Fireworks campaigner wants details of distressed animals

A CAMPAIGNER for tighter firework regulations is hoping pictures and stories of distressed animals will make politicians take note of her cause.

This picture shows the aftermath of a dog ripping its nails out during a firework display, leaving blood on the walls of the kitchen.
This picture shows the aftermath of a dog ripping its nails out during a firework display, leaving blood on the walls of the kitchen.

A CAMPAIGNER for tighter firework regulations is hoping pictures and stories of distressed animals will make politicians take note of her cause.

Suzy Rose last week launched a petition for firework displays to be licensed by the parish and a list made available including the time, location and duration of them.

She also wants displays to be restricted to two evenings a year – 5 November and the nearest Saturday – with displays at other times authorised by the parish with one month’s notice.

Her calls follow what she described as ‘the worst year ever’ for people letting off fireworks at unexpected times and days of the year.

Mrs Rose has asked supporters to send their pictures and stories of animals and people who have been affected by firework displays.

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Am I alone in questioning the type of person who will shut a dog in a room and let it do this to itself?

Perhaps a different type of pet owner would have either stayed with and comforted the animal, or at least gone to see the animal after hearing its cries of distress?

Perhaps the owner should take a little more responsibility for their own actions rather than blaming fireworks.


It was my Dog that was in question! And for your information we had stayed in with our dog all week in the run up to the 5th! sitting with her with the stereo on to drown out the noises which worked to a certain degree! On (Actual) fireworks night (5th) we sedated her! The night this accident happened was the 9th 4 days (After)! OFFICIAL! Fireworks night! We left her alone for 1 hour to take our 4 month old son to the doctors! To come home to this! Our Dog is much loved and is NEVER left alone! My partner stays home with our 2 sons when I'm at work during the day! And I'm home with the boys when she works a late shift on Saturday! I'm not campaigning for fireworks to stop but to be limited to 1 night a year!


James I'm so sorry your dog had to go through this. You'll always get idiots posting on here that don't know the facts, and who love bad news. Lets see if they apologise for their behaviour towards you and your family!


My dog doesn't like the vacuum cleaner - I am going to start a petition to regulate vacuuming to 1 day a month, and each household only own 1 vacuum.

Why only 1 night James? You ever watched fireworks New Years Eve? Or should we ban/regulate everything to appease a few animal owners (I also own a dog, cat etc) or should we look at more important issues that affects people island wide?


Well at least when your vacuuming you know you can prepare and help your dog be aware of it! We on the other hand could not! As we weren't expecting fireworks 4/5 days after the official date! I'm not asking for fireworks to be banned just to control the days then at least we can prepare / sedate our animal in preperation! I'm sure you'll agree you can't sedate animals every day for 2 weeks!

Thank you for your comment!


Since when have vacuum cleaners been as loud as fireworks???

I agree that there need to be 'assigned days' for fireworks, however, James having them one night a year is a bit extreme ! I don't even like fireworks and think them a massive waste of money but the majority must always rule and i think most would dislike being told its only one day a year !


I am so sorry to hear, that James, must have been pretty horrible to come home to.

There are calmative sprays and diffusors available which can work very well (hasten to add, not on every dog), but you may want to try it, say, the week leading up to bonfire 'fortnight' (!!)

Here's a link, but your vet may be able to recommend another type. Most stock them or can order them for you (Friquet also sells them)

Hope this helps and your beloved pet is now recovered.

Regards, Scarlett x

ps. Pay no heed to insensitive morons like Yawn, we should really feel sorry for him, he's storing up karma for the next life.


Hi Scarlett, thank you very much for your message! We've tried calmative sprays, thunder jackets, calming tablets, loud noise/firework cd's but to no affect the only thing that helps is sedation, but obviously cant be used for 2 weeks solid! Jitzy is doing fine, she's on medication and is still sore but wagging her tail and is a lot happier!

Thank you again for your kind message.

Take care



Hi Scarlett,

Please go to my comment on 44, I just think we should be worrying about more important things on this island instead of fireworks.

I see you conveniently (and James) decided not to comment against that post, and if you think I am a moron thats up to you, but I think we should try and protect other things like our children etc first, than our animals.

I will probably get a tirade of abuse from you (as I have read other threads, and you seem quite an angry person) , but hey if moron is all you can come up with I can handle it :).

Thanks Scarlett for your contribution, and I really hope them anger management classes are going well.

(Sorry in advance for ant spelling errors, but you get the gist)

James in all seriousness hope your dog gets better. The hoovering comment was tongue in cheek, but post 44 is a little more serious.


Well, here's the thing, Yawn.

I do get irritated by uninformed ignorance, I think many do, but fortunately, I, also like many other people, the majority, perhaps, can direct my attention to more than one thing at a time, consider it and address it as I see fit.

I am sorry that you appear to only able to focus your attentions on one issue at a time, but, who knows, perhaps with time you'll be able to get your head around that...or learning to drive, with the multiple skills required to be used all at once, is going to be a total b*tch for you, and you may have to stick to adapting your hoover to get about....

Valpy's may be able to supply you with a suitably long extension cord in the interim.


If I needed advise from a angry grey old woman I will go to my mother.

But once again wherever you’re going for them management classes I would ask for a refund.


oh dear, Yawn, have I touched a nerve?

Heaven forfend.

Passionate I may be, angry, rarely, and certainly someone such as yourself would be hard pressed to bring me to that point, so please don't flatter yourself.

You and your nasty, insensitive remarks, directed at someone who's been through a very upsetting experience, are a minor irritation for me personally, I take offence on Jame's behalf, who has been more than polite in his attempts to explain himself to the ignorance displayed on this forum....

mark my words, karma has a funny way of biting one on the ass.


No Scarlett no nerve touched at all, in fact you can spout on all day to me if you like.

Like I have said previously I was expecting this tirade off you, and well done you have not disappointed.



I totally agree on the situations your on about! And think its disgusting about the Paedophile! There's a convicted one that lives around my area that walks past my house nearly every day which we are disgusted about! Specialy when we have two young boys ourselves! I didn't start this post all I did was allow my photo to go in the paper to help the campaigner! But got told to come on this page as a friend said we were getting nasty comments so I wanted to get my point across as people were making up the own versions which I wanted to correct! I hope this explains it a bit better!

