Police chief is new law enforcement head

POLICE chief Patrick Rice will become the new single head of law enforcement, the Home Department has announced.

POLICE chief Patrick Rice will become the new single head of law enforcement, the Home Department has announced.

It will mean his current role and that of Guernsey Border Agency chief Rob Prow, the other candidate for the post, will be replaced by the overarching position.

Department minister Jonathan Le Tocq said he was sorry to lose Mr Prow after 43 years of service.

Mr Prow said he had been overwhelmed by the messages of support from within the public sector and the general public.

Mr Rice, pictured, was delighted at having been given the new opportunity and challenge.

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a voter

Well now Mr Rice has the overall control of Police and Border Control keep your eyes open for the new ARMOURED Gun Boat, Apache Helicopter and Submarine which he has probably already ordered to go with his toys on land.

The Anti terrorist missile silos will be in converted bunkers on the cliffs and will be in place by 2014.

Of course his budget will be huge now but I hope he doesn't overspend.

I bet Mr Prow won`t be too sad to loose the post as his golden handshake will probably equal Mr Rice`s budget.

a voter

Oh yes, does this make Mr Rice a Civil servant now because it is now outside the Standard Police Appointments?

King Maker

Sensible choice.


Is he the right influential man for the job? Will he be too influenced by his home country's laws and ways? Will he have enough influence in the role before his 5 year housing licence expires? Recruitment is a tough job, presumably Deputy Le Tocq is well versed in this area. Let's hope so or we may resemble policing in a UK inner city. Next we will be buying an armoured vehicle for deployment to Sark


What a joy that we will no longer have to suffer Mr Prow appearing on our media egregiously claiming successes in the pathetic 'war on drugs'.


That's true.It will be Mr Rice or one of his staff who will have to do that job and the more times I see them claiming successes on the telly the happier I will be


Personally I still cannot see how one person can devote enough time to

two of the most important departments in the Island!

I also do not believe there'll be much if any cost effectivety.

Alex M

Rice hasn't proved himself the right man for the top Police job, let alone the right man for heading-up all law enforcement in the island. In his short time here, he has alienated his staff, appeared heavy-handed to the public, and blown a huge chunk of his force's budget on nonsensities. I dread to think what he has in store for the border agency. Total Recall-style X-Ray machines at the harbour? ED209 enforcement droids at every airport gate? You have 20 seconds to comply!

Supreme Dalek

I can confirm an order for 100 battle Daleks has been received and will be delivered in the New Year. They will replace human officers who will be exterminated to avoid costly legal action and redundancy payments.

Once we have taken over the police and border controls there will be no further need for the prison or the courts - thus providing extra cost savings. All criminals will simply be exterminated - so be very careful not to drop litter.


Tip to all who want to escape: Go upstairs!

Rumour has it........

........that Mr Prow has walked off with a lump sum payment of several hundred thousand pounds, not to mention a very handsome pension, that'll help to keep him in beer through his retirement

Sugared Brazil Nut

Beer? Champagne all the way from here on in I would guess.

Only within the confines of his duty free allowance of course.


This appointment has made me smile.

Now we're going to see some serious money wasted shortly. It'll make the HSSD overspend look like peanuts. Great entertainment potential for the new year here !


I think the most benefit will come of the behind the scenes activities - the investigations, the computer forensic analysis etc makes sense to have a central team doing that kind of work.


New gun boat on the way to Guernsey.








I wonder how long ago it was decided that Rice would have the Job?

When will the new Gun Boat arrive?


absolutely disgusting yet another guernseyman pushed aside for a "foriegner". Rob Prow has served guernsey brilliantly for 43years and gets treated like this by the states. Mr Rice will I take it have his housing licence extended. How come he got the job as police chief in first place as there were plenty of excellent LOCAL GUERNSEY senior members of police ready to be promoted.

Good luck to Rob Prow if in deed you have recieved a substancial payoff you have earned it in catching and instigating the imprisonment of the scum who import drugs to our island . Enjoy your alledged payoff


Seems like the obvious choice to me - wasnt Mr. Prow due for his retirement anyway?


Agreed.As long as Mr Rice doesn't get any more ideas above his station

Guern abroad

What sooner then Mr Rice's license expires? Don't think so.


Nice to think we can still afford people like this, spending tax payers money on things we don't need, now he is in a position to waste yet more and of course will be able to, unchallenged by anyone.

Just Sayin

Whilst I should imagine Mr Rice will have an uplift his overall salary will most likely still be lower than what we were paying for both of them ergo...cost saving.


Cost saving with this guy? you must be dreaming!


