Two youths in Sark treated for rare cancer

CONCERNS about two young people from Sark suffering from a rare cancer has led to a move for a new system of testing for radiation there.

David Melling

CONCERNS about two young people from Sark suffering from a rare cancer has led to a move for a new system of testing for radiation there.

Chief Pleas was told at its last meeting that a consultant from Southampton General Hospital, who has treated two youngsters with Burkitt’s lymphoma, was concerned that these cases had happened in such a small area.

Sark’s Public Health Committee chairman David Melling said that checks on mobile and Tetra masts were only a site-by-site basis and has now triggered a review.

The committee has spoken to Cable & Wireless, Ofcom in London, Airtel-Vodaphone, Wave Telecom and Guernsey’s Home Department.

‘The collated information confirms that any tests, surveys etc. are best undertaken by an independent body, not connected with any of the above,’ said Public Health Committee chairman David Melling, pictured, in a report to Chief Pleas.

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OK - I'll bite.

How about checking ALL the chemicals used on the vines and associated ground clearance?

The SEM should be agreeable to an independent testing expert just in case they have missed something and got carried away with own green PR and hype.

Sarnia cherie, my heart longs for thee

Im sorry to hear the two lads have cancer and I wish them a full recovery. It's not a suprise it's happened near a mobile phone mast. It's not that these electromagnetic waves cause cancer it's that they effect the brain and cause it to produce less melatonin which is the strongest anti oxident going and prevents the body defending itself against cancer. More and more people are suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity, electromagnetic wave's cause a decline in bee's and british butterflies and quite a few species of birds as it disrupts the cryptochrome behind their eye's that allow them to follow the earth magnetic fields. If you want to get deeper you have the schumann resonance which is the pulse of the earth which is 7.83hz this is also the frequency for alpha waves in the brain and 3G, WIFI and mobile phone frequencies disrupt this and cause problems with the psycadian rhythm in humans (the night and day rythm we have)

You get cancer clusters around mobile masts and every bit of research is usually funded by telecommunication companies and approved by the EU. If a scientist dare's speak out their work is discredited and as they are not rich people they dont rock the boat at they don't know where their next pay check is coming from... Wake up people, Apple and Blackberry are not your friends, they don't want to help you or make your life easier!


@Sarnia etc.

Cellphones masts are generally falsely accused. The power from these sources is negligible compared to a radio or TV transmitter. Indeed, what is the point of a cell base station having a higher power output than a mobile it is connecting with? The mobile may be able to hear the base, but not vice versa.

The users of mobiles (especially in weak signal areas) are exposed to higher intensity radiation fields than from a base station.

Also Police who spend their lives for 30 years with a relatively high powered UHF transmitter in their ears show no more tendency to this form of cancer than any other part of the population.

So since this is an immunodeficiency-related condition, my first question would be to examine any agricultural changes and chemical introduced to the water sources.

sarnia cherie, my heart long for thee

Hi Jenny, i'm not a bigot when it come's to my opinions. I consider myself a man of science and enlightened so I'm very happy to hear all the opinions on a situation or else your living in the dark ages! I believe that the causes could be chemical and not electromagnetic, I was offering one possibility. By investigation and elimination You will find out the cause. My thought was that electromagnetism reduces melatonin making you more susceptible to an immunodeficiency as mealtonin plays a role in the immune system.

Your 100% right UHF waves do not cause cancer and there is not one proven case. UHF waves are actually used in cancer treatment. The smaller wave lengths characteristically of UHF and VHF are able to better penetrate tissue than lower frequencies. UHF and VHF frequences are between 450-850MHz (the lower the number the more penetrating on tissue) mobile frequences can be 900MHz-2500Mhz. SAR (specific absorption rates) is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field and with UHF what you are allowed is approximately 3.652W/kg, which is more than twice the limit for safe exposure to RF energy produced by mobile devices (1.6W/kg)so that's why the police dont get cancer

They are both forms of non ionizing radiation and Non-ionizing radiation can produce non-mutagenic effects such as inciting thermal energy in biological tissue that can lead to burns thus damaging the brain.

Because the antenna of a mobile

phone is close to the user’s head,

mobile telephones create greater RF exposure than other types of RF systems

antennas. For AM/FM and TV radiate power levels of several megawatts but these

antennas are placed on high

towers or buildings where no humans

are nearby, which is why mobiles are more likely to cause cancer than tv's or radios


You get more electromagnetic radiation from phone USE than simply being near a mast. That is the unpalatable fact for those that spout off anti cell phone rhetoric.


