Cyclist, 14, has lucky escape after van reverses over bike

A TEENAGER escaped serious injury after a van reversed over the bicycle he was riding.

Les Beaucamps pupil Brandon Cook, 14, with his bike which was run over by a van as it reversed. It is estimated the damage will cost £460 to fix, but the driver of the van has offered to pay. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1285903)
Les Beaucamps pupil Brandon Cook, 14, with his bike which was run over by a van as it reversed. It is estimated the damage will cost £460 to fix, but the driver of the van has offered to pay. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1285903)

A TEENAGER escaped serious injury after a van reversed over the bicycle he was riding.

Les Beaucamps student Brandon Cook, 14, was left shaken by the incident, which caused £460-worth of damage to his cycle.

He was cycling from his home on Bailiffs Cross Road along Rue des Vallees at 8am on his way to school.

He had stopped well back from a sewage truck, which was reversing in the road.

A small van was in front of him and that suddenly started reversing backwards, towards Brandon.

‘I kept shouting at him to stop,’ he said. ‘But he kept coming. I just jumped off the bike as he went over it. I could hear the metal crunching.’

The driver of the van stopped and was very apologetic and took Brandon and his bike home.

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Ah the perils of cycling on Guernsey roads, this lad did the right thing to get out the way, but, £460 worth of damage to a 14 year old's cycle?? How much did the whole bike cost? Think I will stick to the car, its cheaper!!

Zoe Cook (mum)

Brandon is 14 and is 5'10" and has grown out of his own bike so his dad had let him use his Marin, which granted is a few years old, but the forks and wheel are very expensive to replace. Not really the point...Brandon has been riding to school since he started secondary school and is a great kid, thank god he wasn't hurt!


Hi Zoe

I wasn't having a dig, just saying that cycle prices have gone through the roof ! Glad to hear your son is okay, there has been far to many road accidents this year!

Hope father christmas brings your son and your husband all of the new cycle parts they require :-)


This could have been prevented so easily if Mum had only dropped him off at school in the 4 X 4


Very true, although there might have been the need to go "offroad" and mount the pavement. A big no no in the chelsea tractor society!


Was that meant to be funny Ray? Don't give up your day job!


You must be one of those stuck up gits with a showpiece 4 x 4


You must be one of those stuck up gits that has something against 4 x 4's?

Plus, with the newest rates of overweight and obese children, when it's a 15 minute cycle why shouldn't he be riding to school? It's better for his health surely?


Ray was just joking Laura! He really has a wicked, tongue in cheek, sense of humour :)


This doesn't look like a £460 bike to me and it doesn't look too badly damaged. The forks aren't noticeably bent and even a highish spec front wheel for that type of mtb bike would cost no more than £100 to replace. It looks like a ridiculously high estimate to me.

Zoe Cook

The quote was provided by st Martine cycle shop, it's a Marin, the forks are twisted and the wheel is squashed. The bike was originally over £1000. I can provide a quote if you wish


I'd be interested to know what model it is. Ian Brown's are Marin agents but (dare I say it) you can probably get much cheaper forks through Wiggle or Chain Reaction.


Don’t let this put you off, Brandon. Cycling is not a dangerous activity.

Thankfully, the majority of Guernsey motorists are considerate around cyclists and incidents like this rarely happen.


townie2 I agree with it being a healthy persuit but you must ride different roads to me - I cycle to work every day and the amount of ignorant and careless drivers still astounds me on a daily basis!


Why is there need to hat he's 14 ffs get a life

Zoe Cook

Thankyou...seems people are more concerned about the cost of his bike!!


Zoe Cook (mum)

Deevee, fair point...and Ray...I do drive a 4x4 how did you guess, but I have animals in fields, so I tow trailers and carry water barrels and hay in mine! I would rather walk the kids to school or use the public transport but its too dangerous to stand outside my house waiting for the school bus! So my daughter goes in the car.

I'm all for lowering speed limits, in this case the drivers car had no mirrors...I'm happy to report my car is roadworthy, it's not the prettiest 4x4 but its a workhorse not a Chelsea taxi!


A jammy wild guess Mum.Hope Brandon is OK and Dad's bike gets fixed

Wouldn't hurt to get a second estimate on the repair bill though


"I'm all for lowering speed limits"

Why? In this case the driver was going backwards and quite simply hadn't made sufficient checks.

As for on the road normally, I do not want drivers being forced to go any slower already. I will tell you why.

