Newsroom Live – 28 November, 2012

THE Guernsey States meeting for November gets under way today and the major item up for discussion is the controversial plan to introduce tobacco licence fees of up to £1,000.

THE Guernsey States meeting for November gets under way today and the major item up for discussion is the controversial plan to introduce tobacco licence fees of up to £1,000.

The Health and Social Services Department’s proposal has been met with criticism from retailers and deputies and faces two amendments.

We’ll be getting reaction to today’s debate and a full report will appear in tomorrow’s Guernsey Press.

Also today is the much-anticipated opening of Vistas, the new Vazon Bay café.

We’ll be heading down there to find out what the first customers through the doors think of the revamp of the popular venue.

Also today we’ll be continuing to garner reaction to the Guardian report and BBC Panorama programme about tax avoidance and evasion. Plus, we’ll be attending a new La Mare de Carteret School breakfast club and covering the launch of the latest anti-drink-drive campaign.

In tomorrow’s sport pages, we will be running the final Fantasy F1 standings and revealing the winner. The result follows an extremely close race, which came down to a tiebreak question.

Guernsey airport is closed for a second day today, with only emergency flights operating, as Lagan continues its work on major changes to the runway.

The airport is due to reopen tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, don’t forget that because the national papers will be coming in a day late by boat, we’ve got an extra eight pages of national news and sport in today’s paper.

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Filthy Habit

Put tobacco licence fee up to £20,000 it’s a disgusting habit and should be banned everywhere use the extra money to plug the deficit hole!!!! why do non smokers have to breath this filthy un-healthy smoke where ever they go in public places.

raise tax on packets of cigarettes to by 1000% too


I know I shouldn't bite but I will!

Your masterful idea will eliminate legal tobacco retailers and drive smoking underground. Result: no tax income from smoking at all compared to a fair amount now.


Experience from prohibition in the past (see alcohol prohibition in the US, or even current worldwide prohibition of all drugs) has not proved successful has it?

A controlled system as it is now (£3.50 duty on a packet of cigarettes) brings in revenue and controls the quality of what people smoke. Contrast this with cannabis and other drugs where there is no quality control, mixing with other drugs or just plainly dangerous chemicals and NO TAXES. But costs in terms of policing, health...

Licensing though is just a silly idea, just how people think that granting a licence to a retailer will reduce smoking is not supported by any international evidence. Enforcing the already existing laws about the sale to underage people and tough penalties for both the retailer and the buyer (yes, they commit an offence too) would go a long way.

Other countries have sting operations in place and catch (and fine or shut down) retailers for both alcohol and tobacco, how about we do the same?

This seems far more sensible than charging for a licensing regime that only creates jobs for Environmental Health (the cost will only cover the cost of administering the scheme). It looks to me like Deputy Kevin Stewart was spot on when he said that the Director of Environmental Health is just empire building, maybe it's time she was tackled and her £80,000 + a year salary used more wisely.


But if everyone stopped smoking today, where would the 'lost' revenue come from to make up this deficit? More taxes elsewhere for sure!


Brilliant! Top marks to the States. But a thousand pounds for a 'licence to kill'? No. That's nowhere near enough. Make it really effective, say ten thousand pounds for a licence, or hows about a hundred thousand?

Cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands of smokers every year. They also kill hundreds of thousands of non-smokers from 'second-hand smoke, non-smoking people who are unfortunate enough to live with someone who does smoke. Stop smoking the weed. I did, at 72 years old. I had been smoking since the age of fifteen, a total of 57 years. Since quitting I feel great, really fantastic, no more coughing it up , no wheezing,no spitting, no smelling of that vile stink upon climbing into bed after that last smoke ( sound familiar?)

I didn't use the 'patch' ar any of those other so-called 'aids to quitting' as each and every one of them has side effects, side effects that give you a 'substitute illness. What I sued was phsychology - I simply read a book, twice. I read the book 'The Easy Way To Stop Smoking ' ( cannot recollect the authors name.) It worked a treat. Give it a go, you'll be glad you did.

I believe you'll find it at the library, but after reading it you'll want your own copy. ( And no, I do not have any connection with, no shares etc in, the book or with the publishers. Do it today. Make Guernsey SMOKER FREE!!


Alan carr i think? not sure of the spelling though.


Allen Carr, although I'd love to hear Alan Carr's version!