Serial sex attacker tried to prey on boy, 14

A CONVICTED paedophile, who served prison sentences in Wales and Ireland and is on the UK's sex offender register, was jailed for five months after arriving in Guernsey and trying to lure a 14-year-old boy to his hotel room.

Paedophile Anthony Luckwill

A CONVICTED paedophile, who served prison sentences in Wales and Ireland and is on the UK's sex offender register, was jailed for five months after arriving in Guernsey and trying to lure a 14-year-old boy to his hotel room.

In the Magistrate's Court, Anthony Luckwill, 39, admitted inciting the boy to commit an act of gross indecency with him on 6 August.

Irish national Luckwill, pictured, who was on bail at the time awaiting sentencing for a sexual offence against a 15-year-old boy, has a string of child-related convictions.

He has served prison sentences in Wales for possessing indecent images of children and breaching sex offenders' orders.

Luckwill was extradited from Wales to Ireland in 2006, where he was jailed for two years for further child pornography offences.

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Guernsey Girl

5 months? Why not 5 years? Absolutely disgraceful, a person in possession of drugs would have got a far longer sentence and in my opinion would only cause harm to themselves.


Please can you not call images of child abuse "pornography". It is inaccurate, offensive to victims, trivialising and downplays the crime. Children don't do "porn", they are sexually abused or exploited, then filmed, and no-one, if they thought about it, would call this "porn" apart from paedophiles.

What these are in reality, are crime scene pictures/films, or "child abuse images". Thank you


We need tighter controls on who comes into the island .each year we see many thousands of visitors come in here . are these checked?

It is ok to have a register but it needs to be used by those in control

many children play in roads with our adult supervision, some as young as 2 years old where I live . it is only a matter of time before something happens

we need to educate today's young parents of the dangers.

It is too late after the event has happened .


5 months, out in 10 weeks?, With his previous?

I hope his time inside will be the longest 10 weeks of his life.


I may be out of order but KICK THE B***TARD OUT OF THE ISLAND.

If he even walks on the same side of the road as my family I will, in defense of the children, consider him a legitimate target and at my age will not be bothered with the consequences.

to the vale

how many more have been allowed to move over here its about time checks are done to protect children from these perverts it seems any one can move over here destroying lives

Chris 1

What was he doing in the Island anyway?? I thought that when you were on bail you could not travel out of the country where the bail applied. If thats the case there needs to be an enquiry as to how he managed to travel.

Le Andre

How was he let onto our island? How many more criminals evade the net?


OK, so customs were keeping their eye on him... it only takes a few minutes for a hideous offence to take place - so it is ridiculous to say that he was being monitored. I am absolutely horrified by people like him and it makes you wonder how many others like that are allowed into our small community from outside the island (I know we have our own which is horrifying enough). I hope parents educate their young teens appropriately so they can at least try and avoid the situation this lad got himself into. This monster is clearly a repeat offender, he has prooved as such, so there was no rehabilitation whilst he was previously imprisoned so it just goes to proove that people like this will NEVER be cured of their disgusting habits - why oh why cant medical intervention be implemented to take away such urges -or alternatively lock them up for good. As someone previously said you get locked up more for minor drugs offences these days. It really makes my blood boil and it seems that of late all I am reading in the news, local as well at UK, is about paedophiles - it makes me feel physically sick.

States House

I have been told that these dirty weirdos are sent to Guernsey as a safehaven.

In the UK these pervs get hou ded out of the community. Over here, people just shrug their shoulders and say "oh dear, I betternot do anything about it as its not my problem and its too much hassle"


If he's an EU citizen then normal border controls cannot stop him entering the island. For immigration purposes only we are part of the UK Common Travel Area.

As we cannot stop such "persons" from the EU entering the island, we have to find some other way of dealing with the problem.


This convicted paedophile is is one of the most dangerously manipulative and evil people to arrive on our shores in recent years.

If you google his name, there is a whole website dedicated to his child abuse activities set up by concerned parents.

He came to Guernsey for the simple reason of seeking out children to abuse and destroy


I would of thought with the high house prices, lack of right to work he would have come anywhere near this place. Surely no one is that sick enough in Guernsey to let him crash with them?

Guernsey Lad

The story said he was staying in a hotel. Seems to suggest he just got here.


Why oh why was this allowed to letting a known convicted peadophile into guernsey this offence was ALLOWED to happen and heads should roll firstly the dept responsible for allowing a monster to enter our waters secondly the courts for issuing a pathetic minuscule sentence as said many many times a drug offence gets a harsher sentence than an offence that destroys lives of children and their families yes drug offences need to be harsh too but seriously we are talking about a sick pervert who preys on innocent children!