Thanks for your comment though



Hi James

As a dog owner I do see your point, but maybe my tongue in cheek comment was a tad insensitive, but as you have read my comments I won’t say again my views on regulations/bans on fireworks (wouldn’t want to wake the Scarlett).

Hope your dog is all well and thanks for putting your points across.


Re the above picture, maybe don't leave your dog all alone locked in a kitchen on bonfire night. stupid owner.

Or perhaps the owner was out at a firework display...


Regarding your comments Paul, I have stated above what happened on the night of the accident which was actually on the 9th 4 days after fireworks night! We left our dog for 1 hour to take our 4 month old son to the doctors for his 3/4 month injections! We don't go to displays because of our dogs problems, but certainly don't want them banned just controlled to the amount of days so we can take the right precautions with her!

Alan Richards

Was there nobody there to comfort the poor dog? If not why?



Sad pic

But where was owner

to calm the dog down? Not in kitchen!


Smug, Paul and Alan.

This happened during the day when people next to the house were letting off fireworks. They did not leave the dog at home alone during bonfire night (facts straight before critising!)

Do you really think they would let their dog do this to is self if it heard it crying...dont be stupid smug! They obviously left the dog during the day where they felt noone stupid enough would let fireworks off!


" They obviously left the dog during the day "

Not obvious at all to me. Anyone household where a dog is left all day by itself shouldn't have one. Simple. No excuses. No exceptions.

John Hamilton

I agree with all you say and the owner should have to face the consequences. As you say "No excuses. No exceptions."


I totally agree with mrspinthepantry.

I would love a dog, but my wife and I work all day, so we are responsible and do not get one.

Fireworks should not be banned, irresponsible owners should!

The victim in this is the dog and I hope that the authorities have now taken it away and it is with a better owner.


With both of the other comments on this post - it is not "obvious" to leave a dog during the day at all - I don't have a dog because I work and it is very wrong to leave a dog alone for any length of time, and certainly not long enough for it to do this to itself!


For the record, a dog could probably do this in about 10 mins give or take so the above post holds no ground.... and if it was during the day Why were people letting off fireworks?! not really any point during the daytime.


popping out and leaving a dog during the day is hardly cruelty to aniamls. The owners werent to know thier dog would do this!!!

Get your facts straight before accusing people of animal neglect!

Sara Thompson

I'd say that shows a totally inconsiderate owner and could actually be animal cruelty. Hope the police will be interviewing the owner.

alderney resdient

That picture is horrid.

My cats are terrified of fireworks but i would never stop people from having them. i always stay with them to keep the happy and shut all the curtains and put the tv loud so they dont hear them so much. even when i first got my cats as kittens i stayed with them to see how they would react.

If you have an animal you know will be distressed you wouldnt lock them up for starters you would let them have the house so they could hide somewhere they are happy with but you should also stay with your pet.

I am sorry but you cant blame people with fireworks for this only the owner for leaving their dog locked up!


I do feel sorry for the animals that must get very scared when fireworks go off; the above is an extreme example but perhaps not isolated. I would say however that it was not very responsible of the owner to shut the dog in that room alone.

Clearly this comes down to several issues:

- Fireworks made available far too early

- Home fireworks getting much too powerful for garden sizes

- Fireworks being set off past midnight

If fireworks were allowed to be set off a day either side and including 5th November and the following Saturday, that would give enough time for people to use up any fireworks purchased.

I love bonfire night but do think something has to be done to stop people setting fireworks off at all times of the day/night (or even 7:40am a few mornings ago!!?!)



sarnia expat

I agree with all the previous posters. If anything, this person(s) should be reported to the GSPCA! (stands back and awaits barrage of angry posts reminding me that because of work they have to go out blah blah).

If the person who owns this animal did have to go out, why didn't they get someone in to sit with the animal - they must surely know how frightened it must be?

Please GSPCA and Guernsey Vets - lets hear what you have to say about this?


It`s surprising how dramatic a scene can be created by wiping a piece of liver around the walls.

I wonder who`s going to come up with the most horrific scene or description of animal distress now that the door`s been opened.

I had a kitten who was scared by fireworks and climbed into my electric kettle. When I came home from the fireworks display I turned the kettle on and went upstairs to change.

When I came down I went to pour a cup of coffee and the kettle was bunged up.

Oh, SHOCK, HORROR, my coffee was ruined and I had to start again.

If it hadn`t been for the fireworks I wouldn't have wanted a coffee so I say BAN ALL FIREWORKS.


My point about my first post is that there is nothing to prove that a dog was responsible for the blood marks in that kitchen and I could have set up the same shot with a small piece of liver wiped on the paintwork.

The kitten "story" is the sort of thing(purposely OTT)that anyone on a campaign can make up to back up their campaign. "Stories" and "photos" are proof of absolutely *ugger all.



As long as you feel better that's all that matters. Well done you


there you go Becks, contact James directly and tell him he's a liar, then he can show you the proof and tell you you're an idiot.


If you want to contact me I will give you my Vets number a contact him to find out the facts of what happened! And I'll even show you the Vet bill!


What`s your full name, address and e mail address James? Oh , and phone number as well.

Bank account number and password while you`re at it?


Well Becks when you leave comments about how you (think) the "scene" was set up by wiping blood over our walls I'm obviously going to offer you proof that it was no set up!


...arrr, there you go, Becks, proved your an idiot without any help from James at all.

Well done.


I can't believe the stupid comments on this page, why should the owner be done for animal cruelty?

Obviously they didn't know the dog was distressed and harming itself in this way or they would have stopped it.

A bit of sympathy for the dog and owners as well wouldn't be to much to ask (but I suppose it would for people who always look to blame the owners).

A great idea for firework displays to take place on bonfire night and the nearest Saturday - surely this is enough or do some people still think it should drag out for a whole week? - surely not?

Sara Thompson

Sympathy for the dog. For having such terrible owners.

Investigate why this dog was shut up alone, day or night.


It was my Dog that was in question! I'm also shocked on these comments Adie! Our dog is muchly loved and were disgusted that people can comment without knowing the facts! Thanks for your message! She is doing well now! And we're always working closely with vets & dog behaviourists to try and help with her nervousness to noise!

Alan Richards

Explain the situation then James, perhaps then people won't have to ask questions.


He has done Alan, several times, please read above.


how typical of todays society.

