Budgie thieves leave George’s aviary empty

THIEVES have stolen 69-year-old George Bullock’s beloved budgies.

George Bullock was shocked to discover all 32 of his budgies had been taken, yet thieves did not touch more valuable birds in an adjoining aviary. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1281709)
George Bullock was shocked to discover all 32 of his budgies had been taken, yet thieves did not touch more valuable birds in an adjoining aviary. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1281709)

THIEVES have stolen 69-year-old George Bullock’s beloved budgies.

The 32 birds, worth about £600 in total, were taken from one of two aviaries at the back of his home at Bailiff’s Cross Road, St Andrew’s.

But conures [small parrots] in an adjoining aviary, which are worth a lot more, were not taken.

Mr Bullock was not optimistic the birds would be found.

He said he missed in particular a pure white bird, which he had bred, because of its unique colour.

Mr Bullock has kept budgies for five years. He realised his birds were missing at the start of this week.

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Sarnia expat

Without sounding unsympathetic, did anyone else but me wonder why he wouldnt check on his prized birds every day, especially given that Monday was Guy Fawkes night? If the reporting is correct, he last saw them on "Friday or Saturday night" and discovered them missing some days later.... Seems a trifle strange?


that is a very 'cheap cheap' shot


Keep your eyes open for Budgie smugglers.

sarnia expat

007 - James Bond (Daniel Craig wop wop wop) - Skyfall (hohoho) - maybe he should look at the Mallard - get the Flying Squad in or Special Branch? the skies the limit really.


Maybe the thieves were on a budgiet and will shortly be doing the bird when they are caught.. lol!


There was a bloke down the pub yesterday selling some budgies - he said they were going cheap!


He does check them every day, I think that was misquoted.

It is unbelievable someone would go to that much effort and was clearly premeditated.

George is a nice chap and the family must feel quite uneasy thinking they have been burgled right under their noses.

Shame people find this funny rather than putting themselves into this situation. Wouldnt be funny if it was one of us.

sarnia expat

Seems like humour is now taboo, and no longer allowed to be a tool to try and make a better situation out of a bad one. God help us all.

Cant help wondering how on earth a thief could get away with it, "right under their noses".


I tend to agree with you there Sarnia expat.....If you can’t make light of a sad situation then what’s life all about.

I’ll send out Tweet to find out if anyone is selling Budgies.


Tell you what if you have any pets give us your address , we'll get someone to steal them and see how long your sense of humour lasts.

Alex M


If sarnia expat and markB's choice of humour is laughing at the theft of someone's pets then I pity them. I seriously doubt that making light of the situation has made this chap feel any better, so perhaps they should have thought more carefully before doing it.


Alex M

I am not taking the mick out of George, and I do feel sorry for what has happened to him.

But It's the "News Headline" I and i'm sure others are making light hearted and, yes obvious jokes about.

Sorry George.


Sarnia Expat, there's a difference between injecting a bit of humour and taking the p***.

The poor bloke must be devastated. I hardly think his state of mind would be improved reading comments having a joke at his misfortune.

Next time something unfortunate happens to you, let me know and I'll rip the backside out of it to see how it sits with your psyche.

sarnia expat

Thanks Hilts.

Without getting out the violins here, I found using humour has helped me greatly over the past 6 years - having lost four members of my close family to cancer.

But - each to their own - and if my psyche gets sore from having sat on it too long, I will certainly let you know.


Hello Sarnia Expat,

You have my sympathies. I too have been in a similar situation, although cancer was not the culprit, and also found humour to help greatly.

The difference being, I controlled the level. Having faceless individuals poking fun is very different.

If someone had taken it upon themselves to have a joke at our expense during our time of sorrow, I sure as hell wouldn't have invited them around for tea and scones.

Of course, facing a loss and dealing with a theft are poles apart, but tact should still be employed.


Now that is one joke too far, at least show the poor guy's family some respect


This happened to me a few years ago, birds disappeared from our little aviary. Very sad, never found out what had happened to them, and one of them was pure white. Makes you wonder huh and it was very distressing.


Really it is not hard to work out, they have not been stolen but someone has let then out.

Bit early for 3 bird roast for Christmas!


I had a tennerfest poultry meal on Monday which actually cost a tenner.The odd thing about it was that the potatoes were larger than the chicken.It's got me wondering now


No Jokes Ray....You'll get told off


Mark B

It would be water off a tiny duck's back

sarnia expat

Flights of fancy perchance? Reminds me - don't forget the sale is on down at the Guernsey branch of Millets.


That reminds me of when I was a kid and someone gave me a packet of bird seed

I planted the seeds and a few weeks later half a dozen birds came up but they all died as I had nothing left to feed them with


And stolen the food? Uh hu!

Some right stupid posts on here - I suppose it's different if you know the people involved though.

Sad reflection on this island.



This article has certainly ruffled a few feathers.


I bet his neighbours are pleased. Must have made a right old racket.


Bad insensitive jokes aside, someone must have been offered these birds, that were almost certainly stolen to be sold, so hopefully they will have the decency and the wear withal to report the person/s involved to the police...

we're a small community, shouldn't be too hard.