School appeals for help to provide pupils with iPads

ST SAMPSON’S High School has appealed to businesses to help fund iPad2s for its Year 7 students.

Current Year 7 pupil Lucy Hockey and St Sampson’s High head teacher Annabel Bolt with an iPad, the like of which the school wants to equip its next intake with but needs business help to reduce the cost to parents. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1284872)
Current Year 7 pupil Lucy Hockey and St Sampson’s High head teacher Annabel Bolt with an iPad, the like of which the school wants to equip its next intake with but needs business help to reduce the cost to parents. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1284872)

ST SAMPSON’S High School has appealed to businesses to help fund iPad2s for its Year 7 students.

The appeal follows a scheme at Les Beaucamps High last year, which saw Year 9 students given netbooks.

St Sampson’s High head teacher Annabel Bolt said the tablets would make a big difference to students’ learning and that business donations would make the scheme more affordable for parents.

Mrs Bolt said how the devices would be paid for had not been finalised, but one possibility was 24 monthly payments by parents for a £260 device. Insurance would also be added to this cost.

Businesses are being approached to help with funding for the scheme and if more come forward, parents’ contributions could be lowered.

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What's wrong with using books in their library?

They'll only be used to access Facebook etc.


I agree Dee.reading ,writing and maths shown on paper earning a tick from the teacher is more rewarding to the pupil.

hang on! some kids mobile is ringing in the classroom.ha ha they have facebook on their need for ipads


What the........???!!

What's wrong with traditional methods? This just smacks of encouraging laziness.

Granted, learn the use of new technologies, but not create a total reliance.

Why should local business bankroll something that would probably hardly be used for educational purposes anyway.

Dee Sharisse

I believe the internet to be the greatest gift in terms of immediate access to information and data. I am constantly using it for researching historical, political and scientific items... yes, even items of trivia.

However, iPads for all Year 7 students? I'm guessing that's the equivalent of 13-14 year olds? I'm sure most of this age group have home computers, on which they can research in their own time (rather than live on social sites). Call me old-fashioned, but I believe the addition of, and reliance upon, calculators and computers has impacted upon the mental flexibility of today's youngsters. Their standard of grammar and ability to perform simple mental arithmetic problems have both suffered. Do any of them even know what logarithm tables are?


Dee, Year 7 is what you and I used to call the 1st year.....


Are you so old fashioned that you still use logarithm tables? No one in their right mind uses logarithm tables for calculation today; just as no one uses slide rules or mechanical adding machines.


Hot on the heels of Monday's story of the "popular concert tour" whose organisers (and I use the term loosely) laid down their plans to perform without first ensuring they had enough funds to do so, now we have another 'initiative' which is being put in place on the understanding that local businesses will put their hands in the pockets to fund the scheme. Absolutely ridiculous! Hands up, everyone who managed to get through school without an iPad.


If spread over 24 months that is only £11 a month but I feel uncomfortable with the idea parents are being encouraged to enter 2 year payment plans for school kit. Would they have to pay interest? Education should be accessible to all without having to go to such lengths.

What it they want an upgrade a few years on and this becomes standard for all schools? What if you have more than one child?

I'm sure it will help them but not sure this is the right way to go about it. It puts a lot of pressure on parents who of course will want the best for their kids and won't want them without, especially if other kids get them.

From the traders point of view I guess it's one way to get rid of Ipad 2's now the 4 is out. The cheapest on sale online are around £310 with VAT taken off around £248. The trader won't make too much but selling stock I guess is better than not selling it.


I live in the UK and some of the state schools locally are doing this. Interestingly none of the independent schools are doing it. What makes a good education is not gimmicks or gadgets, but strong, solid teaching and guidance. Seriously, how will they be better off with ipads? So they can look things up on google? That's not going to really make them resourceful individuals now, is it?

Terry Langlois

other tablets are available

Sara Thompson

Cheaper, better and not so heavily reliant on a rival manufacturer, Samsung.


I'm not in support of this, however I am in support of giving/loaning laptops/netbooks to students who may not have access to PCs/Laptops at home.

I don't believe iPads are suitable for their use.


That's a nice idea. There can't be too many without them at home now.

guern abroad

So the 10,000 who are poor in Guernsey all have access to the Internet at home then going on that other report quoted...

Libaries and other social centres can and do provide internet access to those who do not have it at home so they are not excluded.