Its never the fault of the moaning party, always the lack of responsibility and recklessness of everyone else around them.

My only suggestion is GROW UP!


No Becks, you licence the coffee to be used only when someone isn't using their bedroom to change and ensuring there is an appropriate adult with the cat at all times; possibly a parish official or a state sponsored 'coffee regulator'.

In that universe. You aren't responsible for your cat, the fact that you left the lid on your kettle off or noticed kitties legs sticking out the spout when you flicked the switch.

Who'd want to live in that universe eh?

.....Hold on a minute!


Hmmm im sure the exact story of what happened will come out soon but im sure its along the lines of - owners had to rush out to take their young child to the dr's. No fireworks going off but a displpay kicked off while they were out which was only for a short time and this was the result.

Im lucky, my dog loves fireworks, he will happily watch them with me (even slept throught he vale rec ones a few years back. Its a shame that some are petrified by them. It should be bonfire night only and 2 days after ONLY IF THERE IS A CANCELLATION DUE TO WEATHER.


I feel that this dog owner should have been with their pet as other writers have also said but not only that, it would appear that they have not been very proactive with their dog training. I have a little boy, 2 years old, who had never seen fireworks before and at first was a little scared - but without us mollycoddling him he was soon able to see that there was nothing to be scared of and loved and enjoyed it. From my 80 year old pop to my little boys we love family events like this.

I'm a little wary of more red tape, if you tolerate this then your children will be next. I can honestly say that there was no over the top firework displays in my area?! My cat didn't bat an eyelid.

You can train a dog, you can train anything. Horses are used in riot situations and before that wars. They don't need to end up in this situation. Which is why I support the facebook page in opposition to Better Firework regulations.


Was this photo taken localy or is it of the net?


Would somebody give me a damn good reason why you mustn't leave your dog during the day? Because if that's the case I'm also an irresponsible owner! Don't you lot talk complete and utter rubbish!

Wooden Spoon

It's called separation anxiety. They get distressed if the deemed pack leader leaves them. And yes you are. People who are out all day shouldn't have dogs, end of. Get a cat, they are not pack animals and won't get upset. Just because many people do get dogs when they are out all day does not make it right.


Oh Wooden Spoon aren't you a clever little person! Not that I need to justify to you but I don't work I leave my dog (shock horror) to do everyday chores. You really need to think before you throw insults!

Wooden Spoon

I didn't throw insults. You didn't specify how long you left your dog for, you just said why shouldn't people leave their dog during the day, which I took to mean the whole day - yes an assumption for which I apologise, short periods are obviously not so bad however the dog doesn't know how long you are going to be so the answer is just the same really.


Then hopefully a lesson learnt! Get the true facts before you comment.


I have filmed my dog while I am out and all he does is take advantage of the fact that I am gone and sleep on the couch (where he's not allowed to be...cheeky little Westie). Some dogs do have trouble with separation anxiety...but not all dogs.

Wooden Spoon

That's a very good idea to find out how your dog reacts :)


At the end of the day fireworks should be on one night the 5th November so do something about it


..says who?


Why just one night? what's wrong with fireworks on new year's eve? and even if I can only buy fireworks one day of the year, what will stop me storing them for another time?

Giving the parishes powers to licence displays? who will police it? or do we want 100s of police officers at great tax payers' expense?


A, try sitting on your own all day in the kitchen, not speaking to anyone. or being able to go out to the toilet. its not very nice, some would say cruel.

so the owner is responsible for what happened to that dog, nobody else. if you are out all day, dont get a dog or get someone to walk it for you. there are companies that do that.


Why have people assumed that this was an organised display of which the owners knew?

The whole complaint as I understand it is that it is no longer possible to anticipate when neighbours might start firing these things off anymore, so pet owners can no longer ensure they are around to protect their pets from self harming in their panicked state.

As previous articles have said more so than ever there have been fireworks at bizarre times this year. What if this display had occured in the early hours when the owner was asleep and wasn't woken up... is it still their fault for ensuring they weren't awake at 1.00am on the 12th November because of the "Risk of Fireworks"?

I don't know any details other than those written on the website so perhaps you all do know more on this subject, but to me it is ignorant of people to automatically assume that this is neglect, stupid to compare children to pets, and hypocritical to complain about peoples' complaints about fireworks.

The only person with any sense at this stage appears to be Adie

I am disgusted to call myself a Guernseyman when there are such venemous scathing people sharing my so called community.

No I am not a pet owner, and yes I do like fireworks... although the novelty does wear off after 3 weeks solid.

Alan Richards

Why were there no emergency calls regarding firework displays then? Not even to the GSPC, judging from the amount of blood in the kitchen it would've needed some sort of attention.

Careless owners I'm afraid. Would you leave a child at home on its own all day?

How did they know fireworks even went off if they weren't there? Who does firework displays during the day?


I hope the police will be looking into this case. It is disgusting to think that someone would leave a pet locked up in a room all by itself all day, what if it had been thunder and not fireworks?

If you don't have a routine to your life that fits in with pets you should not be allowed to keep them.

gsy fred

looks like marker pen to me. I think this is very funny.


This campaign is flawed in that it implies the possibility of the responsibility for an animal's welfare resting elsewhere than with its owner.

People CHOSE to buy and keep animals knowing full well that they'd probably be scared of fireworks. To try and now push restrictions and bans on animal-free households is as obnoxious as it is ignorant.

Why don't animal owners face their responsibilities and have a sound-proof chamber built into their house in which the animal can shelter instead?

How many of these owners have ever actually bothered to go and speak to their neighbours about the issue?


my dad is bigger than your dad.

Alan Richards

That's pretty much the gist of this ridiculous out of proportion campaign.

Sugared Brazil Nut

So you're not John Gollop's love child then......?


It is unwise to draw conclusions unless you know the facts. Talk of leaving the animal all day is pure speculation. I'll wager only the owner knows how long the dog was left at home alone - it could've been for half an hour which is perfectly reasonable.

Don't get sidetracked from the real issue. Do we need more legislation for fireworks? Providing the majority of people are tolerant, mature and prepared to give and take a little there should simply be no need. If we can't find a reasonable compromise with something as simple as fireworks without making more silly laws then our community really is in trouble.


People are commenting without knowing the facts. The dog was only left while the family's baby was taken for vaccinations. Not all day. Surely it's reasonable to assume a dog can safely be left in the home for a short time in the middle of the day?

