FTP £8m. off target

A COST-CUTTING drive by the States that is key to eliminating the deficit and preventing tax rises is nearly £8m. off target.

A COST-CUTTING drive by the States that is key to eliminating the deficit and preventing tax rises is nearly £8m. off target.

Known as the Financial Transformation Programme, it had been expected to deliver £18.5m. of recurring savings by the end of last month, but instead had hit just £10.8m.

The Policy Council produced the original forecast, but now blames the approach taken from the outset for the shortfall.

‘There was a lack of ownership and departments felt that it was being imposed on them from the centre,’ Chief Minister Peter Harwood, pictured, said in a progress report released today.

He added that ‘the approach created a perverse incentive to delay delivery in order to postpone any budget reductions’.

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8 mill off target?

lack of ownership from States Departments?



time for another mince pie and some nice crack to wash it down with.


Hardly surprising, as the will to save is sadly lacking :-

Reduce mortgage interest relief - oh no that will have to wait for a review

Closing wards to make health savings - oh no that is no good, let's get rid of the board

Closing St Andrews and St Sampsons schools - oh no, we might upset a couple of parents

Stop the expensive final salary pensions - oh no the unions will not like that

All the talk sounds good but when we get down to actual difficult decisions, which is what the deputiees were elected for, they all seem to chicken out

Let's give deputies a pay rise - oh yes, that's fine

Sadly lacking!!


sadly, all those proposals are painting over cracks when the wall needs demolishing. Not worried about higher pay or final salary pensions schemes, if we have fewer civil servants (and deputies). Fundamentally, we need to look at what the States do and deliver, then have the people to do that. It is likely to reduce the number of civil servants and to focus on a small number of areas that any state should be dealing with.


Cut down on deputiees and save money.Deputiees should not have had a PAYRISE what do they do lose money for us people of Guernsey and make us PAY.


£8M shortfall? Knock it off the cost of the LMDC rebuild


The chickens are coming home to roost. Give a licence to the two biggest Departments to postpone cuts, and allow another to gratuitously increase benefits at a rate higher than inflation, is hardly likely to set a good example.

SOG and its individual Deputies are on trial, and thus far they have been found wanting. The highest levels of government have failed to control and supervise, Boards have failed to abide by budgets, COs and their senior CS staff have failed to take budget limits seriously, the T&R has failed to control and restrain the profligate expenditures of the Departments, and Deputies in the Assembly have collectively failed to ask the searching, constructively critical, questions that could help bring all government expenditures under control.

Thus far the performance of politicians and Civil Service alike have been a disgrace. And thus far we have been offered little hope for significant change.

Carry on this way and not only will sales tax increase but free parking will be abolished, pensions and benefits cut, and severe cuts in staff and services will become necessary. Wheb reserves are exhausted, we cab expect savage cuts in services to become imperative and unavoidable

Every Deputy and Civil Servant must ask him or herself, 'Does the govthave to go broke before I start to act responsibly?'


Here's a quick quiz for you all. What do the letters FTP stand for? Is it:

A) Finance (industry) Takes Priority?

B) Filling Their Pockets?

C) Fleecing Tax Payers?

Answers on the back of a £50 note to Treasury & Resources, States of Guernsey. Enter as many times as your wallet can stand.