Keep guernsey safe!

Neil Forman

Quote from the Press,

' Advocate Clare Tee, defending, said the offence was at the lower end of the scale'.

Only because the boy's mother phoned her son and went to pick him up, God knows what would have happened if she hadn't done that. With Luckwill's previous I think we can assume that outcome.

We cannot stop them coming to the Island because of the Common Travel Area but we could deter them with harsher penalties, maybe hanging. There does not seem to be any other cure for this sickening crime.


Time we had a computer register that we could check the names of people traveling here against.

Previous for child molestation? No thank you. Police to meet them at the plane/port and put them straight back on the next trip out.

We have enough pedophiles of our own in Guernsey, we don't need other peoples' as well.


Maybe if the police aren`t able to do it we could have a lynch mob on standby? i`m sure that once the rest of these animals that think about coming here to carry out their sick deeds may decide to stay away.

The problem with these people is that they have a sick perverted mentality which puts children in great danger and we lock them up for punishment when they get caught. Surely the idea of a prison sentence is there to punish and deter from re offending?.

There is no deterrent available that will stop these animals from offending time and time again then we lock em up again, release them to abuse more children and it just continues WHY?.

They should NEVER be released back into any environment where they have access to children.

Everybody knows there are children out there who WILL be abused when this thing is released back into "his playground"so tell me what the hell kind of a society are we to give him the freedom to go out and destroy more innocent lives and strip away the freedom of the children that these perverts abuse.



Even if we know that somebody like that is coming, we cannot stop them entering and we cannot send them back if they are EU/EEA citizens. They have the same right to enter the island as the rest of us. All we have is housing laws to stop them residing here, and if they can afford to rent open market then we cannot stop them doing that either.

Guernsey may be a rock surrounded by water, but citizens of the EU/EEA have absolute freedom of movement to enter here, no matter how bad a criminal record they have.


Another pathetic sentence from a court that is TOTALLY out of touch with public opinion. Bring some relatively harmless drugs in, you get hammered by the courts, abuse children and you get little more than a slap on the wrist.


How bad is that? A sick, disgusting paedo coming to this small and relatively safe place to possibly destroy a child's innocence and life! How the hell can they be allowed here? It's unbelievable! Get rid of the filthy scum!


I can't believe our not-so-illustrious, sicko authorities think this is "the lower end of the scale". What is it with governments and courts? Why does it almost seem like they are making excuses and trying to brush these sick perverts crimes under the carpet. Authorities all over the western world seem to go soft on these evil, sick, scumbags and I don't understand why.


Because they like to bury their heads in the sand - it's not on. It has to be zero tolerance on this - no more excuses. Just read in the daily mail how a 10 year old boy was taken and abused and the guy responsible was given a sentence of 7 years. That poor boy will have a lifetime of this nightmare. It is not right. Makes me very cross. This guy will do it again.

I Love Trees

Has anybody thought of actually trying to get to the bottom of these crimes?

Why are these people the way they are?

Most paedophiles must have had a pretty poor upbringing themselves, why don't governments try to fix the cause rather than just putting them in prison for 3 month stints? It drains on our money and as soon as the paedophile comes out they will almost certainly reoffend, no matter how hard they try. It's an illness that needs to be cured to protect the children.

Castration is perhaps the way forward.


I am not sure it is correct that you say most have had a pretty poor upbringing. I`m sure there will be cases of this but i think a lot of them use this line to gain some kind of sympathy or understanding to help their own cause?.

They are and will remain a danger to children for as long as their free to roam. So we either lock our kids away or monitor every move they make because some WILL be abused by these animals or we lock them away and remove the threat they pose. Which is it to be?.

How about a lie detector? ask them the question before release. "Will you abuse again" cant we then lock em up for intent?

I Love Trees

The reason that I say most had a pretty poor upbringing is because I'm trying to think of a reason that these people would commit such heinous crimes. Nearly all of the most prolific serial killers in history had a poor upbringing.

There is a clinic in America that takes sex offenders in and rehabilitates them. The inmates even have a CHOICE to opt for castration.

The problem with a lie detector is that it's not 100% accurate (hence not being used in the UK by courts).

I think castration, rehab or life imprisonment is the answer as these people will nearly always reoffend.


Nothing to do with upbringing etc - in a nutshell paedophilia is a hideous ssexual preferance, simple as that. It isn't a disease, not a mental condition, just a perverse disgusting sexual attraction to children. Not sure how anyone could actually "cure" them - it isn't an illness or anything like it. Castration? Would that work - don't think so - does this get rid of what is in the mind.