Well said nic such a shame we have another foriener taking a locals job to much of that going on in this Island, good luck Rob

Happy Sam

Dunno, was nice rice given the top cop job or was he put here by the crown he works for? Such an important position should have been decided by the public by vote. We have a man that dresses his 'force' (not service but FORCE) like they're going into battle cos it looks smarter. HRH turns up n they're back to being Bobbies again albeit the snipers on the roof. Say what you like about Mr Prow but he knows this island inside out n what goes on in it. The wrong man lost the job n your gonna lose a whole lot more soon.


Whilst an interview with Mr Prow is enough to put me off, I think the expansion of the powers of a man who tries to apply UK city policing to a small town/village scenario is laughable. Although, is this pushed through by the same man who was one of the powerhouses behind 0-10.? More money off the poorer to help the rich tax corporations. Thank goodness he's not my religious representative.

Hands up who thinks Mr Rice is doing a good job? And maybe we can go from there. GP let's have a survey!


No problem with either person - but feel this was really not required. To save money please look at amalgamating the TWO Fire Brigades. Arguments used against this are fatuous - too specialised,etc. What is it about a fireman not being multi skilled - doctors are, as are teachers,social workers, nurses, etc ???


Appallled and disgusted !! Another local disgarded for an immigrant !


I believe there is a justification due to being an island for giving preference to residentially qualified locals.

In this instance I would not expect Mr Rice to have been granted an essential housing licence in conjunction with this new role as the usual policy conditions do not appear to have been met. Mr Prow is locally qualified and was clearly suitable for the job or he would not have been asked to apply. I cannot imagine that Mr Rice is living in an open market property.

Mr Rice may well have gained more training and experience during his career due to coming from overseas however on that basis there will be a more suitable candidate somewhere in the world for every single one of our local workforce. What are the ramifications of this decision?

The rationale for appointing Mr Rice to this post needs clarification. Would interview panelists Le Tocq and Harwood care to explain?


Well put totally agree


Good grief, Sparty, there's not many times I agree with you, but....

I have it on good authority that Mr Rice expressed his want to run both the Police and the Guernsey Border Agency before he even started his job, so I am entirely unsurprised by this move.

As I have already said on another thread, I find it quite frankly disgusting the amount of pubiic sector staff that get imported for everything from the most pedestrian positions to the most well paid, and always with no explanation other than they were apparently the best person for the job.

Mr Rice's heavy handed inner city policing tactics and use of Police funds on things the island didn't want or need is a classic example of an imported 'expert' who may well be very well qualified to do his job elsewhere, but who's local knowledge of what is a very special and somewhat unique island and culture is limited to NIL, and consequently gets it wrong at every turn.

Neil Forman


For once I agree with you.



You have said that at least a dozen times now ;)

Neil Forman

43 years of service, locally qualified and thrown out for someone not locally qualified and with a penchant for buying over the top purchases, who has been here for less than five years. Shocking.



The usual, "hurr durr throw out the englishman! forget actual policing experience and qualification for the job, we want more in-breeding!" crowd raise their ugly, ignorant heads once again.

Both men applied, the more useful and qualified man got the job, end of.

Doesn't matter if he's UK or local, in fact it's probably better that he's not.


Hartley, what matters is whether imported people put into these senior, very important local positions, which wield considerable power over the whole island, have proper local knowledge of our rather 'different' island, and equally importantly, how much effort was actually made to employ a local person into this position, thus avoiding further expansion of the island's burgeoning population and giving a local a job...!

...still, congrats on being the first person to trot out the age old xenophobe argument, which btw, Hartley, appears to get bandied about a lot less in Jersey now, thanks to the fact they've realised that their 'right on' pc UK style immigration policy has gotten them chronic overpopulation, major unemployment and an infrastructure groaning under the strain of it all.

Mr Rices excellent quails and experience aren't in question, what is in question, imo, is whether he has the local knowledge that he also requires if he is to apply that knowledge and experience effectively and appropriately for Guernsey.

Thus far, his decision making is questionable, certainly on the matter of such things as the alleged requirement for a very expensive armoured vehicle, as has his tendency to approach certain situations that could and would have been dealt with in an entirely different manner before his arrival - armed police response at the drop of a hat comes to mind - in a extremely heavy handed, 'UK' style way, where, it seems, crimes that require such a response are far more prevalent , therefore, that type of response entirely necessary....

not so in Guernsey...

not that he appears to have noticed.


There it goes again. "Having local knowledge", "different island". There's nothing about Guernsey that would make it in any way difficult for a UK chief to police, other than the ignorant stubbornness of the population who apparently refuse to having a non-local in a position of authority within the community.

I'm shocked by the apparent willingness of the locals to risk throwing away the chance to have people with Patrick Rice's level of experience in the island, a level of experience that you simply cannot hope to gain without leaving the island. The idea that a born and bred Guernsey man can match a Met police commander in experience is just ridiculous.

