Criticism of policing of Sark 'absolute rubbish' – Seigneur

SARK’S Seigneur has defended the island’s policing after questions were raised over the handling of recent criminal acts.

Sark people gather for Saturday’s protest against Sark Estate Management’s vineyards. (Picture by Marion Falle) 1281286
Sark people gather for Saturday’s protest against Sark Estate Management’s vineyards. (Picture by Marion Falle) 1281286

SARK’S Seigneur has defended the island’s policing after questions were raised over the handling of recent criminal acts.

Michael Beaumont dismissed as ‘absolute rubbish’ criticism by Sark Estate Management managing director Kevin Delaney.

Mr Delaney had said Sark’s establishment had failed to deal with incidents such as a threat to shoot him in the legs and explosives being set off outside SEM’s offices. He said the crime was a ‘reflection of Sark’s lack of law and order’.

But Mr Beaumont disagreed.

‘It [policing] has always been good and we have never had any complaints up until now,’ he said.

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Why all the threats go to 1 person?

Lack of Law & Order?

Nope! down to one person who has alienated himself vs Sarkees

Pathetic that, any way Sark can get rid of this blight on the island?

Its called Blitus Delanious


Test questions:

Would a Sark resident be more or less inclined to leave their property unlocked when going shopping than a Guernsey resident? (And has the answer changed since the SEM moved in?)

Would a Sark resident be happy to wander home from the pub on a dark night without fear of any "bother" than a Guernsey resident? (And has the answer changed since the SEM moved in?)

Are Sark parents happier to let their kids roam "free range" than Guernsey parents? (And how has the answer changed since the SEM moved in?)


1. More

2. Yes


and no change of view since SEM arrived as fundamentally there is no change to safety issues for the majority of Sark residents - any recent 'criminal' acts appear to have been carried out against SEM and are fairly minor (albeit not pleasant and in one circumstance quite costly) and, I suspect, borne out of a sense of utter frustration at what is happening at the hands of SEM - not carried out by random maniacs that could jump out at you/your children at any moment/ransack your house/ shoot your legs off/cut your flower heads off in your garden.


Sark's legal process (and the Seigneur) is certainly guilty of failing to prevent Delaney and his weekly efforts at dividing the island with predictable efforts to harass and intimidate the people of Sark and their elected representatives.

The impartial observer of the fiasco being played out on Sark would be forgiven for wondering just how the SNL and its legal props get away with such rude but carefully calculated propaganda.

Poor Colin Kniveton sure has his work cut out.


do not see a police man in the photo and if 100 people are there almost a quater of the population its a bit like in guernsey 15000 people turning out to protest and no police on hand


" police on hand" How can you tell? The Constable and Vingtenier don't wear uniform!


Mr. Delaney is well known for making huge mileage out of any incident on Sark, whether it be fire crackers (explosives?) or someones' loose tongue after too many pints, in fact the list goes on ad. infinitum when one reads the 6 years of SNL. Mountains out of Molehills comes to mind.

The vine support wires could have been cut by anyone?? There is quite a lot of speculation on that one??

The Guernsey Police have been brought in to investigate as it should be. I do hope they are able to suss it all out. But to have a permanent Police Force on Sark is quite, quite ludicrous. Unless it's to stop Sark being turned into a desert.

Mr Plod

Sark has traditionally policed itself quite adequately with back-up support from the Guernsey force when requested.

It is curious that the job of policing Sark has become more daunting, demanding, challenging and expensive since the arrival of SEM.

Is this purely coincidental?


Yet again, the leader column of our daily paper focusses on what someone so aptly called the 'mountains' being made out of 'molehills' by a certain person in Sark.

Yet again, despite the fact that the Editor has registered that 'number of people' objected to what they considered to be his consistently biased stance regarding that individual, his employers and the Sark authorities, and initially appears to be giving us his reasons for his comments yesterday, he then, unbelievably, continues to berate the Sarkees and support this individual, this time, picking out certain key phrases that the apparently guilty parties have made, i.e., that the Seigneur implied, IMPLIED, being the key word, that there were 'no law and order problems' until SEM arrived, and querying why the Agricultural Committee raised no concerns prior to the planting of the vines in question...

you claim this challenges Chief Pleas position as a credible body (and supports your stance), so, perhaps you'd care to answer these questions....

- before SEM arrived, when was the last time a crime such as the ones reportedly perpetrated against KD and SEM property occurred?

- before SEM arrived, how many times have these sort of crimes happened, say, within the last 20 years?

You must know, Mr Editor, after all, it's your organisation's job to report it.

Regarding the Ag Committee's softly softly approach to the planting of the vines, well, bearing in mind the legal Rotty the BB's employ to take legal action against anyone who opposes them, the action they have taken when they don't get their own way (like closing businesses before Xmas), and yes, dare I say it, the column inches supporting their cause that they get within your newspaper, it's hardly surprising that they basically feel too intimidated to do anything to upset the new kings of the castle....

for the record, I wonder what your leader column would have said if they HAD objected prior to the vine planting....ah yes, I can see it now...

'Sark authorities victimise SEM',

I rest my case, 'voice of the islanders'? I think not.


In 1990 an unemployed French nuclear scientist called Andre Gardes decided to reclaim Sark for la Belle France. He put up notices in the Avenue warning Sarkees of his plans and sat on a bench cradling a repeat action gun. The constable turned up in his tractor, sat down next to the Liberator and said, in French, that's a nice gun, mind if I have a look at it? He then overpowered the Frenchman and delivered him to the Seigneur, who despatched him to Guernsey and thence back to France. I wonder what Kevin Delaney would do in such as situation. Perhaps he would have lectured Andre Gardes on the evils of Feudalism.