I think this iPad idea is a sinker for many of the reasons already posted.

Just because it is on the Internet does not make it correct, bit of a dodgy way of doing school work or learning relying on what you google.

guern abroad

Reply slightly in the wrong place and context does make sense now.

If everyeone does have access then they are not needed.

If students do not and can not get to free internet locations such as library then nice idea.

I assume that schools have Internet PCs locations anyway for students to use for study etc.


Loads of people have the internet and computers at home now. Maybe not the elderly as much though. I don't know exactly what the report said (you mean the Bridgman report?) about computer use so I checked. A quick look through doing control + F for internet/computers and nothing came up. Did you mean another? I'm unsure which one you mean.

I base my assessment on what it was like when I was at school and what I see now. I remember everyone was on msn every night all the time when I was a young teen. I was one of the few without or it felt that way. Ten years later with the way things are I really do doubt high numbers of secondary school children do not have some form of computer in their home. I see people with less money than me giving Ipads as christmas presents. Grandparents I have noticed like to give computers as well to help with education. A lot of males in a family unit would feel the need for the internet as well!

I think it's a nice idea for those who don't though. I do take note there are libraries but you have to go there to use them so kids are dependent on adults taking them and they close at 5.30. I'll be honest I don't know much about kids social centres but do they do homework there? Are they only accessible on certain days?

I do agree other methods should not be ignored as a resource but the potential for having information at your fingertips really is great for learning.

guern abroad

Helping out those who can't get access is a good idea.

Previous post of mine is a jumble of thoughts.


Perhaps Angry Birds is now part of the syllabus?


That should make it easier for them to create malicious Facebook pages to bully other students, and then the school can hide behind the good old chestnut, it happened outside school so there is nothing we can do about it.

There is always something you can do if you have the will to do it and not hide.


If they want to provide some form of technology to 'assist' with study then like others have said there are other tablets available at a more reasonable cost.

I didn't have an ipad when I was at school and I managed to learn ok. How much time will be spent playing with the games?

I think it would be good to maybe provide one tablet per class to enable those without them in the home to experience this technology. Or for those students with disabilities where it can actually be of some assistance.


If you feel you can't get through school without a £300 tablet (as every single person up until now has done since school was invented) then get a job and buy one with your own money. Such a sense of entitlement!


Yes every child nowadays wants an iPad.

All of them to sit with their mates playing rubbish games.

Education wise your having a laugh.

As someone else said further up, pick up a book for gods sake.

I also agree if there is no computer at home then the school should have a pool of loanable netbooks for only 1 week at a time.

Please give me one sound reason that a kid NEEDS an iPad!?!?!


This forces parents into another unnecessary expense every month. Imagine how much teasing/bullying will happen to kids whose parents are unwilling/unable to pay this? It might only be £11 per month or so, but most parents are on the edge as it is!

I went through school with no internet at home, and studying with books, and got through with 8 GCSE's, which got me straight into the finance sector.

We are just promoting kids laziness!

I'm only 23, so it wasnt that long ago!

Cousin Vinny

Notwithstanding the fact that the iPad is vastly inferior to other tablets which are considerably cheaper, what is the actual tangible benefit against say a PC?

I accept that for research, homework, word processing etc a PC is going to be a very helpful tool but all an iPad does is reduce what you can do on a PC and allow you to be mobile. Are these kids facing a 60min commute or perhaps they need to be able to knock out the homework over a skinny latte? Why can't they do what they would on the iPad at the school library or on the schools (presumably) numerous PCs or no doubt the PC/laptops their parents have? It's effectively making something very slightly inconvenient very slightly less inconvenient at a cost of £300.

I agree it'll make a big difference to their learning - they'll do less because of the distraction of their iPad!

l'eree lad

I stopped reading at your 'fact' "that the iPad is vastly inferior to other tablets which are considerably cheaper"...

Evidence please or do not make sweeping statements with no back-up.

Cousin Vinny

Oh dear, Apple fan boy alert!

If that's the most important part of this discussion to you I think you're on the wrong forum.


Seriously, this is absolutely ridiculous.. Forcing parents to pay for something they may not be able to afford, and the iPad 4 is now out, so this is 2 generations old. The iPad 5 is expected in March/April.. so not only will it NOT benefit their education it will just be a waste, another cost parents have to worry about. Truly ridiculous.


