Islands' ministers have 'useful' meeting with MPs

A ‘FRANK and honest discussion’ has been held with MPs in Westminster.

A ‘FRANK and honest discussion’ has been held with MPs in Westminster.

Chief minister Peter Harwood, Housing minister Dave Jones and the Jersey’s Senator Sir Philip Bailhache and Deputy Sean Power met with members of the All-Party Parliamentary Channel Islands Group yesterday.

‘We had a frank and honest discussion regarding the Channel Islands’ relationship with the UK, and with the EU,’ said Deputy Jones, pictured. ‘The Parliamentarians present were interested to learn about numerous issues, including how the disapplication of LVCR had hurt the Channel Islands, and about our respective reviews of the machinery government.

‘It was useful for the chief minister and Senator Bailhache and myself to reinforce the Parliamentarians’ understanding of our relationship with the UK – both constitutionally and economically.’

He added that it was also useful to remind them that Guernsey met and exceeded international standards of tax transparency and co-operation, and that there was a big difference between low tax jurisdictions such as Guernsey and Jersey, and tax havens.

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Liked your last para in the statement Dave. We have had too much and continued bad press of late. UK understand, of course, exactly how LVCR disapplication has and is affecting us, smacks of jobsworth query to me.

Can I ask what your personal imput was with regard to EU? Not a trick question, I am a NOT.

I am glad you went, you are much more trusted to say it how it is than most we voters put in place.

a voter


We,the voters, did not put the Ministers in place, the deputies voted for them.

Didn`t they choose well?

Dave Jones

On the issue of the EU, I have been concerned for some time that there is a complete misunderstanding about our relationship with both the UK and the EU, that was confirmed when I became aware of a question that was being tabled by a British MP. (Jim Dobbin (Lab, Heywood and Middleton): Asking one of the Ministers of State. What his policy is on the desirability of Crown Dependencies implementing EU legislation that applies to the rest of the UK. [113786]

So having been introduced to Mr Dobbin at this meeting, a man who I have met before, I pointed out to him and others around the table that we are not part of the UK or a member of the EU and therefore the question had no relevance to us.

It is hugely important that we keep making these points in order that these misunderstandings do not persist.

In other discussions, both I and the Chief Minister also made it clear that while Guernsey is keen to observe international standards on regulation of the Finance sector, we also had a right to exists as a self governing autonomy, setting the tax rates our democratic parliament had deemed appropriate for the islands needs. We understood why high tax cartels may not always agree with our tax rates but we are not carrying huge debts as many other countries are. It was a very cordial meeting with some very plain speaking and as I said in my statement dialog is a two way street.


Oh my goodness. It really does beggar belief that an MP with an interest in the Crown Dependencies does not even have a rudimentary knowledge of our constitutional status.

It's not like it's secret knowledge - it's on Wikipedia for crying out loud.


Could I ask why our "Chief Minister" took The "Housing Minister" to London to talk to MP's about Low Tax, LVCR and Tax Havens?

Do we not have a minister with experince in these matters? ..if so why did he not go?

Dave Jones


I am the longest member of the External Relations Group.

Also the qusetions on LVCR and the issue of Tax havens was brought up by them, not us. We were just responding to questions asked as there was no formal agenda, which there often isn't in these "get to know you" meetings.

Dave Jones


Shall we try that again

I am the longest serving member of the External Relations Group.

Also the questions on LVCR and the issue of Tax havens was brought up by them, not us. We were just responding to questions asked as there was no formal agenda, which there often isn’t in these “get to know you” meetings.

a voter

Oh dear Dave,

You, and you fellow Ministers, had better have got the missus a good Xmas Present having been to that London place. I`m sure your expenses would have covered it.

Joking of course, I hope the meeting was worth the trip.

Dave Jones

I think it was a very worthwhile trip, from my point of view it is important that we keep dialog open with HMG and the all party group of MP's There is still a great deal of mis information about the Islands and the type of legitimat business we do here.


Politicians, frank and honest discussions, you're having a Giraffe surely?


Dave Jones

Is there any truth to the rumour that the UK are seeking to put in place similar legislation to the USA's FATCA, meaning that Guernsey would have to fully disclose all UK residents' offshore dealings?

Dave Jones


From what I can gather this is a rumour started by Richard Murphy from TJN and at present it remains a rumour.


Dave Jones Said:

‘We had a frank and honest discussion regarding the Channel Islands’

Give me strength, that phrase has been worn out over the years and means absolutely nothing.

These types of meetings are for the most part a total waste of time. UK MP's pay lip service to us , as does the EU, and then go back and do their own thing.

This has been going on for years and years and got us nowhere.

Why don't we save ourselves some money and concentrate on what goes on in Guernsey and its social needs.

Dave Jones


I have noticed from many of your previous posts on several topics that you are at best a fairly negative person.

It maybe hard work getting some of our critics to understand the true constitutional position of these Islands, together with convincing them that we are not a tax haven but a low tax jurisdiction that attracts because of that, perfectly legitimate business.

I don’t think it is a waste of time and in fact regular dialogue with many of our former critics, the OECD the IMF the US Treasury and others, have all recognised that we are world players and this has resulted in our inclusion on the important lists of well regulated and cooperative jurisdictions.This in turn leads to more confidence in Guernsey and in turn more bussiness.


@ A Voter

I am well aware that Deputies put our Ministers in place, bear in mind though, that the buck starts with us.

Whilst I have not always seen eye to eye with Dave Jones, I think he was very good choice for these meetings, we can always rely on him to say it how it is, no flather whatsoever.