Deputy warned not to try to change law on Common Travel Area

A ST PETER PORT deputy will lobby fellow States members to try and garner support to amend the Common Travel Area law.

A ST PETER PORT deputy will lobby fellow States members to try and garner support to amend the Common Travel Area law.

Deputy Lester Queripel believes the law – which allows all UK, Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islanders to travel freely between the jurisdictions – needs to be changed.

He asked Rule 6 questions of the Home Department after predatory paedophile Anthony Luckwill, an Irish national with a dual UK passport, came to Guernsey and tried to lure a 14-year-old boy back to his hotel room.

Home minister Jonathan Le Tocq, pictured, has warned against the attempt.

‘What it would mean is if you haven’t got a passport, you won’t be able to go to the UK,’ he said.

‘It will affect the movement of people here and in the UK.’

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What a pathetic excuse

Lets go for a safe island to exclude and refuse these predators from entry


I don't see Deputy Le Tocqs comment as an excuse, he's simply pointing out the impact of a change in the legislation.

That shouldn't stop a debate though if Deputy Queripel can muster enough support. It will then be up to the States as a whole to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons.


I like the fact that Deputy Lester Queripel is prepared to ask awkward questions but feel he is dabbling beyond his pay scale on this one



Think it through. Lets kill off the tourist trade once and for all then.

Dee Sharisse

Since the Common Travel Area was created, the Channel Islands have always drawn the short straw. Even though not a member of the EU, citizens of those countries have free access to Guernsey. Conversely, those islanders with no UK / EU family connections have their passports stamped to the effect that they are not entitled to work in the EU (UK excepted). These inconsistencies need to be resolved.


This is what happens when our elected representatives are given no specific jobs to do. They come up with laughingly simplistic and utterly unworkable notions like this one. A front runner for daftest deputy's idea of the year award and on a par with last year's widows' pensions and cable cars up Petit Bot Valley. At least he's trying I suppose.


What’s the point?...... your passport doesn’t have you criminal record on it, and neither is it scanned to a system that does.

I like the freedom of movement we have within the UK .

Maybe Mr Queripel wants road blocks and ID checks everywhere he goes ...but I don’t.


Soph, sorry but this has to be a non-starter. Dep. Queripel is a loose cannon and needs to be reined in asap. Moving away from the common travel area would be absolutly disastrous for Guernsey, you would even need a passport to go to Jersey for the day. The incident in question was nasty but it was one incident, I doubt there are many others and to take such drastic action as Dep Queripel is suggesting is a step too far. He should stick to poetry and leave the thinking things to those who can.


To the posters who are having a pop - what would you do differently and how would you better protect Guernsey (and Jersey's) children from paedophiles, who by their very nature, will always pose a threat to children?

Put forward some alternative (realistic) ideas, debate this & see what we end up with. Something needs to change - as I have said on other stories, we should be able to say no to paedophiles who wat to travel to the Channel Islands. How? Stricter rules on releases where no matter where they travel, they have to inform their local authorities would be a good start, but of course, that is dependant on all in the Common Travel Area reaching an agreement....


Traffic offences are recorded on your driving licence,perhaps criminal offences should be recorded on your passport


Nice one Ray

Should be read by all

Quirky that Guernsey will not do anything about people like this visiting us!

Politicians here love EC rules (strange as we are not a member, just a hanger on)

About time heads up!!!



An awful story which just goes to prove that it is Judges rather than Police Chiefs who ought to stand for election in the UK


A stupid and simplistic post in support of a stupid and simplistic deputy who wants to turn the islands into a paedo free paradise by pulling down the shutters and virtually imprisoning the rest of us on this tiny rock.

There is only one thing wrong with deputy Q's daft plan (apart from the other 101 things). What will he do with all the home grown locally born and raised paedos? Deport them to Houmet Paradis?


is it possible to have a vote of no confidence in an individual deputy

this guy is a joke


Having visited a couple of victim support websites they indicated that many more than half of the victims of such abuse are abused by a parent or other close relative.

So the bulk of the problem on that basis would lie within our "borders".

And so I am not sure that closing them will help much.

So apart from not solving the problem, other slight complications with this suggestion I would guess are that it is legally almost unworkable, practically difficult, extremely expensive and could substantially damage our economy.

That economic damage would doubtless affect tax receipts and so the funding of public services and benefits would reduce and thus the agencies in Guernsey that are involved with trying to solve the local problem could have less resources to tackle the issue that is actually presenting the real risk to some our children.

I am struggling therefore to find any grounds to run with this particular idea.


If you took every KNOWN paedophile on the planet into a field now and shot them would paedophilia cease to exist ?

Every single convicted paedophile committed an offense before they were convicted ... so whatever checks you introduce ( short of mind reading .. ) wouldn't stop that first offense.

The most dangerous people are the ones you don't know are dangerous .....


I think Mr Queripel has tried to jump on to a topical news subject that enraged a lot of people, hoping it would catapult him into the public eye.....Which may have back fired!


He should at least have the decency to answer the concerns raised by people that may have voted him into office on here.


Bit of a buffoon if you ask me. Whose going to pay for all the extra staff at the airport and harbour??

My Police check for some voluntary work has taken nearly a month to come through.

How are we going to check if people coming into the Island 'Paedos' if it takes a month? Will the States have to build a refugee centre for passengers as they wait?

Deputy Queripel sounds like the bloke you always find yourself queuing up next to for a round at the Rockie; full off daft ideas to solve the World's problems that would not stand a snow flake's chance in hell of working, or would cost the Tax Payer a bloney fortune to put into practice.