Shame on all those sitting in judgement without knowing the situation.

Alan Richards

As I ststed previously, how do they it was from fireworks?

People will speculate becuase this sort of thing shouldn't happen in the middle of the day whilst the dog is in the care of responsible owners. Whether there were fireworks or not misses the point entirely.


Now let me guess, Not one of you who are baying for the "irresponsible" owners blood are in favour of Bonfire parties being restricted. ------Am I right? ----

If so then I find it amazing how you are all soooooooo desperate to "Jump on the band wagon" by grasping at anything to discredit and ridicule those who are trying to show you why they are fighting for a more regulated event.

Instead of trying to distract the attention away from what this group is trying to do by your crys of "animal Cruelty" why don't the more intellectual of you try to hold a decent constructive debate?

What you are essentially trying to justify otherwise is an 8/9 day long misuse of fireworks mainly by Kids and irresponsible drunken neighbours who Let them off at all times of the day, night and even into the early hours of the morning without any real celebratory reason. Try looking at both sides of the issue here.

You may not agree with some of the suggestions but why not give constructive and valid reasons as to why you think they wouldn't work and maybe come up with a better answer/suggestion.

Instead of throwing out personal and misconceived attacks on animal owners at least TRY to understand that what they are going through. It's a well known fact that animals are UN predictable and what may not phase them in one respect may well do so under different circumstances. This is something that can not be trained out them as despite some seeming almost human, (and hate to say it but us seeing them as such sometimes escalates the problem) ....sadly they are not and therefore animals do not rationalise the way we do :(

I get the feeling that Suzy and her group (plus others) are really asking for more regulations to stop the more anti social behaviour from some who are just randomly going around the streets setting off fireworks off for ... "a laff innit"!

When I was young we used to go to a neighbours or friends house and sit/stand outside around watching a stuffed effigy of Guy Fawkes, which had earlier helped collect a few pennies, being burnt on a bonfire. We were kept nice and warm wearing our wooly hats and scarves and by the flames of the bonfire We were all happy nibbling away at our hot sausage roll and slurping a big cup of tomato or chicken soup while eagerly awaiting one of the adults to start the firework display of rockets, Catherine wheels and all sorts of colourful wonderful fireworks ..... not like nowadays where Kids as young as 6 appear to be allowed by the parents to go roaming the streets with fireworks and just letting them off anywhere at all times. (Ok Ok I know we had bangers back then but if you let one off somewhere near people or where you shouldn't you got a clout! Sadly nowadays discipline is a long forgotten word as well as the most effective forms of it being illegal)!

Suzy and her supporters just want organised parties on a maximum of 2-3 nights in November. Surely that is plenty enough days to have PROPER celebrations instead of having to endure the Nuisance behaviour of some inconsiderate delinquents?

OK a little bit much to expect fireworks to be collected in one day but maybe a ban on the use of fireworks other than on the regulated dates and then only used within a public/private display and not on the streets or next to/in close proximity of groups of livestock such as stables, cattle sheds, animal shelters, cattery and kennels etc.

The use and purchase of Fireworks in my view should be regulated to over 21's and there should be fines for anyone (in the event it be a child under 16 then fines for the parents) if caught letting off fireworks outside of a public or private bonfire party or on non specified/authorized days/times.

I personally would be happy with 3 specified nights and fireworks set off ONLY between the times of 6pm until 10.30 More than enough time for people to celebrate and be happy and plenty of time for animal owners to prepare their livestock/pets for the evening :o)

Alan Richards

Why only three specified nights?

Tell me, were there any incidents regarding fireworks and injury to people? Were there any incidents that required the assistance of the fire brigade? Were the police called to any firework incidents?

No so where are you getting your nonsense from? If you find it too noisy contact the police after the time you stated - 10:30pm.


Explain which part of my post you think is nonsense Alan then give me a more constructive and valid reason why. Try opening your ears before opening your mouth to spew out a paragraph of unnecessary belittling when you can not even be bothered trying to understand what others living in areas where more fireworks are let off are having to put up with.

Just because no one has reported an accident doesn't mean that one hasn't happened. You are obviously very lucky living in an area where perhaps people were not letting off many fireworks ....well bully for you ..

Oh and as for "why only 3 nights" Have you actually been reading all the posts?...because if you have then you should see know i said open your ears and LISTEN (perhaps learn a bit too) before opening your mouth...


this is a man who doesn't know fireworks related accidents even happen, Sapphire, or how horrific the consequences of a young child/drunk misusing legalised explosives that anyone can buy in a shop can be, so I think you're very well explained sentient and intelligent argument will be entirely lost on him....

as for those in the 'pro fireworks whenever we like and s*d the rest of you club' who've been vilifying James before hearing his side of the story, well, he's explained what happened, and it makes sense,so how about an apology for all your assumptions so quickly made, as Sapphire put it, to strengthen your argument...?


A few years ago I was walking with my friends down the street after dark, several days after bonfire night. A car sped past us on the road, stopped abruptly, and a hand came out of the window and threw a firework towards us onto the road. Some kind of rocket, if I remember correctly. It zigzagged down the road, bouncing off the pavement before hitting my friend in the leg, burning her quite badly. The car sped off (I'm sure the passengers found it hilarious) and my friend is scarred for life.

You seem to assume that just because these restrictions are being proposed by pet owners on principles of noise, that no irresponsible idiots ever buy and use fireworks and this never results in injury or fire damage, and that therefore no restrictions are needed. This is naive, and a very poor argument, as I think you well know. Ask anyone working at the fire brigade or in A&E on the week of bonfire night. Also, is the welfare of animals really so much less important to you than that of people, or than the damage of property? Shame on you.

I agree with much of what Sapphire says above - much stricter rules for buying fireworks and much more severe penalties for misuse. Maybe shop-bought fireworks should even require a licence, I don't know. They are explosives, after all.

The only nights I would be interested in fireworks would be liberation day, the last night of the north show, bonfire night and New Year's Eve. Maybe the occasional wedding. I do think they are massively overused here and it is irritating, I can only imagine how upsetting it must be to have a pet that finds it so distressing that it causes itself injury. My heart goes out to you, James.

