Pizzeria closes its doors today

VALENTINO’S will close its doors for the last time today after 32 years.

Peter Mayer, owner and manager of Valentino’s, which will close today after 32 years in business. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1292159)
Peter Mayer, owner and manager of Valentino’s, which will close today after 32 years in business. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1292159)

VALENTINO’S will close its doors for the last time today after 32 years.

Manager Peter Mayer said it was time to retire.

‘I’m 70 – it is time to throw in the towel,’ he said.

Mr Mayer bought the restaurant from HM Sheriff for around £50,000 – despite not giving the highest bid in a silent auction to sell the property.

‘They said they wanted me because I always pay my bills. And I always have.’

Starting in the hospitality industry as an apprentice in 1956 at the prestigious Hotel Sacher in Vienna, Mr Mayer has been in the business ever since.

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Guern abroad

I have loads of happy memories of eating pizza made from hand kneaded dough in the bottom seating area. Thin base seafood, yum yum, followed by midget gems from the Candy Shop sitting on the sea wall.

Wishing all the best for Mr Mayer's reitrement.


Thank you Peter. Valentino's has offered great value for many years and it will be a real loss to the Guernsey restaurant scene. Have a long and healthy retirement - you've certainly earned it.

The Onion Blossom was legendary!


Valentinos was a bit of an island institution - it used to be a regular "lads night out" venue in my teenage years and the occasion takeaway pizza and delicious curly fries were a bit of a treat. The pizzas weren't the best in the world but it laster a heck of a lot longer than Pizza Express did so they must've been doing something right!


Hilarious, so he openly admits that he got the property by the Sheriffs rigging the auction, or have I read this wrong.

Typical Guernsey, If your face fits than you are made !!


No, you have read it wrong. As with most sealed bid tenders, the States/Sheriff reserve the right to accept any bid they like, even if it's. not the highest. In this case they wanted the security of someone who pays their bills on time.

vic gamble

...have a good retirement Peter...always remember you best, back in the seventies, when you ran the Wine Bar in Mill Street...especially during the period of Poets Corner when everyone got really legless and read various degrees of good & bad poetry.

And I do recall leaving once, in the usual melee of chaos of people when I didn't pay my bill,,,but your gentle reminder the next time I arrived was simply a nice and gentle facet of your lovely personality

Stay well.

Vic and Kathryn.


Remind me Vic

Was the Wine Bar you talk about where the Tautschers opened the first bistro, or further down, opposite the Markets, as was, I remember this one as Berties, run by Paul and Carol Butler, then the Hamills, etc, etc. Mind you, there was one in between the two, known at one time as the Hot Pot.

All excellent places to go, so much good, reasonably priced food and ambience par non in those days, just like Valentinos; I wish Peter a very happy retirement.

Vic Gamble

...Stiletto...now you are really stretching my memory a little...Peter's Wine Bar was at the top of Mill Street...run afterwards, and

extremely well, by an Italian who's name evades me...it was the last restaurant on the right walking up Mill Street...sorry I cannot be more clear on this...but I am sure you can place it...


Vic (with small virtual memory).



vic gamble

....yep, Glanzstar the very man. Thanks for the assistance.


Have a great retirement Peter and a Happy Christmas to your family and all the staff who have worked with you over the years.

Great memories.


When I was younger (lets say around 1985) we spent a lot of time in Valentino's and got to know Peter, Linda and Reiner well. Always good service and good food. The food choices were always good as was the service. The popular salad bar at the top, a la carte in the middle and pizzas downstairs it had everything we could want.

Enjoy your well earned retirement Peter and family and thanks for a bunch of happy memories !


Hi Peter & Linda,

As you know i used to enjoy coming in and eat myself sober again in my younger days!,

About 12 years ago my friend Tom came to your place after a night out in the clubs and their was a big queue at the taxi rank, he then walked to your place and he ordered a pizza to be delivered at his house in St Martins, when your guy was ready to take it Tom said to him since you going to my house can you give me a lift please....no wonder he was so successful!!

And I was still waiting for a taxi, he had great pleasure telling me this the following morning.

Enjoy your retirement.

Best regards,

Sjaak from sunny South Africa

charlie G

Another link to a good old days era of the island will slowly fade away,as i remember times where we just got on with life,without being bombarded with the madness of things like Health and Safety,or any other do gooding wet behind the ears pansy regulations that have slowly eaten into the once common sense, and accepting responsibility for your own actions society we were so lucky to have known.As it happens,the first real and very authentic bistro at the time, that first graced our shores,started up in 1972 and was situated where Confucius is now,contree Mansell,a fact that i know well,as i was the first kitchen assistant working alongside Carol and Paul Butler in that busy little bistro which was buldging at the seams every night,what a fantastic atmosphere it was too,and no one was outside having a smoke blocking up the pavement like the ridiculous situation we have now,yes folks shock horror,you could smoke inside,and no one gave two hoots about it,we lived !As a matter of interest Whistlers Bistro was the next fantastic eatery to open, along with Berties wine bar,and sadly no matter what anyone may say,we will never see the like of La Recolte,Berties,Whistlers or Valentinos again.Fond memories of these professionaly run establishments with a true relaxed continental feeling ,will stay with me for ever.


Charlie G -Yes how ridiculous it is that smokers can't stink out the room when you're trying to eat and increase your chances of getting various respiratory diseases! Weren't things so much better before?! You really lived.....until you died of lung cancer.