Sub of the day is heading this way

SANDWICH giant Subway has confirmed it is aiming to open a Guernsey outlet in the spring.


SANDWICH giant Subway has confirmed it is aiming to open a Guernsey outlet in the spring.

The US-founded chain revealed it had been in talks with a franchisee in the island, but would not reveal their identity at this stage.

Kevin Graham, development agent for the Subway brand in Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and the Channel Islands, said: ‘The Subway brand is continuing to expand in the region and is always on the look-out for potential new store sites.

‘We are currently working with a franchisee on Guernsey and are aiming to open a store on the island in the spring of 2013.’

Sandpiper, which held the franchise for Gourmet Burger Kitchen and has other food franchises, strongly denied being involved in the Subway move.

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old guern

Moden innovation - At home put two pieces of bread together with a filling of your choice and take it with you!

sarnia expat

Yuck. Something else Guernsey can well do without.


I've never tried Subway but could you please tell me what on earth qualifies you to say what this island does and doesn't need?

Sarnia expat

Well pardon me all over the place! I am only qualified to speak my mind on a public forum, but consider the introduction of a very poor fast food place to be of little use to this island. But i am sure you have far superior taste to me, so enjoy the Substandard, sorry Subway brand when it arrives!!


Im not sure you are fully qualified. But your right, lets burn down the rib shack etc while were at it. why does it concern you if a subway comes to the island, just don't eat there. or do - that's the good thing about new things opening.

Carol Perrot

Do we need this franchise?


I agree


Wow this is confusing your using my name, thought it would have let you know there was another user with the same one!




what on earth is going on...?!!


I'm with you on this one, soon you won't be able to tell the difference between our high street and any other in the UK. This will drive out yet more small businesses on the island.


Seems like it will mostly be in competition with the sandwiches from checkers and waitrose.


Presume they have really done their home work? Plenty of well known and trusted stop offs already here to get really, healthy lunch time food. I doubt that they will open during evenings, again, too many competitors.


For me you just can’t beat Senners bread, Guernsey butter , Guernsey mature cheese and home grown tomatos.... the best!!

Dave Haslam

And that timeless Guernsey classic.

Meatballs made from real Guernsey beef, and mixed with L'eree Marinara sauce, with spicy Torteval mozarella.


Good. I like the subway chain! Nandos next please.


Quite right, who are these so called food police that don't want Subway?

Freedom to choose I say. Some sandwich bars prices are exhorbitant. In addition, have you noticed how many people buy the Marks, Boots and Waitrose sandwiches? Seems to me Subway will do quite well much to the annoyance of those holier than thou contributors.


This will be another Five Minute Wonder!,

Franchises like these need continuous turnover 24/7/52 and you just don't

Have that here. Anyway aren't there enough places already open?

Brian Read

Dont worry, wont last 5 minutes. Got them in England, they are awful. 10 choices of bread, 10 of fillings,taste like cardboard. Stick to your good old buttie shop!!

Sarnia expat

Absolutely. Pretend bread with no taste and the texture of soppy cottonwool, with any amount of "wet" filings.


The only thing I'd like to see is the local sandwich shops offered more choice in bread and offered either real breads (non of these rubbish pre-made long life breads). Ideally they should also offer more choice in bread too.

Apart from the above I'm more than happy with our local sandwich shops.

Carol Perrot

Unfortunately, your description will encourage us here to feel we need such an experience!

Sarnia expat

Enjoy!! Its obviously only by trying the products can you may a judgement, andI I am particular about food, but each to their own.

Guern in UK

I can see how the comments on this one will go (the same as every story about a new franchise in Guernsey).

How about if you like Subway sandwiches go and buy them, if you don't, don't! If enough people like them it will last, if not it won't!


Spot on comment, thanks.


I have eaten from Subways around the world and have never been disappointed and can honestly say they have never tasted of cardboard not that I could tell you what cardboard tastes like!! What a fantastic takeaway to bring to Guernsey


won't last longer than 4 month


I have eaten from Subways all over the world and can honestly say none of the food I have tasted was like cardboard - not that I know what cardboard tastes like!! What a great take-away to have in Guernsey, welcome Subway :-)

Town Dweller

What's the problem with Subway??

