Fishing licence bids by 40 UK, Jersey boats

COMMERCE and Employment has received approximately 40 applications from UK and Jersey fishermen seeking to operate in Bailiwick waters.

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COMMERCE and Employment has received approximately 40 applications from UK and Jersey fishermen seeking to operate in Bailiwick waters.

The deadline for licence applications was Monday.

A new law comes into force on 1 February requiring all vessels commercially fishing within the

3-12 nautical mile limit to hold a Bailiwick of Guernsey fishing vessel licence.

A department spokesman said the applications received were very detailed and officers were processing them before they were presented to the board for consideration.

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How much are they being sold for?

I assume the same amount per unit that local fisherman pay to fish these waters?

Also, now we paid the Belgian/Dutch trawler company with a one off out of court payment for just shy of £4,000,000 can we make sure they do not get one!!!

I am appalled by the idea of any more effort being put into local fishing grounds because although the old boys will say 'there's not the fish around like when i was young', there genuinely is only a fraction of the fish there were around only 8 - 10 years ago !

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Where is this out of court payment of taxpayers money officially recorded, or do we have an under the counter slush fund for such contingencies?


The amount settled was never let out in to the public domain, even though it was OUR money !The board responsible for settling the matter out of court said there was no need for public disclosure of the figure (as it would have had us plebian taxpayers up in arms). Then when asked why they would not disclose the amount simply said they were not going to talk about it anymore. FYI i have been informed it was £3.9M !!!!!!!!!!

Got the info from an insider !

I don't know where they have hidden the payment, or, what they will have 'named' it, but it is there somewhere.

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Copied from the Public Accounts Committee mandate .....

'It has a wide mandate to ensure proper scrutiny of the financial affairs of the States and that States' bodies operate to the highest standards in financial matters. The Public Accounts Committee also examines whether public funds have been applied for the purposes intended by the States and that extravagance and waste are eradicated.'

Sounds like the fishermen's payment needs to be investigated by Heidi Soulsby and her Board members Michelle Le Clerc,Sandra James, Peter Sherbourne and Paul Arditti.... otherwise what's the point of having a PAC ?


With you on this Ray. The clue is in the word 'public'. This is £3.9 million of public money down the pan. At least when the Treasury lot were scammed they came clean straight away. With this one we are being treated like mushrooms, all 65,000 of us.


Would welcome any opportunity to see it fit into our accounts.


I believe that the rules apply unless they don't, when it comes to our illustrious leaders.

Think of it as a movable feast of goalposts, there to suit whatever agendas they have at the time.

Neil Forman

This is scandalous, TIG can you look into this?


Thanks, this is one bit of info I could not get my hands on.


Isn't it in 2012 or 2011 accounts for commerce? Did they overspend massively?

Devil's Advocate

The licenses will not have a value as such - the Guernsey area entitlement is a piggyback onto the UK license the UK and Jersey boat will already have. Any additional value will only be realised if the Guernsey entitlement is allowed to be transferred when the boat is sold. Local fishermen would be hoping that Guernsey entitlements cannot be transferred and, as such, effort will decrease as the boats are sold or sunk/decommissioned.


Are pair trawlers and seine netters allowed to fish on this licence?

Are French and other EU countries allowed to apply?

What are the fish sizes and catch quotas per licence?

Are the licence fees going to be used to fund The Leopardess costs because it will obviously be at sea more monitoring the fishing limits?

Perhaps now the sea Fisheries can start thinking of setting up some protected breeding areas and fish tagging programmes to build our stocks up. There are many anglers who would take up catch/tag/release voluntarily to help out and I`m sure the local boats would take part as well for their own interests.

You have the opportunity now Sea Fisheries, use it wisely and without delay.


Becks, sadly yes it will be pair trawlers...

And there will be little effect with regards to species quotas, as they will fish these waters for species they cannot possibly catch enough of on their own grounds to fill their quotas

Any funds raised should (but won't) go into having the Leopardess at sea as often is possible. It has been a very very long time since she has been out at night when the infringements from the pair trawlers happen.

These large boats switch off their transducers so will not show on satellite (which they have on all the time whilst fishing legally), only radar. By the time the alarm is raised and the sun is coming up they are back fishing in the legal 'take zones'.

pb falla

Its about time the local fishermen got sorted,outrageous prices,arrogant and smug guys,who jumped ship when the barclays required assistance taking timber to their island.

