Camera shop faces closure

JESSOPS in Town will no longer be accepting vouchers or returned goods after it went into administration yesterday.

Jessops' shop in the Pollet.
Jessops' shop in the Pollet.

JESSOPS in Town will no longer be accepting vouchers or returned goods after it went into administration yesterday.

PwC has been appointed as administrator for the business and has warned it is ‘inevitable’ that some stores would have to close.

Staff at the local branch in Le Pollet said they had not been told about the situation yet and could not comment on what the change would mean for customers or themselves.

The troubled photographic company has 192 stores and employs around 2,000 staff.

Joint administrator Rob Hunt said the company had seen a significant decline in business in 2012 and predictions showed that these problems would continue in 2013.

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Another negative for St Peter Port

Island Wide Voting

Another outlet with the shutters down


There'll be a new tenant in a flash. Bet one or two are zooming in already on this prime retail location.


Oh joy another cafe.


Why are we still letting uk companies into the island they ruin local business then leave. Look at HMV, can anyone tell me why we need W H Smith for instance.


The same thing is happening in Jersey. Our town centre has been destroyed by U.K. businesses taking the trade from local businesses because they have the financial muscle to obtain goods at advantageous prices.

Terry Langlois

It is not a case of "letting" them in, there are simply no restrictions. Anyone can open up a shop and no permission from the States is required.

If a UK retailer wants to come here they only need to enter into a lease with a landlord and employ local people - the States then has no involvement.

A lot of our uk branded shops are franchises taken on by local people anyway.


Jessops have been in and out of financial difficulty for the last couple of years so this is hardly surprising I'm afraid.


I much prefer to buy from our "Local" Lexicon...

Why is WH Smith always such a mess when I go in there.. empty shelves and boxes everywhere cant move.. and no customers.. why ???


Once again complete lack of management it's not just the states that have managers that just don't manage. I refuse to buy from WHS go to Lexicon in the hopes they will be around when WHS are long gone. Lets boycott all uk outlets.


Quite agree and the one at the airport, is another example shop a mess and staff also a mess!

pb falla




Wouldnt buy from a local shop ever

Close them all and get some more affordable accomodation for the youth of today


I've never heard staff argue amongst themselves quite like WH Smith.

Full on slanging match in the little office within earshot of the shop floor.

Amazing the place makes any money - oh yes I remember they include the VAT element...

The worst run shop in SPP I would say.


I will be very sad to see this shop close. Their staff were some of the most pleasant to be found in the town. I hope they all find alternative employment soon.


That was very easy to read and understand, you can`t be the usual Ed?