Police and Guernsey Border Agency top jobs to be merged

GUERNSEY'S police force and border agency will be overseen by a single head under new radical new plans announced this afternoon.

GUERNSEY'S police force and border agency will be overseen by a single head under new radical new plans announced this afternoon.

The Home Department believe a single head of law enforcement will ensure even closer working between the two bodies, increased accountability and more efficiencies.

Both the chief of police Patrick Rice and GBA head Rob Prow can now apply for the post.

Interviews take place in December, with the post holder in place from 1 January.

‘This decision has been taken because we believe that closer alignment between the Police and the GBA will bring three things: improved front-line service delivery, greater efficiency in the use of resources and increased accountability,’ said Home minister Jonathan Le Tocq, pictured.

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At last - a chance to be rid of that Police Chief. Slam the door behind him, get rid of his guns and rusted tanks and replace him with ANYONE!!


I agree.


Should be interesting to see how this one pans out.

Rice gets my vote!


Rice gets my vote as well.

Prow will be well out of his depth but will ROBUSTLY , fight the drug importers and leave the speeders alone!


Perhaps there's some import tax on adverbs we don't know about. Which would explain all of Mr Prow's similar sound bites.


SPEEDING is that going to be the priority of this new position?, if it is then we have surely lost our way with convicted child molesters free to roam the Island, am I right in thinking most have forgotten about him already?, I hope not.


Speeding is an non crime that middle aged, hat wearing, nimbys get a kick out of moaning about all the time.

I can't believe on the serious subject of crime the first thing that jumps into some peoples numpty heads is speeding. They must lead such cushioned lives.

Rabble Rouser

I'm going to reinforce the point that the Police have nothing to do with the 'child molester wondering the island'.

The Police can't touch him until he commits a new crime.


While I can see this as a major money saving initaitive. I have to ask why have the Home Department employed a third Governor grade at the Prison. It seems to me they want to save with one hand and then throw money way with the other.

Les Pets

Screwed, the answer is obvious. They are there to watch u and it seems u lot need a lot of watching. Money well spent!!!

Frances de Carteret

It seems to that a substantial money was wasted by the head of the police force on unnecessary armoured vehicles. Ergo the head of the border agency would be a far more economical choice

Dave Gorvel

Rumour has it, the police have applied for a mooring at the harbour.

It is either for a Gunboat or an Aircraft Carrier and you can take your pick.


Are we world leaders in this type of amalgamation or are we following other successful jurisdictions?


Unusual this being a decision I agree with!

Well, as long as a couple of extra high level civil servants aren't employed somewhere in the background and end up costing us more money of course............

To save money let's hope they don't give it to the one out of this pair that subscribes to 'Paramilitary Equipment Monthly'

Since Mr Rice is so keen on applying all things UK on us here, maybe we could copy their latest scheme and put this important appointment to the public vote?


Hmm, so whomever doesn't get the job will no doubt receive a sizeable payout, either directly or after a legal process. At the tax payer expense, as usual.

Why couldn't this have waited until the end of the police chief's tenure or until either position naturally vacated? Alternatively, why hire Patrick Rice if this was on the cards (especially in light of the vast sums the police have spent since then).

Crazy all the way through and expensive - when are we actually going to get serious about saving? Perhaps the members of the Home board would like to volunteer to cover any costs incurred personally - that might sharpen the minds a touch.


Quite agree, why 1 year into 5 year contract are we going to attempt to get shot of Rice this will cost us, why not wait until his contract is approaching an end before as you say we have some huge pay off or we continue to employ him and if he is unsuccessful we just pay him to do nothing for the 4 years!

My view

What a daft idea and perhaps the deputy who thought of it should look over their shoulder in case it happens to them.

I think the Police Chief, whoever they are has the necessary skills to cover the role provided by the chief of customs, but not really the other way around. That said, the roles are a political one and many chief officers play that game already.

I presume that if Mr Prow gets the role, Mr Rice will be happy to receive the salary he would have received throughout his five year contract, I would...


Prow is a Local Man, Rice is over here on licence......What's the question???


The question should be who`s best for the job. Whats your point?.

For what its worth i think Prow.


Yes but the States always prefer none-local people for these posts, people escaping England because the they have made such a mess of it, but their coming over here bringing good ideas with them just look our 180k+ landrover lovely!.


