Cambridge Uni fee hike to avoid 'discrimination'

CAMBRIDGE University claims it is bringing in higher overseas fees for Guernsey students to avoid being ‘discriminatory’ towards others.

CAMBRIDGE University claims it is bringing in higher overseas fees for Guernsey students to avoid being ‘discriminatory’ towards others.

The leading institution yesterday justified being one of four universities to refuse to treat island students the same as those in the UK, who pay  lower fees than those from overseas.

Education minister Robert Sillars revealed the move by Cardiff, Cambridge, Warwick and Imperial universities during this week’s States meeting.

A Cambridge University spokesman said: ‘Fees for island students are higher than for Home/EU students in reflection of the fact that the Higher Education Funding Council for England does not provide any funding to the university for these students.

‘The university does not see any justification for maintaining a reduced rate of unregulated fee charged solely on the basis of a particular domicile. To do so would be discriminatory.’

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Fat Jonny

You can't have your cake and eat it!

For various selfish reasons, including sovereignty, self-government, favourable tax rates, legal, and economic, Guernsey chooses to be outside of the UK and outside of the EU, therefore it and its population should be treated like any other foreign non-EU entity. If Guernsey wants to pay UK University fees, then join the UK. If you want to pay reduced EU University fees, then join the EU.

I had the advantage of being born in the UK by Guernsey parents, so was able to pay UK fees while at University. But at the same time I'm now no longer "local", although all my other family were born and raised in Guernsey, and still live there today.

I got my UK rate student fees, but I can't go back and live/work in Guernsey, even if I wanted to, except by coming in as a "foreigner" the same way as any other non-Guernsey resident.

It's all swings and roundabouts in the end.


The proverbial nail has been hit on the head there FJ.


"Well Explained" Fat Jonny.


The previous comment sounds sensible. However, I do have one question: "Does the States of Guernsey contribute anything to the Uk government on behalf of Guernsey students going to university in the UK?" If so then Guernsey students ought to be chrged UK rates or teh States should discontinue any contribution that it makes.


Back in 60's went through trauma of Labour Govt doing similar, fees shot through the roof that neither I or parents could afford

The then Education Dept accepted extra fees & allowed me to go away for training

Did all that, came back & worked hard back here!!!. Thinks that investment worked for Guernsey