As the posts grow I wonder what if any response will come the school head, in my experience she does not even acknowledge the correspondence addressed to her.


What a ridiculous suggestion. If iPads are so necessary for learning why not just make them available for student use in the old fashioned Library or ICT rooms like PCs?! They will only be used for games and social networking, it's not like an iPad can be used to store schoolwork on!

Even if the iPads miraculously did appear in the hands of every year 7 of this school, who is gonna fund all the 'educational' apps that they will no doubt require? iPads are not a substitute for good quality teaching


Not defending the need for all year 7s to have iPads, but yes you can store homework on an iPad. I write and store a lot of documents on mine. It is possible to log onto the school Internet service and use the iPad as a vitual PC . Whole books can be stored on them. The range of apps available is immense and they can be hugely beneficial to children with special needs.

And she is a head teacher

Unbelievable. New school fitted with wireless and other technologies and they want every parent of a 11 yr old CHILD coming up to senior school to pay for a non essential gadget.

This was mis-sold to business's with a begging letter focussing on a child with a learning difficulty child who found it beneficial and that contribution would go to help those whose parents can not afford one.

1. Bullying - how will they stop it? Or even worse?

2. Theft - sign on head saying mug me, rob me

3. Breakage - would not let any of my children take something to school easily broken. Bob can not do lesson today as IPAD broke

4. Parents not happy with one child having a £300 in their school bag

5. Need wireless at home plus credit card account

6. Apple v Microsoft - remind me what the school tech is? Compatible?

7. Who will assess parents who can not afford one v parent who does not want junior to have one or create additional sibling rivalry?

But I guess this is how St Sampsons will improve their stats as they, the technology provided by taxpayers is not enough.

Desperation and wait for 2013/14 for follow up stories in press. Hopefully none resulting in children hurt or abused.

Education Minister...get a grip, when was it right to blackmail parents this way? This is not right.


Perhaps get the apple store in town involved to ask new consumers of the iPad3 to donate their old iPad2 or 1 to the school?

Otherwise write to apple - its amazing what companies will give you if you just ask. A bit of publicity for apple if it is acknowledged on TV and/or in the GP. Fair trade.


Add me to the list of people who think this is completely unnecessary. Just ensure all pupils do have good access to the internet for research purposes - for those that dont have this at home. Its too easy to stick a child in front of a gadget thus reducing the art of writing, reading from books, conversation etc etc. I hope this isnt the way forward for all schools as it will be primary schools next - what is the world coming to?


Love my iPad but it a toy , no places in schools . Kids will jobs that need computer skills not iPad no no no toys in school.


All day access to porn channels!!!

I suppose it will save time in Sex Education classes.

Can the school guarantee that could be blocked or at least monitored?


becks - students HAVE had access to the internet in school for a while now you know... I think this problem may have been thought up and dealt with a little before iPads arrived on the scene!

grumpy teacher

I have no connection whatsoever with St Sampson's School but I would fully support the school in taking this initiative. Some businesses are very quick to criticise schools but very few actually offer support without wanting something in return.

As for all those people who managed quite well without computers when they were at school, I would say people managed perfectly well with horses before cars were invented. Why have a telephone when pigeons can do the same job?

It has become something of a cliche to say this, but most children currently at school will spend their careers doing jobs which currently do not exist. The more we equip them to be technologically aware the better and this includes the use of social networking.

On the other hand, maybe we should be turning out saggar makers' bottom knockers?

Sara Thompson

Why does the school want out of date and overpriced technology for 11 and 12 year olds? Many better t6ablets available at half the price if they have to go down this route.

l'eree lad

Please back up these sweeping statements with facts.

The iPad 2 may not be current generation but it still runs the widest range of software available on a tablet and is the cheapest entry point into that eco-system.

This is a device that well respected industry journals such as PC-Pro recently had on their A-list (until the iPad 3 replaced it in March 2012).

Are there 'many better' tablets available with equivalent spec and educational software functionality for a price of £164 (half the price of a basic iPad2 at time of writing)?

I doubt it.


Oh dear, you're getting very work up there L'eree lad.

What is the difference between the ipad 2 and 3? Oh right better graphics. That's all they improve.

Android has a larger market share than Apple, I'm not sure of the statistics on Apps but I'm sure that Android will have more then Apple if not now then definitely in the future.

You can get BRAND NEW tables for under £160 why buy an outdated product for a similar price?

