Local Savile abuse victim is one of 200 – official report

A POLICE investigation into historic sexual abuse by disgraced star Jimmy Savile has documented more than 200 criminal offences spanning 50 years, including one complaint from Guernsey.

Disgraced DJ and television presenter Jimmy Savile in Guernsey in 1973 for a charity walk after which a local woman, now aged 58, said he tried to pin her down on the bed in his hotel room.
Disgraced DJ and television presenter Jimmy Savile in Guernsey in 1973 for a charity walk after which a local woman, now aged 58, said he tried to pin her down on the bed in his hotel room.

A POLICE investigation into historic sexual abuse by disgraced star Jimmy Savile has documented more than 200 criminal offences spanning 50 years, including one complaint from Guernsey.

A 58-year-old local woman, speaking exclusively to the Guernsey Press, said she had been interviewed by Metropolitan Police following her complaint to local authorities.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, alleged the star groomed her while taking part in a charity walk in 1973.

Savile invited her back to his hotel for tea as a reward for keeping him company during the event, but, while in his room, he pinned her down on the bed.

She said she had kept the incident a secret fearing nobody would believe her.

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Poor soul.This was probably his only talent. After all he had nothing else going for him.

Fortunately (allthough it is of little consolation) he is no longer able to harm anyone else.


Innocent until proven guilty

Theres only One Jimmy Savile


Some of your comments are quite funny but with all due respect you've overstepped the mark here, even if you are just trying to wind people up.

I don't like trial by media either but you know right well Jimmy Saville can never be tried in a court of law (the minor issue of being dead sees to that).

I don't know how many of the allegation are genuine (only the people concerned do) but sexual abuse is no joke. Perhaps best to leave smart-arsed comments for stories a little less sensitive.

St Sampsons

I agree PLP, very well said Sir


Would you still be saying this if it was your wife, son, daughter, or best friend. If some one walks up to you in the street hits you then walks off are they innocent until proven guilty ir is it just when it doesn't effect you directly.

Nick Le P

Probably the most inappropriate post I have ever read.


you're always lamenting the loss of the good Ol' days, PB.

That's the 'good Ol' days' where child abuse was rife and no one took any notice/turned a blind eye, wasn't it.....?

No ones turning a blind eye these days, hence the many historic abusers who have been prosecuted in more recent times and the public outcry about them, and indeed, anything to do with this very sensitive topic.

If you so long for those times long gone, then you must have been there when all this abuse was happening and swept under the carpet.....

did you also stand by and do nothing back then, as the majority did?


PB FALLA - Misjudged that one eh. Have a serious word with yourself, unfortunately there's lots of Jimmy Savile's in this world. Well done you must be very proud.

pb falla

Calm down calm down

Nick Le P

I think the words you were looking for were very sorry, very sorry.


PB Falla

Whilst I never find your comments funny this one goes far further over the line than the rest. I hope you're proud of yourself.

vic gamble

....as I understand things, pb falla, you only receive cretinous statements from a cretin...

p b falla

I also think you talk lots of bs

Just a observation Vic


a very poorly thought out one, PB.

Child abuse is a serious topic.

go have a word with yourself and keep it to yourself.

Paule (Guern in UK)


yes you went too far there, just apologise and let's all move on.

p b falla

Went to far ?

You people need to get in the real world,so lets talk about child abuse in guernsey ,for many many years there was no cases,but obviously going on






It is because we live in the real world we found your comment tasteless, PB. Most of us are well aware child abuse goes on in Guernsey, and as this is a public page it is likely some victims may well be reading this page. Imagine what they might think reading comments like "there's only one Jimmy Saville" that appear to make light of the whole situation? To us it is only in poor taste; to them it could be down right distressing.

I'll do you the credit of presuming you didn't intend to make light of it, so perhaps you might at least want to consider how victims might feel reading your comment?


...and what is ignoring all the victims statements regarding their horrific accounts of abuse at the hand of this individual if it is not 'sweeping it under the carpet', PB?