Then you go on to question his judgement based on the purchase of the now-legendary land rover. Tell me this, have you seen the reports that led to it's purchase? Do you have access to whatever high-level intelligence the Police service may? Have you made an appointment with Mr. Rice and asked him in person?

I'm going to assume the answer to these is no, and thus I have to ask what you think qualifies you to question the decision. You, like so many others, have seen a price tag (which was within budget and approved by the home department) and have formed a summary judgement that it's 'not what guernsey needs' and Rice is a bad chief based on what...? Opinion?

The real problem here is that the local police service has been isolated for some time and has stagnated in both methods and tools. The reaon people object to Mr. Rice so strongly is that he's bringing in 15-20 years' worth of progress (and it is progress, we've fallen behind the national standard) in just a few years.

We're moving towards where we SHOULD be with regards policing in the island.


Hartley/eric are you a copper?

Guern abroad

'...we’ve fallen behind the national standard...'

Exactly whose national standard, because I do not see that the Channel Islands needs to follow the decisions of other areas. Increasing 'tooling' up does not have a posiitive impact on crime, but from what I have read makes it worse with increased use of firearms.

I am not convinced this was the right decision and has the potential to increase alienation further.

You will always find other people with more experience the further you throw your catchment net but it does not mean that you need to do that in order to incorporate any learned improvements.

The cost to the Island of the potential of turning a license holder in to a permanent resident could be greater then the cost of maintaining the two roles and promoting working relationships to share any knowledge that would have been advantageous to do. This practice should also have been used to skill up the next senoir resident in the police force to take on Rice's role as he came to the end of his license period. This is called succession planning!


15 - 20 years worth of experience of hardcore policing so what, Hartley, we'll hopefully soon have crime levels up to speed to match that?

If the level of UK style policing that Patrick Rice and whoever decided to employ him is so required here, how come our local paper doesn't resemble a UK paper? Where are all the murders, rapes, muggings and terrorists? Where's the crack houses? Where's the gun/knife crime? How come people still don't lock their cars/houses, and to conclude, how come our crime levels before he even arrived have remained so low for many years?

Is bad policing the cause? Is there actually a crime wave of tsunami size proportions that everyone but everyone, from people who've lived here their whole lives to the many visitors who come each year, have entirely failed to notice, thus insist on continuing to say what a safe, (relatively - compared to the UK) place Guernsey really is?

If you think that Guernsey is so entirely out of step with the UK, then I would agree with you, if you think that's a bad thing, then I don't....

how do YOU know there wasn't a suitable local candidate, btw?

There are far more progressive places you can live with more crime than you can shake a stick at Hartley, and where the cops carry guns which they use most readily when required. I've lived in some of those places, and would agree with Mr Rice's approach if we were there - but we're not, and for that I am eternally grateful....

if you don't get that Guernsey is a very wonderfully unique place, then you either need to live here longer or get out more.



Rice blew 200 grand of our money on a land rover that has never been used since the day it arrived. That's all I need to know to form an opinion of this man and his huge ego and I think demonstrates that he really doesn't understand our beautiful peaceful island one little bit. God help us all now that he's been given even more power.


Great post Guern Abroad and Scarlett

Guern abroad

Exactly Scarlett.

This is a big square peg in a round hole, but I suspect we will sadly see rather then shaving off the sides a chisel being used instead.

This is not a good move.

I hope that there will be due diligence taken for every move Rice makes and for every dip into the piggy bank and it will not be taken on face value that it must happen/be bought.


Yet again another bad states decision!

I know Mr Prow cares about the Island he was born and bred here! And has served (guernsey) well, for many years, all Mr Rice cares about is his fancy new toys that will never benefit anyone! God help us...............this island on the way down the pan!!


I look forward to the official handing-over ceremony of the adjective 'robust' from Mr Prow to Mr Rice.

Steve cole

Wishing you all the very best Rob, enjoyed working with you for all those years. From your old Jersey Pal.


More Local Than You

Chief Rice certainly looks delighted in the picture above.

Agreed that there were several excellent local candidates that were up for the job, no idea why it went to Rice in the first place.

As for Prow, nice bloke, see him at the Captains pub regularly.

Whilst am here, what ever happened to that large sum of money that mysteriously vanished whilst held by local Customs?

Alex M

It's strange how the case of the missing money went so quiet, isn't it? Dorset Police were investigating, but they refuse to put their findings into the public domain as their investigation is apparently still on-going. Seriously? They actually expect to catch someone seven years on???

It's pretty typical for a system as closed-in as that of the police service, though. How many serious crimes have we heard about over the years that have just quietly drifted away? I know they can't update the public on everything they do, but some transparency would be nice. Anyone would think that they're rubbish at catching criminals!


You sound like a cracked record.



