Police investigate Savile abuse claim by local girl

DISGRACED star Jimmy Savile has been accused of pinning down a local woman in an attempt to become intimate with her after taking part in a charity walk in Guernsey during the 1970s.

Jimmy Savile at the Variety Club of Guernsey charity walk in 1973.
Jimmy Savile at the Variety Club of Guernsey charity walk in 1973.

DISGRACED star Jimmy Savile has been accused of pinning down a local woman in an attempt to become intimate with her after taking part in a charity walk in Guernsey during the 1970s.

The individual, now 58, has reported the alleged attack to Guernsey Police.

AFR Advocates has confirmed it is representing the woman, who is considering whether to join other victims of alleged abuse in making a compensation claim.

She claimed that the star tried to abuse her after a charity walk in 1973, when he allegedly lured her back to his room at the Duke of Richmond Hotel.

She was 18 at the time.

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vic gamble

...surely at eighteen you do not get "lured" unless you are a bit innocent on such issues.

but who knows...the charisma of a celebrity and all that.....

Chris 1

She was 18 at the time! Adult enough to know what was going on...

This is only an alleged abuse .. evedence will be a bit hard to come by...

Its taken 40 years to think about doing something..

I DO NOT condone his behaviour but just for a minute think of all the good work he did for sick and injured people who would not have had such a good life without his good work...

I just hope you can sleep well knowing that every compensation claim will mean less for the people he set out to help.

Terry Langlois

so we should ignore crimes that he undoubtedly committed, just because he raised lots of money for charity? absolutely not.


And if it was one of your family members who now had the courage to come forward (bearing in mind that it is only in very recent years that people have been convicted for these crimes and the victims believed and that this particular case involves a very well known celebrity) would you be saying that.........??


And it's precisely due to this idiotic attitude that this disgusting individual was allowed to get away with it for so long.

How much fundraising allows someone to commit a rape? Or 100 rapes?

As for implying that the victim of an attempted rape oughtn't to be able to sleep well at night, simply because any compensation which they may receive (note the use of the word "may" not "will") could reduce the amount available to "the people that the alleged rapist set out to help" that is a despicable comment, and tells us all we need to know about you as an individual.

Neil Forman


Excellent post, totally agree.


your comment is about as worthless as the scum bag you are seemingly making excuses for.

Neil Forman


big al

the headline said he ATTEMPTED to get initmate with her; meaning rape did not happen!?


So just because it wasn't rape, that means it is ok? Is that what you are saying?


It's strange how everyone comes out of the woodwork when compensation is involved... if people really wanted justice they should have come forward with these allegations whilst the man was alive


I agree. I found this man creepy when he was alive but I do wonder why so many victims have waited until he was dead to make these accusations and how will they be proved - He is dead


Many of them did come forward and got ignored. Children in the hospitals told nurses, and children in the care homes told staff.


The article says ‘pinning down’ ie attempted rape. Chris 1, vic gamble, shame on you.

vic gamble

...Oh do come on number 13...don't be such a drama queen..."shame on you vic gamble"...shame for what? If Mick Jagger, John lennon,or the bloke just arrived in Guernsey with his number one wonder hit had invited this lady back to a hotel room, what was she expecting...a quiet bible reading from the Book of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John?.

You have tried to twist the point I was making...pinned down, hit over the head with a heavy load of impromptu sexual abandon...at 18 years of age she should have been contemplating the motives of a much older man suggesting a quiet chat and a glass of wine in his hotel room.

You really must try and see the bigger picture, number 13, before you let off your rather empty canons.

Terry Langlois

careful vic, next you'll be suggesting that she was wearing a short skirt and therefore "asking for it"

vic gamble

Terry...what on earth do you mean by "next you'll be suggesting""...that expression just panders to and supports your silly little dig at me...there was no suggestion of "asking for it"...there was a suggestion that perhaps a reasonably intelligent person might have had the foresight to think that an invite by an older man, to an 18 year old girl, might just have led to bad consequences.