On a flat I can keep up a pace of 20mph (assuming no headwind!), if I'm in a 25mph zone and get overtaken by a driver who keeps within the limit they crawl past me with a minimal speed differential, they are alongside me for a lot longer than necessary and putting me at risk as if something comes round a corner and they decide to pull back in they're going to squash me against a wall/kerb/whatever. If they're in a 35 zone they can go past with a 15mph speed differential and get past a lot more quickly, it's safer for them and safer for me. In fact, even if they're in a 25 zone I'd rather they just put their foot down and got past.

The biggest issue (as pointed out below) is the attitude of most drivers towards cyclists. A lot of car drivers seem to have absolutely no respect for just how vulnerable a cyclist is and don't pass with enough space, sit right on your back wheel revving their engines (as if that's going to make me go any faster!), do anything they can to pull out before you at filters, junctions etc. and of course the most common complaint, just don't look for us before pulling out (or indeed reversing!)

Terry Langlois

I feel sorry for the lad as it must have been a frightening experience.

But really, looking at the forks, brakes and headset on that bike, it is at least 15 years old. £460? He would be better off buying a new bike with modern components.

Zoe Cook

Thanks terry, he will get a new bike. The quote was provided by st martins cycle shop for forks, wheel, and labour costs I'm assuming. Just glad it wasn't my son that was squashed as you can't put a price on that :(

Terry Langlois

Totally agree. Glad he's ok.


I don`t see this incident to be the van driver`s fault but the lad`s inexperience of being too close to the vehicle in front. You only have to watch young scooter riders on their way home in the afternoon.

I was driving, on the correct side of the road travelling towards St Sampson`s from Bordeaux harbour, yesterday afternoon. I had two cars behind me and, as I rounded the corner with the junction of the road to the old railway bridge, I was confronted by four young motor scooterists, one on my side of the road overtaking his friends by cutting the corner.

Luckily for him I managed to swerve and miss him but I can tell you I think he will have learnt a little lesson because the look on his face was priceless. He raced off home because I think he needed a change of underwear.



Terry Langlois


he was sitting behind the car in traffic, and the van driver reversed without seeing what was behind him.

how on earth is it not the van driver's fault???

if the car in front of you stops, how far behind it do you sit? 2 feet, 10 feet, 20 yards?

you have one dodgy incident with a scooter and suddenly you think that everyone on two wheels (pedal or motorised) is at fault.


Remember, if you can't see the large vehicle driver's mirrors he can't see you!

Terry Langlois

this was a small van

Zoe Cook

I'm his mum and cried my eyes out with RELIEF I wasn't scraping him from under a van....really.... show some compassion for Brandon, who isn't some hoody hanging around street corners causing trouble, but one of those nice kids things like this shouldn't happen too.

The cost of the bike is irrelevant...nice the damage was paid for by the driver and he didn't just leave Brandon out of pocket....but if it had been a life or a limb...he's priceless...I'd say £460 is a small price to pay considering what could have been the outcome.

The reason the press have run this story is to highlight the dangers of traffic on guernseys roads and with two fatalities and numerous accidents over the past few weeks, the press are using stories like this to make people more aware of the dangers, I agreed for Brandon to go in the paper to help the cause, not to be criticised for the costs involved. I'm shocked to say the least at the replies on here, Brandon deserves better.


Ignore the insensitive comments on here - only a very few people in the island use this forum - there are thousands more who dont! Thank gawd your son is ok after this episode - and its good to highlight via the Press the dangers - it might just teach everyone, car driver, pedestrian and cyclist that you really do have to have all your wits about you when on the roads and for us all to be that extra bit more careful then we already are.


Why are some of you so bothered about the age, cost and damage to the bike? That was clearly put in by the newspaper reported to try and give the story more substance, I'm sure Brandon and his mum don't give a fig about the bike and didn't quote a price. Their main concern is that Brandon had a very lucky escape and the focus of the story should be to highlight the dangers of careless driving/unroadworthy vehicles, so it doesn't happen again with far worse consequences!

Lisa Croft

Hi I would just like to say how utterly disappointed and disgusted I am at how people have took tine out to comment about tge bike? Is this REALLY necessary ?? What about poor Brandon the poor boy must have been completely terrified by the whole experience that could of been totally avoided if the van driver was paying attention. Thankfully Brandon was not killed, with only the lord to thank. Hopefully people will read this story and become more aware of the dangers these drivers cause to other road users.



