Bread prices have never risen so often – baker

A BAKER says he has seen more increases in the price of bread over the past couple of years than ever before.

Martin Senner

A BAKER says he has seen more increases in the price of bread over the past couple of years than ever before.

Martin Senner, of Senner’s Bakery, pictured, said the cost of wheat flour continues to rise, but he would try and absorb some of the increase before passing it onto his customers.

‘The main reason is that the flour prices are up,’ he said. ‘Our two main suppliers are putting their prices up – one did it on 1 January and the other is doing it on 31 January.

‘Costs are going up all around because of poor harvests.  We’ve had more bread price increases over the last few years than ever before.

‘I will try and carry the increases for a couple of months but eventually some will be passed on.’

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Fossil fuels and methane from cattle etc. cause extreme weather cause poor harvests. The consequences all filter down to our food. That's my take on it..


I guess everyone needs to

(puts on sunglasses)

Earn a "crust"


Le Andre

I bake my own - cheaper and nicer


Its ok for the upper crust they can afford these increases


How come bread is available at prices 70% lower in other parts of the world

Poor Harvest ?

Mainland teacher

Family in Turkey purchase 'Ekmek' for 0.75 lira which is approx 30p. It's heavily subsidised by the government.

sarnia expat

Come on Guernsey folk start making your own bread, either soda bread (takes less than an hour to prepare and cook), Guernsey biscuits, really cheap to make and never gone out of fashion.... or ordinary bread. It really is a crime that we are forced to buy bread at £2 plus a loaf when this type of soppy mess would cost mere pennies in a UK supermarket. I wouldn't mind if it was Artisan type loaves bought from a boulangerie off the Champs Elysees - but its not!

If I can make my own bread and all family meals from scratch, and work full time, I dont understand why people find the time element an excuse.

Save yourself a bit of dough and get kneading. Start up a cookery club or co operative and buy flour etc in bulk, and share the costs.


Trouble with homemade bread is it can tastes so good you end up eating the lot.

Also for people that don’t eat a lot of bread such as myself, homemade bread doesn’t keep so well as the soggy squishy stuff, and you end up throwing it away


The problem of eating too much delicious homemade bread is definitely a problem I am familiar with. A solution is to slice the whole loaf and freeze it, taking out just what you need as you need it. I do the same with Senners Autumn loaf if I can get hold of any..... they never make enough!


Another home baker here!

If you want to store home made bread, try slicing it up, putting it in number of plastic bags (e.g. 4 slices a bag) so you can just pull out and use what you want when you need it.

Only takes a couple of minutes :-)


Mark, Good idea but not in new plastic bags I hope! ;-)

The plastic bag used in cereal packets is excellent for freezing because it is slightly thicker than ordinary plastic bags and so helps prevents freezer burn.

sarnia expat

Make baps then! As Rosie says - freeze them! You are never short of bread in the house and you can amaze your guests by whipping out your baps (careful now) and serving them up with homemade soup. Cheap and delicious. Yes, homemade bread gets more stale more quicker, because it has no additives as you know. You do have to wonder about the miraculous "keeping" abilities of some white loaves...... they glow in the dark too!


will have to save up more dough to put bread on the table.

Bread pudding with the stale bread.

Island Wide Voting

Just finished thinning out my miscellaneous tray and found a 2009 clipping entitled 'What things cost in 1975'

Loaf of bread 15p

Pint of beer 22p

Gallon (4.55 litres) of petrol 72p

Average house price £11,787

Bank interest rate 11.25%

Petrol tax is now 46.35p per litre which makes the TAX alone on a gallon £2.11p!

Anyone know how to build a time machine?


IWV. And the average national wage was?

Although it is sobering to see the prices you've posted, there are also prices that have gone the opposite way (in real terms) such as long distance travel and loads of technology related items such as televisions, computers, etc etc. Also what about clothes?

I also think that food took up a much greater percentage of people's take-home pay than it does now.

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Totally agree.I should have mentioned this was a Guernsey clipping about local prices

If I did have a one return-journey time machine I would probably go back and shoot liar Blair before he could do any damage

I reckon you might go back and buy up all the land at the West end of the 'old' airport runway and absolutely refuse to sell?


IWV. You bet your little cotton socks I would and a lot more besides!


According to This is Moneys inflation calculator 15p in 1975 is the equivalent of £1.23 today.

More importantly 22p in 1975 = £1.81 now. I'd like to know any pub where you can but a pint for that!


Island Wide Voting


A good link

Interesting to see that the 1975 house price average of £11,787 turns up an average of £96,771.27 today.That might just clear the rent for a Fort George large bungalow for twelve months

Dave Jones


I also remember reading somewhere that the total incom for the States in 1976 was 12 million pounds , last year it was about 350 million so it is all relative.


Ive purchased bread for 15p within the last month


Is it poor harvest or guernsey greed

Answers on a postcard to Maison Landry St Peter Port