Campaigners want just two nights for firework displays

A CAMPAIGN has been launched for tighter regulation of fireworks.

A CAMPAIGN has been launched for tighter regulation of fireworks.

St Peter’s resident Suzy Rose argues that people with domestic pets and livestock dread the approach of 5 November.

‘This year has been particularly bad with fireworks being set off at all hours of the day and night from the 2 November onwards,’ she said.

‘Pets and livestock are terrified by fireworks, some smaller children too.

‘We are not killjoys suggesting they should be banned, but if we are going to tranquilise our animals and calm our children to cope with this we cannot do it on many, many consecutive nights.’

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From my dim and distant past, I'm sure that the 1905 law that covers fireworks makes it an offence to sell fireworks after sunset in the parishes of St Peter Port and St Sampson.

I'm fairly sure that most of those let off on the Bridge are bought from a retailer "out of hours".

To be honest, as long as they are freely available, people will buy them and let them off whenever they like!

You can regulate it all to the hilt, but the problem comes with enforcing all these regulations - nobody has the time or the will to do it.


The real problem is that the 1905 law only covers the "sale" of fireworks, once bought (legally), nothing prevents people from keeping them for New Year's eve or any other event. You simply cannot legislate for people's stupidity.

Another issue is people who bring them back from the UK or France... Import is illegal without a licence, but I somehow doubt that those who object to fireworks would accept Customs stopping and searching every car for fireworks.


Listening to fireworks is no more irritating than following pushbikes all along Admiral Park, because they refuse to use the cycle path.

When you were young Suzy, I'm sure you bought bangers to blow up soda cans and made rocket launcers out of bits of pipe. At school you would have made bolt bombs with match heads like the rest of us.

Let the young be young, most of them are so lacking in creativity, they just stay in their rooms playing on their phones.

Cruelty to animals must be punished without question, but kids being kids is quite normal.


Using the cycle path is more dangerous to cyclists (and to the pedestrians that share it) than using the road - so you'd rather cyclists put themselves at risk so you can cover that stretch of road a few seconds faster?

It has precious little to do with the debate about fireworks, which went on in my neighbourhood most nights for a week. My dog spent every evening hiding in a wardrobe, and my children couldn't get to sleep. If people could just set them all off on one night it would be much more considerate.

A cyclist

Dear Calco

As a cyclist and a professional advanced driver there is nothing in the highway code that obliges a cyclist to use a cycle path and this has nothing to do with the story on fireworks, just showing you in true colours. It is a shame that there are some drivers who will always hate cyclists sharing the roads.

Perhaps if cyclists using the roads in a legitimate way causing you to be irritated, you should use the bus!

After all cyclists will be cyclists.


Why not make it so that silent fireworks can only be used during the rest of the year?...keeps everyone happy then


Moaning NIMBYS. Its only a few fireworks for gods sake.


5th only please. Those who keep on with them are selfish, anti-social and lacking in community spirit.


...or enjoying themselves.


What is the island coming to when we're looking to ban fireworks!

This is ridiculous and the petition should be put on the bonfire where it belongs. It is more important that individuals acting dangerously or disrespectfully are dealt with and let the law abiding majority enjoy the fireworks for a few days each year.

If we’re not careful we’ll be banning fans from cheering at a football match more than twice a year due to the noise!


Did you read the article Peter?

Especially the bit that says ..."We are not killjoys suggesting they should be banned,"


Please read the article us not advocating a ban! Read first then comment :)


I did read the article.

2 days use of fireworks is effectively a ban.

I find that the aircraft flying near to my property in the Forest are noisy and a nuisance, but I do not advocate that we limit flying to two days a year.

Those that petition for this are killjoys. Read the definition of killjoy!


Quite agree with Peter's comments.

Introducing draconian legislation covering the sale of fireworks (on the grounds that "some pet/animal owners get annoyed") would be a serious waste of States time, and therefore tax payers' money. Yet another example of how some folk yearn to be protected from themselves by the Nanny State!

Frankly some horse owners seem to take pleasure in holding up traffic year round, and leaving the roads covered in dung (which a dog owner would be fined for). That some then can't be bothered to stable their animals for one week in early November, leaving them to run wild, is a bit rich.

Bonfire Night is a traditional pagan festival, which should be enjoyed for what it is (a fun night for all the family).


Draconian legislation for fireworks should not be necessary.

Those who want a week of fireworks have made it clear that they couldn't give a monkeys about the distress and inconvenience this causes to animals and other people (including the mentally ill, the elderly and children).

This is inconsiderate and anti social.

How comprehensive is our anti social behaviour legislation?


Why 2 nights? It's meant to be bonfire night not bonfire nights or nowadays, more like bonfire week. It's ridiculous.


I Love Trees



Oh for goodness sake! I can't believe that someone is actually taking the time to organise a petition for this.

If this is all that you have to worry about in your life Suzy Rose, then you should be very thankful.

I do agree that perhaps sometimes the fireworks go on too long/too late/too loud/too bright but to be honest it's more of a minor irritation than anything else (and I do have a young child that is frightened by the noise...but loves the sparkles).

Maybe if people fussed and panicked less over their animals and childrens reactions in such a manner to actually make them more anxious, and acted as if it were completely normal then there would be less of an issue.

Close the curtains, turn the telly or radio up and enjoy a cosy night in until it's all over. A little more tolerance please towards activities that give a lot of people a great amount of pleasure for a short time each year.


A bit selfish?


I agree, more tolerance is needed, Karen.

For example, I will be requiring tolerance from all the neighbours in the surrounding area for Marching Band Day that I have decided I am entitled to celebrate the second week of November each year.

I have no idea why I'm celebrating it, but it's my right to do so, and gives me enormous amounts of pleasure, The band will have a warm up from 6 - 9pm each night in my garden, culminating in a full performance at approximately 10pm when they will march up and down my road.

