Tobacco licensing is approved

TOBACCO licensing for retailers will be introduced in a bid to help cut smoking among young people – and more measures could be on the way.

More moves could be on the way to reduce smoking among young people.
More moves could be on the way to reduce smoking among young people.

TOBACCO licensing for retailers will be introduced in a bid to help cut smoking among young people – and more measures could be on the way.

The States backed Health and Social Services proposals yesterday, which also included introducing a new law to give police the power to confiscate tobacco and related paraphernalia from the under-18s.

A series of attempted amendments to the department’s plans were lost on Wednesday and Thursday morning – but the department had already been forced to climb down over some of the restrictions on the licenses.

Retailers said they were disappointed by the decision.

But Candy Shop on the Bridge owner Daphne Brouard was quite pleased HSSD had made some amendments to its original plans, which helped retailers.


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Cousin Vinny

Not sure I follow - how does licensing retailers cut down smoking amongst young people?

Wasn't yesterday's implication that it was to neutralise the £14m odd in health costs of tobacco smokers?


Cousin Vinny - Not sure I follow – how does licensing retailers cut down smoking amongst young people?

Well, if they are now found to be selling cigarettes to underage consumers, then they can have their licence taken away and not be allowed to sell them, big loss in their profits!!


I agree with you. It does nothing to stop kids smoking. They are just making those that legally sell cigarettes pay for someone to "licence them". In this case to license them means to allow them keep doing what they have always been doing without a licence being needed. There has been no mention of how this will change their actions in anyway for the children or the retailers.

Pure creation of another civil servant.


Cousin Vinny

I gather some unscrupulous retailers employ school kids to sell to fags. No one under 18 will now be allowed to sell tobacco so there will be no pressure of selling to peers.

That's one aspect of it anyway.


All the cops have to do is walk up the road from St Sampsons High and they will find lots of kids smoking, it saves the school making the standard response not our problem it's not happening on school grounds.

Does beg the question who sells it to the kids?


the money they raise is going to pay for another civil servant at the dept of health, another jobs worth, as a smoker who is hooked and tried everything to give up, why don t they ban it? then the drinkers will be hit to recoverthe lost tax on fags, alcolhol causes more problems than ciggerettes,


According to the Guernsey Press, in the States meeting opprobrium was heaped on tobacco retailers 'who sell items of death'.

What is the moral difference between selling items of death and licensing people to sell items of death?


Can anyone clarify something for me (preferably a deputy that debated this)

Is the cost of the licence going to be added to the price of a packet of fag so smokers pay for this scheme or have you just agreed to something that is going to increase the cost of everyone's shopping because the retailers will now have to recover this fee?


The average cost of a licence will be £300!!!


and your point is?


The average cost of a licence is ONLY £300!!! Neither your groceries nor fags will suffer price increases because of this.


That's not the point. The fact is that it's a cost that will have to be factored into their overheads . It might be negligble in a weekly shop, but overall we will all end paying for another civil servant and another final salary pension scheme to boot.



It might add 2p to a household's weekly shop. If one child is prevented from smoking as a result of this measure surely it is money well spent.

I suspect the civil servant tasked with the tobacco licences will not occupy this role forever. I imagine the bulk of the work will be in setting the scheme up. Effective strategies will continue to decrease demand for tobacco and so the number of licence applications and renewals will hopefully decrease.

Neil Forman


Unusually, I have to disagree with you here;-))

If the purpose was to stop a child from starting, why have they stopped the grant for GASP? Do not employ another Civil servant in an underhand way, give GASP the extra funding.

I would not target the people who are smoking, I would target the children, show explicit pictures and educate rather than legislate. Nip it in the bud and smoking will die out.

Get Education to tackle this problem, rather than dismiss it if it happens outside school gates, if they are smoking outside the school gates, they are bringing them into school. They are wearing uniform so deal with it.

If someone is supplying to underage, hit them hard.

My daughter tried to buy a 15 rated film from HMV and was refused. She is fifteen, the person behind the counter was unsure so refused.

She was not happy but I was quite pleased that the staff were doing their job.


Neil Forman

GASP is a charity. It will continue but will need to find funding from elsewhere.

Given the news this week that HSSD have needed to cut front line services why do you think the £23,000 funding for GASP has been scrapped?

I gather the education and awareness previously provided by GASP in schools is intended to be provided directly by education going forward which will cut costs and hopefully measures will include the discipline measures as you suggest.

"If someone is supplying to underage, hit them hard."

This is exactly what the licence system is designed to do, without the licence or other laws there is no power.

I have never seen school kids working in HMV. I don't think they would hire underage employees due to the need for product knowledge required to sell adult material. I'm not sure whether they are legally restricted in relation to employing minors or selling adult material to minors. Perhaps you can fill me in?

Allowing minors to sell anything which is for consumption by adults only is immoral in my opinion.