Children in care in UK cost taxpayers £2m.

THIRTY-ONE local children have been placed in care in the UK at a cost of more than £2m. – despite claims that their parents felt able to look after them.

THIRTY-ONE local children have been placed in care in the UK at a cost of more than £2m. – despite claims that their parents felt able to look after them.

Deputy Laurie Queripel, pictured, said many parents felt let down by Health and Social Services and believed they could have continued caring for their children if the department had been more supportive.

The figures were revealed after the Vale deputy submitted written questions to HSSD asking why children were sent away when there ‘is evidence parents are willing and apparently able to care for them’, and also about the costs involved in this procedure.

‘They [parents] are of the opinion that Social Services could have made greater efforts to work with them and are distressed and upset with the outcomes, believing that with HSSD’s support they could have cared for their loved ones.'

  • The department said it works with children and families to enable them to provide appropriate care, guidance and control. But it said it was not possible for some children to continue to live with their birth parents and therefore all extended family options would be considered and assessed.

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Surely this can't be right? £75k+ per child per annum??


If they had looked after their kids properly from the start, or, for that matter changed their ways after the numerous chances they are given (over extended periods of time) then it would not be necessary to take kids away either locally or off island.

If you can't look after them, don't keep plopping them out.


Its a shame that the children cannot be placed on island. I also worry how they feel being sent away from their friends and family. It's very easy for a child to not speak up about anything if they are unhappy in such a situation or their placement is not working out. Especially if they are young.

I would love to hear more information being reported in the press on the subject.


The press article does imply at first that this is about children removed from situations of inadequate parenting. It does however then confirm that the figure includes all children in off island placements. Some of whom have serious and complex needs that cannot be met within the available on island resources. Placements for children with complex developmental and behavioural difficulties are very expensive, often in excess of £100, 000 pa. A secure placement for a young person with serious mental health issues can be over £200,000pa. Providing the same level of care in Guernsey would not necessarily be any cheaper and for some, the highly specialised care they need may never be viable on island. However a better range of on island care and family support would reduce the need for off island placements.


I hope Guernsey gets billed for it. If it was the other way round Guerns would be frothing at the mouth.

No One

So the island of milk and honey cannot look after its own.

That says more to me than anything.