Anyone who doesn't enjoy the band can simply turn up their TV and shut themselves in for the evening, and anyone who dares suggest I could reduce the amount of nights I do this on is simply a grumpy spoilsport.

If I am not allowed to do as I please on this special day, I shall have a tantrum claiming 'it's not fair!!" and stamping my feet like a selfish over indulged 5 year old.

Thank you for your consideration.

I Love Trees

If that is what you wish then go for it, it's not like it'd be every night.

It's 1 week out of 52 where people make a bit of noise and have some fun.

The stamping feet brigade are those that are crying because fire works have lasted more than an evening.

I like the humour of your comment but it doesn't really work.


We all celebrate Xmas on Christmas day, boxing day on boxing day, new years day on new years day so bonfire night should be kept to November the 5th as this is bonfire night.

There is no excuse to let off fireworks on Friday the 2nd, Saturday the 3rd, Sunday the 4th etc.. etc..., this is getting out of hand and something needs to be done.

In response to GLEP - cyclists should use the cycle path along Admiral Park because it was put there for them, I get very frustrated by cyclists who refuse to use it and cause even more unnecessary delays. They should have to use the path by law, motor vehicles have to stick to the law of the road so cyclists should to.


I'm going to bite on the cyclist comments.

Don't forget, you need a licence to drive a car on the road. Riding a bike on the road is an absolute right that everyone one has, no licence required. You might argue there should be a licence required but that isn't the current situation.

Cycling on the cycle paths is all very well, until they end, or you get blocked by pedestrians walking across it, or you need to turn off and have to wait to cross the road (whereas you'd have been just making a left turn off the road if you were on the road). To be honest, most of the time I see a cyclist on that section of road they're riding with the traffic anyway as it's often moving sooooooo slowly!


If we only celebrate xmas on xmas day how come the shops are already full of tat? how about we ban the sale of xmas related items to only 3 days of the year.

I Love Trees

Apart from the fact that the other holidays don't have a weather factor involved. What happens when someone has spent £200-£300 on fireworks only to find out that there is a force ten wind on the 5th November? Would you rather they let them off anyway and just let them blow all over the place?

Foolish people!


# What happens when someone has spent £200-£300

Well they cancelled the Vier Marche this year didn't they due to bad weather so what's the prob if you have to cancel bonfire night? At least you can keep your Fireworks until next year eh so no loss there except for maybe a few dissappointed faces but don't worry they'll soon forget all about loud noises and flashing lights once they have been trated to the latest Game on xbox as "Compensation" ...unlike the unfortunate people who were participating in the Vier Marche who also spent hundreds on ingredients etc for traditional recipes except no compenstion for them and big holes in their pockets i'll bet..

Oh and another point £200 - £300???? How do States House tennants afford that then? Let's face it seems there has been more spectacular bonfireparties taking place in the estates around Guernsey than anywhere else .... a bit like the Christmas lights ... must cost us hard working lot a fortune to keep States houses in christmas lights and electricity throughout Dec/Jan...

I Love Trees

Couldn't they have held the Vier Marche a week later or earlier? To save some money for those poor people who spent all that money on ingredients.

Vier Marche is a big event organised by a lot of people it's in a completely different category to the various bonfire parties that take place.

Would you really want people storing fireworks in their properties for a year? What happens if there is a fire or worse still a child gets hold of one.

Vier Marche and bonfire night do not compare.


And I think you'll find that, these days, a lot of people celebrate Christmas on more days than just the 25th. A lot of kids celebrate with mum on the 25th, dad on the 26th, grandparents/other extended family on the 27th, or any variation thereof.


It's all very well those of you who think the people behind the petition are being killjoys but have any of you got animals which are frightened of them? Have you sat for hours in a field or stable with a much loved terrified horse for several nights? or been out looking for your child's cat that has barged its way out of a locked cat flap as it is terrified and your child is is in tears with worry? Or had to spend a fortune at a vet to get medication to sedate a dog that's so scared? Unfortunately you cannot explain to an animal that fireworks are a bit of fun.

When I was younger it was only on 5 November and it was just public displays, this year I've never known so seems to be getting worse every year. As animal owners if we know it is just going to be one night a year and where the displays are going to be we can plan, prepare and manage but we can't when it goes on so long.

I Love Trees

So it's just you animal lovers then. My cat was fine during the fireworks as were my girlfriends cat and dog. Anxiety from yourself is probably seen by your pets.



I have 3 cats and 3 horses so by your reckoning I should have 6 animals that are afraid because of the way I treat them? No. Only 1 horse is afraid but 2 of my cats are. Theory disproved I'm afraid. They all have different likes and dislikes, different personalities.

I Love Trees

I'm sure they do, but I'm sure you can cope for one week of the year.


So we're saying that people's fun is now dependent on whether some neurotic bl**dy animal objects or not?

It's bad enough wading through their pee and poo without having leisure time dictated by the wretched things.

Time for a new campaign: Folk First


I'm assuming with that mentality you're a mere troll.


certainly the genius nom de plume may indicate the mentality of the individual.


If your definition of troll is someone who has views different to your own, yes.

Scarlett, since your real name is Boubou Flaring or some such, you're not really in a position to comment on pseudonyms are you.

The point – which the rabid bunny huggers miss – is the utter wrongness of seeking to legislate for pets for one or two nights a year.

Now laws to protect nesting seabirds harassed by thoughtless dog owners on the beaches? Yes.

Laws to ban cats hoovering up critters on which prey species rely? Yes.

Laws to prevent decent agricultural land being converted into lawns for posh houses? Yes

To stop the drift of grazing and pasture from dairy to horses? Yes

There are bigger things to campaign on rather than quivering kitty's annual November Nightmare.

I Love Trees

Well said beercan!


Yup as I suspected TROLL.

If only it was only "1 or 2 nights"


Good post Beercan.


