Deputies get to exchange views at weekend workshop

ECONOMIC and environmental challenges were among the topics of debate when the island's deputies explored their longer-term vision for the island.

ECONOMIC and environmental challenges were among the topics of debate when the island's deputies explored their longer-term vision for the island.

Nearly all States members spent the whole of Saturday discussing the many future challenges during a collaborative Strategic Plan workshop.

Afterwards, senior ministers were keen to make it clear that no decisions were made at the event at Les Cotils and there had never been any intention of finding a 'magic wand' for the problems the island faced.

'It was never going to be a day of seeking the Holy Grail or magic bullet to all our problems. That was never the purpose,' said Treasury and Resources minister Gavin St Pier, pictured.

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I find it impossible to believe what I am reading ! "Environmental challenges" and the "longer term vision for the island"- the consideration that they display no longer restricted to their mere selves but has expanded to encompass concerns for the broader facets of this community....


ED!!...explain what you mean? You've lost me already.


I do hope that since this exercise does not appear to have been a light bulb exercise, or experience, they bought their sandwiches.

grumpy teacher

"Longer term vision for the island." What a joke! They would much rather spend hours discussing Sunday trading as that is a topic within the mental capacity of the average Deputy. I am sure paid parking will be the next major timewaster.

As regards the Education Department, we were promised a statement about the longer term vision for Education, in the wake of the Neale-Steere fiasco, the Mulkerrin report, and the appointment of Sir Lancelot Buckland as Chief Officer. Sadly nothing has happened and the Department juggernaut trundles on with no priorities and no direction, squandering vast quantities of public money.

Neil Forman

grumpy teacher

We may not see eye to eye most times but I agree with you here

Paid parking will raise its head again in this term.


grumpy teacher

I seem to recall the vision for education was promised by the end of the year.

"Nothing has happened"??? The priorities and direction were all set out in the responses to Mulkerrin and updates together with minute detail of what has been done and what is being done. I imagine Mulkerrin has probably doubled their workload and costs.

grumpy teacher

Spartacus, the end of the year is nigh and believe me there is no sign of a vision for education.

Let's have some debates with a realistic prospect of a result. I think we should have pay and display parking as it is simple, locals and visitors will understand it and we can use the proceeds to buy smaller buses.

Also my dog is terrified of fireworks so I agree with only having them on 5th November.

And I think paedophiles should be burnt at the stake.

I think that shops should open on Sunday as long as it is optional.

Please can I be chief minister?