Good thing he managed to jump off the bike and not get run over himself.

Nearly had a similar thing happen to myself when I was on the motorbike, luckily I have a horn on that though...

Vicky (someone who cares)

Does it really matter how much the bike is going to cost all that matters is that the poor lad wasn’t killed or seriously injured!

Can’t imagine what was going through poor lads head seeing that van reversing. Some people just don’t care about anyone!!

Also so what if Zoe drives a 4x4 it wasn’t her that ran over Brandon’s bike. What about the van driver?? Why couldn’t they hear Brandon shouting to stop? Perhaps he had his radio on with the windows close! Why couldn’t he see Brandon?? Oh that’s probably because a lot of van don’t have back windows to see out of they only have there mirrors. I am sure when I passed my driving test you had to check all your blind spots etc before making manoeuvre.

Hope the lad gets a NEW bike out of it :o)


I feel for the van driver who's being asked to stump up £460 to replace a BSO that's hardly worth a hundred!

Nick Le P

Sounds like he offered to me and presumably he's done that because he knows that is the decent thing to do. Anyway he's insured no doubt so he can always pass the cost on unless he isn't or didn't want his employer to know.

More importantly, glad Brandon is OK.


Nobody is saying the van driver shouldn't do the decent thing, but why should he pay more than double the cost of putting the damage right?

Try reading a post by someone who knows what he's talking about - bicycle mechanic below who has confirmed my own view, based on repairs I have done or had done on my bikes over the years, that £460 is way, way too much for this job.

Have you ever owned (or even ridden) a bicycle yourself?

Dave Haslam

It doesnt suprise me that a 14 year old has had a near miss on his bike.

I cycle 2 or 3 times a week this time of year, and frankly, its needlessly dangerous, and it has nothing to do with the roads. Its because car and van drivers dont show anywhere near the necessary anount of respect for cyclists.

Anyone wanting to reply to this with "not all drivers......". Try cycling from St Saviours church to town on a weekday leaving at 8.00 am, and count how many times you are nearly taken off your bike because someone might be stuck behind you for 10 seconds.

Also there is a complete lack of awareness when it comes to cyclists on the roads, this is a great example as its clear the van driver didnt know Brandon was there.

My car has these things on them, what are they called, oh yes thats right... mirrors. I guess the van driver checked for the obligatory 4x4 and didnt look hard enough for a cyclist.


I'm glad somebody else feels the same on their way to work! Sometimes I wonder if it's just me who is made to feel unsafe on a daily basis! What annoys me the most is the drivers want to get get 10 seconds ahead and will take a risk to do so even if they can see traffic ahead!


Sounds as though some of you think mowing down responsible citizens is the new sport.

Hope others join in and think the same for you and your loved ones.

Merry Christmas, Not!


I am very glad that Brandon managed to quickly get himself out of the way of the reversing van, the driver of which clearly had not realised he was there. The silver lining to this story is that Brandon will now know that you never presume that a driver has seen you- infact you presume that it is most likely they haven't unless you've seen the whites of their eyes. And vehicles with obstructed rear views should be given a wide clearance. I hope this doesn't put him off riding to school which is the way many more of us and our kids should be travelling when we can.

It has been proven many times that the one single thing that can make cycling less dangerous is getting more cyclists onto the roads. The van driver obviously reversed without considering that there might be a cyclist behind him, a situation that probably wouldn't have occurred if cyclists were more commonplace on the roads. We would all be more accustomed to looking out for the bikes as well as the 4x4.

If it was a requirement of obtaining a driving licences that you had to demonstrate you could ride a bicycle on the roads safely, everyone would be far more aware of the need to give cyclists plenty of 'wobble' room.


I absolutely agree with you.

Cycling is a very safe activity, and the statistics on life expectancy show that you'll live longer by cycling regularly than by not cycling - i.e. that the risk of being killed by a car is far outweighed by the health benefits.

So please do everyone - 14 year olds included - get out there on your bikes.

As Rosie says, the more cyclists there are, it gets even safer, since other road users become more cycle-aware.


It must of been sort of vintage cuz they do look old but that's what makes them more expensive to replace...


We all seem to be forgetting about the real culprit here

Why did the chicken cross the road? ... (sorry scrap that,been listening to the States debate too long) ... why did the van driver reverse? ... because the sewage lorry driver immediately in front of him started to reverse!