Your obvious love for Apple is making you look daft sir. Do some research before making "sweeping statements".

Guern abroad

Reading the paper you get more info but it is a real cop out article.

I did not gleam from it what is it that makes these tablets such a potential success to use and that is why the headteacher of St Sampsons wants them.

I was though slightly saddened by the quote from the headmaster of Beaucamps 'they have been very successful in motivating students'.

Why can't teaching motivate students. What is it that students have forgotten what schooling is about. It is about equipping yourself to your best ability to get a job, it is not about you enjoying and being entertained whilst at school.

I need a lot more convincing that this is necessary.


I find it infuriating that no sooner have the seniors staff at a school thought 'let's get tablet computers' the word 'iPad' instantly springs to mind.

iPads are a great way to sell children into closed-platform computing, a system where everything you spend and everything you buy and everything you look goes to, comes from or is approved by the same trillion-dollar company.

At the very least, they should be looking at cheaper tablets like (and I don't mean to sell) the Samsung Galaxy tab 2. Going by a quick Amazon search, they're at least £100 cheaper per unit and they run the Android software system, which is significantly less sell-out-to-a-huge-company minded.

l'eree lad

Android is "significantly less sell-out-to-a-huge-company" than Apple's iOS?!

Last time I checked Google (the force behind Android) was a pretty huge company that many people have pretty huge concerns about regarding the extent of the data they hold about the internet using population etc.

Could the choice of Apple iPads not be due to the better range of educational apps available and their generally more developed software eco-system?

That might be worth paying a premium for, especially where a child's education is concerned...


Android is based around the Linux kernel so is open-source, and free.

I am a geeky nerdy old Gsyman...


L'eree lad, there speaks the voice of an Apple fanboy!

Over Priced

He certainly does Chris.

L'eree lad do some research, there is more to life than Apple. Okay Apple products are very pretty but they are no where near as customisable as Android OS. The new Amazon Kindle costs close to £100 less than the ipad and the specs are better. The new Kindle even has a higher definition screen (which was the only selling point of the last ipad). ipad is simply a fashion statement, those who actually know about the technology will go down the Android route.

Apple will go down the pan sooner rather than later. They may have plenty of money now but a company that takes pride in bullying smaller companies and releases a new product every few months (without any real changes) won't last that long.

As far as the school is concerned, I'm sure there are plenty of apps and websites available on an Android OS and the price difference is huge when you're talking about hundreds of students.


The way you mention the value of a child's education to justify buying apple products is simply insidious.

Obviously I can't prove it, but you stink of somebody with a commercial interest in persuading schools to buy into the Apple product family.

On top of the points I've made above, Apple has proven several times in the US that it is totally unwilling to provide any form of discount on its products when bought in bulk, even for government contracts. They insist on the purchaser paying full retail price for each individual unit.

I don't suspect that any of the other big manufacturers would be different, but I've just looked on Amazon again and you can buy tablet computers for under £100.

Why would a school pay 5-times that for what effectively amounts to a branded luxury version?

Guern abroad

Is it because syllabus work is available online?

Still not convinced that this is the right way to go about things.

Embrace change - it won't hurt too much!

How is this even remotely interesting news? A school in the 21st century has decided to join - OH! The 21st century! As per usual the average Guern's inability to accept change is startling...

The number one problem with any article on education is that everyone has been through education as a student, so everyone has an opinion. I've been to the doctors lots of times, but that doesn't qualify me to tell a heart surgeon the best way to do a bypass!

News for you - education evolves, the way students learn changes, and the way teachers facilitate learning changes too.

To the technophobes: tablets and smart phones are here - deal with it.

To the technophilics: yes there are other tablets on the market place, and many pros and cons to them all.

To the busybodies: how many of you are actually pedagogues? (if you don't know what that means - you aren't one!) How many of you actually know anything about IT in the modern learning environment? (technophobes - if you are still reading, things have evolved since the floppy disk).

And if you don't know much about this subject, how many of you actually bothered to do some proper research into how tablets can be utilised within a classroom to enhance learning? Perhaps you should try spend a good week or so reading up on the subject before passing flippant ridiculous judgement on things you know nothing about, and have no effect on your life whatsoever.

If you care enough to make an informed judgement on such things, may I kindly direct you to such useful websites as: , , .

There are more, many more...

