Campaign calls for better regulation of Bonfire Night

A RIDING school owner believes firework displays should be restricted to Bonfire Night alone.

Campaign organiser Suzy Rose with her son, Harry, 12, and dogs Bessy and Biggles. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1282255)
Campaign organiser Suzy Rose with her son, Harry, 12, and dogs Bessy and Biggles. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1282255)

A RIDING school owner believes firework displays should be restricted to Bonfire Night alone.

Jenny Froome, of La Carriere Stables, was speaking following the launch of a petition and Facebook campaign calling for tighter regulations.

She said displays should be held on 5 November, no matter what day it fell on.

‘Animals definitely react to them,’ she said.

She had not experienced many problems with the 32 ponies at her school but believed that was because many were kept outside and could see the fireworks and were therefore not as scared.

‘I have had a dog that has been terrified,’ she said, however.

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No!.... Simply restrict firework displays that are not held on the 5th of Nov to have to use Silent Fireworks.......These new fireworks have all the sparkle but no bang!!...everyones happy!!

I Love Trees

So basically none of her animals were even affected and she's just a miserable....

Honestly why do all these people have to complain, I'd like to see what these same foolish whingers say when fireworks are being let off in gale force winds and come crashing into the houses of these ignorant and frankly miserable pet owners. I have a cat and my girlfriend has a cat and a dog, none of them reacted to anything that went on, the cats woke up and went back to sleep, the dog didn't even wake up.

I love that statement, the horses weren't scared because they could see the fireworks, as if they have a clue what they are. Miserable people let others do as they wish, your horses dirty our roads and often restrict the flow of traffic. In fact my Mum had her car kicked in by a distressed horse, not a firework in sight!

I honestly couldn't care less about bonfire night, it's pointless English history but some people enjoy it and I think everyone has the right to freedom and a bit of fun!


Spot on I Love Trees,

What a miserable woman. Every year some joyless pet owner pipes up with their ignorant and selfish views that we should all change our ways to suit them and their pets. It's your choice to keep animals and if you have a jittery pet then that should not impinge on anybody else's freedom to do the things that they enjoy.


Pointless English history? Perhaps not!!

To the victor - the writing of history

To the loser - annual burning at the stake

You can restrict Guy Fawkes (sorry, I'm sure how to spell the guys name) to 5th November. No problem with me.

Budlow week carries on from 3rd to the 10th November every year. A very Guernsey tradition.

I Love Trees

Ed by pointless English history I mean the event that is in question. Guido Fawkes (his full name) was a failed terrorist. There are far bigger and life altering examples to be taken from history than a failed terrorist plot. What about the suicide bomber that accidentally blew himself up in some public toilets a few years ago?

All this comes down to is miserable and selfish people who don't like that fact that people can go out and have a bit of fun.

It sickens me that the way of the states always swings by in a minority (of the population) favour. Take Sunday trading for example, I only know one person who's against the idea, everyone else I know is for Sunday trading, what happens when it goes to the states thanks to a relgious nutter and 1600 lazy people signing a petition set up by a retired man!

I'm here to stand up for the majority. That's what a democracy is supposed to be!

Ian Michael

What a moronic diatribe!

Have you not read the various stories of animals being scared witless by loud fireworks?

I used to keep goats and had to get friends and family round to help to calm the animals on the three, four five or more days in Novemberwhen fireworks are let off. What happened to Bonfire Night on 5th November? They're not asking for a ban, just that fireworks are only let off on one night. Is that too much to ask?

As for the comments about horses not knowing what fireworks are - of course they don't! All they see are bright flashing lights and hearing loud bangs that they aren't used to. The fact that your mother had her car kicked by a horse has obviously clouded your judgement. And you have to be fairly close to the animal to get kicked. Using common sense usually avoids these incidents.

I am all in favour of public displays of fireworks which are professionally organised. It is irresponsible people letting off fireworks on any given day in November which takes their fancy which annoys me.

