New HSSD members elected without opposition

Newly elected Health and Social Services minister Mark Dorey had his new board elected inside five minutes this afternoon.

The old and the new: Former deputy Health Minister Barry Brehaut and HSSD board member Elis Bebb (top left and right respectively) have been re-elected, and they are joined by newcomers Deputies Martin Storey and Sandra James.
The old and the new: Former deputy Health Minister Barry Brehaut and HSSD board member Elis Bebb (top left and right respectively) have been re-elected, and they are joined by newcomers Deputies Martin Storey and Sandra James.

Newly elected Health and Social Services minister Mark Dorey had his new board elected inside five minutes this afternoon.

After he was appointed this morning Deputy Dorey returned to the chamber at 3.30 with the four people he wanted to join him on the board.

They included Deputies Barry Brehaut and Elis Bebb, who earlier had resigned from the board.

Newcomers were Deputies Sandra James and Martin Storey, replacing Deputies David Inglis and Arrun Wilkie.

There were no other nominations from the floor, so the four new members were duly declared elected.

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Supreme Dalek

Delighted to see Sandra James on the board - experience in the healthcare profession.

Martin Storey is pretty level headed.

Barry Brehaut brings experience and I think it's important to have a link from the old board who knows how things work.

Elis Bebb deserves another shot, he's still learning the ropes.


This is now a much stronger HSSD board in my opinion. The same challenges will continue but lessons have been learned, a good debate has been had and I'm confident this new board will now be better equipped to tackle the problems head on.


Hunter Adam was experienced - didn't do him any favours!

Real Guern

Great, a welshman on the board. We're all doomed!

Neil Forman

Real Guern

I met Elis a number of times on the campaign trail and since at various meetings and you are being unfair here.

I think he could be very good.


Delighted to see Elis Bebb, Sandra James and Martin Storey on Board. I have misgivings regarding Barry Brehaut, time will tell.

King Maker

No Kneejerk decisions please -

Snow white

Personally I have a lower expectation for this government. They do not understand why we should encourage more experienced professionals into the government. It should not de-motivate them. If you demand the better service, you should pay for. There is no free service. From my understanding, HSSD have done a good job.

I do not believe that the new HSSD board would change the reality. It should increase the budget for HSSD due to the higher level of demands. It should allow them to access the contingency fund.

The Minister of Treasury department should go as well. As a well-regulated financial centre, they lost £2.6m in few minutes. That was disgraceful. As many professionals, we have a lower confidence for this government.


This is how it will go.

The new HSSD board will get a bigger budget.

There will be no overspend next year.

States members will pat themselves on the back and say they've done a good job.


Kevin :-)

You are so right, that's exactly what happened with the education crisis! Resources thrown at LMDC, results treble, pat on the back for everyone. Mulkerrin now on the education board although he had nothing to do with the resources or the results.

grumpy teacher

Spartacus - a very interesting observation. If you are implying that Education has only papered over the cracks you would be absolutely right.

Another crisis in Education is looming I'm sad to say. Having got rid of Neale/Steere we now have Buckland/Sillars which is a much more disturbing combination. At least Derek Neale knew something about education.


grumpy teacher

I have said that all along, it doesn't matter who is in charge, the 11+ inequality and neglect of LMDC prevails.

As debated passionately in the States this week, a year has gone by and LMDC school building has been left to crumble. So they have got the go ahead for a new building which we can't afford and don't need, unless they are going to scrap the college grants and/or ban private education, but the building is not fit for purpose NOW and hundreds of children are still being let down.

LMDC apparently are struggling to recruit due to high competition for teachers. Deputy Rob Jones tweeted "teachers still attracted to college. Beaucamp 14 applications LMDC 4 due to conditions."

Shocking isn't it. I frankly don't give a monkeys about the school building and nor do the kids but I certainly do care about the teaching and if teachers are put off by condition that is SERIOUS.

Will Richard Conder who cares so much please tell us what is being done for LMDC right NOW. They need to offer more money for LMDC teachers!! What are they going to do for the next 5 years or so while the new building is being built just forget about the kids who are there now?

Things seem to be going downhill again with homework non existent, end of year school reports now scrapped (Why?) and behaviour persisting. Sorry Vicky Godley you cannot afford to get complacent.



Apart from your reference to private education and college grants, I find myself in the very rare position of agreeing with you.

