The wonder of an Elvis nativity

WINE is mulling, carols are playing and tree lights are sparkling.

Herm nativity

WINE is mulling, carols are playing and tree lights are sparkling.

That can only mean one thing – it’s time for the school nativity.

Performed on the altar step in St Tugual’s Chapel, The Wonder Of You combined the traditional Christmas story with songs from the king of quiffs, Elvis Presley.

With only six children in school this year, half key stage 1 and half key stage 2, it is a challenge to cover all the major roles.

The two things that save the school play each year are the boundless creativity and hard work of teacher Mary Carey and the energy and enthusiasm of the children.

Mrs Carey has a real knack for bringing out the strengths of each child and for allotting them just the right role and just the right amount of lines to make sure it all goes smoothly.

Despite all this, even she can’t create an abundance of actors out of a school of six, meaning the Angel Gabriel was this year played by an elaborately dressed and well-strung teddy bear.

The songs were perfectly suited to the moment, such as Joseph bursting into Suspicious Minds when told by his virginal fiancee she was expecting a baby (‘We’re caught in a trap. I can’t walk out.’)

Other Elvis classics featured included Blue Suede Shoes, You Are Always On My Mind and Jailhouse Rock, all slightly tinkered with to make them relevant to the scene in question.

No matter how much the concert goes off on a tangent, it always comes back to the real Christmas message. At the end, they all sang The Wonder Of You to the baby Jesus.

For all of us on the island, this is the true start of Christmas.

The nativity is also a good chance to sell the fundraising cards and calendars produced by the school.

This year’s calendar is based on scenes from The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, depicted beautifully around the island.

The school Christmas card was drawn and designed by the children and is their interpretation of Christmas morning.

Both these items are available directly from school and the calendar is in the Herm gift shops.

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