And to all those people who say "we'll, shouldn't have a dog then!" - that's right, shouldn't have a dog unless you want to see it distressed regularly as a result of someone else's thoughtlessness. Is nobody to keep animals in Guernsey in case they do themselves injury during the first week of November? What rubbish. That's like me telling a cyclist who's been hit by a car, "Well! That'll teach you to cycle! In the road! With all the cars! Only a matter of time really, you have to expect these things. It's definitely you at fault here, not the irresponsible driver who knocked you down".

My biggest problem here is that nobody who opposes these restrictions is actually trying to see the other point of view or offer any constructive thoughts on the debate. They don't want to listen to anything that might lead to their firework fun being spoiled, no matter who is suffering in the mean time. Just grow up.


Constructive. Thank you


Thank you for your support And comments Julie! We're very grateful!



Hi James glad to see Jitzy is feeling better. I am blown away by the nasty comments on here and not one apology! You do not need to justify yourself to me or anyone else on this forum. Have a good day :)

Tokyo News

Annoying - Long - Boring.

I think long arguments on this matter are just compensating for the fact that dog was well enough to look after a baby.

Alan Richards

For your information, I live in town with two dogs. Neither of whom even flinched at the fireworks.

Of course incidents happen with fireworks, I never said they didn't. I was just saying that this time despite the number of displays there don't seem to have been any involving people. If there were then they clearly weren't serious.

When did this occur?

"Not like nowadays where Kids as young as 6 appear to be allowed by the parents to go roaming the streets with fireworks and just letting them off anywhere at all times."

Or are you just making things up to strengthen your argument?

Again I have seen no signs of this:

"I get the feeling that Suzy and her group (plus others) are really asking for more regulations to stop the more anti social behaviour from some who are just randomly going around the streets setting off fireworks off for … “a laff innit”!"

I know that this sort of thing happens, it's all over the internet but I saw nothing of the sort in my area. Out of interest which parish are you in?

"Instead of trying to distract the attention away from what this group is trying to do by your crys of “animal Cruelty” why don’t the more intellectual of you try to hold a decent constructive debate?"

I think people such as my self were questioning how this could have occurred. It has now been explained clearly by the owner. I still have problems believing in a fireworks party during the day though. This doesn't mean that I'm not saying it didn't occur I'm just having difficulties getting my head around it. I feel for the animal I really do.

I agree with the times that you mentioned, 6-10.30 sounds more than reasonable. I don't think a limit to the number of days is nesessary. I think some clear notification, perhaps a message in the press, saying when and where a display is happening can help ensure that pets are safe when the fireworks begin.

The legal age to purchase fireworks is 18 but I think there is some sort of understanding with the shops that it's best not sell them to under 21s.

Please don't assume that I'm just being ignorant.



Alan Richards

Sorry that was supposed to go above your post.

Pesky phone!

Tokyo News

Alan has a point, if dogs are not scared of cars and trucks then why should they care about a bang on 1 night of the year.

Maybe if the owner had declawed the dog - like they are meant to! this would not have happened

and besides - the marks aren't very high so it was a small dog. so thats ok.

Alan Richards

Odd that there has been no reply...

Tokyo News stop trolling. You obviously didn't read my post.

Believe me I was not attempting to belittle you. You are a very angry person and read into things that really don't exist. I called parts of your post nonsense because you just made them up. I've read a lot of your posts to a lot of different people, they all involve avoidance and anger, odd that. Oh...but of course it's passion not anger. You reply to the parts you want to and dismiss the rest. This isn't good.

My reply is below here, the page isn't displaying as it should. Sorry for any confusion.

Tokyo News

I do not lash out in anger. More factually. I do not dissmiss the rest I feel it is not as relevent as the rest might be. I do accept your apology and hope we can continue this matter. I will stand by my statement as I am firmly on the ground I beleive in. I disagree with all these one sided arguments against fireworks, and am Pro-Fireworks and think people need to know they are harmless in the right hands. Animals for parties.


I wonder what makes animals so sensitive to fireworks, I used to have dogs, take them hunting and the sound of gunshot never bothered them. So this is probably a learnt behaviour, maybe from being used to bad things happening to them when they hear loud noises?

Or am I reading too much in animal psychology?

Otherwise, more regulations are rarely the answer to these kind of problems (letting off fireworks during the day, a silly idea, given you can't see them properly if it's not dark). You can't legislate for stupidity...


I haven't read the full news article, so please forgive me if I'm incorrect but who said anything about the dog being left home alone 'all day'?

For all we know, the owner could have simply popped out to the shops?

If that makes the owner worthy of investigation by the GSPCA then you might as well report me while you're at it!

Fortunately none of my animals are at all bothered by fireworks but considering I'm still hearing fireworks this evening, I do think at least some kind of restriction should be put in place for the sake of those with animals that are.

Alan Richards

The GSPCA weren't even called by the owner. They had no calls regarding animal welfare during the "firework period". If your pet had left this much mess behind would you not have called someone to help it?


No Alan Richards, I would not have called the GSPCA on myself?!

I personally would have taken the dog straight to the vet. Presumambly the owner did exactly this but as the news article does not focus on the events following the discovery, we will never know.


Regarding your message Alan! When the accident happened on the night of the 9th we took the dog straight to our vets and also contacted the police! Which also informed us that there had been 3/4 other complaints around the area.

Alan Richards

So it was in the night now?

I've heard it was in the day. Are the doctors open for vaccinations in the night time?

gsy local

This should be investigated. I have a 18month old dog and we intentionally took him for a walk while the fireworks were going on. Everytime one went off we stopped to reassure him and then carried on - after the first few it was fine. training seems to help. If people carry on trying to dictate to this silly extent what people can and cant do this is not going to be a very nice place to live. in regards to the facebook campaign it seems that all opinions that are against the introduction of legislation are deleted!! you also have to join the group to be able to leave a comment probably why they have so many members


Good Comment. I tried to speak rationally and was kicked off. Join anti firework legislation group on facebook.


Everyone seems to be missing the point. This incident happened on 9 November which is why Ms Rose is campaigning to limit the number of night displays can be held. If firework displays were held on a specific date between certain hours then pet owners could take necessary action to ensure their animals are safe and calm. This family took their baby to the Dr and left the dog at home (for 1 hour) so it's very harsh to brand them as irresponsible dog owners.


1: James - so sorry your poor dog had to go through such trauma.