Hmmmmmmm ... Wading through Pee and Poo???? Do you live in a Cesspit then? ... Neurotic and objectional animals .... or just startled/spooked by a run of unexpected Loud bangs ... (you can't just tell them there are going to be a noisy Flashy nights throughout November can you? .... DOH)!

Ok Let's see if you would change your tune if you experienced the following scenario;

You and your child/children, one 8 year old walking and one baby in a buggy, are on your way to a neighbours for a bonfire party that is to take place later on in the evening. On the way you meet a horse owner taking her horse from the field back to the safety of his stable in preperation of the nights fireworks. Suddenly there is a huge whoop and a big bang (some firework being let off randomly by some moron who can't wait for the party to begin. The horse is terrified by this and in it's startled state it Kicks out and smashes your child in the face maiming them for life. As it bolts off down the road it's trampled over your buggy and killed your baby outright. Who do you blame? Still say "tough" or would you have a little more respect for what people are trying to accomplish here?

Personaly i think it should be illegal for anyoneto let off fireworks after 10.30pm and unless they are part of an authorised/ planned private/public bonfire party, however I have no objection to people holding PROPERLY RUN SUPERVISED bonfire parties and think that the 4th, 5th and the first Saturday after the 5th is a good idea as it gives one of 3 chances of holding a firework display around the time it SHOULD be celebrated whether private or public.

If not so already I think the legal age to purchase fireworks should be put up to 21 too as at that age your less likely to be a selfish idiot who just wants to cause trouble and muck about with what is essentialy a very dangerous device!

And This is the point, I beleive, .... too many morons are getting fireworks and letting them off willy nilly without any consideration or respect for others, this is what I personaly would like to see regulated.

I Love Trees

Has this ever occurred? I would hope the horse owner would have the sense to take the horse down the road to the stable during daylight hours. It could be downright dangerous for both horse and owner to be walking down a road in pitch black.


Happened in England 4.30pm in the Afternoon. Family on their way to bonfire recheck my post especially the part where it says(to a neighbours for a bonfire party that is to take place LATER ON IN THE EVENING). Why don't u read the properly before commenting?!.


Not against fireworks, treated properly with supervision they wow the children. Lets forget the few teen/young adults who abuse them, it will be something else next week!!

Public displays will prob take 2/3 days to complete, ok as not all can be done in 1 night!

What really annoys are private ones NOT held on Nov 5th or 1st dry night after without notifying neighbours, 2 round here on Weds!!

Feel sorry for affected pet owners but mine never blinked an eyelid ever. I think many pet owners transfer their anxiety to pets (but a very few will suffer)


SILENT FIREWORKS!!!!......they have all the OOoo!!! But without the BANG!!!

Paule (Guern in UK)

Firstly just to say what has cycling got to do with fireworks being let off other than Nov 5th? Other than being irritating but hey we could all go on about unrelated annoying things ( not to worry, i will not)

I can see Suzy,s point, where if you do have animals/pets , this is a very trying time for them and their owners as where i live they start early part of October and onwards until November 5th and beyond. My dog was absolutely terrified of the noise and it made his life hell and caused distress to us all.

I believe luckily on the island you cannot purchase fireworks until shortly before the supposed date,unlucky for us it is not the case here (Norfolk).

Also where i work in a large hospital, nearby in a park they have at least three displays during the week and weekend, one of which is times for children to attend @1845 and again another later @2200 the same night.The noise is incredibly loud and can be clearly heard on my ward through closed windows and is disruptive to my patients who are after all in hospital to recover and rest.

I do not consider myself a killjoy, though i am sure some will see that differently but organised displays are fine, be they on the intended night only and away from residential areas if at all possible.

As for the comments of Calco, well i did not make pipe bombs nor blow up soda cans , rocket launchers and bolt bombs. He/she calls this creative?

I call it downright irresponsible and dangerous! Let them be young was another comment, what kind of numpty calls this behaviour acceptable...........Yes a calco does!


Yes agree with you there Paule ..but I must admit I was irresponsible with fireworks when I was young, it seemed great fun at the time putting bangers in cow poo!!.

Paule (Guern in UK)


Yes mark think i may have missed out on that one, cow poo banger does sound funny, that one seems harmless enough, now where did i put those bangers and secondly an unsuspecting cow pat..............splosh!


Its only for a few weeks every year people need to remember there are far worse things in the world then putting up with a bit of noise. The type of people that have been mentioned above letting them off at 3am will always do that even with tighter restrictions, all these restrictions will do is cause problems for people that would use them sensibly.

The campaign they are running on facebook not everyone that has 'joined the group' has done so willingly. With groups on facebook you can add people, they dont have to say yes to anything once you add them they are part of that group. Someone added me so I removed myself, but many that are added may not even notice. So if the group gets a big number of people remember not all of them have chosen to be there


Buttonz - you're right about Facebook groups, and don't forget the people who join up to register their disagreement...or just to wind people up.

As for petitions, they are entirely biased as they're only signed by people who agree with its aim. There is no place to register disagreement, so the only way to prove a majority support via a petition is if a real majority sign it.

They can be useful but anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that Facebook groups and petitions are not accurate yardsticks of public opinion.


I fully agree with her its bonfire night not bonfire week. Having to watch my terrified dogs because people are selfish is terrible. What next maybe we can celebrate Christmas over a week.If you want to have fireworks or go to an event then pick one and miss the others thats life im afraid.

I Love Trees

If the majority of the island are enjoying it and only a few wimpy pets are hating it then surely you're the ones being selfish in trying to regulate things.

It's a tradition that has gone on for a long time, it's not exactly something new!


Teddy mate, Christmas starts in October, and Christmas Carol singing, Christmas shopping days/evenings last for ages. Get Jiggy with it, you probably like to sing silent night. Do a partition about Christmas music and those horrendous crackers that encourage piromaniacs. The table bombs at the works party should be twisted by paid up members of the bomb squad.