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Morning PB

Nice to see that you have discovered lots of previously unused letters on your keyboard

Keep it up


pb falla

Lets stick to the facts

Local fishermen were chomping at the bit to take timber to the barclays castle




There are very very few wealthy local fisherman. I take it your comment is 'opinion' and nothing to do with the real world


No Damo I think that should have read "another Guernsey shambles" But i think PB did find some other keys to press as Ray suggests and just got a little excited?.


The opportunity to establish prohibited fishing zones should be taken as this is the proven method or preserving and enhancing fish stocks. Anything less is nothing short of environmental dispoilation: selling a birthright for a mess of pottage.


An increasing world population + increasing demand for food+ businesses identifying that demand to make profit = rise of huge fishing companies with dubious methods making big profits + demise of small fishermen just trying to make a living...

which ultimately = totally raped seas and no more fish, for anyone.

Very sad.


I read an article recently putting forward a sensible, evidence based argument that the world population is decreasing, mainly due to the education of more women and consequently the decreasing birth rate. A silver lining or just a different problem?


I thought the article said that the rate of growth was decreasing, not that the actual population was decreasing? Not quite the same thing.

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World population decreasing or the rate of population growth decreasing?

Let's have a heated debate!



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No need.

GM is right the article said the rate of growth is decreasing. I stand corrected on that.

Not quite the same thing but ultimately the same effect.

The population is decreasing in the longer term but in the short term it is continuing to increase. In other words it will get worse before it gets better.

To quote from the Slate article:

"Indeed, according to experts’ best estimates, the total population of Earth will stop growing within the lifespan of people alive today. And then it will fall."

Time did a piece on this article under the heading:

"Overcrowding? Nah — the World’s Population May Actually Be Declining"



Not from me...I'm not passionate enough about that one and I certainly can't materially influence the situation!



Seems to be a combination of factors such as better contraceptive education in the third world, more females working rather than having families, AIDS in Africa, one-child per family restrictions in China etc, although with medical advancement, especially in the third world, one would think that longevity would be improving as well.

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Well done you two. Sparty's New Year resolution seems to be kicking in!

Let's hope the world population computer models are more accurate than the guesswork put into the Global Warming debacle

They are now admitting that the world has not warmed since 1998



The article focuses on your second point, more females working due to better education of girls.

I believe number of births is more relevant to population levels than longevity because it is the pattern created by the decreasing birth rate which results in fewer people overall.


New Years resolution -only read fora such as this which has knowledgeable posters and lots of posters rather than a few ignorant posters,



After perusing your posts and corroborating them with my own knowledge from books, I almost fully concur with the view that you are putting forward ( just need to assess the content and provenance of several other sources and ascertain whether the views correlate or contrast).

The idea that has become etched within my mind is the theory that the Earth's population will peak at approximately 9-10 billion then begin to decline- most probably due to the factors that you stated.

Additionally, a new phase of the Democratic Transition Model is being introduced to illustrate the features of countries with 'greying' populations.



I found it interesting that Singapore for example is paying large cash incentives to people to have children. Some would suggest this also happens in Guernsey.


Oh it does never seen what the teens with several kids get off the States?


Perhaps we should send our extra people to Singapore cos we are over populated!

Herbert Roth

We seem to have gone off topic here, we're supposed to be discussing the fishing licences. We need to do everything in our power to preserve our fish stocks for future generations, even if that means doing without licence fees from unscrupulous non-Channel Island boats.


Stop eating them then!

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Try the latest in thing ... horse burgers


I would if we had a Tesco here


Nip up to Iceland then


B****r they've run out

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Sandpiper are saying that they don't get their Guernsey or Jersey supplies from the contaminated source which is a pity as I had intended to trot down there on Thursday

Ali M - This is what Guersney needs to consider when looking at who is fishing in their waters.


Unfortunately.we don't have the services of a Navy. Only recently the Leopardess was involved with french fishing boats, and it was their crew who were arrested and kidnapped by the French and not the other way around. Unless we can mount something more substantial than a water canon on the Leopardess, then I can see more problems on the horizon.