Had the lorry driver seen the van? Had he bothered to look in his rear view mirrors or was he perhaps thinking about the prospect of his gold plated pension going down the toilet

Sergeant Tostevin this needs further investigation


I cannot believe people are actually moaning about the price its going to cost to fix this poor kids bike, has everyone forgotten about the 2 deaths that have recently happened on the roads?

Thank the lord he wasnt hurt or worse! And who cares if Mum drives a 4X4 how is that relevant?! I think its great that parents are getting their children active rather than ferrying them around all the time, its called independance! And its a great thing!

Brandon have a great christmas and best wishes to your family and again thank god you werent hurt!


In case you didn't realize this is an article about a child I repeat A CHILD nearly getting squashed and all you care about is the sodding price haven't you saddo's got anywhere else to be sad .. you have to comment on a young boys article about getting drivers aware and you have to get all touchy with it oh his mum has a 4x4, why would that be at all relevant? if it is relevant in some way please enlighten me ... is there some reason that you can't leave this boy alone he nearly got knocked off and squashed if you disliked this article why did you bother commenting on this do you think he'll feel when he see's this hmmmm? pretty sad I would guess... SO GET LOST

Sincerely Connor (have a nice Christmas Brandon)


OK a bit childish I admit but your first comment reminded me of Helen Lovejoy from The Simpsons: "Oh, won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!!"

Fair comment though...but not sure Mr Cook will be too happy being called a child either. I certainly didn't like it when I was 14. ;-)

Terry Langlois

Just because people pick up on the cost element (because it was raised in the article) does not mean that they don't care about the safety of the boy. It is a given that the boy was in danger, but it is also a fact that he is ok, so it is perfectly acceptable to look forward rather than dwelling on some consequences that may have arisen but did not.

In my case, I mentioned the cost in the context of advising him how best to spend it - i.e don't try repairing a bike which is 15-20 years old and has numerous obsolete parts.



Seek help you need it now!



What do I say to the shrink?

" Sorry Doctor but having just read in the Daily Mail about the double whammy of a hurricane in Haiti on top of the earthquake,the civil war in Syria,the earthquake in Japan,the typhoon in the Philippines,the floods in the UK,I find it very difficult get over emotional about a buckled cycle wheel in Guernsey"?


Are you mad or simply inconsiderate? It isn't the buckled cycle wheel which people get worried about, it is the idea of having to scrape a perfectly decent 14 year old off the road. You either don't have children or you care for them very little as otherwise you would have a good deal more consideration than you currently demonstrate. Please spare a thought for the family who were all too close to having their son killed or at least seriously injured.


"It isn’t the buckled cycle wheel which people get worried about, it is the idea of having to scrape a perfectly decent 14 year old off the road."

Prose of the week award goes to Ed - brightened my morning no end!



No mate I'm not mad or inconsiderate and I do have grandchildren but this is a typical Press NON STORY which has unfortunately been blown up out of all proportion in fifty or more posts by hand wringing,over emotional,soft headed .. ( I think I'd better stop there)

I really AM very glad that no-one was hurt in this minor road incident.I am sure that there will be many near misses in the weeks and months ahead.I do hope the Press does not report each one of them on the basis of what MIGHT have happened

Got to sign off,the phone is ringing .. it MIGHT be the lottery people telling me I've won!

Bicycle Mechanic

First of all, I am a bicycle mechanic. I have been for over 19 years now. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, the damage caused to that cycle would be less than £200 to repair. Inclusive of labour.

Somebody is doing very nicely thank you. Mrs Cook should get a second and third estimate and offer the difference back to the van driver.

Another discrepancy I notice is the bell. Where is it? Maybe if he had one, and the cycle was of a legal standing, the van driver may have heard he was behind.

This story is not so one-sided as one is lead to believe.


Why is everyone fixated on the damned cost? As people have mentioned, 2 deaths recently, stop thinking money money money and be glad he wasn't run over!

Also, would a driver hear a bell over a shouting teenager?

Wouldn't not looking or using mirrors (and an unroadworthy van) also not be classed as dangerous driving?

I've had someone hit me and send me into a wall on my motor bike a few years back and they got prosecuted for dangerous driving just because they didn't look before pulling out!


Because it was him and his family who raised the issue of the cost by telling the media the damage would cost £460 to repair.