2: Thought Gusy folk love tradition. Has Budlow night not been around for generations and lasts several days before/after 5th. Remember hearing it called that in my youth but is it a UK or elsewhere tradition that has been imported?

2) I know many responsible dog owners who do everything in their power to deal with dogs that cannot cope.

Grateful to be one of those who made a game of it, outdoors, from puppies who happened to agree with me!


Could Suzy Rose tell us if this is a local photo? ..or was she seent it from somewhere else in the world?


Shame on the lot of you!!! Disgusting behaviour. Apologise to the family? I very much doubt it!

sarnia expat



I rest my case!

sarnia expat

Julie, perhaps this is a case of misunderstanding. Disgusting behaviour on the part of so called animal lovers who would leave a creature to rip their claws out. As previously wondered however, is this a generic photo - or an actual, bone fide kitchen scene photographed in Guernsey.

I really am shocked however that no vet, and no single person in an authorative position (so far) has commented. Perhaps those people would like to add their two pennorth.


Misunderstanding! Jeez people have been baying for the poor family's blood! You need to read further up the this page to see that the owner has responded in a dignified manner. You will also note that they are in talks with professionals to help their loved pet.

Alan Richards

Perhaps if someone i.e James shed some more light on the situation, maybe people could retract their statements. He's not exactly told anyone that they're wrong.


he did, yesterday, at 10.19pm, and politely explained the situation more than adequately, Alan, despite abuse and rampant speculation from misinformed people like you.

As Sapphire pointed out, if you opened your ears (eyes, in this case), rather than your mouth before speaking, you might learn something, 'tis better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot than open it and prove the point.

Neil Forman


Good post!

He obviously has not read James post very well which explained the situation quite well.

He did this on another post and ad a good rant at me for what another person was posting. No comment since I pointed this out.

Alan Richards, Fred Le Prevost or I Love Trees

You can change your name but the avatar stays the same.


You clearly are a responsible owner, you could not have done anything else in the circumstances. Good to hear Jitzy is recovering


Thanks, Neil.

Still not seeing anyone on here who was big enough to criticise James anonymously being big enough to apologise for making so many cruel and uninformed assumptions.

No surprise there.

The way some here tell it the campaign is to ban fireworks (boo -hoo)

NO IT ISN'T, it's to regulate them so that selfish moronic idiots like the ones here who terrified James dog aren't allowed to be a public nuisance for a fortnight each year.

Other (non pet owning, maybe?) neighbours complained too, and the pro 'fireworks whenever we likers' ability to condemn a caring pet owner without any facts whatsoever and failure to focus on the fools who were letting fireworks off around his house not on 'the night', or apologise to the poor man after learning the 'facts' they demanded, is an unfortunately damning testimony to the average mentality that's commenting thus.

Sorry on their behalf James.

Alan Richards

I didn't see James' post until after I had posted this. There doesn't appear to be a way of deleting messages. If there was then I would've deleted this.

Scarlett see what I wrote above.


Ban fireworks.

Ban pets.

Both utterly wasteful and pointless things in life.

Most of all, ban the constant WHINGING here. Go and do something with your lives or go check into Dignitas as you are wasting my valuable oxygen.


Such as what you're doing Russ?!

Tokyo News

Firstly Russ - i know who you are and you dont deserve the air


There's something not right about the hound. Reckon it needs sorting.

What the hell does it do in thunderstorms?

Guernsey Facebook users against Thunderstorms - Sign up now!


I have it on good authority that Suzy Rose is only using animal lovers as a cover. As it happens it is actually her that cannot stand fireworks. I think this will all peter out very soon. It is just one week. I cannot understand these 'it was over a week,' 'it's been 2 weeks' 'its been three weeks' comments. It hasn't even been three weeks since november the 5th!! They'll be saying a couple of months next.

I live on a main road. Regularly the rescue services have their sirens going past my house 8 or 9 o'clock. It is a sudden noise and sometimes my children wake up. I do not demand that it stop because that would be madness. I live and let live.

The only thing that is needed here is common sense. Fireworks over one week but not late in consideration of your neighbours. A kindly knock on the door before hand to let them know what will be happening would also go down well. JOIN anti firework regulation if you have facebook


So it was a local dog!!.. poor thing.

I think fireworks should be allowed only for fireworks night, give or take few days due to weather.

And any other events, weddings, charity etc throughout the rest of the year must be approved by the parish and then only Silent fireworks are to be used.

Fred Le Prevost

precisely, sarnia.

i think this si all geting a bit out of hand now!!!

its sum fireworks get over it


No disrespect to any animal lovers here, but maybe we should all be petitioning on something a little more important on erm I don't know, the convicted paedophile who is allowed to stay in Guernsey once he is realised (different thread).

More important things in Guernsey need to be sorted out before we start worrying about a few fireworks. Get a grip.

Secondly I have cats and dogs and they have survived another 5th of November (the whole week), they survive the midday canon every day, and every year they survive New Years Eve. Let people live, it’s called a community! Owning an animal is a choice, and when you choose to have that animal you choose to be up late at night for a few days a week – its called responsibility.

gsy local

best comment on the page!!


Yes. Our world is full of sick and selfish people. It becomes more obvious to me by the day,as I read these columns.


Got It!!!

Headphones for dogs playing "Bach" while the fireworks are on!!

Sugared Brazil Nut

Or the 1812 Overture to get them used to loud bangs.


Next year maybe the people unhappy with fireworks should stay at home with their animals making shoeboxes for poor kids, frankly 3000 from 60,000 didn't seem that many when one lady did 751. Yep much more important things they could have done.


My sympathies to the owner of the dog in question- this must have been very distressing- but I don't think restricting fireworks is going to help. I would imagine a dog which suffers with this level of anxiety over fire works is afraid of other things too. My lurcher's afraid of motorbikes and strangers but I have no intention of starting a campaign against them.

You can't control the outside world but with patience you can re-train your dog to alleviate some of his negative associations. Behavioural therapy sessions with a good trainer would be more effective in the long run then expecting everyone else to accommodate the needs of a dog which is not their responsibility.


Such a shame this happened . days after the event of firework day.

The meaning has been lost the day is 5th November .,about time it was an offence to let off fireworks at other times

this poor animal was left for a short time days AFTER the event

I feel for the owners as well as any animal

there are many animals that live outside . please care for them as well

The ban of fireworks to inconsiderate people might help

we are still hearing them in the evening now this was last evening 13th of November .do you want animal sedate every day?