Oh – and making comments such as students will be distracted by facebook, so we shouldn’t buy them tablets, is quite frankly, laughable. People who say such things clearly have no idea how networks operate, and your comments are invalid.

And complaining that a head teacher won't come on here and comment is also ridiculous - perhaps she's too busy actually running a school than to care about the ill-informed comments on a provincial newspaper.

If this was a real country, it wouldn't even be news! Schools are very capable of making their own decisions on how best to educate their students - so leave them to it, and embrace change - it won't hurt too much.

Neil Forman

Embrace change - it won't hurt so much

I agree with you here.

We live in the computer age and the information available online is outstanding.

If this will help our children with learning I am all for it.

I assist my daughter with homework and without Internet I would be lost, I cannot remember things I learnt at school which I do not use now. Any parent who wants their children to succeed will be for this.

My only concern is parents who cannot afford this, yes it is only £11 per month over approx two years but some may not want / cannot afford this. It would be unfair if some should be unable to supply this so there should be a supply of loan ones ( suitably insured ) for this reason.

I'm not sure if a tablet or laptop would be of more use.


An excellent and informed comment, by someone who obviously knows what they are writing about.

Excellent and very useful links that should be read by every parent, individual, and public official involved in educating, preparing, and equipping the next generation.

Live in the present, prepare for the future, and leave the past where it belongs.

Change good if done right

Embrace change it will not hurt too much. Are you the Head of IT at the school or even worse work at the local apple store?

Change is to be encouraged if done right but as a parent I have no confidence from reading the letter to my company or the press article that this is being done correctly and therefore I am concerned that the £45k experiment will not end up as a joke.

My job is to implement change and have done so for many large organisations over the last 20 years. One thing I have learned is not to jump into the latest gadget without doing a proper test which in this case may include a sample of students and not just 1 student, some Internet articles that approached this differently with differing variables and no understanding of what this will do to results and standard of education

If they had said that they wanted to purchase a class full of IPads that they would introduce to all students of all ages, under their full control that could be loaned out then I personally would support. To go to parents and ask them to fork out for one of their siblings for an expensive, fragile gadget that may last 2years and for those parents like me, would prefer to spend that amount of money on a laptop that all of the family could benefit from.

Did we taxpayers not fork out a lot of money for this school including technology?


...'As per usual the average Guern’s inability to accept change is startling...'


I don't object to technology.

I don't object to embracing change.

I don't object to debating a damned good argument in favour of something that I am not in favour of, if presented in an intelligent and sentient way.

What I DO object to is some close-minded individual coming onto these boards to use any, I mean, ANY, excuse to trot out the same, tired, boring 'local bashing', and who are so gagging to do so that they fail to actually READ the content of the other to surmise....

Most people on here seem to be questioning whether these children are simply too young to use/be responsible for a rather expensive piece of technology, whether this considerable expense is entirely necessary (or is, in fact, affordable), and, in a first hand comment (35), as to whether the school involved would be better focussed on basic skills such as reading writing and arithmetic, which they say are woefully lacking.

Strangely, despite our backwards thinking, Eciwhtm, Guernsey continues to prosper whilst the rest of the world goes to hell in a handcart, so before you start you start tripping down the incredibly well worn, oh so tedious path that so many local dissers have ventured down (whilst living her and benefiting from the local 'mindset'), perhaps you should start considering just how lucky we all are to live in this little backwater.

Change is wrong - bring back the cane!

Dearest Scarlett – you are clearly correct and know far about this subject than I do. I bow down to your superiority. I obviously read completely different user comments to you, because this is a summary of the ones I read and the reasons why tablets shouldn’t be used in school:

-They didn’t have them when I was at school.

-Students will have 24hr access to porn channels.

-Students will be using facebook all the time and not learning.

-Whilst on facebook (which they are on all the time) they’ll be bullying each other.

-They’ll just play games all the time. (presumably when they grow bored of facebook – or perhaps games on facebook?)

-Students should be learning about logarithm tables instead.

-It is an initiative that won’t work. (no elaboration on this one – presumably something to do with facebook / games / porn though)

-I don't believe in them. (This one’s fine – lots of idiots don’t believe in evolution either, but it happened and the world continues to work despite their disbelief)

-Students will be bullied if they don’t have one.

-They will get mugged and stolen (Guernsey’s crime rate is spiralling out of control after all)

Congratulations on your use of CAPS locks by the way – it really emphasised what a bad person I am and how utterly wrong I was. Again, sorry if I hurt your feelings, and I wish you a wonderful weekend.