To anyone who knows anything about bicycles it is patently nowhere near that figure. Why should the van driver or his insurance company pay over the odds?


I'm sure the reporter would've asked. Don't assume the family were the ones fixated on the cost, I know Zoe very well and she's just bloody glad her son wasn't underneth the van!

Terry Langlois

a bell? do you really think that he should have stayed on his bike ringing his bell instead of jumping out of the way??

and his bike is legal without a bell. bikes only need to be sold with bells (a stupid law) and do not have to keep them on (a sensible consequence of the law)

Bicycle Mechanic

Check your facts. You're incorrect!

Terry Langlois

I have, and I'm not.

Google "legal requirement for bicycle bell" and see what you find.

Here is one:

In any event, a bell would not have helped the situation - him leaping out of the way was the best thing he could have done.

Bicycle Mechanic

That law is not applicable locally though, Terence. Ask any local plod and they will tell you the same as I am telling you. It's a legal requirement.

Bicycle Mechanic

There are two sides to every coin. We're only hearing one side here. Hopefully the van driver will give his version of events. He may blame the sewage-cart driver.

That bike is as old as the hills and would be hard pushed to make £100 on resale before it was damaged in the accident.

Lisa croft

Have you physically seen the bike???


I see plenty of prats with their mirrors folded in whilst driving along, some same indivduals quite regularly. I guess some only care about what's ahead or more importantly not scratching their mirrors. If they keep them in because they keep hitting them then I'd suggest a smaller vehicle, driving lessons, optician or all of those combined perhaps.

Bicycle Mechanic

My advice to Brandon is to leave much more room when stopping behind stationary vehicles in future.


What? That's just victim blaming.

How about some advice for the careless driver.

And from the article...

"‘I kept shouting at him to stop,’ he said. ‘But he kept coming. I just jumped off the bike as he went over it."

Doesn't sound like he was particularly close at all - does it?

Lisa croft

A BELL for crying out loud..... As if a bell could have saved him.... From what I understand Brandon was shouting at the top of his voice and in the picture he is not a small lad so his shout must be mighty loud!!! Perhaps a hearing aid and some mirrors would have helped.

anonymous 2

Iv'e been reading all these comments and it has just got out of hand. The MAIN thing on this case is that Brandon is safe and well, it could have been so much more worse so have a bit of compassion please everyone. Forget about the bike, a bike can be replaced. Zoe and Brandon have a lovely family xmas together.


I think we can safely say that this argument can come to a close... Have a good Christmas Brandon


I think we can safely say that you're wrong. Who the hell are you to say when something has come to a close on here anyways?


It sounds from the article as though the cyclist pulled up in the blind spot of the van, it is unlikely that the van had no mirrors and even mirrors do not help to see a small object behind a van. If the cyclist had pulled up to the outside or inside of the lane he would have been visible to the driver.


I think it said in the original article that the van didn't have its near-side mirror and no windows in the rear so making the vehicle, quite frankly unsafe to drive. Brandon would have had to pull up on the outside to be seen and on a busy narrow road, some people feel vulnerable in that position. The only thing a cyclist can do in that situation is stop far enough back to give time to get out of the way if the vehicle suddenly reverses. I tell my kids to expect the worst from drivers and to ride defensively to keep themselves safe.

The silver lining to this story is that Brandon will be an even safer cyclist now and more aware of seemingly normal situations that can suddenly become dangerous. If he ever becomes a driver himself, he will also make a safer and more aware driver than many out there. Shame all drivers aren't expected to do a spell on a bike to make them more aware and considerate of vulnerable road users.


Squashme you've clearly never cycled to school/work. I'll gladly tell you what would happen if I left a large space between my bike and a vehicle when in a line of traffic - an obnoxious, late-for-work loon would drive around me and pull in to that small gap to make sure that they are ahead of the evil bike at the traffic lights!

Crocker (Mum's Friend)

For god sake you're all supposed to be adults and you're all bickering over the price of the bike to be fixed!! What is wrong with you people.

As a close friend of the family (especially mum) I'd like to say that Brandon is one of the politest and most caring young boys I have ever met. He's not an idiot on the roads, he's very cautious. This could have been a very nasty accident but thankfully Brandon is ok.

So please all of you stop bickering over how much it will cost to repair the bike, that is no one's business to get involved with other than those involved in the incident itself.