Wow. Way to generalise...


I fail to see how a non-policeman can take charge of the Island Police Force, but I accept that a civilian can run the Border Agency. A shame this has come up in this way, the next two months will be difficult for the two guys to say the least. This smacks of yet more Capita-inspired "savings" under the Financial Transformation Programme and if their past record is anything to go by is likely to be yet another abject failure. I await the results of the tender process this company has instigated for the outsourcing of Beau Sejour, I dread to think where that one will lead. The Financial Transformation Programme will be debated in 2013 and I will be very interested to see if the targets have been met, I would wager a few quid that they haven't. Accountants can always come up with ways of saving money but they often ignore the practicalities of their suggested course of action. The Capita team will move on to their next contract but we will have to live with the results of their efforts. Gawd help us !



Agreed.It does seem right up there with the toilet closing idea

I would think that Rob Prow must be pretty close to the retirement age if it's sixty in those sort of posts

Royston Gauno

With an increasing ageing population being told a brisk daily 20min walk keeps you healthy, why did they shut most of the toilets and not cut the undergrowth around our coast,when most old folk need toilets more often.Why did they after promoting coastal walks as a tourist attraction shut the toilets and allow the paths to become overgrown ?


If Prow wants someone to proof read his CV my 5 year old daughter is available while In the Night Garden is on.

karen winter

Prow should get it, he's local, and does a great job. Also he doesnt buy stupid armoured response vehicles.

sad to say we will probably have to pay rice off, great idea JleT, assume you have thought this through!!


Not sure why "My view" considers any Police Chief has the necessary skills for the role and not vice versa. Customs actually have far greater legislative powers to manage than the Police who are generally reactive to situations as opposed to Customs who are proactive. I think Rob Prow would be an excellent choice for the role.


Is this a new senior post? If so, either Rice or Prow could be promoted creating a vacancy and the other will keep their current job.


What a ridiculous idea!

You can't run a police service unless you have been a police officer, so Rice has to get the job!

Surely there will need to be lot of law changes - many bits of legislation specifically mention the Chief Officer and various powers he has.


Mmm!! .. Not keen on the idea myself, I would say keep both positions, as the old saying goes “One man can’t wear two hats, unless he has two heads”

No get rid of some less important positions within the State....I can think of quite a few.

Plus there must be other cuts that can be made, like making States Members only have one spoon of sugar in their tea, plus make them use both sides of the toilet paper when they use States loos.

Every little helps!! .

gobble t goo

I completely agree with everything you say mate. Two departments. Two heads. Might not agree how there run it, but still too much for one . And yes cut down the states members 'benefits' or maybe just there wages so hard workers can keep there mortgage allowances !!


Unbelievable is all I can say. How on earth do the politicians think that two senior important roles like this can be rolled into one. Isn't the importance of keeping the island and our children safe from crime and drugs of utmost importance here. Rice has over 30 years experience and Prow over 40, how do they expect all that experience and knowledge to be handed over by 1st January. It's so dangerous to cut costs like this in an area so sensitive and important to the Island. Whoever gets the job will probably end up ill and off with stress and then the tax payers will be paying for that too! The best of luck to whoever gets it....


can i have an invite to the forthcoming wedding

of the town fire service and the airport fire service.


Who's to say its going to be Rice or Prow. Presumably the interviews are open to all. Maybe someone better than both of them will go for the job.


Just googled Patrick Rice, that says it all, right man for both jobs.


This is going to cost us all a great deal of money, in one way or another..........don't mess with things that don't need to be messed with!

Who is the genius that though this up in the first place.............get rid of him/her and we save a salary instantly !!

But hang on.....I forgot, we'd need to employ an outside consultant to tell us how to do it, so we won't save a penny........AS USUAL!!


I can't see how a person with a non police background can manage both departments. Both PR and RP are excellent Chief Officers - the status quo should remain.

A far more sensible move would be to amalgamate the 2 separate fire services - a crazy situation, there must be the potential for substantial cost savings here.

I don't believe it

I get so bored of reading people moaning about Patrick Rice on here. I can guarantee that 99% of you haven't even met the bloke.

I've had professional dealings with him and he comes across as capable and shrewed. Plus he calls a spade a spade.