Ray and Martino and co will love the place!! They like to serve on a Sunday and after

Town Dweller

What's the problem with Subway??

Ray and Martino and co will love the place!!

Subway love to serve their sophisticated fare on the most holiest day of the week and after spending their God-given right of shopping on a Sunday at Sports Direct, Ray and Martino can then enjoy a nice 3,000 calorie laden sandwich at the most chavtastic food outlet in the land! Roll (sic) on freedom of choice.

How lovely for Ray and Martino to spend a Sunday shopping in Town, finished off at the most sophisticated eating joint in the land!!


Thanks for that Town Dweller you snooty git

What goes round comes round mate.You're in my little black book

Neil Forman


Easy tiger;-))


I always thought Town Dweller was one sandwich short of a lunchbox and now we have the proof of it.

I think what must have set him off is a rare form of dyslexia that results in the sufferer always mistaking the word Subway for Sunday and then having an uncontrollable hissy fit.

I just googled it and found that the affliction is far more prevalent among backward thinking traditionalist types.

States House

I dont want to sound negative but like sandpiper with the gourmet burger they thought they could just buy a recognised name and hey presto, instant business. The problem is, town doesnthave the footfall needed to pay back all the costs. The main bread and butter of this business will be the workers intown butthey already have lunches sorted. Whoever it is taking this franchise onhave not done their homework. I wish them well but the name, rent, fitting out the shop, wages, insurance and stock will need excellent sales every single day its open and likegourmetburger it will be lucky to see a year. Guernsey has a limited market no matter what field you are going in to but when it comes to food, that must be the most saturated market there is for local businesses.

Sarnia expat

Main "bread and butter of the business" fab!!

foot long

Always thought one would do well here for north plantation at 2am on Friday and Saturday night but lunch time mid week there's definitely healthier choices!



Ditto and likewise to your comment.

They have the best takeaway fast food that I have ever tasted. Plus a wide variety of fillings and sauces to choose from.


Only had one Subway in my life and that was in Chermainus on Vancouver Island, a lovely little place famous for its life size Murials up against the town walls

The Subway was like a fresh ham salad in a crusty half baguette.Excellent but readily available in several local shops already.I wouldn't want to be the one to risk several thousand pounds on a franchise ... a Kentucky Fried Chicken on the other hand ...


Ray - a man after my own stomach.

Plenty of decent sandwich shops over here already....but KFC, now you're talking.


Ray are you serious? KFC?

They must kill their chickens by drowning them in cooking oil for three years, then they cover them in garbage before deep fry them in cooking oil. AND after all that I am pretty sure they must inject them with cooking oil.

Well at least that that would explain why their chicken is so greasy!


Nobody's claiming it's a health food store Graham! :-)


I agree with you in part. I think we already have enough good sandwich shops. (My only complaint is the bread most seem to use).

However the area over here that most get's me is the burger take-away joints. We could really do with either a quality independent store (selling food you're willing to eat sober) or a Mc. Donalds (which can stay open late to cater to the drunks).


I agree. I've had Subways at various outlets on Vancouver Island and Vancouver, and always found them to be an excellent fast food option. Fresh ingredients, prepared on the spot. Don't know whether the same standards will apply elsewhere, but I have no complaints.

Chemainus is a lovely spot too, glad you enjoyed it :)


I like the sound of life size Muriels up against the walls!!


I have eaten in Subway outlets many times in the USA, and have found them very good.

I hope that the Guernsey one will be just as good, but I fear that being a franchise and being run in Guernsey.. it will not be.

I assume by recent experience of other francise operations here in Guernsey, it will be more expensive than others around the world and you will probably get less for your money..

Foot longs will probably only be 9 inches !

I will however give them a go of course, and I hope they succeed, but there are already many other outlets, I for one will be hard to persuade to change from the Roll Bar..


I agree entirely James!!

Being vegetarian, I would have starved (well, got thinner) in some areas of USA while travelling there recently, were it not for Subway.

Also, being able to choose your own bread/spread/fillings, you can work out the calorie and fat content of your meal quite easily.