Zoe you should be very proud of yourself :o)

Sophie Shepherd

As Brandon's auntie, I wanted to thank all the people who have commented supporting him and his Mum, who were just trying to remind people of the dangers on Guernsey's roads.

I'm discusted people seem more interested in the repair cost of the bike...when someone has crashed into your car, do you take it to more than one garage for quotes, concerned how much the other driver will have to fork out? I don't think so! You take it to where is most convenient, which is what Brandon's mum did. The driver knew he was in the wrong, as he was happy to pay for the damage.

Brandon, don't worry love, when you are a policeman you can get your own back on all these bad drivers. I've never met such a good mannered, kind, caring, loving and thoughtful teenager and the only thing that matters that you are ok.


Sophie I do hope your last comment was tongue in cheek. The last thing we need are police officers with a vendetta.


I would think that 14 year old Brandon must be praying that this thread dies away over the weekend so that all the ribbing from his schoolmates will go away by Monday

If any more Aunties,best friends of Mum and other well wishers say what a really nice boy he is it will follow him like a rod on his back if he does indeed intend to join the Police!

Bry are you following this? What were you doing at the ripe old age of fourteen? Working six days a week down the quarry would be a reasonable guess

Local lass

I think the car situation has got well out of hand in Guernsey gone are the days when it is safe to ride your bike, there are inexperienced young drivers too many old people still trying to drive and many who don't give a monkey who play loud music in their cars and don't look in mirrors and the other bugging issue is motorbikes and scooters who think it is their right to weave in and out of traffic waiting for an accident to happen. So why isn't there a cap for cars and retests for the elderly . Maybe we should have more safe routes for cyclists and more policing of speedsters.

Thankfully Brandon made his quick choice to jump off his bike and he is alright.


Local lass. I agree that the car situation in Guernsey has got out of hand and some drivers are neither tolerant or considerate of those on bikes. But most drivers are careful and the way to make cycling even safer is to get more people out on their bikes so that drivers are accustomed to looking out for them all of the time. Countries with the highest cycling figures have by far the lowest accident rates per cyclist.

We should all have an interest in reducing the amount of journeys habitually made by car and kids walking and cycling to school is definitely something that should be encouraged. It is not helpful if the roads are perceived as being too dangerous to cycle on although I think that this is a natural consequence of there being too many cars on the road- another reason to cut the numbers.


I've got a thirty second window in my busy schedule so let's do some Primary School sums about our dangerous roads

65,000 population? It is said that there are more vehicles than people but for some inexplicable reason in this computerised world the powers that be do not know how many current driving licences are held in the island

Anyway nobody can drive more than one vehicle at a time so for ease of calculation let's remove all the 0-13 age group as road users ( although many of them will be cyclists) and the 80-100 age group leaving ,again for ease of calculation,say 40,000 active motorists

Including commercial use let's say that each motorist averages 6,000 miles per year in our little island

As any primary School pupil will tell you that amounts to 240 million miles per year,and notwithstanding the two very recent and regrettable tragedies,when a buckled cycle wheel manages to make the Press headlines followed by several days of heated debate on-line it suggests to me that the doom mongers amongst us are perhaps not seeing the whole picture


I'd be more concerned about the number of muppets cycling sans lights and helmets.

Accidents do happen, nearly had a nasty one the other day when I hit a stupidly placed pinecone in the road.

Glad to hear he is OK, if anyone drops their phone/etc in the road DO NOT try and get it back, it isn't worth it.


I'm afraid the idea that a helmet makes you significantly safer is a bit of a myth. And no, I can't be bothered to spell out why here - it's a well-rehearsed topic and there's plenty of information out there if you want to search for it.

It's also (sensibly) not a legal requirement, whereas having a light at night is.

half a cup

It is easy to miss the thread of a headline that is not spelling itself out. Guys, when it comes to injuries on the roads due to traffic incidents you really are talking about small margins.

He is a lucky lad... I've picked up enough unfortunates to know that circumstances will dictate. On that day, circumstance was thankfully on his side.

I hope all of you never experience circumstance not being on your side!

Enjoy Christmas


Are you sure you didn't drink the whole cup?


Three things come to mind.

(1) A sewage cart was reversing.probably with beepers sounding.Did it stop when it noticed the van behind it? if not, why not?

(2) Before the van driver decided to reverse did he not see the bike rider behind him?

(3)If I was the van driver I would have given the sewage cart driver the benefit of a very long blast on my hooter!

Surely the two motorists are the ones to blame.