As someone else mentioned above, I suggest the naysayers Google him to see his pedegree (City of London commissioners tend to be fairly competent).

If anything the guy's over-qualified to be running the Gsy force.

For what it's worth I have nothing against Rob Prow, think the GBA does a good job, just sick of all the Rice-bashing from armchair-coppers (and no I wasn't in favour of the armoured vehicle lol)

I .Le Page

The Airport and Town Fire Brigades cant join together,the airport has to have fire-fighters of a certain number on site at all times by law.


What a load of rubbish!

What difference does it make if they need a certain number on site - does that mean they need their own Chief Officer to manage the snooker and darts playing?

How on earth the Police / GBA Chief Officers get rationalised down to one before the Fire Service's beggars belief!!!


This the one they should have worked on first but then you have to bear in mind Police Officer can not belong to a union so are easy targets.

What a farce this will be as has been stated else where a large number of laws refer to power granted to the chief officer of police, what a farce this is all going to be

Could be as someone has already said that you give it to Prow but keep Rice as head of Police, just has not been thought through very well eh!

Town Dweller

The Town and Airport Fire brigades are ripe for amalgamation. If you were starting with a clean sheet no way would you have two separate brigades.

Someone posted on here a few months ago they had seen French Airport Firemen doubling up as a baggage handlers.

But there again the Airport Firemen's union has got the States by the short and curlies and it's probably yet another project in the 'too hard' tray and will get kicked down the road like the proverbial tin can.


At most airports the firemen do grass cutting & other airport maintenance jobs just go as far as Alderney to see this, Guernsey Airport have actually reduced what the local Airport firefighters do, the red Ops pickup trucks driving around do most of the work they used to.


Quote The Home Department believe a single head of law enforcement will ensure even closer working between the two bodies, increased accountability and more efficiencies. Unquote.

I would like to know exactly how this can happen? Maybe J L T can answer this, as I'm sure we'd all love to know how, I wish he'd been asked this question on TV,


Just goes to show how much the public know of the type of work involved in both Police and Customs/boarder agency if they think one man can simply head up both jobs. Neither has experience in the other, we have a great police and customs force in Guernsey and I am happy to say Guernsey is a far far safer place to anywhere else, why change it if it's not broken! maybe the politicians should have visited and worked in both areas before making such crucial decisions. What the hell do they know about how it all works, unless they are being misled.


This is a money saving excercise is it not? No? Then it should be.

Bob Mills

I cannot understand why existing chief of police is even considered, he is only here for a limited period of time which is nearly half way through. Mr Prow maybe near to retirement so why not elect a completely new younger person for long term rather than a quick fix.

Les Pets

No matter who gets in they are both winners. How much will the loser pick up in way of golden hanshake and pension. We will still be in same financial hole.


Why does everyone think that if one is appointed, the other will lose their job. Where did it say that in the press release? You can be pretty sure that while one man may be promoted, the other will not lose his job. Spokesman from home department said he has no idea how much this idea will save. I for one believe that he spoke the truth. Why? Because I think that there will be an increase in cost. Maybe Mr Le Tocq will provide an answer?


No idea how this has come about? I can't see anywhere else where customs and land based policing has been merged under one head.

The obvious paramilitiarisation of the Island, along with the total power of police and borders in the hands of one individual, most likely Rice, should be a serious cause for concern.

He'll have one of his 'security reviews' and customs will end up with millions of pounds worth of new toys to play with.

Save money? Don't make me laugh. It will cost us millions. The man is a law unto himself and the Home Department is impotent.


Surely he has to get approval from the Home Department for spending sums of money over a certain amount therefore everyone who is having a go at him for buying equipment should ask members of the Home Dept who approved purchase of items they are upset about.

I believe the previous head of Home approved the vehicle that causes all the problems but then he is gone and left everyone else to take the can.

This is politics after all.


(Guern) Anything over £2.599.00 then ?


There is no way Rice will go. He has his armoured car and his gun carriers, now he will control Borders so he will have his GunBoat. I am guessing it will only be a matter of time before he decides the airport needs an attack helicoptor....


Hang on just a moment. We won't be losing one, in reality we will be gaining one more highly paid employee.

What will happen is whomever becomes chief will then need someone heading up each department to report back. So as opposed to the two we have. There will be one at the top overseeing the two department 'heads'