Ministers support adoption of new UK press regulation

PRESS coverage in Guernsey should be subject to any new tougher regulations introduced in the UK, Commerce and Employment minister Kevin Stewart has said.

PRESS coverage in Guernsey should be subject to any new tougher regulations introduced in the UK, Commerce and Employment minister Kevin Stewart has said.

Deputy Stewart spoke after the Leveson report yesterday recommended a tougher form of self-regulation of the press in the UK, backed by legislation.

Prime Minister David Cameron, however, was quick to argue against any plans for a statutory underpinning to the new system, warning it could ‘infringe freedom of speech’.

Deputy Stewart hoped that any new regulations introduced could be used in Guernsey to protect islanders from the kind of similar press intrusion that had been brought before the Leveson enquiry.

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Beware of politician's trying to stifle the Press.Imagine the mess education would now be in if things had been left as they were a year or so ago

Would we have been made aware of the row about who should lay the first wreath on Remembrance Sunday?

Would we know of the near fisticuffs in Custard Castle between Barry Brehaut and the ex Chief Minister?

Would we now know that the Police Chief intends to take part in the annual dancing competition next March, which suggests he is confident of still being here ?

Would we be aware of a householder's intention to sue the States for the airport work disruption ( he must have purchased his house before the airport was built,or didn't realise that there was an airport nearby I suppose)

How would we know about all the massive overspends?

How would we discover how much taxpayers cash went on compensating the UK fishermen? ( Sorry that one is still secret)

There must be other 'how would we knows' out there ....

Dave Jones


I don’t think any of the things you have listed would not have made the media and in particular the Guernsey Press under the new rules that are being proposed in Leveson. Most of it is political gossip that always filters out into the public domain and the odd personal spat is hardly ground shaking, shuddering news.

I don’t think that some of what is being proposed is necessary, the press must be free to investigate and report anything that that is in the public interest and much of the political clamouring to bring the press under political and legal control is in part because the UK politicians were put through the media wringer over the outright theft of public money as they fiddled their expenses.

On the scale of things that was a massive public scandal and turned out to be true.

It is pure revenge, many of them are seeking and they are using this report to try and hamstring the press in the future.

Where the press need to be brought to book through some sort of legislation or strict enforceable code, is when they print or broadcast outright lies that destroy peoples reputations and lives.

The press will say that if that happens people have recourse through the libel laws and can sue. Except of course they can’t unless they have a ton of money which most ordinary folk do not.

It cannot be right for the press to manufacture stories because the content will sell newspapers and it is that blatant fabrication of newsprint that needs sorting out.

I don’t think our local press are that bad, although I have had several very open and frank exchanges of views with the editor on occasions over some of the spin that is put on a particular story and the fact they they try and fill in the blanks themselves instead of seeking the truth.

However in their defense, they do not pursue public figures like the national press on issues of their personal relationships or the real intrusive stuff into our everyday lives, with of course the exception of those who break the law.

So I do want a free press but an honest one and I do think in our case with the Guernsey Press being the only island newspaper, It has a greater responsibility to get the facts right, which theyfrequently do not but I am most certainly against government interference or outright control of the press as a gerneral rule.


I agree with you Dave Jones. I do think part of the problem is with social media like Twitter around, everyone is a potential front line journalist broadcasting a story for free. The pressure on commercial media to get stories that sell papers is far more intense.


The people obviously don't want the press opressed by the government, censorship of the press is a step towards totalitarianism.

We need to view this as an opertunity, if the press are being opressed in the UK, they need to find a jurisdiction that will allow them freedom of speach to operate from. Where better than Guernsey? Offshore news.

The laws will apply to websites as well as printed press, they simply need to host all their sites in Guernsey, and hire a small subsiduary of staff here to run it and they have managed to avoid the new UK laws.

Wake up Kev, get your thinking cap on you numpty.


How funny it is to read the comments in this thread when Lord Justice Leveson's proposals have been rejected by the UK PM. He's obviously thinking ahead to the next election and doesn’t want to upset Mr. Murdoch and just when we thought 10 Downing Street was no longer Murdoch occupied territory.