Honestly mate, you gotta cheer up a bit. kids will be kids. If you tell them off for everything, they won't know whats really bad and what is just old people being stroppy.


I have a dog who is scared of fireworks and also a young child but let's have some tolerance people.

There are lots of things in life that are minor irritations to me - such as following a horse that's taking a dump on the road when I'm driving or putting up with other peoples mingy cats wandering in my garden, or having to avoid dog poo because people can't be bothered to pick it up.

I don't start a petition though. I put up with them because I appreciate we live in a COMMUNITY. That means we all have to accept this island isn't just for our own personal enjoyment.

As for fireworks, I don't have a problem with them for the week around Nov 5th. Yes take measures to stop the antisocial aspect (like 3am in the morning) but don't stop the fun for the majority of sensible people because of the actions of a few idiots who will just find some other way to cause trouble.


whereas 3am in the afternoon is ok?!!


Or 3am Eternal if you're into 90s dance music.


This isn't about banning bonfire night, but about regulating it.

I have no problem with any celebratory day on the day intended, whether it be Christmas or bonfire night, but bonfire night appears to go on all week, and because of that, entirely gets on my proverbials.

It's the same ol same ol every year, i.e., it falls on the 'wrong' day, or it rains, and the noise goes on for days and days.

Anyone who can't empathise with how upsetting it is to witness scared children trying to sleep and distressed animals, often loved family pets, climbing the walls because of the racket, must be unempathic to say the least, and clueless to say the most.

It's all sh*ts and g*ggles for kids in a supervised environment, sure, but this is, after all, legalised explosives being let off by unlicensed and sometimes inexperienced people, possibly very young, in an unregulated environment, and if people were blowing up explosives and disturbing the neighbours at any other time of year and for no supposedly socially acceptable reason, people would be up in arms about it, as the dangers and irritations it poses are more than obvious.

Does anyone even know why we 'celebrate' this day by letting off explosives and burning effigies on a fire, terrifying animals and kids in the process? Probably not...


I learned about it at primary school Scarlett so at the very least it's safe to assume most people over the age of about 35 know about it....probably a lot more.


perhaps, PLP, but I doubt it.

My point is that some people appear to think they have a 'right' to celebrate this day in this manner, and I stand by my comment that most of them don't even know what they're celebrating.

Christmas and other religious celebratory days are somewhat similar, in that the reason for establishing them is somewhat lost on many of us (I care not one whit either way), but the difference is that with other holidays it's just a nice day off and an excuse for a damned good knees up that most can enjoy, whereas letting off explosive devices for the better part of a week is fun for the participants only, and nothing more than a damned nuisance to others.

I Love Trees

People don't get a day off for bonfire night, we live in a where as they do for christmas. Different people might want their own parties and displays within the same social groups and so cannot do them all on the same day. The weather is also a big issue with bonfire night. There are reasons I promise they don't do it just to irritate the wimpy pet owners in the community.

I Love Trees

If your children are scared explain it to them!


I don't particularly have an issue with the fireworks themselves, but more the antisocial manner in which they are used. For instance on Saturday evening I went to bed at 10:30 with all quiet, then at 1:30 am my family was awoken by some nuisance neighbours setting off fireworks and shouting very loudly, probably drunk. After hearing this for half an hour and wondering how to approach the situation I heard a braver neighbour go over there and tell them to stop. Thank you anonymous neighbour, but ideally no one should have been put in this uncomfortable situation in the first place. Why is it that so few people give due consideration when we live on such a tightly packed island?

Paule (Guern in UK)


Totally agree with you V, it is the whole issue of antisocial behaviour including fireworks. I would love to go to my neighbour take the fireworks out of his hands and stick them right up his ****!

But then it would be who would be deemed behaving in an antisocial manner.

To quote the late great Clive dunn " They don,t like it up em".

The police do nothing about these people and they are allowed to carry on without fear of consequences.

Now i have got that off my chest, time for some real Vienetta mmmmm love it.


So you want a new law made because you don't have the balls to go and talk to your neighbours?


Paule (Guern in UK)


I assume you were pointing the no balls at me?

let me tell you i do have the balls as you call it , but my complaints have always fallen on deaf ears and having had my wife and others members of my family threatened i do not court confrontation.

Some people just cannot have reasoned arguement or discussion.


Well i live down the vale and to day is thursday 08/11/2012 time 18:26 and somone is letting off fireworks,

what 6 days after ?

I Love Trees

Oh my god! You'd better go round there and shoot them then! LET PEOPLE HAVE FUN!


6 days after what? Dude, Guy Fawkes is the 5 November. Maybe Scarlett was right after all!


Err... six days after??? Nov 5.... Nov 8..... not quite six days...

I Love Trees

I've got a feeling he means six days after the intitial parties on the Friday. Still a moaning nancy though.


On the subject of fireworks (rather than cyclists ;)

You lot complaining about the noise should try living in Sussex during bonfire "season". I'd say it's normal to see (and hear) fireworks at least two to three weeks either side of Guy Fawkes night!


Perhaps Guy Fawkes would have liked a couple more weeks to have another go at blowing up parliament.. then maybe folks would have more reason to let off fireworks for as long as they do.. It's getting a bit like christmas do kids really know why we celebrate christmas anymore than they do Nov 5th, I doubt it.

If there must be fireworks after or before Nov 5th make them silent ones.

I Love Trees

My 8 year old brother knows why we celebrate both, perhaps it's what you teach your children that counts eh?


Pretty simple to regulate - organised public displays with pre-ordered fireworks under a simple licence and all other fireworks brought into the island for sale to the public must be of the silent type - voila problem sorted!


Excellent idea!!


The problem is that there are not enough fireworks nowadays and when we do get them, animals are not familiar with them and get scared.

Even worse is the owners who make such a fuss over their pets that they are already scared about what is going to happen?