The main problem with child abuse is that kids are too scared to say anything and when they do, are often ignored, and here you are, defending someone who is quite possibly one of the worst serial abusers of children in living history, and now, quite disgustingly, trying to deflect the backlash of your poorly thought out remarks by pointing out cases over here that have gone unprosecuted, which I, and many, are only too well aware of and equally outraged by.

just apologise or shut up.


@PB Falla

Please, have the good grace to retract your tasteless comment.


Having grown up with JS (TV wise) it leaves shattered happy memories here. That a personality like him could abuse for years with disregard to their feelings is beyond belief.

Rot in the underworld forever Jimmy


Although it does appear that Mr Saville was indeed a major paedophile. I do wonder if he had left no money in his will how many of the apparent victims would have come forward?

St Marcouf

Post number 2 is factually and legally correct - what impudence to tell others to retract statements and dictate what they should and should not be posting just because sensitivities may be offended by proxy or the innuendo goes against some people's conceptions.


Whether post number 2 is factually correct or not, St Marcouf does have a point about those demanding apologies/retractions from PB Falla. The bottom line here is that we have no right not to be offended. It's called freedom of speech.


Yes Martino freedom of speech is his right, but it is also a right to point out the potential effect on others, particularly the vulnerable. This is the balance of rights and responsibility.....and IMO on this occasion PB has exercised the former without considering the latter.


Fair enough plp. He must expect to be called to account for what he says, just like the rest of us posting on TIG. However we have no right to demand retractions because we are offended. That is simply censorship.


Agreed Martino, and the TiG moderators must have decided his comment fell inside the acceptable use policy. Of course people can report the comment if they disagree.

As my initial response says, I don't have a problem with PB speaking his mind and raising issues of trial by media. I just thought his initial comment was flippant and in poor taste given the subject matter, not to mention potentially distressing to people affected either by the Saville enquiry or abuse in general.

Anyway, I think I've made my point. No point stoking the fire any more.

vic gamble

....I certainly would be the last person to suppress pb falla's right to be a cretin....


Yes innocent until proven guilty, that was the problem for his victims because he'd tell them afterwards that no one would believe them because he was Jimmy Savile.

He would deny his behaviour making out his victims were liars thus laying the blame on his victims. They would then be the guilty ones because people would have said Jimmy Savile wouldn’t do that.

That was the logic of a very odious personality. Was there only one Jimmy Savile?, that question may be answered when the police enquires have come to an end.

pb falla

No retractions im afraid

Hows about that then guys and gals ?

I wonder why none of the 200 rang the FREE CHILD HELPLINE SET UP BY THE THATS LIFE TEAM

The people of guernsey with their double standards are beyond belief

Its ok to help rich people not to pay taxes in their county of domicile which could help millions of starving and poor men women and children

Yet you jump on the media bandwagon over a guy whos dead and yet to have a case of guilty

pb falla

Is Jimmy Savile Innocent ?


vic gamble

pb falla you have offered us a website devoted to Catholics, and more importantly, Catholic priests...I am beginning to believe you have the intellect of a rusty soap dish !!


given the Catholic churchs well documented and considerable involvement in acts against children is this any wonder?

Democracy Rules

I think it is quite right to let little PB or pb whichever he or she is have their say. At the moment it is a free world and everyone is free to speak their mind. His/Her comments just confirm what some of us already think. This person is a complete xxxx and out to "shock". But actually the comments that he/she makes are not actually as shocking as the truth are they? If PB/pb were a dog, one would just pat him on the head and say, there there there.....

Perry Massey

I have been informed that a male by the name of PB Falla has made an offensive comment.

I have no idea what the comment was about and I did not hear it. But I enjoy witch hunts and am seeking permission to jump on this particular I`m Offended Bandwagon.

In addition I'm willing to allow the good citizens of Guernsey access to a list of my friends who also get really offended by comments they did not hear but once seen/heard on the Internet immediately want to form a lynch mob.