I Love Trees

For your information my Mother was parked waiting for my Father to come back to the car after popping into a shop. So don't make assumptions.

The reason I made the comment about horses not knowing what fireworks are is because of this statement:

"She had not experienced many problems with the 32 ponies at her school but believed that was because many were kept outside and could see the fireworks and were therefore not as scared."

Is she not saying that the horses could see them and due to this they were no longer scared? Read the article before going on an angry rant please Sir.


Things like this illustrate the social malaise that is becoming part of Guernsey life. People living in their own little bubble thinking everyone should bend over backwards to accommodate them - in this case that applies to firework enthusiasts and animal lovers alike.

Some people enjoy keeping animals, some people like to let off fireworks, some people think both are a colossal waste of time and money. In my case I own a dog and a goldfish, like fireworks, love football, hate golf, can't stand cats and don't see the point in spending a fortune to keep horses.

We all need to share the limited space which means we need to accept that not everyone thinks the way we do, or enjoys what we enjoy.

What this island needs is a good dose of empathy and tolerance. In my opinion a fair compromise would be to restrict fireworks to three days either side of Guy Fawkes, and not after 9pm. It won't please everyone but it's a compromise - and in a small community that's a necessary part of life.


The compromise is that Bonfire night is tolerated on 5th November and pets will be tolerated as long as owners control their animals in public and do not allow them to poop anywhere.

Anything outside of this compromise is simply anti social behaviour.


Ian Michael

Well said.



Perhaps not surprisingly I don't agree - I think a week is perfectly reasonable - we'll just have to agree to disagree on that one.

You've raised an interesting point though. I suspect part of the reason there's been a bit of a backlash against this petition is that a large proportion of animal owners are just as selfish and irresponsible as people who let off fireworks at 3am - and it's all year round.

There's dog poo all over the place, cats are allowed to roam around other peoples property frightening wildlife regardless of whether they're welcome or not, dogs charge around places they're supposed to be on leads and people who are scared of them are just fobbed off with "it's OK he's friendly."

Although not every owner is so selfish/irresponsible I think there's a bit of a sense in the wider community that the animal fraternity should get their own house in order before accusing others of being antisocial.


Arghh this place has gone to the Dogs!


I would like to start a petition against pointless petitions about the indignation of a made up cause about the distress caused to an animal I abandon for at least 18 out of every 24 hours!


Where do i sign


Bonfire night is dying out anyway, its all about the pope and religion. People are much more into Halloween these days, church is being replaced by the shady side.


I don't belive that a great British tradition such a Bonfire night should be restricted because the odd dog gets a small scare.

People seem to forget that pets are animals not humans.

Its what 3 night a year that fireworks are let off. Fireworks are already heavily restricted and to restricted them even further to cater for Biggles the DOG! is just ridiculous.


Oh dear another troll , best just chuck it on the bonfire!


Obviously anyone that does not share your opinion is a troll then?


Alan Richards


It's an easy way of arguing for those with perhaps less brain cells than most. I think they're starting to realise that this one isn't going to swing in their favour.

Ian Michael

Three nights a year? What part of Bonfire Night (singular) do you not understand?


I fully support her. It is supposed to be bonfire night not bonfire week. just so greedy people can go to multiple events. Pick one miss the others and think about other people and the animals around you instead of yourselves. This might be a challenge for some in our greed driven society!


Argggggh, what a site... We are all adults; sit down and talk about it in a nice way. I am very sure that after discussion, you will come up with a good solution. Some talked about having fun with the fireworks; however, that is just looking at one side - your happiness. You forgot about the other people's concerns. I have seen my neighbor being up til 12 am looking after their animals being kept outside. I witnessed their hardwork. Do not compare animals that stay indoors with the animals that stay outdoors. We all have our own choices to make ourselves happy; however, when we have them, make sure to consider others. If you do the fireworks and your neighbor has horses that got scared; then run to your property and destroyed part of your property; who do you blame? The owner right? Let us be sensible and think before ranting in this site as you won't get an award. It is typical blah blah blah blah.... If you have common sense, make sure to use that sensibly and before writing something, think! This will become a bad publicity for Guernsey. We are just showing how clever we are and I hope you won't like to give that impression to other, specially for the children of the next generation. Sit down and discuss. Besides, they are not asking to ban the fireworks; they are just asking for a better regulation to be implemented. We always say that Guernsey is beautiful, Guernsey is a nice place to live in; And the people are nice and friendly. In this case, I am not seeing that beauty. Let us not create a place like "neighbors in hell". Peace....


