Vandals attack Gnome Rock

VANDALS have smashed a collection of garden ornaments that had become a ‘magical’ unofficial attraction known as Gnome Rock.

People living near the unofficial attraction close to Beaucette Marina have condemned the vandalism, saying it has spoilt the magic of the site for children. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1292886)
People living near the unofficial attraction close to Beaucette Marina have condemned the vandalism, saying it has spoilt the magic of the site for children. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1292886)

VANDALS have smashed a collection of garden ornaments that had become a ‘magical’ unofficial attraction known as Gnome Rock.

People living nearby were outraged when they saw the devastation left at the site, an outcrop near the Beaucette Marina, on Saturday morning.

Earlier this month the ornaments had been reclaimed and returned to their scenic home after police had removed them.

Carol Priaulx, 69, who lives nearby, said the vandals had spoilt the magic of the site for so many children who visited with their families.

‘The kids loved it here,’ she said. ‘They think it is a fairyland. They go into another world. I think whoever did this is just mindless.'

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Such vandalism to a rock of attraction to many islanders who have taken to their hearts.

What frills do they get from this?

Grown ups or kids should have their toys smashed up if the culprits are found.


It's okay saying that one will capture the perpetrators, but I sincerely believe that Guernsey Police will feel as if the have more serious criminal cases to probe. Why squander time and effort searching for a handful of juvenile miscreants or adults under the influence of alcohol who have indulged in some reckless mischief- I am not a judgemental bigot but there is quite a strong probability that this damage was the work of juvenile youths wishing to divert boredom or inebriated adults- ?

Tracking down a mere few foolish individuals would provide a calculating, opportunistic villain whose intentions are far more sinister the ideal time to plot and then perpetrate a grievous offence. So prioritisation is necessary.


Fear not Ed - I'm pretty sure the police won't invest vast resources taking DNA samples from the gnomes and conducting extensive investigations. More likely they will appeal for information and if any is forthcoming they will act accordingly.

Dot Comma


Why would juvenile youths (sic) wish to divert inebriated adults?

Were they on traffic patrol?


There's absolutey gnome place for this type of 'devastation'. Another one of the island's 'finest attractions' gone - for good! The people that did this clearly have gnome morals whatsoever. Happy New Year folks gnome matter where you are.


I can tell that a similar situation will occur to that one on the person who stole the bass- that's gnome joke !


If the poor gnomes had been left where they were, instead of being "removed" by...who was it? Remind me, please....then I doubt whether anybody , inebriated youth or anyone else, would even have thought of smashing them up.



I'm affraid hypothetical thinking will do little to remedy this situation. Yes, it would have been nice for somebody not to remove the gnomes, but the world is far from idyllic- it's brutal and wretched. One must be more pragmatic when they encounter a situation like this; ' The gnomes have been damaged and, although it would have been better to have them remain within their original location, there are people who will transgress from the path of righteousness by removing them and inflicting damage upon them and thus one must do what the can to locate the perpetrators, rather than contemplate what the situation would have been like if human's weren't prone to committing dishonourable acts, as will do very little to rectify adverse circumstances'.

However, I do very much appreciate your view in the way that theoretical thinking is of avail with concern to future scenarios because one can carry out actions that would minimise or, to a degree, prevent the recurrence of such acts. Perhaps I have enlightened you to the fact that potential advantages can arise from unintended actions.



You have confused me and my little gnome brain with your gnomeless statement.I have to grow up and learn such grammar to understand rights and wrongs.

Yes we have been invaded of our privacy through a mole that escaped for pastures new and now revenge from us will be rallying more gnomes from around your island to make gnome island a fortress with a sea gull attacking army to any future invaders.


Eh ?

I bet your thinking 'now you know how I feel when I read your posts'.



Why do you use two different email addresses to post remarks?

Are you trying to be two different people?


Well, what does anyone expect?

Some people set up targets and then publicise the location so that everyone knows where they can have some brick throwing practice.

I know, let`s set it all up again but this time put a barbed wire fence, a concrete 8ft high wall and an exclusion zone of 100 meters around the area patrolled by the Police`s Armoured car (Their chance to justify buying it).

That should do it and the poor little gnomes can sleep safely in their crevasses at night.

Perhaps we could even open it up as a charity event and charge 50p a go. We could give the money to the Gnomeless.


To be honest I didn't even know this place existed until it was recently highlighted in the Guernsey Press after the police had removed the gnomes. Perhaps if the police had left well alone and the Press had not given it so much publicity the gnomes would be intact.

Vandals have no respect for feelings or property and I imagine they thought it was quite amusing to smash up the gnomes. Some people are just naturally ignorant.


I would be disinclined to say that some individuals are 'naturally' ignorant- on a superficial level, yes. It's too simplistic so remark that some people have inherent pig-headed tendencies as the individuals making those remarks know little of the events that have moulded that person into who they are today. Though I am not denying what these people have done is not morally reprehensible, whether they were predetermined by nature to be vandals is at its best questionable.



What a load of tosh you write - half of which is impossible to understand. Did you mean to write that it was NOT morally reprehensible? Where in my post did I mention pig-headed anything?

I stand by my comment that some people are ignorant even some educated ones!


Oh, get a life ! Are you another one of those individuals who only examines what one has to say on a superficial level ?

What I am saying if more likely to be the truth as I am acknowledging that ignorance is probably not an innate trait, but something that evolves if an individual spends a prolonged portion of their life in an unfavourable environment- one wherein they develop a personality or world view that causes them to commit dishonourable acts.



I agree with your thoughtful ideas about the basis of antisocial behaviour. I don't think people are born to be vandals.

Queen Bee is right about the grammatical error!



I am not sure who you think you are to tell me to get a life. I have noticed on several posts on these forums that you seem to get up a lot of people's noses and now I can see why.

If my use of the word 'natural' caused you such chagrin I shall amend it to 'some people are just ignorant' I did not suggest that some people were born to be vandals.


These vandals will by now realise they have upset many folks .

I would ask people to go and clean the area and if anyone has any gnomes looking for a new home paint the up smart and put them back at the rock as a replacement dont let the vandals win.


No, don`t give up, make the targets bigger and better to see.

The vandals can`t wait.


Or, you could avoid replacing them,and leave the 'rock' as nature intended. Problem solved!


That will merely act as a stimulus for further perpetration of such offences.

It would be wise to devote time and effort towards ensuring that the odds of such offences recurring are minimized, thereby ensuring that an already adverse situation is not exacerbated.

Has anyone considered employing correctional (not punitive or retributive) measures for the perpetrators ? I know that they are not inherently ignorant and do not have native criminal propensities, but they are still, to a degree, are morally reprehensible.


A.J. My thoughts entirely!