How on earth has La Mare been allowed to fall into such a disgraceful state, and who is responsible for having allowed it to happen?

Maybe if the specs for Le Rondin, St Sampsons High and Les Beaucamps had been cut back by just 5% to 10%, then there would have been enough funds available to maintain La Mare in a decent state until the rebuild?

Surely Education should be looking at the needs of all schools all the time, to ensure that essential upkeep is carried out, rather than looking just at shiny new buildings? Maintenance and upkeep is at least as important as capital expenditure.

Or has it been deliberately neglected as a tactic to ensure that the rebuild simply cannot be delayed any longer? That tactic seemed to work at Les Beaucamps after all....

grumpy teacher

Spartacus I am genuinely sorry to hear that things are sliding downwards at LMDC. You are also right to say that new buildings don't cure the problem.

I had high hopes for Education in the wake of the Mulkerrin report and the man himself being voted on to the Board. However nothing has changed. They still have their secret meetings, never get into schools, still the same waste in the Education Department, even more civil servants who do God knows what all day.

Neil Forman


That is absolute rubbish!


Dave Jones

So many anecdotes about a surplus of Civil Servants in Education and yet your senior management are having to work late evenings and weekends in order to keep up

Time someone high up in the HR hub earned their corn ?

Sarnia expat

For once Mr Forman, I am in total agreement with Sparty. Perhaps you would enlighten us as to why you think her post is incorrect? What points exactly?

Neil Forman

Sarnia expat

I was referring to her post Dec 14 at 11.18pm.

Mulkerrin did have something to do with the resources and results. His report highlighted the failings and that is why extra rescources were given. I for one am happy to see him on the Education Board. He has a proven track record.

I am largely in agreement with her post of 15 Dec at 9.54am. Apart from the 11+ & private education and College grants. That post was not there when I posted.

I have still not been able to see my old school (not through want of trying ) but I am shocked at the things I have been told.

grumpy teacher

Mulkerrin to me has been a big disappointment. His reports were excellent but since he has been elected to the Board he has become part of the establishment. Sorry Dennis. I and many others had faith in you to sort things out....

Enjoy the freebies and the taxi rides home while it lasts...



again you are demonstrating how misguided you are.

Mulkerrin's recommendation :The remedial action undertaken by the Education Department has been comprehensive and should be continued.

The remedial action was undertaken before the Mulkerrin review. Nothing in Mulkerrin's report and recommendations made any difference to the results last year.

Check this out for yourself.

In section 6 Mulkerrin listed all the work which had ALREADY BEEN DONE! ie enlisting Geoff Cowley etc.

Nevertheless Mulkerrin's report has put extra pressure on the education department to try to fulfill the mainly impossible changes he demanded. He has increased the workload and costs at the centre of the department. Extra man hours are also going into FTP.

Meanwhile LMDC has had the extra resources removed and nothing has been done about the building conditions. Consequently it is alleged there is a fresh recruitment crisis at LMDC


We need to get Yvonne Burford on the education board.

Neil Forman


I will have to hold my hands up here and say sorry, got a bit muddled up there.

Is this true regarding LMDC?

Surely Deputy Sillars has not allowed the good work to slip, that would probably mean another vote of no confidence coming up.

I have still not seen around the school but from what I have been told it is in a very sad state. Sad really, I always remember this school as well equipped and that includes the teaching staff. It is not right that the staff and children may have to go through this again. Terrible.

If true, heads should roll.

Yvonne Burford

Thanks Spartacus, I'm not sure what leads you to that conclusion.

I was approached back in April/May and I gave it very serious consideration but ultimately I felt I could be more productive on other Boards. I also considered my views on education to be too radical.

Nevertheless I believe that there are some very progressive people on the Board and it will be interesting to see what they come up with.


Yvonne Burford

I read your tweets and find your radical outlook on education fascinating and could be a very beneficial influence for Guernsey in the longer term. Your views are backed up by other things I have read. I'd like to see Guernsey become at the forefront of global education trends not trailing years behind. Being radical could work for Guernsey but it would be a long journey from where we are now.

I can understand why you thought you might not have been in harmony on the board but I imagine your opinion is valued highly and you are still in a position of influence so please don't stop coming up with food for thought.

I have confidence in the current board members and I am waiting with fingers crossed for the report on the future vision of education which was promised by the end of the year.