I do love to read the GEP occasionally on line just to see how nothing ever changes and the same old chestnuts come out ever 10 years or so.

I took a requete in 2004 which was passed, however by the time a detailed report on the misuse of fireworks was completed the house decided on one of the States famous U turns.



Commerce & Employment didn't consider Sunday trading a priority until Deputy Hadleys little rebellion.

I think they'd have a few questions to answer if they decided they had time to spend fiddling with fireworks legislation.


That is an irrelevant point PLP some matters are always more important than others - in some peoples opinion.



I take your point that the importance of issues is subjective and in hindsight another Sunday Trading debate was probably a waste of time - it certainly didn't achieve anything....apart from the promise of yet another one!

As a former States member though, you of all people should know there is finite time to debate issues. We can't expect the States to just drop everything every time a fringe issue petition turns up at the door.

We are at a critical stage in this island, both economically and socially. The States have major issues to discuss and major problems to resolve. Adding a myriad of minor issues to this workload is quite frankly small minded and foolish.


Putting the animals a side for a moment. It's Bonfire night 5th November, keep it at that. I love the displays, but having them drag out over two weeks is a bit ridiculous. When I was a kid growing up, all the displays were held on that night unless the weather caused otherwise, why not keep it like that.


If this is all the people of Guernsey has to worry about, then I don't think we are not in a bad situation.

It’s a few fireworks, not the end of the world (and yes I am a dog and cat owner), and believe me they survived another year of bonfire night, like they survive every New Years Eve, the midday gun etc (I live in St Peter Port).

If you have animals, it’s a choice and if you have to stay up for a few nights of the year past 11pm looking after them it’s not too much to ask. Let people live and have fun, this is coming from a father of a 2 year old, animal lover and firework lover.


How is the petition worded.

You should have to fill in your own name and address and sign

Not get someone to do it for you

And i am not in favour of any more regulations

Got animals look after them yourselves


Can these people against fireworks please tell me, are you saying that if fireworks are only let off on Nov 5th that your pets/animals wouldn't be scared?



I think you've said enough! Your comments on these threads are nasty and vile and hold no value. One minute you are baying for dogs blood the next you are calling for the owner of said dog for cruelty. You and some others should be banned from using this site to vent your own anger issues. I won't be replying

vic gamble

...."I won't be replying" just did.

becks is one of an awful lot of people who may shimmy up your nose with their comments...but banning him and his ilk to suit your comfort zone is never the future actually don't will find your silence hurts the other guy more than any tirade against him.

Sugared Brazil Nut

We need to spread bonfires over a few weeks. Only way we can get rid of all the timber we now amass since Mrs Cameron stopped us burning it as we used to rather than it needlessly adding to landfill.

I. Le Page

2 weeks of fireworks going off with a big bang at odd times when watching TV is enough to make most normal humans nervous,let alone animals.Something needs to be done to stop those with too much money and time to kill,from letting off fireworks for weeks on end.


As I've said before I can appreciate both sides of the argument here but this is NOT something that should be taken to the States for debate at this time.

Todays budget news should serve as a timely reminder that our government has far more pressing issues to consider than fireworks parties and a few scared animals. Sorry if that upsets some people but that's real life I'm afraid.

Please people of Guernsey, rather than demanding legislation every 5 minutes let's just try to be grown up, considerate to one another and self-regulate this.