Paedophiles attack and abuse children because they want to and because they can - what society should be doing is firstly working together to protect children as best they can, and secondly removing the threat they pose by much longer sentences, and only releasing when they are less of a threat and making sure they are properly monitored when out.


As a matter of fact pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder. It is included in the DSVM.

There is no cure yet and treatment success rate is low.

I agree with your second paragraph but would go a step further and say people who meet the DSVM criteria should not be released at all until a cure is found.

Until such a time the prognosis changes everything should be done to protect children as a priority.

I Love Trees

That's a very misinformed post there Richard. See what Spartacus has to say, he's well on the money!

Mental illness is hugely difficult to cure. In fact I don't think they've found a cure for any, yes you can take ritalin for ADHD and anti depressants for various other issues but these just keep the symptoms at bay and are not a cure.

Who's going to spend time and money researching a "cure" when you can simply label them as monsters?

If the perpetrator is castrated how will they carry out any sexual abuse?

If you think someone would choose to be that cruel and malicious then you really are mistaken. No one decides to be a monster it's ingrained within you from the life you have.

That's an excellent post at the bottom there Binou!

I'm not saying castration as a punishment but more as a way of stopping these people from comitting the crimes they do.


some years ago in Jersey, a nurse was walking home one night when she was attacked an killed by a young irish chap who'd been in the island 6 short weeks. He had a record, but his employers never bothered to check.

I occasionally watch these border patrol programmes, and in Oz and the US, anyone entering the country has to declare any criminal convictions, and is considered suitable for entry to the country (or otherwise), based on a rigorous interview process.

If they aren't considered suitable - or fail to declare a conviction - they are sent back to whence they came from.

I appreciate that not having this common travel area would incur lengthy delays to and from the island, but surely there must be something we can do in an island so incredibly small to ensure we're not allowing dangerous criminals in?

Could the responsibility lie with employers to do proper background checks, with penalties for failing to do so?

I appreciate that this would cost them money and they would balk at the idea, but quite frankly, the local populaces safety should take priority here, not businesses profit margins...?

ps. I have just re read my final paragraph and laughed out loud, people....taking priority over business Guernsey?!......*lol*

Dave Jones


There are a couple of things I would say on this issue.

Firstly under the new regime of which the details are being worked on at the moment, people applying for the new permits will all have criminal record checks, including anyone coming to reside in the Open Market.

Secondly people applying for work and residential permits will have to apply from their country of origin. You will no longer just be able to turn up and get these permits.

I think the main problem is that we have never had any population control measures, only the Housing control laws, which only effect a very small percentage of the population.


Dave Jones

Will that stop white van man who might be in and out within a week?

Dave Jones


That is an issue that will be part of the discussions but my own view is that I think they should be.

I also believe that permits should be able to be revoked by a court for certain offences.


My pre-school grandson has been helping me cut out several thousand points in cash4schools vouchers from the Press

Monday was double up bonus day and having no school age neighbours I took the car out looking for a Vale school parent to hand the vouchers to.No such luck and in the end I pulled up alongside a young girl of about 9 years and her brother? aged 6 or 7

It took about thirty seconds to explain,the children gladly accepted the vouchers and I was on my way

That was my good deed for the day,a totally innocent and kind gesture on my part I thought ... but why did the fact that I had spoken to these two children make me feel guilty ???


Good on the authorities for preventing any possible offences occurring.


Have done just that .... Am totally astonished with the sentence he got after reading what he has done before. 5 years would have not been too harsh.


He came to Guernsey because he is banned in the UK from owning a computer or camera by a UK judge and over here or in Ireland he can still own one because we are not UK !

gsy Fred

Bring back the gallows!


Firstly, this was a hideous crime, the punishment should have been harsher, but I actually much prefer to move him away from the island and back to the UK/Ireland rather than Guernsey taxpayers footing the bill.

Secondly, this is far too emotional a subject to be debated sensibly. As soon as anyone mentions crimes against children, we have people wishing we had the death penalty, castration, lynch mobs etc. Have we not learnt anything from our island's occupation by the Nazis?

Lastly, I always cringe when people think crimes are worse because they are perpetrated against children. Actually, I would say all crimes against vulnerable victims are particularly serious, but old people are abused regularly in care and nursing homes and nobody bats an eyelid.

So maybe it is time to have a proper debate about sentencing, declaration of convictions on arrival and how criminal checks are conducted, with slightly less emotion in it.