I my experience in war zones all the animals are totally bomb proof, it's just something they have become totally used to they don't get scared.

Maybe try to encourage your pets to enjoy it instead of making a fuss and putting fear into them already.

I'm sure anyone who has lived through a war will back me up on this one, and yes I love fireworks but I'm also responsible with them.

A ban to 2 days is ridiculous but a time limit say 9pm might be the best way, then we can all still enjoy special occasions like weddings, festivals etc

Paule (Guern in UK)


I can barely bring myself to reply for fear you are a wind up merchant.

If by chance you are not and actually for real then i am truly amazed at your stupidity.

Animals in warzones,not enough fireworks,people making a fuss over their pets,animals "not familiar" with them,encourage your pets to enjoy them?

What??? In your experience of warzones!

Anyone who has lived through a war will back yo up?

Every line of your post is risible, so as ai smile to myself typing this surely i am realising that you are indeed not for real.

Please tell me you are not.....


That's not necessarily the case re the owners making animals worse ... I have 3 cats and two of them are petrified and 3 horses and only one of them petrified. If it was down to my management of them by your reckoning all 6 animals would be frightened (or not). Animals have different fears, likes, personalities etc so you cannot just presume its the owners fault.

I Love Trees

Excellent post Bill! Including the 9pm finish time. A bit of give and take is necessary, but trying to limit them to two days a year is ludicrous.


It sickens me at how many selfish, disrespectful,thoughtless people are out there when it come to animals. Guy fawks night is on the 5th of November and if people want to blow money up into the air and make lots of noise they should stick to that night only, if it is cancelled for whatever reason then it is cancelled and should not take place on any other night. Shops should NOT sell them until the day before and organised partys should not be able to re shedule to whatever night they choose. How many of your kids are educated on the history of G/F ? or is this just another night/2/3/week for your kids to have something to do and not be under your feet!

I Love Trees

As I said my 8 year old brother knows. It's what you teach them I don't think it's on the curricilum in Primary School although I'm sure some teachers will tell the children what it's all about.

Humans before animals I'm afraid.


I agree, I feel fireworks shouldn't be going on for weeks on end, a couple of nights is fine but having them still going off 3 days after bonfire night just takes the mick. With bonfire night being on a Monday, I can understand people doing then Saturday/Sunday, but trailing them up to Wednesday/Thursday...

People with horses though, the fireworks can be a pain, especuially if they live out we can't do that with fireworks going off, it can cause damage to them especially if they spook. The Fireworks have caused problems for myself over the past week because of this reason.

Those who are against this petition, what do you expect people to do to get pets "attuned" to it.

Do you expect people to tie them up outside while these fireworks are going off probably scaring them more?? It's ridiculas.

If fireworks were to get used more often too the joy of them would wear of quickly, be pointless, people would get fed up of them constantly going off.

I hope this petition gets passed, some sort of regulation needs to get done for it.

I Love Trees

Your spelling of ridiculous is ridiculas!

One week out of the year. Would you stop crying over a slightly frightened horse. Horses used to go into battle with gun and cannon fire, they didn't spook so you can obviously get them attuned to fireworks.

Ignorance is bliss.


...the amount of times you've spent commenting on this subject is what's ridiculous, ILT.

Do you own a fireworks factory or something?

...judging by the amount of angst this subject causes you, and infantile, totally uninformed, insensitive comments regarding animals and the consideration of other peoples feelings, you're either one of the kiddies who feels their life will be over if they can't risk blowing themselves up each year, or just incredibly, incredibly stupid and selfish, and blithely willing to share that fact with the world.

...get horses used to fireworks/they used to go into battle and didn't spook...?!

Really?! Please, tell us where your in depth knowledge of equine behaviour hails from, and when you were last in battle with some.

Your total ignorance denigrates your argument entirely.

I Love Trees

Show me information that they weren't used in warfare. They may have got spooked but the fact of the matter is they were used. If they all spooked and went crazy they wouldn't have been used at all!

I think it's cruel to use them in the way that they are used in this day and age! Let them run free. Rather than taking them racing where they are shot if they injure themselves. Lets leave them in a wooden hut and take them out to a tiny paddock for a runaround. What a great life they must have!

I've told you why this irritates me all over this page, as you've said I've commented on this topic a lot. The reason I'm annoyed is not because I own a fireworks factory, it's not because I even agree with bonfire night or even have any fascination with pyrotechnics. It's simply because I'm sick and tired of the minority pushing through laws by moaning which ruins it for what is the majority of the island.

I love how you have the audacity to call me selfish when I'm arguing for a cause that won't really affect my either way, I just want to see the majority win for a change! The minority always seems to moan louder on this island, this needs to change!

Perhaps it is you who is selfish in wanting to ruin the fun for the majority for the sake of your beloved animals!


I just re read one of your posts which perhaps reveals the reason for your stance, ILT, that is, regarding the age of your younger brother, which gives me a better idea of your age.

...of course horses were used in warfare, er, doh, didn't say they weren't, as you undoubtedly learnt in a recent homework project. It doesn't mean they like it and somehow chose to enlist, any more than they choose to race, it means they were forced to. Go see the movie for some edification.

Your reasons for arguing with regulation are more outlandish and varied than the 'I'm a Celebrity' cast this year, your meanderings so broad they make you look as ridiculous and your 'argument' (whichever one you're choosing currently), meaningless.

Your latest argument (many more to come, I'm sure) is that you don't like the minority rule over here and how only a few people will somehow ruin other people's lives by politely requesting that we keep the letting off of explosives for a celebration of we know not what down to a couple of days.

You can end this argument and 'win' (and perhaps stop posting and focus on your school work) by simply telling me where you got your fireworks (for regulation versus against) stats from, what those stats are that prove your case, and I will more than happily, nay, I should say, delightedly, leave you and your school/college chums to blow yourselves up every day of the year, should you so wish.


oh dear, pants in a palaver over something so trivial that you apparently don't care about...what are you like when something that you do care about bothers you?