I wouldn't bother responding if I was you - I won't read it; unless of course it will make you feel better - in which case go for it, you never know, someone might read it and make you feel important.

PS don't forget the CAPS.


OH! The 21st century! As per usual the average Guern’s inability to accept change is startling…

I didn`t bother reading the rest zzzzz

Change is wrong - bring back the cane!

Hi Bcb! Your key appears stuck on the 'z'. This isn't a problem on most tablets, including the iPad!

You see Bcb, beneath the surface of a touchscreen, the device detects changes in the voltage when your fingers touch the screen. Depending on the change in voltage and the location of the change, the device then determines which button you touched or which key you tapped! Isn’t that awesome?

Of course I do understand your reluctance – I much prefer something tangible like a real keyboard myself, however that doesn’t mean I’m going to stand in the way of technology... thanks for the comment though! It’s very much appreciated.


Thanks for the response.

Although i found it to be a bit over the top just like the one for Scarlett as i was only really commenting on that same old tiresome phrase that you seem to have picked up on for some unknown reason. I say unknown reason because you pointed out in your post to Scarlett lots of phrases and concluded as others seem to do from time to time and think only a Guern could have posted such remarks?.

Not that it really matters who posted them for at least i and i`m sure many others will realise that a few posts by whoever or from wherever represents very little of anything indeed never mind the the average Guern.


Bcb said It all. Start an argument with some idiotic sweeping diss of locals and the rest is just white noise, IMO.


Quite so, BCB.

Of course, 'real' countries that Eciwhtm mentions apparently have far more forward thinking attitudes to technology (though can't really see anyone on here who's anti-technology, not that he bothered reading the posts properly), and look where that's got them....

i.e., the UK. Mass unemployment, no money, no jobs, huge debt, rising crime levels, chronic poverty (never mind iPads, they can barely afford food/a roof over their head) hope, in fact, poor beggars....

yes, all that forward thinking and technology is getting them so far ahead of us we'll probably never 'catch up'.

Thank god.


Excellent post - I agree 100%. Students should be encouraged to use technology for reasons stated above. We are a wealthy island so more investment should be put in place to ensure our students have the knowledge required to compete in a rapidly changing world based on efficient use of technology. Give them the best chance, give them iPads... Why not the latest v4???


I hope all the above comments get full Press



What is an iPad?

Ancient golden oldie with an aged PC

the man

Mr Lloyd

I dont even have an iPad!!! Wifey and I looked at the plausibility of having one, and we decided that it was more prudent to keep the cars service schedule up to date for the same cost. We therefore decided on a much cheapher solution.

Yes in the information era we should be encouraging children to use the most advanced technology, but in IT class. Not for general use and for them all to swan round playing games on them (as will be the case). They are too fragile and too expensive, is there a replacement policy in place?

What happens when the kid that all the others pick on (there is at least 1 in every year, lets not pretend otherwise) repeadedly gets his smashed?

What about the older kids? I imagine that any year 7 pupil given an iPad based solely on the fact that they are of the right age will be cowering in a corner whilst years 8 through 11 decide to take matters into their own hands.

Devil's Advocate

I deal with quite a few children from St.Sampsons High in my voluntary youth work and I can tell you that Mrs.Bolt would be better off teaching her pupils to read, write and count properly because their ability in those things is appalling! Giving them i-pads is simply going to teach them how to use an i-pad and not benefit them in any other way. It's not going to improve their writing, spelling, grammar or mental arithmetic. It's not going to teach them how to use industry-standard office software that employers want. It's not going to teach them how to write programs that will get them jobs in the desired IT industries. It's not going to get them running round at breaktime playing games and getting excercise and developing physically. It's not going to get them thinking for themselves. Shame on you Mrs Bolt!


Excellent response, add to that teach them some manners, get some discipline going never see any evidence of it when I visit.

Remove the scooter park the kids should not be riding scooters to school.


Why shouldn't kids be riding scooters to school? It seems a great use of them to me...


Because the vast majority of them are irresponsible 14 is far to young, they are a danger to themselves and other road users.

Mainland teacher

Whilst I see both sides of this story I can't agree the necessity of an iPad.

I work in an academy with various technologies but where the foci should be placed is upon literacy. If there is not a direct link then there is a lack of necessity. A specific piece of technology in the classroom to complete specific tasks to complete a learning process I would agree with.