It concerns me greatly that the state of the LMDC building is putting off new teachers but I am informed that the teachers who are already there are some of the best in the world!

I believe the states owes it to the school, the teachers and pupils who have come through all the turmoil, to continue to support efforts to maintain standards. I have no doubt that this will entail financial support, to secure and retain new and current teachers and to make the current school building as comfortable, usable and presentable as possible.


just not right make a mistake and your out how can you budget on health care who knows how many operations are needed a year in my opinion we all pay alot of taxes a year and healthcare should be top priorty no questions asked do you all not realise that childrens services are part of this to how much is spent on children in care


First job will be to find out the population of the Island then, so they can base their budget for that number, not keep on wishing it was sixty seven thousand they were trying to have us believe!

Dee Vee

Good point about population. I'm sure Housing or whoever haven't a clue

as to the real number of people living here!


The success of this re-shuffle will depend on the behind the scenes implementation of a internal audit of HSSD financial pratices and also procurement practices.

Family members of mine (4 in total)that either currently work for HSSD and one that departed in depair report shocking overspends on parts and consumables, wastefall overmanning, working at a pace to preserve call out and over-time.

Internal controls on expenses were almost nil or simply cosmetic.

Everything was geared to maintain or increase spending. Lip service was apid to any notion of a reduction in expense.

Until professionaly aware auditors are called in nothing will ever change.


New HSSD Board

Cut out and keep SaintsBay's post.Sounds like middle management needs a good shake up.Ignore it at your peril


Just three of the 2.6M hits when you Google NHS waste.It must be happening here on a smaller scale


New Board?

Two were on the Old Board who resigned!

How come they were voted back onto the New Board?

Dave Jones


In answer to the point you make that is because staff numbers at Housing have remained virtually static, certainly for the 12 years or so that I have been there but the work load has increased dramatically over the same period.

Also I have never said that they work late or on weekends every week but it is not uncommon when issues need to be addressed.

Some senior staff will be on training projects for the new SAP’s system and several training days getting up to speed with housings new computer system, which I have to say is brilliant. There workload on their desks is still there when they get back into their own offices and it has to be completed at some point.

We of course, also get the same levels of sickness as many other departments which also puts additional pressure on staff.



Sounds like it's time to bang your shoe on the table when they're divvying up the next batch of Civil Servants ( or try to find out how Education always seems to get away with it !)

Merry Christmas .. if we all get passed 21/12/12



Please give yourself a Christmas break, I love your sense of humour, but just lately Victor Meldrew springs to mind. Have a Merry Christmas and chill out.


Bah humbug,I don't BELIEVE it!

You see that little black square with the red flag and the little grey donkey?

If you could zoom in approximately X50 you would see that it says under the tail " TIG WISHES TO STRESS THAT IT IS NOT COMPULSORY TO READ THIS OR ANY OTHER POST"

Because it is written in Guernsey French and tucked away where the sun don't shine I have to admit that it is something of an otiose revendication but anyway now that it is out in the open perhaps it is one that everyone can follow .. I certainly do

Merry Christmas Valeite. I might take the 25th off but can't make any rash promises about Boxing day :)


I have worked in health for many years, I am really saddened that the HSSD board became the 'scapgoats'! the reality is that health costs can only rise! just like food, fuel, wages, etc because we as users demand the best, efficient and most comprehensive services, which basically saves lives and improves the quality of life, from the very young (our babies and children) to the very old (our parents) and somewhere in between ourselves, life and good health is precious to us all, but comes at a price.

In order to plan for our future Health and Social services, for not just next year but for the next 10 years inreality! The island actually needs to have some solid and substantial data of the islands current population,i.e. regarding a projection of need and future demand.

There has been NO census since 2001 here?? so it is a bit like driving a car with 'impaired vision'. It was announce that a Professor Martin , at Southampton University is going to provide an electonic computer generated census for Guernsey!(at a cost?) in conjunction with the Department of Social Security.

As the Private GP practices and HSSD dont share this sort of information, I seriously wonder on the accuracy of data which can be collected?? We need to know for example? how many people are carers? how many people have memory difficulties?, learning difficulties, how many people are wheelchair users or have a physical or mental disability? This VERY important imformation which can only be recorded it the 'normal' way by the Census sheet, by door to door collection?(I think a cheaper option) You need to KNOW these figures in order to plan services and set realistic budgets? common sense stuff!? I think?