Deputy wants Fiscal Framework rethink

STATES fiscal policies must be consistent with its own fiscal framework, a deputy who has called for their reconciliation has said.

STATES fiscal policies must be consistent with its own fiscal framework, a deputy who has called for their reconciliation has said.

Deputy Matt Fallaize, pictured, has submitted an amendment to the 2013 States budget asking the Policy Council and the Treasury and Resources department to produce a report addressing the inconsistency no later than December next year.

‘From the moment the Fiscal Framework of the States was published in 2009, I have been critical about those parts of the framework and those parts of existing States’ policies which are in contradiction,’ he said.

‘I was hopeful that those contradictions would be addressed, but we are heading towards four years since the framework was established and the contradictions remain as stark as ever.’

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is this life imitating art - wasnt this a monty python sketch?


Never mind about all that malarkey,get on with sorting out island wide voting or it will be too late again - THEN you'll find out what interests the voting fodder !


Never mind all that island wide voting malarkey either. Get to grips with the final salary pensions time bomb before it blows up in all our faces, taking the entire fiscal framework down with it!

guern abroad

Agreed, stop diverting energies and deal with the pension crisis today and not more flanel waiting on a review early next year, it has to go now sort it.


That's OK as far as it goes but someone else is supposed to be looking into the pensions debacle as it is within their mandate not his as SACC chairman

Matt is head of the group looking ( or supposedly looking) into island wide voting.It would be interesting to know how many meetings have been held on this matter in the last seven months in view of the fact that he is dead against it

Neil Forman


I agree totally.


Fiscal Framework, sounds like a new group on X Factor.

Town Dweller

Not another "far reaching review, that will get to the bottom of the issue and make radical recommendations?"

Come on Matt, you're better than instigating this sort of old twaddle.


sadly too predictable

mat has discovered it is easier to throw bricks than build houses,

boring safe politician - who is now probably a career politician, one thought

what a waste?

if only he had some moral courage

Tim South

Sorry Jack you are writing rubbish.

In Jersey we have a few good politicians who leave their comfort zone and ask the difficult questions, this is what we want them to do and its called democracy.

You call it throwing bricks. The more scrutiny, the more accountability the more sensible researched questions the better.

Maybe you would be happier if the Guernsey States, were made up of a few individuals that were friends, and made all decisions for the island behind closed doors in private meetings.

Thats called a dictatorship.



Here we go again ! More fiddling while Guernsey burns. All our States Members today seem capable of doing is commissioning reports, preparing plans, discussing strategies etc etc. What happened to the people who used to actually get things done? Where are those new people who gave us their glowing manifestos just a few months ago? I too thought Dep. Fallaize had a significant contribution to make but he is, as Jack states, just throwing bricks, talking a lot and making sure he can't be blamed for anything - and he could be doing that for the next forty years ! What a waste of talent!