In the US, the service was always friendly, fast and efficient, and I think that's where it is most likely to fail over here.


GYC, you can already choose your own bread/spread/fillings at Malloys in the Arcade.


Thanks for that, Charlie - have to give them a go! :)


Awful food. there will be litter all around this chain shop,

I hope discerning people in Guernsey will avoid. It will go the way of Gourmet Burger, Pizza express etc.


So long as we can use the free Subway vouches and offers that appear in the English newspapers from time to time. They will also bring the over priced sandwiches down to an acceptable level from other outlets.

All we need next is a Mc Donald’s, to open next year to bring the price of take out food shops down. £5 for fish and chips - ridiculous price.


I'm looking forward to trying it.


Don't worry, we had some in Jersey, never took off, too expensive and poor quality,,,,,,



Well if it was as bad as the one I had I would not be losing much sleep if I was a local sarnie seller.

KFC would be great or nando's - now only if we could get a decent kebab shop over here. I will speak to Mr McTurks when I am next over in England!


Am I old fashioned or do people not make their own sandwiches/rolls anymore.I know the price of bread has gone up, but imagine how much money you would save per year if you made your own lunch.

And most of all I cannot believe we need another of these outlets, if I see anymore people drinking coffee from one of those cardboard takeaway cups,walking along the street I will scream, such bad manners, oh I am getting old.



Yes you are old fashioned ...just like me

I was going to jump in about the waste of money on over priced early morning coffee but I see you've also covered that in your second para

Hands up,it's absolutely none of my business,but at the risk of being labelled a grumpy old skinflint I highly recommend that the early morning coffee fashionistas tot up their weekly spend on coffee and sandwiches and consider whether that £20 or so would be better spent reducing their 400K mortgages



I couldn't agree more and that's a great link.

It's "the latte factor".


I USUALLY make my own lunch (and breakfast and dinner/tea) from scratch, but am sometimes not able to. I tend to think that people who buy their sandwiches EVERY day are either over-paid &/or very lazy...

Regarding takeaway cups - I will quite happily drink from one while walking around BUT think that actually eating while walking along the street IS really bad manners and I wouldn't think of doing it!!

Also, whenever possible I take my own reusable coffee 'barista' mug when buying coffee, to save on all that wasted paper and cardboard, which is so unnecessary. It's still seen as strange over here, but is readily accepted in UK.


GYC. Love your idea of taking your own coffee cup. Hope more people follow your example.


I hope that the powers-that-be will ensure that any new takeaway that opens has a packaging policy that will be in accordance with our new waste strategy, i.e. either recyclable or compostable. We already have too many takeaway outlets that sell their product in foul expanded polystyrene that ends up all over our streets and floating in the harbour. The outlet enjoys all the profits while it is the Guernsey tax payer that has to pay to clear up round these places.

While the occasional bought lunch can be a nice treat, I have to agree with Valeite above. With everyones cash being squeezed, making your own lunch can save a huge amount when added up over the months.


Rub a bit of clingfilm with a stock cube place in a bun and make your own at home with your own subway "meat" not that it tastes plastic and full of artificial flavour no siree

Town Dweller

Didn't Subway invent the Croydon Dummy?

Namely a mayonnaise, calorie laden baguette bought by mothers to shove in the mouths of Kaisha and Wayne, to shut them up, as they queue up for their benefit cheque outside the (Croydon) dole office.


Beanjar sub anyone, on rye of course,our regional dish.


Ray you are so brave mentioning making their own sandwiches and mortgage repayments in the same text, I would not have dared.But my thoughts entirely.

I would also like to know where you can get coffee, sandwiches, crisps etc x five days all for £20.00 per week. I bought a baguette as a treat I might add last week, the bread was not buttered, 2 leaves of basil,2 slices of tomato and a couple of slices of plastic cheese all for £3.90, it was a disgrace, so bang goes my weekly treat.

Dave Haslam

I see the doom mongering food nazi's are out in force.

The same voices that said pasty presto 'wouldnt last 5 minutes'. Last I checked..... still huge queues at lunchtime!

Hmmmm, the best thing about opinions, is that they are the same as tastes, everyones is different and you shouldnt assume that other peoples are the same as your own.