Tomorrows headline: the Sark newsletter reports a surge in sales of Geiger counters...


How about checking what toxinings are being burnt at the dump, when the wind is from any part of the east, the fumes cover the whole island. The dump fire doesnt reach a high enough temperture to ensure that toxins are destroyed. Any analysis taken from the plants on the cliff above the fire would give a decent reading of the chemicals present.


There have been several cases of higher than expected incidences of illnesses of various types on Sark. Research is linking DNA to more and more illnesses. I don’t know about these two boys but in the past there has been genetic links between sufferers of the other illnesses, perhaps this could also be a factor?

Sarnia cherie, my heart longs for thee

Hi Martin, your 100% right DNA use's electromagnetic wave's to communicate with other DNA and to create new DNA so if there's electromagnetic interference the process could go wrong, Don't think im crazy, French virologist Luc Montagnier (Who is a nobel prize winner)says bacteria can produce radio signals. To quote him "DNA emits electromagnetic signals of its own construction, "ghost DNA" that can be mistaken by enzymes as the real deal and replicated in another place"


You don't think that the place just across the water that is keeping our electricity going could be connected?

A Resident

It's not only Burkitt’s lymphoma, there has also been an unusually high incidence of brain cancer on Sark which is statistically significant. There are approximately 70 cases of brain cancer in the UK per 100,000 population, which equates to approximately 0.6 cases on Sark over the past 15 years. But there have been many more over this period, I believe at least 6.

Whatever the cause is, it's not the vines, if for no other reason, because they are far too recent.

It's unlikely to be the mobile phone masts. As several others have pointed out, signal power falls with the square of the distance from the source and at the point of the user is negligible compared to the power output of the mobile handset. While it is theoretically possible to create a constructive interference effect a long way away from signal source by means such as an ellipsoid mirror which recreates virtually the same signal strength at the second focus of the ellipsoid as being transmitted from the first focus, this sort of effect and constructive interference is difficult enough to create on purpose and will not arise randomly (it would in any event only happen at one point, the focus, and you'd have to deliberately stand still there for hours on end to be affected).

It also seems unlikely to be the Cap de la Hague — how do you propose the radioactive waste, if any of it does reach the sea, and then Sark, being composed of heavy atoms, is going to climb the 374 ft from the sea to the inhabited part of Sark? Whatever water does raise, it does so in the form of water vapour, whereas these heavy elements remain in solid form and do not travel upwards, nor are they carried upwards by water vapour or any other substance in vapour or gaseous form.

If it is a radioactive substance, it's more likely to be the radioactive granite commonly used in construction on Sark. I cannot sensibly comment on how likely this is to be a problem.

I suspect identifying the true cause of these cancers is a difficult scientific problem which far exceeds the capabilities at Sark's disposal.

But of all the potential causes which have been mentioned so far, the most likely one to me seems to be the dioxins being released into Sark's atmosphere by the incinerator.

But who runs the incinerator? The answer: Dave Melling. So are we going to investigate only red herrings like phone masts, or is he going to live up to his own words ‘The collated information confirms that any tests, surveys etc. are best undertaken by an independent body, not connected with any of the above,’ and let an independent body not connected with any of the above (specifically, not connected with the incinerator) investigate all the likely causes (specifically, including the incinerator)?


Top of the proposed list at:


"Chemical exposures - chronic exposures to dioxins, PCBs, pesticides, solvents, and fertilizers"


Well written, it's what some of us have been saying for years, unfortunately on deaf ears! They have been told for years! Someone may be able to tell me, if they were aware of the problem with the way, the incinerator operates, are they liable for any ill health suffered because of incompetence?


The research you are all quoting has been thoroughly debunked as pseudoscience. DNA doesen't resonate at anywhere near any frequencies currently in use, although there *might* be issues with THz waves at multi-Watt power levels.

Microwave ovens can break DNA indirectly by simple heating, however there is no risk whatsoever with the sort of power levels found with wireless routers or other RF emitting devices even when hundreds are in use at the same time.

The body has very robust time tested mechanisms for dealing with DNA damage, as K-40 is the main source for spontaneous mutations.

My sympathies to the poor youths affected by this, modern medicine can be useful but so can proper nutrition and fresh air.


This seems like another instance where the hectoring of the SNL has been counter-productive when the community needed to tackle a genuine issue requiring objective consensus. By making incineration another pawn in the relentless SEM propaganda campaign, the SNL put the matter beyond the scope of calm and rational discussion once more. Let's hope Ban Ki-moon can come up with some suggestions.