'Inappropriate' to give FTP savings details before debate

CHIEF MINISTER Peter Harwood has said it would be ‘inappropriate’ to release more details on the States-wide efficiency drive before it is debated.

CHIEF MINISTER Peter Harwood has said it would be ‘inappropriate’ to release more details on the States-wide efficiency drive before it is debated.

Deputy Harwood, pictured, said it would only be when Assembly gives its endorsement to the Financial Transformation Programme that the time would be right to look at the individual savings programmes from each department.

The States will be asked later this month to back the approach being taken during a debate on the FTP.

‘It must be remembered that the next phase of specific projects remain a matter within the mandates of individual departments at this stage, and it would therefore be inappropriate for these to be debated in the January States meeting,’ he said.

‘I do understand the frustration of some of my States colleagues, but only when the States give its endorsement to the overall programme will the time be right to look at the detail of the next phase.’

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Island Wide voting

A letter from former Deputy Graham Guille is worth today's 50p for the printed word

He is of the opinion that certain persons currently occupying the States benches will be quite content if this present lot win the 'worst States ever' accolade,thereby strengthening the clamour for the introduction of the failed Jersey type executive government

The lack of any meaningful action since April 2012 certainly seems to fit in with that theory,as does the burgeoning love affair with that other island

Davey West

Chief Minister Harwood should be congratulated for his firm efforts to increase efficiency which of course should not be a States Members problem, it should be the Chief Executives in charge of the department who are well paid to run their areas but often are not on contracts that pay relative to performance.

What is surprising is that last week CM Harwood advocated working closer with Jersey even though Jersey has an abysmal record of efficiency regarding States departments. Jersey plays a new game of employing extremely well paid quango, and shadow board directors ( some ex states members and senior states employees ), and then the States voted a budget of £2 billion of spending over the next three years. How clever how astute, in these troubled economic times when tax receipts are falling and businesses closing

Everyone wants more for less, and some want a lot for nothing. It is time to get realistic and realise that front line services must be protected, Middle clipboard management must be culled and nice but not needed projects and packs of expensive consultants must all be shelved. Transparency is important to take the assembly and people with the CM if its right why not tell the politicians and people.

If the Guernsey States achieve these sensible cutbacks then they will be streets ahead of Jersey who's tax and spend policy is making Jersey a miserable place for a lot of families fuelling unemployment and desecrating Jerseys once strong financial position.



Ray, IWV or whoever you are, why on earth did you not stand for deputy, as you seem to have an awful lot of time on your hands and funnily enough all the answers.

I am sure if you could come up with an airtight plan to deal with IWV the powers that be would be more than happy to hear from you.It is alright bleating on about it, but as thay say in football terms, he talks a good game. Come up with the goods and put your ideas to good use.

Island Wide Voting

valeite, or retired female civil servant whoever you are,since you seem to have worked up a recent penchant to stalk me,or least my posts,I will repeat that I am semi-retired and too old to stand for Deputy, which gives me quite a bit of spare time to follow the local news

Sadly I'm not being paid a full time salary of 30K plus per year to provide all the answers ... just some of the questions free of charge

I also expect some of the forty five club members who ARE on 30K plus a year each to show themselves above the parapet from time to time,if only to prove that they are actually real

If it wasn't for my printout of the election results I'd find it very difficult to put a name let alone a face to well over half of our 45 Deputies ,seven of whom I was granted the privilege of voting into their present positions

One of those,Deputy Matt Fallaize,as chairman of the States Assembly and Constitution Committee,that is the five man [ 150K plus per annum ]Committee given the task of looking into the feasibility of island wide voting in time for the 2016 election ,has publicly stated on TIG that IWV is 'so last year'( possibly tongue in cheek)despite it being brought up at all the island hustings during the scramble for seats

I have absolutely no faith in that Committee coming back with anything like a workable solution in time for 2016 and if that is the case I do hope the voting fodder who are not as content as you appear to be with the gift of choosing such a tiny percentage of our 'leaders' remember the names of Matt Fallaize,Mark Dorey (if he hasn't already departed),Ellis Bebb,Peter Gillson and Richard Conder when the time comes

Actually I think I could pick out three of them in a line up so it may not be that bad after all