a zealous advocate of Guernsey and it's inhabitants, you would behave in a more resilient manner by remaining within your position? Inevitably, Hadley's post will be filled by some self-seeker who sees sucking the wealth from the community as the only way of creating themselves the idyllic lifestyle that they have forever envisaged for themselves and gaining themselves the recognition and popularity that they have forever yearned ...

sarnia expat

It seems to be the norm that, if things don't go your way, you quit.

Well, Deputy Hadley - you have just reaffirmed what some of us already thought - a bit spoilt methinks.


God this island is so old fashioned live and let live if you want to open on a sun so be it .as goes for kevin stewart i would never vote for him .Never could stand him on the radio the im full of myself attitude.As goes for the church goers keep your opinions to yourself alot of these people that are against it are retired or dont work LONG hours.