Concerns raised over lack of parking at mooted multiplex

GRAVE concerns have been raised over a potential lack of parking for cinemagoers at the proposed Admiral Park development.

Zef Eisenberg

GRAVE concerns have been raised over a potential lack of parking for cinemagoers at the proposed Admiral Park development.

The warning comes as Maximuscle founder Zef Eisenberg, pictured, called on the developers, Comprop, to deliver on its promise to Guernsey of a viable ‘multiplex’ cinema as part of the plans.

He spoke ahead of the proposals being resubmitted to planners following a mix up by Environment which saw the matter mysteriously pulled from the agenda at last month’s open planning meeting.

‘I hope with this revised stance by the States, Comprop will not shy away from its promise to Guernsey in delivering a proper multiplex cinema,’ he said.

‘However, I still have grave concerns, as the Mallard cinema and restaurant offers considerably more parking, with nearly every space taken up during peak times.

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wont they simply do a deal with the banks and use their multi storey carparks on weekends and in the evenings?


I doubt it, these are typically used by staff at weekends for various reasons.

From what I hear sometimes subletting to people living in nearby flats!


That's far too sensible

Sara Thompson

Cinema will never happen. Island isn't big enough for it, no company will want to take it on as cinema audiences are in decline


Any facts to back up this claim?


Heaven forbid, people could actually walk, cycle, or take the bus...

The Mallard's out in the sticks, so it's understandable why a lot of people might drive, but given the location of Admiralty Park, you'd hope people could get there by alternative means


Parking will be a big issue. However the fact that film producers take the majority of any cinema ticket sales means that the viability of builidng a multiscreen cinema in Guernsey is the bigger issue. This is probably why this project has sat on the back boiler for so long and probably will do for a lot longer to come! Who would want to run a cinema for very little reward! If they do I bet a cinema ticket will be well over £10 a seat!


Can someone please confirm whether this part of the Admiral Park development was a sweetener to help the office blocks through...

Is that right...?

Could someone also confirm how one of our most important States Depts have only just realised they were applying the wrong, outdated planning laws to this...

Now surely, that can't be right...?!