Bubble wrap and plastic recycling goes well

A TRIAL scheme that enables people to recycle clean and clear bubble wrap and polythene has got off to a good start.

Tina Norman-Ross

A TRIAL scheme that enables people to recycle clean and clear bubble wrap and polythene has got off to a good start.

Public Services recycling officer Tina Norman-Ross, pictured, said the Longue Hougue facility was proving to be very popular.

‘With all of the Christmas presents coming into the island there is a plethora of packaging,’ she said.

‘Often this combines cardboard, polystyrene and polythene, which includes bubble wrap.

‘We have had recycling facilities in place for cardboard and polystyrene for years now, and islanders are well used to using those.  However, until now all the polythene and bubble wrap material have had to go in the bin.’

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Contrary to the common belief held by many This is Guernsey contributors, Ed is not the only person who uses large, rather unusual words, but others do too- plethora, I believe, was one of the words participants adverted to when commenting upon my alleged use of a thesaurus.

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Talking to yourslf again ED?

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Plethora is very commonly used.

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Ed has used the verb "to advert" correctly, not invented a new verb.

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vic gamble

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Island Wide Voting


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Craig AKA Stats

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vic gamble

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I got to say I think this lady is doing a wonderful job.


Does anyone know why we suddenly can't recycle black plastic (cartons not bags) that is shown as recyclable?

I'm sure we could before but there are big stickers on the bins now saying no black plastic.


PLP. The plastic has to be graded into its various types before it can be remade into new products because different plastics have different properties that are suitable for different roles. It is sorted with the use of a laser beam but unfortunately, the laser beam cannot 'read' black plastic and so it it gets muddled up with the other plastics which are then considered contaminated. Unfortunately, black plastic now makes up between 5 & 10% of the plastics we are collecting so the company receiving it won't pay for it if the load is so contaminated.

WRAP are apparently working with manufacturers to overcome this problem so it will one day be recyclable but not in the immediate future. All we can do in the meantime is try to avoid buying it which is not always easy especially if you like chocolates! Hope this helps.


thanks for the info on this....more people need to recycle...will try my best for 2013


Since the change I now seem to have more rubbish to put out because I cannot recycle black plastic - is it worth keeping it to see if it does become recyclable again or should it just got to the tip??


Kay. I thought the exact same thing. I thought that I would stock pile it in my garage but I phoned Tina and she said although it would eventually be recyclable, that date was as yet unsure because manufacturers still have to solve the problem. The greatest culprit over christmas has been mince pies and chocolates and so it has given me an extra good reason to knock them off my shopping list!


Is it even cost effective to recycle on Guernsey? When you work out all the water/electricity that is used to clean out tins etc, then the car journies to the bins, lorries to empty the bins, shipping it all of Island plus the cost of a none job recycling officer. I bet all this recycling makes a huge loss when its all worked out. At least if we burnt it all we would produce electricity.


I agree that if your concern is related to pecuniary matters then this strategy may seem futile, yet from an environmentalist's perspective, it has some value and which is better, saving money now and experiencing a dire future or investing large sums of capital now and bring able to relish prosperity in the future ?