Gas price rise to hit young couples, pensioners most

GAS prices will rise by 3% on 23 January.

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GAS prices will rise by 3% on 23 January.

The company said the hike was needed because of global increases in the price of natural gas and LPG.

There will be no increase for customers who pay by a set standing order.

This month’s rise takes the standard unit price to 12.40p per unit, up from 12.04p per unit.

An average bill will rise by 7.9p per day.

Age Concern vice-chairman Roy Trustum thought pensioners and young couples would be affected the most by the increase.

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One aspect of climate change in the Artic region that is advantageous to humans is the 'opening up' of previously inaccessible fossil fuel resources- perhaps that may allay concerns for the future with regards to the currently less heathy relationship between supply and demand. Even so, would it be most rational to exploit these fresh resources to generate remunerative commercial enterprises, enable humans to have a satisfying domestic life (with regards to fuel) and carry out more carbon sequestration ventures ( creating green spaces, injecting greenhouse gases into reservoirs beneath the ground or ocean and fertilising the oceans to produce algal blooms) to restore the dynamic equilibrium that was disrupted by fossil fuel exploitation or to prohibit extraction of Artic fossil fuels- something that would lead to their being no need to embark in the aforementioned carbon sequestration ventures- ?

The idea considered would do much to influence future gas prices.


Is that the usual Ed?


Yay for the melting polar ice caps! There's more oil to be had!

Who needs those pesky polar bears anyway?...


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That is precisely the issue. When there are both economic and environmental/ecological issues that need addressing, a quandary results as, although both accommodating the needs for both economic and environmental parties is imperative, deciding which 'route' will generate the most future good is problematic.

Is there ample space remaining in the oceans and on land wherein carbon sequestration ventures can be put in motion ?

Those 'pesky' polar bears form an integral part of the Arctic food chain. Indeed, if the Arctic ice melts further and oil abstraction becomes economically viable, these creatures will become even more 'pesky' as they will encroach on human communities in search of nourishment.

Perhaps, in a moral sense, what we are likely to encounter will be poetic justice as we will become victimised by our own opportunism and extravagance.


I've been thinking about it and perversely I think coca cola could help save the polar bears in a way charities and action groups can't if they wanted to. Just have to convince them they need polar bears to remain in existence for them to keep making the adverts and it would be a wonderful PR opportunity. (They just paid Ridley Scott to do a 6 minute advert with them in).



Off topic sorry, but I was extremely impressed with your very articulate twitter debate defending the vulnerable with John Gollop against the cynics.


Thank you. That means a lot. :-)

I really do feel strongly about protecting, respecting and helping the mentally ill and im glad we share that. I think the biggest problem is changing perceptions and the more we talk about it the better things can be for sufferers. Less stigma becomes attached to it and people understand different conditions to a greater degree. I'm sure it won't be the last time I talk about it; your always welcome to join in.

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Spoke to soon. Apparently they already work with the WWF to help them.


We try to budget our pensions for every day,heat and comfort.

Its no surprise that fuel prices are going up this time of the year.heavier use of heat and cooking.

Time of year when utilities can increase their profit margins with same excuses blaming on global natural gas.Price tariffs do not increase when demand is least[summer]

We work on a weekly budget so that reads 55.3p

But when you use gas for heating and cooking that figure goes over £1 a day £7 per week during cold spells.


Not on gas but same prob electric

So thermal socks on, a late sleep in only way to stay warm


Thank god I'm moving into a house with a fireplace... I'll be using that more and trying to reduce my gas usage


Sure looks like its time to get a fireplace,a few extra jumpers some solar panels and an electric car and stuff the gas electric and fuel company’s, But I am sure they would find another way to charge us maybe by how much sunlight we use.


Did I read it right that these increases will only apply to people who don't pay by monthly standing order?

In which case most people should be able to circumvent the increase as there can't be many people with a gas contract that don't have a bank account.

Unfortunately those that don't (or who have erratic income and tight budgets) will be those most likely to suffer from increased costs, which does come across as a bit unethical to be honest.


Yet again they are raising the price in the middle of a billing quartet.

So I presume yet again they will average out the price rise .... And therefore charge us more for gas we have already used ...

Wonder what the utility regulator has to say about that ....