Dave Haslam

Agreed but TIG would also die a quick death if everybody expressed the same opinion about everything

Sometimes it's only Spartacus who keeps a thread going


Well said Dave.

if people want to buy sandwiches let them, it won't change your life in any way!

Also, if Subway attempts to create jobs by opening up a franchise here let them, if it fails, it fails. Does it really matter?

gsy bot

Well we all dont want it, however I understand this is going into the town church square in the old le liveres buildings... so with the flashy signs of subway and sports direct, our town centre square will have great appeal under those neon lights ....


Martino it's headed for Church Square !

We can meet up on Sundays in our shell suits and Nikes and have a pop at bible thumper Town Dweller as soon as he stops praying to his invisible friend


See you this Sunday if you like Ray - in mouthwatering anticipation. I'll be easily recognisable in my replica England shirt, white Reebok trainers and Burberry baseball cap.


Yeah but why do either when you can do both? My invisible friend lets me dress like a chav, meet up with mates for a sub on a Sunday AND pray all at the same time!


Church Square...Sports Direct...Subway...

OMFG, it's the Chav triangle...!!


Don't forget the Town Church....I've heard it can get pretty rowdy when the communion wine is flowing!


Cor you can get a good Beanjar at Rouse kiosk eh la!


Ray, PLP e.t.c

KFC has come and gone. Couldn't survive and we had more young people then.



I remember that one down by the Yacht Inn on South Esplanade

I think what killed it off was the fact that a rather weak management allowed it to be swamped by noisy yobs who spent several hours taking up the tables with one coke or a coffee and putting off the general public from venturing in there

Mind you the Wimpy also failed so perhaps the island's footfall is not large enough to support the massive outlay involved in such franchises.This site says that the minimum cost of a Subway franchise is 100K !!


Wimpy failed because it would take them absolutely ages to prepare anything !

It was ironically a 'fast food' outlet here


The Wimpy failed due to their poor decisions made for opening hours. If they stayed open during the late nights I'm sure their profits would have quadrupled as a consequence and they would still be there today.

It would also have needed a motivated team to succeed.


Awesome. I would also like to see a KFC, Dominoes Pizza and a Wetherspoons.


I would also rather have 50 UK chain shops / Fast food / pubs / restaurants in St Peter Port than 50 empty units.


I absolutely love this place!

Can't beat a spicey italian witha chewy cookie for dessert.....get in!


by the way i've eaten in 2 MIchelin star restaurants so please don't tell me i have no taste. Its a bit like McDonalds....yes its rubbish food for you but every so often it really hits the spot. It won't do any harm and it may harm local businesses but if you ask me the sandwhich offering locally is very poor when compared to the mainland


Having lived all over the UK and had Subway food a dozen or so times from different franchises i can safely say that Subway sandwiches are bland. The only time they are nice is if you turn up just as they take the fresh rolls from the oven !

It will only last if they produce a quaility product consistently...I give it two years at most

Fred De Luca

Subway is great.

Guernsey needs to get with the times!


subway is amazing and the quality is good they have plenty of sauces to add flavour to your sandwich and you can have it warm to make it different - only problem like all other fast food restaurants that have failed in Guernsey is the fact its NOT fast as service has always remained slow.


I work in town and would welcome a Subway. Been before, always fresh, and good meal deals to make lunch cheaper.

If you don't like it, don't go there... simple as... why people feel the need to moan constantly i'll never understand.

I don't particularly like some shops/pubs/restaraunts, or Vlade's, Tiff's or the Ribshack, but I just don't go to them, and it doesnt affect my life in the slightest.

Local lass

As a connesieur of food outlets I announce the best value, quality freshness and nice staff go to the roll bar on pier steps this is the place I always want to return too!

L'eree Lad

I am worried that the food will be sub-standard...


I'm not quite sure what the fuss is... if you don't like it, don't eat it! And if enough people don't eat it, they'll go down the pan just like the Wimpy and Burger King chains did. But if enough people do like it and it stays, it'll bring more consumer choice to islanders. What's the big deal!


All for one, one for all

Decide what you buy or not!

Anything wrong with local bread and 5 mins to make your own break for work next day?