Plans to redevelop Hotel Les Carterets approved

PLANS were yesterday approved to redevelop Hotel Les Carterets despite concerns about its ‘overbearing’ impact on neighbouring homes and Cobo itself.

The Environment Department board approved plans to demolish Hotel Les Carterets and replace it with flats by just a single vote at yesterday’s open planning meeting. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 1281923

PLANS were yesterday approved to redevelop Hotel Les Carterets despite concerns about its ‘overbearing’ impact on neighbouring homes and Cobo itself.

The Environment Department’s political board narrowly passed the proposals to demolish the hotel and replace it with flats, by just a single vote at yesterday’s open planning meeting.

Environment minister Roger Domaille and board member Barry Paint both abstained from the debate and vote, due to conflicts of interest, meaning the three remaining board members voted in favour of the plans by just two votes to one.

Before the decision was made, various representatives spoke in support and against the plans for a block of 12 three-storey apartments.

Among the residents who raised a series of concerns over the impact of the plans was Hugh Bromley, who warned of the overbearing impact to properties at the rear, including his own.

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There’s a serious lack of affordable first time buyer properties. I hope these are turned into those rather than yet another bunch of luxury apartments.



I respect your humane thoughts, but regrettably I can't see your average first time buyer being able to afford to buy in here unless they are very rich, the position alone will no doubt attract a premium of several hundred thousand.


I imagine you'll be right. I also should imagine that the brewery will be the same.

Meanwhile, I'm going to pitch a tent on the common ;-)


AS i've mentioned before, anyone who thinks that developers are going to build cheap first time buyer flats in such a desirable location are deluded or kidding themselves


Yes been thinking about that myself, seems like the only option now & has been for a few years, will continue till the realignment- you know the one where you have £20 in the bank you go one day to take it out & they say no its only worth £10-its happened before, only a worry if you have money of course ;-)


Good. Like the Brewery site the days of another tumbling down Guernsey eyesore are numbered.


Martino, have you ever thought of starting a demolition business? I've heard there are few things better in life than taking pleasure from your work.

For your first contract you can take down Sydney Vane House. Now there's an eyesore well past its demolition date.


When Martino is finished with Sidney Vane House could he please have a pop at the row of derelict houses owned by the Electricity Board at Vale Avenue


Sorry PLP, I'm not up for demolishing Custard Castle just yet on grounds that it would not be cost effective. The present civil service HQ, although it looks hideous, is doing its job, so why pay millions to build another?

I like to demolish but only in order to see better, bang up to date modern buildings replace the old eyesores, which is exactly what is happening here at Cobo.

Now, when the mental health services move to the Oberlands I would just love to see the Castel Hospital razed entirely and replaced with modern social housing. No ridiculous and expensive messing by keeping ugly old facades, which unfortunately is what is going to happen at the Old Grammar site. At least 80 per cent of the buildings currently listed should be delisted and I am the man to do it.


Sorry again PLP, I misread your post. Some sort of Freudian slip going on there. Sydney Vane House, now you're talking!


Its getting quite popular to turn buildings into a blots on the landscape through neglect and vandalism. Then everybody is so relieved at plans to turn it into a new apartment block planning consent is virtually a rubber stamping operation. How about introducing a law to make property owners responsible for maintaining properties in adequate condition so they do not blight neighboring properties?


a block of 12 three-storey apartments Have they also allowed ample parking. It does seem rather a lot on this site. A conflict of interests. Interesting and only 3 votes ?? welcome to Guernsey


A condition of the planning approval for this and other developments above a certain size should be that the developer has to provide afford able housing on the site or elsewhere . The number of affordable units is dependant on the size of the development. The units could only be bought by those below a certain income or maybe linked to The Guernsey Housing Association? This would be similar to the Section 106 agreement in the Uk


At £800,000 for the cheapest of the flats I cannot see it being affordable to most locals. No-one at the Environment has commented about the need to move the recycling. The flats will be insulated and soundproofed so the recycling won't be heard, so why does it need to move? And what exactly was the conflict of interest the president had? The Environment department need to be as transparent as the glass box they have just approved.


The people that can afford these so called flats won't want a recycling bank right next to them, it won't go with the image.


leamyvideo on November 10, 2010 @TheDRock456 I agree. Once again a wind turbine blwiong in the wind with no real world video of data, installation, ect. Who has one of these? Please show us production. I appreciate the idea but we need more informaton then a video of it spining. See my vids. I install wind and solar. I show the units working in the real world. If you have a great idea a device and are trying to sell it would'nt you want to show all aspects of how it works in the real world? WTF


"WTF" sums up your post quite succinctly I feel :-)