Tighter controls is all that is needed .

I know many enjoy them so lets not have a complete ban just controlled .so animal owners know when to stay with their loved animals

Sugared Brazil Nut

"I'd like to buy a box of bangers please".

"Certainly sir. Can I first ask - are you considerate?".

"Oh yes. Very".

"That'll be £5 then please. Have a nice evening".

Is that how your proposed ban would operate kat?


I would let only organised parties have them.

And they would seek permission

Why is Guy Fawkes all of a sudden a man who we celebrate?

he has nothing to do with us anyway

it is a money making racket ,

There should be tighter controls on this as they are selling gun power. this could in the wrong hands be used to blown up our government ....

They have controls on other lethal weapons ,gun powered is just as dangerous

. If you wanted to have a private fire work party .as permission from the parish . They will then know who has the fireworks . not just some tosser who tosses them when ever they like and where ever they like

not a ban but more controls .

Sugared Brazil Nut

Don't think GF has come on the scene "all of a sudden" as you suggest flower - this is a celebration which has gone on for many years now.

If he should be dropped on the grounds that he has nothing to do with us, then why do we also celebrate events centred around other individuals - who may or may not even exist?

Agree with your point about limiting sales to organised displays though.


Oh my goodness what nonsence. Lets not celebrate anything then since you could argue most celbrate things without believing in the true meaning of it anyway. Don't celebrate your birthday either since none of us care.

No one is celebrating Guy Fawkes for what he did - it is to remember what wrong he did. What kind of education did you get?

julie a alfies owner

nov 5th is bonfire nite 1 nite only not 7 nites which my dog has been subjected to also several old people i no have been terrified off the noise and feel the way i do its not we want to stop it but just have it on the said nite


Can some people check their spellings please.


Now i`m with Sara in thinking your a troll or your just so far up your own ar@ss you can`t see how arrogant you are.


James I'm so sorry that you've had so many ignorant people throwing absolutely ridiculous comments on this thread. I know the facts and you have stated them quite clearly but obviously some people cant read.

I know Jitzy well as you know and i own a dog and a cat. My cat is petrified of any load noises luckily Lulu my dog isn't that bothered by fireworks unless they are close by.

I can only say that Jitzy couldn't wish for more loving owners than you and Laura people obviously don't know what a loving family you all are. 1 hour is not unresonable to leave a dog especially when you are going to the doctor with your baby. I know for a fact your dog is looked after ALL day and if your not there your dad is down Lancresse with him. I'm not against fireworks but asking people to be reasonable about it isn't too much to ask. I believe it is the 14th today and still fireworks were being let off at gone 23.00 last night now thats unreasonable. For all of you that are making absolutely ridiculous comments grow up and get a life.


To your message Alan, I was asked by someone campaigning if I'd like to write a bit on the situation and if they could use my photos! Which I agreed to! I was asked about writing the story a day before it went into the paper! I didn't know it was going in that day and when I asked why it had gone in without my version! They told me they had a small window to fit the story in and it was to late to get mine in! Which I was a bit annoyed about! As a lot of people have made their own version up without knowing any facts!

Hope this clears it up!

But thanks again for the message


Alan Richards

Thank you for the explanation James. I apologise for any comments I have made that undermine your care in anyway. I was just trying to understand the situation.

Tokyo News

Lets get some fireworks to celebrate all these comments! - Who's with me?


Hilarious and so clever! Please tell me that fantastic brain is used to its full potential in your daily sad little life!


Sense of humour James? No Robot.


Let's post a story in the media about something upsetting that happened in your household, realism, then have everyone on here make judgements, have a go and make idiotic comments at you about it....

see if your sense of humour holds up to that.

Tokyo News

I would not care. AND i would find it funny, I'm not a sicophantic pedant who wishes to dullen life like a butter knife.

Stunned of St Peter Port

I literally can not believe some of the nasty, spiteful and cruel comments some people have written on this story. To suggest animal cruelty and that the dog should be removed from the family is appalling. I do not know this family but I took the article at face value and felt incredibly sad for the poor dog who got so distressed.


Thank you for your time to comment on the situation!



First I must say I am not a dog lover, although I would never be cruel to one I just cant stand them but do feel sorry for this dog.

I feel James explained his situation well and I see no blame on his part,

And what I do agree with is that the night of celebration should be the 5th of November and only the 5th just like it was a few years back and always had been, Just like Christmas the time period has been extended for financial reasons alone.


First I must say I am not a dog lover, although I would never be cruel to one I just cant stand them.

I feel James explained his situation well and I see no blame on his part,

And what I do agree with is that the night of celebration should be the 5th of November and only the 5th just like it was a few years back and always had been, Just like Christmas the time period has been extended for financial reasons alone.


Thank you for comment Conrad, we appreciate it



James I am sorry to hear this, but I know what you mean as I found the fireworks have been going on for sometime. I have a cat but she does not mind the fireworks but like you I feel November the 5th is Guyfawks day not the 6th 7th or any other day. Least like you said on the 5th least you know what is going to happen. You never get everyone on side.



All i can say, is it was a horrifying incident. But don't bother to 'feeds the trolls' on this forum ! You seem like a sensitive and kind chap, so don't let the plebs here wind you up.

You are in the right !


Thank you Damo, it's hard sometimes to fade out what people have said on here! Just wanted to get my point across so people would understand the correct story!

Thank you again for your comment it's much appreciated from my family and myself



I do feel for the owners of this dog, as I have a dog who is used to fireworks and isn't usually a problem, however after the 3rd or 4th night of them even he was getting a bit stressed.

As for the comment regarding leaving dogs alone, I have owned dogs (various breeds) Terriers through to Great Danes. I have always worked full time and my dog/dogs have had to be left alone in the day time. They have always had access to a kitchen/utility area, water and a back garden, they are walked at 6am each morning for an hour and at least an hour in the evening. Every dog I have owned has settled into this routine. However I do realise all cases are different and there are people who don't provide for the mental & physical stimulation a dog neeeds. I do not believe I am cruel towards my dog in any way.