Regarding your epic failure to understand my first point regarding equines, ILT, I reiterate, oh dear god, DOH, your 8 year old brother would have understood that point, try re reading without your teenaged angst for a moment.

I never said I have horses, I never said I have animals of any sort or that this is 'all about animals' , I simply that your argument that horses can deal with warfare does not mean they choose it or enjoy it...

You have no facts or apparent experience regarding animal behaviour/psychology, no stats to 'prove' your argument that people wanting your precious fireworks limited to a couple of nights are in the minority, and now, you've wandered into another argument regarding fireworks being used for other occasions too/animal husbandry etc....

to be rather more succinct, what your argument really boils down to is, 'it's not fair!' and 'if people want to do something fun and it p*sses other people off, then they should be allowed to!'

Your age may be out of your teens, but your attitude isn't.

I Love Trees

So you get your kicks out of arguing with people what 20 years your juniour?

I will do some research on equine behaviour later. The reason I mention animals is because it is mostly animal owners that are complaining on here and the petition is being set up by an animal owner. Even my eight year old brother would understand that!

I'm not quite sure how you can comment on attitude, your not exactly Miss Mature are you?

I'm a seventeen year old. What are you about forty. Perhaps I'm a little out of my depth here but at least I don't get kicks out of picking on people half my age. You have just displayed exactly what you're about. Nothing but a typical bully. I'm seventeen, the only way you know how to win the debate is by insulting me. At least I care enough about local politics to try and debate. Most people my age don't care at all.

I'm going to leave this forum. You're all just thugs. You pretend to be so high and mighty but you're just a typical bully!

I Love Trees

I'd also like to add that you haven't actually commented on half of the stuff I wrote in those last two posts. Perhaps I'm not so out of my depth after all!


17. Yes, just as I thought.

Many of your meanderings don't really strengthen your argument so I haven't bothered replying, just as you have failed to understand much of what I and others on here have said.

You express yourself remarkably well for someone so young (and that is a genuine compliment, not sarcasm), ILT, but perhaps when you have a few more years experience under your belt you'll see things a little differently. Perhaps.

I am not 'picking on' you. I am responding to your posts, unaware of your age (don't play the 'age' card, you joined in voluntarily here, no one forced you to)...

by your theory, you've been 'picking on' pretty much every poster that disagrees with you on this forum, so perhaps consider that for a moment...

This is a forum for debate, and debate we certainly do, whether it changes anything in the real world...?

Hm, now that's REALLY debatable....!



If we have to stop fireworks frightening the horses, when are horse owners going to be more considerate to other road users.

Impeding trafic

Leaving a smelly slippery mess on teh road

Not having insurance that a motorist can claim on in case the horse damages his car.


Sound fair enough?

I Love Trees

Where does it say that the horse chose to enlist in any of my posts? That's one of the most stupid sentences I've ever been forced to write.

Having an eight year old brother is no real reflection upon my own age. Perhaps you think the best way to win a debate is to go down the route of petty insults.

Horses went to war with loud bangs etc. I'm sure they can cope with a week of fireworks. I'm all for imposing a curfew on them, say 9pm but regulating them to just two days of the year is selfish on your behalf.

Fireworks are not just used for bonfire night, but various celebrations throughout the year. Weddings, Birthdays, Harbour Carnival, Liberation Day and New Years Eve. People should have the freedom to use fireworks when they wish, so long as they are not stupid with them.

Your assumptions are ludicrous and actually made me laugh. I couldn't care less about fireworks. I have never lit one, I've never even lit a banger. But that doesn't mean I don't think other people should enjoy them. Most children love fireworks, they are spectacular when you're young. I'm sure even you must have thought so at some point in your life.

I've had the same argument the whole time. I'm not overly bothered by fireworks but I don't think regulation laws should come into place due to the minority of the population moaning. It's not exactly rocket science. Let people have fun, it's simple.

When horse owners are riding their horses in the middle of the road slowing down the flow of traffic, I'm always respectful. That doesn't mean I agree with the way the animal is treated (odd how you didn't mention this).

Do you think it's right to keep a large animal in a wooden shed? Then take it out onto a road with NOISY (like those fireworks) traffic, or perhaps you'd prefer to excercise it in a small locked in field. Cats and dogs get more space.

So perhaps before worrying that a few loud bangs might scare your beloved horse perhaps think about how exciting its life must be. Criminals get better treatment.

I Love Trees

The amount of people that turn out to various bonfire parties show how many are against regulating them to two days. I don't have specific facts. But you know as well as I do that most of the island would vote against regulating fireworks to two days of the year.

The only people I know who are for this idea are in this forum. Everybody else thinks it's ridiculous that people complain about something that happens every year and has done for a considerable amount of time. This isn't the first time there have been fireworks over the course of a week.

Well I'd better shave years off my life and get back to school work I guess. :-)


I wonder how many doctor's bills could have been paid with what's gone up in smoke this past week?


I think this year was one of those blips, 5 November on a monday so most places thought, do them at the weekend, but then there were high winds and so some were cancelled or rearranged for a better night.

If you think its bad, you should live in town, we get fireworks going off throughout the year at the Castle but its rare to see a notice about one.

And that noon day gun gets me everytime!


I am glad that Guernsey dog owners are such strong advocates of Social Responsibility.

As they have no tolerance for anyone else partaking in an activity that inconveniences them for two weeks in the year, I trust they have no argument that their DAILY rituals might not be appreciated by others?

I expect to see all Dog Owners walking with a bucket of disinfectant to wash Walls,Cars Doors etc. They can then ensure that when their recently traumatised pooch relieves itself on others property they can take the?


Firework petition. Dog poo...Stay on the subject ?!?!?!?!