Maybe a literacy sponser would be a good idea? A set of iPads for target groups and the library becomes a learning resource centre. The remaining funding to purchase up to date reading books? A reading program to raise the literacy levels so students have the ability to achieve at least a C in English but can also then achieve at least C's in other subjects.

I love Apple technology but it has it's place and we use it as a creative tool.

I fear sliding towards a land of predictive text and auto correct.


Mrs Bolt tried to buy these with PTA money and was shot down. Here she comes agin.

Ipads for 10/11 year olds, insurance included... really?

What if I already have one?

I suppose it will give the smokers something to play with at lunchtime whilst they sit around at the traffic lights.


And will they be compatible with the school's WI FI system? The Ipads, not the children !

Les Pets

Thought the tax we pay helps to educate our kids. Why should we pay for this if education thinks it is needed.More expense for parents. Similar to the overpriced school trips at my boys school. Thought having new uniform was put in place so everyone felt equal .Whats with all these £1000 holidays that they want kids to go on. Explain how my son feels when all his friends go on hol but he can't due to cost.


This is such a silly idea. I think even the 15/16 year olds of year eleven are too young. Giving things like this to an eleven year old is just plain stupid.

What happens to the children that are walking home with an over priced ipad in their bag and a bigger lad decides that he wants one?

Why spend all that money on an old piece of kit? You could get a brand new Android tablet for around the same price, there are several around the £160 mark (from new). They do the exact same thing. Most have decent processors and HDD space. They even have quite a lot of RAM so multi-tasking should not be a problem.

Why spend so much on an inferior product?

Apple is the technological equivalent of buying Ralph Lauren clothing. You buy the logo, not necessarily a decent product.

Some Apple products are very good but when you compare price and specifications they just smack as a bit of a rip off.

Shall we dress our children in Armani for school?


Nice idea, but wrong tool. Apple Corp must be loving this.

I think a better idea would be to ensure there is broadband in every students house. There is already a school intranet so students can access their school work over the net, and this is secure and backed up. Most homes have a basic computor capable of accessing the school web, so making sure they all have the connection required I think is far more important. For those families that do not or cannt provide a PC for their children then local finance companies regulary swap out their gear and so could donate through a scheme to those in need.

Tablets can be great tools but they are not suitable for proper data input/output. Apple products are not compatable with standard software so you are instantly pushing puples down the apple path. I agree with the above that an andriod based product could be supplied new for the same price as an old ipad, and will be far more suitable. However what good is an ipad to families that do not have braodband? I also agree that these items will be all to easily lost, dammaged or stolen. This will instanlty disadvantage any child who is prone to any of these things, and what 12 year olds are not. Also the data on it would need to be manually backed up, which means loads of work could be lost with the tablet.


has the days gone by where lead has run out of pencil skills.


How about mopeds for 5 year olds?

It would save parents time and money on school runs, ease traffic congestion, etc, there's lots of positives and its a win win situation....!!


sounds good for mopeds but our goverment would tax the kids like us adults thus making mothers spend more time at work to pay the taxes and taxing them for the higher earnings.a no no situation.

Scarlett. Open up a shoe them feet grow.


You may have a point, at least the 5 year olds would have more common sense and better manners than the 14 year olds.



How true.

I wonder who's supposed to fork out for all this expensive kit, with some families over here on the bread line or rapidly approaching it, apparently.

All those cheap loan companies make a fortune out of people who's wants have now become needs, what an unfortunate philosophy to teach the up and coming generations.

Had a wonderful philosophy in my house when growing up which has held me in remarkably good stead over the years.It revolved around 'I really want it', followed by the response, 'well we can't afford it, so you can't have it', and that was that.

iPads may well be of supreme significance, but whether they are absolutely quintessential depends on what you're comparing them with.


Well said Scarlett.


Here was a school built for the 21st century and already they need additional technology to improve their teaching?

Is this a well thought out pilot scheme to be carried out on behalf of our Education Dept and which may benefit all schools?

As an example, have a look here

and specifically at the document "21 steps to ipad success".

Elsewhere on the site it reports that preliminary results suggest the best outcomes are from the primary and special needs schools rather than at secondary level.

To be effective, technology must significantly add to the learning experience and translate into measurable results.

What is it that these teachers cannot now do but which will become possible once these devices are in place?