Thank you very much for the apology! And I'm sorry if I've sounded rude in anyway! But my family and I were so upset by reading some of the comments against us on here! Specially the Iresponsible labels we were getting against us! We love and care for our animals as much as we do our children, as they are part of our family! we do our upmost to give our dog the best care we can! Like I've said I don't want them banned for 1 minute just controlled! I would of loved to get my correct statement into the paper to explain what happened that night! As I'm sure a lot of people would understand and give us a little more understanding that you have!

Thanks again Alan.

Take care


Oh dear

I have been watching this unfold over the last few days, how sad is this?

A bunch of supposed adults squibbling like children.

You're all arguing about something as trivial as fireworks. I have no opinion either way I just cannot believe that in this island everyone's main concern seems to be fireworks.

There is war, world hunger, cancer, natural disasters, economic crisis, children being abused and some of our own elderly people cannot even afford heating. These are real issues, people issues. This is the stuff that should be debated and sorted. A week of fireworks is nothing compared with reality. At least:

You have access to clean water

Enough money to feed your families

Enough money to afford a computer

A nice enough life that the only thing that bothers you is fireworks.

Sort yourselves out and grow up.

James, I'm sorry to hear about your dog that must have been very distressing.


I see this woman has know had here facebook page closed down due to her lies and methods of trying to control the page by deleting anyone who didn't 100% agree with her.

Eventually she was exposed for what she is a control freak with a personal hate for fireworks.

It's a shame that so many nice animal owners and lovers were taken in, if she had been a little less dramatic and a lot less controlling she might have achieved something that would have been a good compromise


Suzy can I ask why the facebook page has been closed down?

Is Bill's message correct?

Many thanks in advance Suzy


I am glad that Suzy's page was closed down and believe that Bill would be correct in his thinking. Suzy disgraced herself by slandering people who had a different opinion including sinking so low as to post their private messages. Every time that she found a member who disagreed with her she would remove them. People who were still in the group would then belittle those who could no longer defend themselves. One member wrote to Suzy and politely asked to be removed from the page completely since they could no longer stand up for themselves and Suzy posted all the private messages. It was a shockingly childish act.

Despite all this I believe the deputies now will be spending a lot more time over important issues like the mortgage tax relief rather than a silly firework debate.


No response Suzy?

Silence is golden......


Suzy's Firework group page on Face book has been changed to secret from open so Bills post appears to be slightly incorrect.

I don't agree with some of the proposals, ie; collecting orders of fireworks on one day only is a little too extreme and not workable due to storage restrictions health and safety etc etc, yet i haven't been deleted from the group despite mentioning it, but then i did not use offensive language, personally attack individuals or send "Troll like" private and public messages to wind supporters up Some of those who joined presumably got kicked off because of that.

Personally I don't care what suzy's ulterior motive is, she still has brought up a good point on how Fireworks used inconsiderately cause a nuisence and trouble,and this needs to be looked into ........that is after more important issues such as this Mortagage tax relief farce are dealt with!!

Oh Dear

Sounds very sneaky. What's the point in creating a group if you aren't willing to discuss anything?

Those groups should be made with the intention of discussing the issues. It's something that needs to be sorted out between the pro-firework people and those against. Petitions etc are just a waste of time.

Fireworks should be at the very bottom of the states' agenda. As you say the Mortgage tax relief issue is a far bigger problem than a few inconsiderate people.


I live near Footes Lane. My rabbit lives outside & he thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks. He was sat outside of his cage all night and was particularly taken with the Foote's Lane spectical -thank you to the organisers and sponsors down there. As for the noise, he regularly has a 4-stroke lawn mower doing the rounds of his run so he wasn't bothered at all. I do appreciate however that pets do get scared & there is no need for a week's worth of fireworks. U.K. legislation I understand allows just the one night (5th Nov) until midnight & that's it, otherwise by special licence. Maybe too many cash-flush people on this island with nothing better to spend their money on than fireworks and dogs?


Well if this is a cross section of the caring Guernsey Community then god help us!


Oh Dear

They are regulated. They are only sold for a short period of time to people of an appropriate age. Some people could do more in the ways of informing neighbours but firework regulations are already in place.

You're basically asking for some thing that already exists. Don't waste the States time with this. Be reasonable adults and talk it through sensibly, rationally and as a community.


I love firework displays & I am an animal lover, I support Suzys quest, but can see the whole thing could be avoided by common sense in such that those holding private fireworks parties just show some courtesy & inform your neighbours of your intentions thus allowing them to prepare their animals. Or have we got to the stage now that we don't actually know are neighbours & courtesy has long gone?

In the case of James's dog it doesn't sound at all like a welfare issue, how on earth can it?


Ok 'OH DEAR' I obviousley know that fire works already have regulations what i meant was make them tighter! Animals need protection, forwarned is forearmed eh? How can anyone be as sick to accuse tht poor man of setting up those pictures??

I do enjoy firework displays and I love my animals but there has to be a compromise somewhere, just allocate nights where these parties can take place.

Im guessing you dont have pets?

Oh Dear

Calm down curley wurley I was not here to pick an argument.

Make them tighter in what way? Do you think protecting animals is at the top of the states agenda? There are a lot of things that need sorting before altering laws on something that is a problem for two weeks of the year.

I have pets for your information Curley Wurley, I don't really see what this has to do with anything. As I stated earlier I don't really have an opinion either way I just think there are more important things to focus on.

I don't think this is a reflection of the Guernsey community, this is a cross section of Guernsey's very angry. Just look at some of the insults that have taken place on this page it really is sad.

mum of 5

what about young babies and children , they can be affected just as bad, but we dont sedate them, no we give them a cuddle an they fall asleep, my youngest 2 dont like the noise but my others do, so no, do not ban fireworks to just 1 day. Its a family time together, and a lot can not do the 1 night. My youngest ones fell asleep after a quick cry an cuddle, an stayed asleep <<>> , give your pets some extra attention

curley wurley

I dont wish to keep going over old ground but i just wanted to make MY opinion known. Animals should be up there with priorities of The States 'oh dear! instead of them looking at new topics like abolishing bl**dy mortgage relief. And whilst i'm at it tethering cows should also be banned and now!! I DONT want to see fireworks banned I just wish the parties were better managed as they should only be allowed on 2 nights so people can have some warning no matter whether its animals or babies etc.

If you dont have an opinion 'oh dear' why are you on here? just enjoy winding people up i reckon! I do agree with you though that there have been some aweful & unecessary comments on here and it saddens me to read them.

Over and out i have said my piece!