I Love Trees

I think mentioning dog poo is relevant to this. It seems to be just the pet owners who are moaning. So if they want to spoil the fun of the majority of the people on this island then perhaps we should crack down on the unhygenic pets you all keep.

Dog urinate on everything in sight (not good for the wildlife). I'd like to know how many owners actually pick up after their dog has defecated as well. The amount of mess I see on public footpaths is atrocious, the bags full thrown in the bushes is even worse. If I ever saw a dog owner doing this in front of me I'd pick up that bag and ensure that it lands in the lazy owner's face! If you don't pick up after your dog, you shouldn't be allowed one!


Nope still not getting it. Bit angry aren't you.

I Love Trees

Julie, I'm not angry, don't worry.

Just trying to nail down my point.

The people on this island have to put up with the mess from people's pets all year round, yet you moan about a few loud bangs spread over the course of a week.

Who's the angry and bitter one here?

I haven't set up a petition to ban dogs or maybe just regulate them so that you can own them on two days of the year.



With respect I haven't moaned at all. I own a dog and 2 cats and the fireworks don't bother them. However I have sympathy for animals that do. Little give and take in life is all that's needed. If I have to go off topic, you've made it quite clear that a dog lover you ain't, but its not their fault that some owners are lazy.


Introducing any kind of legislation based on an animals fear of fireworks would be madness!!!

Those complaining are in the minority of a pet-loving-tree-hugging-kill-joy type.

Every year it's the same old story. If you don't like it I suggest you go for a vacation around November the 5th and take your pets with you. :p

I Love Trees

Hey leave the tree huggers out of this!

Your post explains exactly why I'm so frustrated.

I've even made some errors in a couple of posts. I normally check over them before I send them!


Sorry Tree Hugger! I used the term figuratively old chap....

Town Dweller

More Islanders whinging about activities that impact on their lifestyle or hobbies.

And who's going to enforce and pay for this clap trap of a petition? That's right, me and you the tax payer.

Sara Thompson

Let's ban all forms of enjoyment while we're at it, why don't we?

Was anyone physically hurt?

Was anything physically damaged?

Would this logic apply to summer events like weddings and the harbour carnival when there are fireworks?

And on Liberation Day?

Think on those two words those behind this selfish petition.


When I was a child many years ago, unless 5th November fell on that dreaded day Sunday, we always celebrated on the day, unless of course it was pouring with rain and then it was cancelled, too bad, get over it. Children were scared, animals were restless and everyone was moaning about firework night, why do we do it? But letting off fireworks late at night, letting them off earlier than the 5th,has been going on since old Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament so I dont think a petition in Guernsey is going to stop it.

Kids will be kids and bangers were chucked about like a football, unless you ban them altogether you aint going to stop it.


Cor damee, who is this Guy Fawkes budloe anyway? Ah yeh, that's 'im, the bloke what tried to blow up the English Parliament in 1605. So why's us Guerns letting off bloney rockets then on 5th November to celebrate some Angllais anarchist?


I think you will find Budloe night was Halloween until it got hijacked into an Anglican bashing of the Catholics. I cannot believe in this day and age of political correctness it is still allowed.


I thought the term Budloe came from Bout de l'An, the end of the year. Maybe we should be having the fireworks New Year's Eve...ah yes we already do don't we...

gsy fred

You are such Killjoys.

Admit it, i bet you are all old folks. Miserable that all these people are having fun and the loud bangs you are used to is BOMBs from when you were young.


THIS IS THE 8TH DAY listening to the fireworks . The poor animals . i like to watch fireworks on the proper days

letting them off when ever takes the event and meaning away from it .

let the organisers do the job

this is gun power and is dangerous in the wrong hand .

Paule (Guern in UK)


Agree with you Kat, i along with pretty much everyone else love the displays and the atmosphere that goes along with it.

However several days after and in my case, since september we have had to endure noise at silly O,clock.

What is enraging is people who show total disregard for animals at this time of year, oh its only once a yesr they say, yes fine on designated days at specific safe sites, but not wherever and whenever.

I see it year in year out at work with people being admitted onto my ward with hand and facial injuries because they are not safe in the hands of everyone, let the professionals deal with fireworks not just anyone, i have seen horrific injuries to young and old and it was all, yes all aviodable. And no i am not old , aren,t 40,s the new 50,s?


Bonfire night is a good thing. They should have one every year.

St Marcouf

I am amazed that people are complaining about a small number of fireworks being let off for a minute or two in the evening hours of darkness over a very limited number of days in the year. The nuisance, if it is one, is so transient and contained.

Meanwhile, there are cars, motorbikes, mopeds and quad bikes on the island's roads 24 hours a day 365 days a year the illegal exhausts of which make a hell of a lot more noise and which constitute far more of a nuisance than the odd firework, yet nobody seems to a bat an eyelid about them.


Two wrongs don't make a right. A superficial comment.


St Marcouf,

The difference is that motor vehicles form an integral part of our existence- we need them whilst we only 'want' fireworks. Therefore, one has to tolerate the noise, visual and air pollution associated with the former in order for our livelihoods to continue in this manner.


Actually Ed the vast majority of the journeys taken by vehicles is out of want or preference and not out of need?.


Like today when I needed 20lbs of budgie seed ( never realised the little blighters ate so much .. and they're so difficult to keep quiet)

What choices from the Vale Douzaine area to Camp du Roi Stores? I could walk it I suppose but I wanted to get back home before dark.My bike has no side panniers so that's a no no

Use the bus? I'm guessing now but I imagine that would mean going into Town,transferring onto a bus that goes directly from Town to the Camp du Roi Stores ( if there is such a route)...then back to Town to transfer onto a bus back to the Vale Douzaine,but as I already mentioned I wanted to get back home before dark

Anyway bcb you probably guessed that my final preference was to use my car


Ray. You might have noticed that bcd said 'the vast majority of journeys' and not 'every journey'. We can all come up with examples for when only a car will do, but it doesn't hurt to be honest enough to admit that there are also plenty of journeys when an alternative could be used.