Are there other ways of achieving the same end?

Are these truly necessary or just a nicety?

If I were being asked to fund this scheme, these are some of the questions I would be asking.

I would also ask, if it's such a good idea, why isn't the Minister tabling a motion for more funds to supply all schools with this essential piece of kit.

The answer I fear is that these tablets are not vital to improving our children's education. If funded and used, they would bring in some improvement but they are not vital for all pupils.

Technology can help but, in the end, education is about having an inspirational and enthusiastic teacher who can motivate their pupils into wanting to learn.

We have a lot of these in place already. How about spending any spare money in getting the rest up to this level?


Working in a school which has it's own school collection of iPads, and a Bring Your Own Device policy with students, there are SO many benefits to having the iPads. They are not to you be used ALL of the time in every subject there are fantastic apps which allows students to present and evaluate work in much more creative and accessible ways. For example, if you have a student whose written work is weak, they can use Audioboo to deliver a recorded verbal evaluation which can then be attached to the work (if the work is digital). There are other apps which allows the students to physical link their iPad remotely to the teachers whiteboard so they can show their work... For me, I am currently using them for recording a piece of work in Music - it also provides students with a personal keyboard which they can carry around with them on the iPad. If a suitable useage policy is drawn up with the necessary training given to staff, parents and students they are very vaulable learning resources. The iPads DO NOT replace the traditional learning activities but they enhance them AND provide the necessary links to ensure that our students are fully prepared for the digital world that we now live in.

With regards to costing, buying enough for each school for just one class size can solve the problem quicker as these can then be booked out on a rota basis until a suitable funding policy is covered. Personally, I think £11 per month is a worthwhile investment for these for the many benefits that can arise from their use in the classroom and surely if there parents have paid for it then the device belongs to the student after the final payment?


It's about time people realise there is a world of technology outside of Apple!

iPads are unbelievably overpriced and if schools want to push for each student to have one then why not go the Nexus tablet route for well under £200.

Also these touch devices don't encourage good keyboard skills as it is virtually impossible to touch type with these devices.


There are cheaper tablet computers out there than iPads. Or would that not be hip enough for the kidz?


I'm 16. Don't have an Ipad. Don't need one.

These people don't need them and shouldn't be asking businesses to waste that evermore precious of commodities, cash, on such schemes.


Teachers.Show pupils basics.Teach them from the exercise book,blackboard.

Teachers Use your skills with pupils and show them how to do channel 4 program Countdown.


Ipads for goal posts


Interesting that only a few comments here have actually mentioned the actual usage of the device, I.e. the apps. The "in my day" crew really need to get with the times.

Would be interested to know what study has been done by the school to inform their choice of the iPad. Chances are it's the only one they've heard of.

Reading this would be a good start:


Please can we bring some sense to this discussion, and less hysteria. The world into which we send our children is enormously different today than it was five years ago, and in another 5 years it will look scarily different to what it does now. The vest majority of people use technology at work. The bloke who arrived to do my plumbing last week prepared the bill on hisntablet computer while he was with me, and emailed into me, and that's just one example of the way the world uses technology to great advantage. I received the emailed bill and paid it online using my tablet computer. Who made his tablet and my tablet is not relevant to this discussion, for the moment.

We cannot educate our children using the current model which was designed in Victorian times, and then expect them to go out into the big wide world and do things differently. We need to engage children, and ensure they remain engaged, or the current education culture will become quickly irrelevant for them. Many of them use technology every day in the form of smart phones, tablets and laptops, yet they cannot access thenInternet at school due to some strange suspicion they will access inappropriate material.

There are now thousands of schools around the world using tablet computers, preloaded with textbooks, and with restricted access to the Internet. Students cannot download porn, nor use Facebook, nor send abusive email. Wwhat they can access is strictly controlled and monitored, and much more so than most televisions. However, they can do their homework on it, email it to a tutor and get it marked by a computer. In doing this, they save the schools a fortune in paper, they reduce the bill and pollution for paper, and they save on the massive annual costs of textbooks.

Most tablet computers also help students (and adults) with spelling and grammar?

I do hope there is wide public debate on this subject, but please let's have that debate armed with facts, and not hysterical rants about whether Apple products are better than Samsung tablets.

Just because you got your education without a tablet computer it doesn't mean our children need to. Have a look at to see one example of the innovation working well.