Stop trying to whirl this post of mine into something sinister. It belittles your previous more sensible comments on other issues.

Terry Langlois

your post saying "what was she expecting" could easily be interpreted as meaning that by allowing herself to be "lured" to his room she is responsible for the consequences.

Not matter who he was, she would have been entitled to go into his room, decide that she'd made a mistake, say no and leave.

I am sure that she would not have expected to have been assaulted and no amount of innuendo can make her responsible for that.



I normally agree with your point of view, but you're on a loser here, best just to accept it. You can't defend attempted rape, no matter how you dress it up.

vic gamble

...who is defending attempted rape?

And how is it dressed up?....this seems to be getting out of control by some of you.


Nobody is saying she deserved it or was asking for it, that would be sick. I think Vic was trying to say that, as an adult, she made a poor decision that contributed to the consequences.

Terry Langlois

but that's still the point

As an adult she was entitled to seduce/get seduced, and entitled to change her mind and say no. She might have quite liked the idea of a bit of fun with JS initially, and expected a bit of you know what, but it does not mean that she is responsible when JS turned nasty and refused to take no for an answer.

Looking for a bit of fun does not mean that she is responsible for everything that followed.


Yes in an ideal world of course it should be like that. But its not an ideal world now, and it wasn't then either, going into strange peoples bedrooms, people that you know nothing about, is foolish and shows a lack of regard for your own safety.

Bill Yeager

"there was a suggestion that perhaps a reasonably intelligent person might have had the foresight" - Perhaps she wasn't 'reasonably' intelligent. Perhaps she was a rather naive 18 year-old girl who thought that she would always be able to say 'no' if he tried anything she wasn't comfortable with.

No means No, whether you are at a social function and propositioning a woman, or are actually having sex. 'No' means stop what you are doing. Immediately. Always. No Excuse. Ever.


I think forty years ago, 18 year olds were a lot more naive than they are nowadays.

I could imagine an 18 being overwhelmed by a "famous" person chatting to her and being nice and friendly. She would not have expected him to attack her in any way. Perhaps he offered her a signed photo or something and lured her to his room that way...

She would have just been expecting a photo. Not to have been "seduced".


Whilst in no way condoning what Mr Savile is accused of doing I am finding it increasingly hard to understand why nobody came forward when he was alive.

There have been enough cases over recent years involving other celebrities and RC Priests for people to realise that in today's society it is accepted that you can come forward and you will be believed. Therefore why wait until the person is dead before making the accusations?

Those who suffered deserve compensation and those who knew what Savile was up to and kept quiet deserve to be prosecuted themselves.

But if one person had been brave enough to speak up in the early years they would have saved him preying on future victims.


Where the hell have you been for the last few months? Have you not read about the numerous victims that came forward but who weren't listened to / believed? The shelved documentaries? The bungled police investigations?


wholeheartedly agree



Many victims did report the abuses and were not believed at the time. But they did what they could - remember these were children. I think you do not appreciate the deep scars these people are left with, especially after having the courage to say something and then not to be believed.

Also, other people who have come forward on different cases have had their homes broken into, their cars burnt out, and suffered a great deal of pressure to shut up and keep quiet about it.

They didn't tell because they were scared, and they only knew it was safe when he was dead. That is the simple fact of the matter.


Chris 1 - your last sentence - really?? Are there really people who really think like this?

Awful... - I just hope that you can sleep well now knowing about the hundreds of children he sexually abused over several decades and got away with. At least he raised a bit of money for good causes eh?

Priorities Chris, priorities...


I think its a bit unfair in some of cases these to say "why didn't they come forward sooner". At the time a lot of his alleged victims were only children, and probably very scared and traumatised. This was at a time when there wasn't really much support for this kind of thing, and certainly a reluctance to want to investigate it. I would however, counter that with situations like this one where at age 18, she should have come forward - and known better than to be "lured back" to his room.

the man

@ concerned.