Ian Brown's has some good cycle panniers.... I suggest you get yourself down there and give him some business. You'd be suprised how much they will carry- 20lbs budgie seed each side easily!



I think you'll find that the vast majority of car owning people who have spent several thousands in one go , or several hundreds each month on HP,will not choose to leave it in their drive in favour of walking,cycling or bussing

Some politician with a death wish will no doubt have yet another stab at crippling paid parking charges to force commuters unto the bus but that's another story for another thread


Ray. In other words, bcd was quite right with his comment to Ed then wasn't he?


Ray i was only pointing out the difference between need and want.

You could still have gotten your seed without the need to drive. I know that would not have been very convenient but it can still be done.

"I think you’ll find that the vast majority of car owning people who have spent several thousands in one go , or several hundreds each month on HP,will not choose to leave it in their drive in favour of walking,cycling or bussing"

No Ray your right but they could.

20lbs of seed? are you sure they aren`t chickens?


Rosie and bcb

Totally agree that the vast majority 'choose to use'

That's a very fast running current you are fighting against Rosie and you will never win the day via persuasion

It will take a suicidal move by our Deputies to vote for any motion to winkle a Guernseyman out of his car ( especially after those same Deputies have parked up in their private slots on Assembly days)


Furthermore, I wonder if the participators appreciate the historical significance of the event, or merely use this occasion as a pretext for disrupting the relative tranquility of the island ? ...

Perhaps one ought to carry out a survey; if the majority of the candidates opt for the 'party-going' choice then firework displays must be restricted to merely the 5th of November


As with Liberation Day, Bonfire Night will ( if has not already) become another pretext for disorderly behaviour; an occasion wherein people become engrossed within party-going activities that insomuch that they completely forget what they're even celebrating. likewise, the Red Arrows celebration is another opportunity for unruly, poorly behaved children to indulge in devilry-do they think for a moment that the wholehearted patriots that imperiled their lives during the Second World War so that they could create chaos for everybody else.

This is partially the parents fault because it's their failure to nurture their children into being sophisticated human beings, even at a young age, that has resulted in them being grossly ignorant with regards to such important occasions.


Maybe fireworks should be available all year round.


How ridiculous, what happened to us Guerns being and having fun… Next thing you know these whingers will be writing on these web pages and to their deputies that there is too much thunder during the year and how much it upsets their beloved animals!!!! Cor la what are you going to do then, not Thunder but for 2 days a year ha ha Really relax chill out and find something more important to spend your efforts on please!!


Very good point, no one has mentioned thunderstorms yet and of course they must also scare these poor timid animals.

Maybe we should only allow fireworks on a night with thunderstorms?

I would Aldo imagine that a lot of the animals that were a bit apprehensive about fireworks last week are now used to them and will probably miss them from next?


The answer to this is not better regulation and bureaucracy, which will no doubt care a financial burden.

But for pet owners to be more involved with making sure their own pet is prepared to cope with this one week of the year.

Many tips can be found online, try searching 'how to prepare your pet for fireworks night'.

Don't spoil fireworks night with needless regulation.

I Love Trees

Sometimes the wind makes the leaves in the trees shake which wakes me up! Ban it. My cat doesn't like the rain, ban it.



This 'needless regulation' does not serve to ruin the festivities of avid party-goers but instead helps to ensure that such merrymaking doesn't inflict misery upon one's beloved animal. Surely we, as an accepting, broad-minded community, are able to appreciate and embrace the different needs for members of our society? If that is not the case then a major prerequisite of this society is education on being a courteous human being...


The interesting thing about this whole discussion is, its only AM: from post Nov 8th, 8.25 am and myself that seem to have come up with the answer.

SILENT FIREWORKS!!!!...... it really is that simple... what?.


Tee hee, I was wondering if you'd suggest that again, I noticed that everyone seems to be ignoring you!

I think it's a good idea, I mean, yes you'd still get the flashing lights in the sky, but it's really the noise that upsets people/animals I think, so it wouldn't really matter. Are they actually full on silent, or just quieter than normal fireworks?


Well done Suzy Rose - you have just knocked back your own cause - probably irretrievably

When you appear on the radio to attempt to justify your cause, and you feel the need to introduce older people, small children and then those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder arising from a war situation, into the mix, that is a sign to a majority of listeners that you have no real substance to your argument


As you can see I live to the Vale me, and we have just had fireworks nearby on Monday 12th November at 9pm. Not ideal,but I think the more whingeing we do the more fireworks will be let off at inconvenient times.That is how society is right now.

I would much rather sign a petition on the closing of toilets, than trying to stop an age old problem of fireworks, I also believe that the trick or treat callers are now getting out of hand, teenagers calling not even dressed up asking for trick or treat, but no I wont be getting a petition up about that either, such is life.


5th ONLY!!!! Xmas is one day of the year, like new yr, Easter etc... Why should it be any different for bonfire night!!! Not fair on the poor animals that suffer.

Paule (Guern in UK)


Quite agree with you laura, one night of the year is fine, but having to endure noise at silly O'clock from September every year is rather annoying.

Animals do suffer whatever anyone says and that is unacceptable,i read yesterday of a cat who suffered unimaginable injuries because some clown had strapped a firework to its back,this happened over here but still the consequence of idiots having access to fireworks, it was witnessed by a child too!

After all the day/night is only to celebrate the day a catholic was caught guarding a stockpile of gunpowder in order to kill king James.

Do we celebrate the day when queen Victoria escaped an attempt on her life in 1882 and earlier in 1842 and 1840 or king george the third earlier in the century?

Just a thought, anyhow i went a bit off track there but as i said agree with laura, one day is enough......bah humbug!


Solution- Horse earplugs!