How long would that continue until people were lambasting them for wasting time? ¬_¬


Surprised that a Woman was not appointed ,because as we all know, they are famous for their 'multi-tasking' skills

Royston Gauno

I think this is good, when we have spot checks to see if you have any blown bulbs, they can put on marigolds and shine their torch in the back for drugs. Bargain..



If only you knew how close to the truth that comment will be...


Its going to be very interesting to see how well Paul Whitfield will manage a go getter, like Patrick Rice, in such a demanding position.

I'd like to be in Patrick's appraisal!!!??? :D

With the ongoing FTP projects £8m. off target, (today's Press) how will LAW ENFORCEMENT comply with the targets with a manager hell bent on IMPROVEMENT at all costs?

I'm sure a shake up is inevitable with such a merger but Paul and Patrick......., lets take it at a logical financial pace.

You will undoubtedly have enough moral issues in-house without including GSY PLC


I always found Paul Whitfield to be a fairly pragmatic, sensible man when I had dealings with him in the prison. I hope that he is still like that, and realises that the home department cannot dip into a bottomless pit of cash to fund ridiculous whims such as armoured vehicles.


This Mr Whitfield seems to be a very important civil servant

Is he ranked above the Police Chief?

Does he tell the Home Department politicians what to do?

Is he in control of the Home purse strings?

If you can answer yes to any of the above then you have a fair idea of who actually runs this island in the background


sorry I meant MORALE.damn. :D


Let's face it...the Customs chaps were acting like Cops anyway, now they have a chance to be Cops. Right man for the job....end of. Good luck in dealing with the arrogant, overpaid and bloated GBA Mr Rice...rather you than me!!!

Dave Wilkinson

It is interesting to look back at the history of Chief of Police appointments in Guernsey. The first Police Chief was appointed on 10th January 1915 and since then 12 individuals have held the post. Six have been Guernseymen and the remaining six have been UK police officers. Generally speaking, either by accident or design the practice appears to be one of appointing a Guernseyman and then a UK man. So if the trend continues Mr. Rice will be replaced by a local Officer. Watch this space!


Just wait until Rice’s black shirts have a deck gun mounted on the sea fishers Leopardess. (a lot cheaper than buying a gun boat) Then we will see some action on the high seas. No more smugglers bringing drugs into the island by boat. Strange manoeuvres out at sea? Can’t wait for the action to start.

Donkeys Know Best

Take it from me, Mr Rice is not the man for the job. I come from a typical law-abiding, hard-working Guernsey family who until recently had never had to call on the police for assistance with any significant matter or been in trouble with the police ourselves. Then we had a terrible ongoing situation that we needed police assistance with, and you simply would not believe how bad the "service" was that we received. I was brought up to have a great deal of respect for the police, but I had to accept very painfully that they are just not up to the job anymore, largely due to the fact that senior officers are bunkered away from the public and haven't a clue about resolving certain situations "on the ground". They delegate jobs to lower-ranking officers, and when they cannot do the job they delegate it to someone else instead, only for the process to repeat. The image of capability and professionalism that Mr Rice is constantly trying to promote simply doesn't match the reality of police provision.



You seem to be a switched on cookie so I will take your questioning with pinch of salt.

However, with Paul Whitfield (Chief Officer of Home Department) being given an annual budget to share around the whole of Home Dept, I would hope that the demands of Patrick Rice does not directly effect budgets of other important but smaller Depts.

Other players such as Drug & Alcohol Strategy or Safeguarder Services or even Guernsey Probation Services, who would normally be working in conjunction with the Police to prevent the requirement of warfare tactics could have their budgets reduced to furnish a new wealth in law enforcement!?!

Just sayin


It is easy to criticise the police and their efficiency. They are a frustrated body. Yet they are the only bastion against crime now. All the brilliant ideas now available to them in gathering evidence against criminals is negated by the courts and everyone else who benefit by the proliferation of crime. Even the 'human rights' people tend to insist that sub humans have human rights but they make no murmur about the victims of crime. There's do-gooders everywhere you look; amongst them is you - you who believe that perks are not thieving!

So pull your heads in.


@ Bry

"you believe that perks are not thieving"??? Que?


Quizzed. Glasses on and read the above again!

I did not say I believed that perks is not stealing.



I agree that they have a hard time policing the protected criminals, but spending thousands on warfare is not the answer locally and this money could be better spent elsewhere. where will the money go with the whole of law enforcement under the same umbrella?

'Home' will only get a finite amount in it's budget and I would rather that (in these tight times) money/budgets were used carefully!

as for the last part of your cryptic message???

Sounds like you are saying that I am a do-gooder and promoting the unimaginable!

To the contrary, I know probably half of the police force in a very positive light! many of them good friends! Not the workforce I knock, but with the budgets being as tight as they are......???????