'..I would however, counter that with situations like this one where at age 18, she should have come forward – and known better than to be “lured back” to his room.'

i would counter that,with situations like this, 40 years ago a young woman would have been a lot less likely to come forward and a lot more likely to be scared and silenced by the situation and the celebrity. which i believe is the reason that this horrific situation has only just come to light..

things aren't like they used to be when we were all young eh!


Fair point, but out of all these victims you'd think someone somewhere would have come forward and demanded pressing charges against him.

On a seperate note, why the hell would anyone want to go to his room, I mean look at the photo for gods sake! What a freak.


This is so sad

Luckily Authorities are in 21st century now

Not like the 60's when no support, no believe from police ~~ that was the usual then


We were a lot more naive at 17/18 than the kids of nowadays. We were still playing with our toys in our 1st half of our teens.


Horse... bolted!


It's going to be hard to prove her claim unless there is any witnesses , which I doubt if there will be .

Funny how she has waited so long to complain , maybe she's hard up and thinks she could try her luck , even if she got compensation it wouldn't erase the scars anyway , if there are any ???


It`s because of idiotic opinions like yours that so many victims don`t come forward.


I guess the reaction of some people on here - assuming she should've known better or was at fault in some way not forseeing that she would be jumped on - is why this women didn't come forward in the first place and I bet she is now wondering why she bothered as she is now being accused of jumping on the bandwagon and after compensation. It's a lose, lose situation, poor woman.


Absolutely right!


I am shocked at some of the comments on here. Rape apologism at it's finest.

The fact that EVEN NOW people are questioning her motives for coming forward, and suggesting it was her own fault if it happened at all, highlights just how unwilling people are to believe the victims of rape and assault. A lot of people did come forward when Savile was alive, and they weren't believed. A lot of people in powerful positions not only knew about when was going on but it appears some were involved in it too, to an extent. They had a lot to lose by doing the right thing. But no, far more likely that the women involved are just greedy, manipulative liars. And of course, justice for his victims is far less important than the charity work he did. Selfish women! They should be ashamed of themselves!

I was molested by a hairdresser when I was 12. It confused me and scared me and I didn't want to ever think about it again, let alone talk about it. When I did eventually tell my mum, I was told off for making things up, and told that a man could have his career ruined by such accusations. Message loud and clear - his career and reputation are far more important than your right to have your body respected.

Vic Gamble - he was a trusted figure who did a lot for charity and worked closely with children. Many saw him as a figure of fun and wouldn't ever think of him as a sexual being. It's may sound naive now, but you can bet your bottom dollar this is an image he used to his advantage when manipulating young girls into following him to his dressing room/hotel room. What if he just offered her an autographed photo, which just happened to be back at the hotel room? It was, in all likelihood, as simple as that. I doubt any 18 year old girl would follow a man like that back to his hotel for any romantic or sexual reasons. Seriously. Look at him.

AND EVEN IF SHE DID, even if she was flirting with him outrageously and happily went back to his room and played the seductress that you all seem to think she was - if he starts touching her intimately and she protests, then he should STOP. If he doesn't, HE IS GUILTY OF SEXUAL ASSAULT. End of story.

I am sick and tired of the default attitude being one of suspicion towards the victims of rape and sexual assault. This kind of mysogynistic rape culture needs to be seen for what it is, and it needs to stop.


Very well put Kittycat and like you say many people did come forward as most likely they did in many of these kinds of situations but things were mostly hushed up or the victim was made to feel it was their fault.

Word gets round at how these things are dealt with so is it any surprise that many never came forward in the past.

Things have changes somewhat (not for some sadly)and i think that many victims are now seeing that their voice might be at last heard and that is the reason for them speaking up. It doesn`t matter how many years have past many of these people will still want these monsters to pay for their crimes (and why shouldn`t they) it could also bring to a close many years of feeling betrayed by those who refused to listen.


I said the same thing about a signed photo as a reply a while back.

I agree with you totally Kittycat. Sorry about that incident when you were 12, not that I was the hairdresser, but I am sad that it happened to you or anyone else.