Customs swoop finds 'Olympic' Ecstasy haul in car boot

THOUSANDS of Ecstasy tablets bearing the Olympic Rings logo, with a local street value of up to £38,810, were found in the boot of a car stopped by Customs.

Thomas Walsh

THOUSANDS of Ecstasy tablets bearing the Olympic Rings logo, with a local street value of up to £38,810, were found in the boot of a car stopped by Customs.

Officers conducting observations in Route Isabelle, St Peter Port, on 21 March last year saw Thomas Walsh, now 24, place a dark object in the boot of a blue Peugeot 206 before driving off.

They stopped the vehicle and found two grams of cannabis resin in Walsh’s jacket pocket. He claimed to have lent the jacket to a friend the night before.

A bag containing between 1,762 and 1,940 MDMA tablets, known as Ecstasy, was also found in the car. Walsh said he thought it belonged to someone he had given a lift to the airport ‘the other day’.

In the Royal Court, Walsh, pictured, who was working as a barman and living with his mother and stepfather at the time of his arrest, admitted counts of possessing the class A drug Ecstasy with intent to supply, and possessing cannabis resin, a class B substance.

He was sentenced to six years in prison for the class A drugs offence and 14 days concurrent for the cannabis. Confiscation, forfeiture and destruction of the drugs were also ordered.

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ernie le tissier

I really cannot understand the prohibition of cannabis. It can help in pain relief and as an aid for cancer. It is a plant, and as such must be on the planet for a reason. Imagine outlawing nature ! Crazy.

Terry Langlois

so is opium

More Local Than You

I hate drugs - particularly Class A drugs but agree that the demon weed does have many medicinal benefits - there is even a listed British company called GWP pharaceuticals (LON:GWP)that is developing a drug called Sativex for pain relief for MS and cancer that is going to make waves and help so many people out.

America of all places (well, some States) is even decriminalising the stuff, think it's time that the rest of the world re-evaluated their draconic take on cannabis.

As for this idiot who imported dangerous drugs to Guernsey, am pleased the courts take this seriously.


My mum has been using Sativex legally for many years now to help with MS symptoms. i have to say that it has had a dramatic affect on her and has made some of the symptoms far more manageable for day to day life.

as for Ecstasy a study was prepared a few years back and it was actually realised that horse riding was far more dangerous than the use of the drug.

we have to bear in mind the two highest killers on the drug list are completely legal and readily available in shops. The government make vast sums of money from duty on alcohol and tobacco so i doubt they will ban these any time soon!!!!!

More Local Than You

Agreed that alcohol and tobacco are a massive problem, but then the Government are so reliant on the taxes, it's unlikely to change any time soon.

Very pleased to hear that Sativex is proving positive and making a difference.

Paul thomas

Heroin comes the poppy seed, so we legalise that now? Just because its on the planet doesn't mean we have to use it...


Being that a great majority of cannabis smokers mix it with tobacco Surly the benefits are outweighed by the risk of lung cancer and other smoking related diseases, especially when it’s rolled as a Joint with no filter .


And anyway Cannabis is already being used for its medicinal property’s


In addition to the well known Smoking related illnesses caused by Cannabis, it has recently been discovered that it permanently reduces IQ - so if you were not stupid before you started smoking it, you will be afterwards!

mary jane

only if smoked heavily while the brain is still developing. seems fair enough, kids shouldn't be anywhere near it.

bet booze abuse sets kids up worse anyway.

Dave Haslam

So the police had 178 tabs for themselves then :0


You can't help wondering.


You have to question the intelligence of anyone who puts a piece of paper and dried leaves in their mouth, and then sets fire to it.


@AJ then you will also have to question the intelligence of anyone who pours a drug (alcohol) into a glass and then drinks it....right?

A little research into medical marijuahna might open your eyes a bit. You don't need to mix with tobacco it can be vaporised or smoked, it can be used in cooking (just like alcohol).

So much research is out there, it has been decrimilised in numerous US States, not on a wim. Heck even the Euro-sceptics are beginning to change their opinion.

At the end of the day tobacco and alcohol is huge business that affect policy decisions...fact. They are both drugs, fact. So if cannaboids offer medical benefits for those suffering chronic pain/MS or whatever then as a human being i have no right to prevent treatment to others, simple. Especially if the research suggests that 40 odd years ago prohibition might just have got something wrong.

Look for the research, they are even growing the "green weed" but taking out the THC to remove the 'high' feeling that some patients do not like. The 'weed' that so many wish to turn there nose at in disgust, without the knowledge, can be grown without the high. Exactly what medical benefit can alcohol and tobacco give us? I might be wrong, but is it just an old wives tale that a glass of red a day, keeps the Dr away? lol!

Alcohol costs lives. Alcohol abuse, every week, is happening in every town including our own. Pickled people causing trouble, fighting, throwing up in our taxis and on our streets....but its ok, educated people pour a drug into a glass and swirl it round and go "mmmm....I detect an oaky taste with a snap of vanilla" absolute joke mate.



Your points make perfect sense of course, to anyone who has an open mind and experience in these matters.

However, to the ignorant Daily Mail readers you will be condemned as a satanic force, one who advocates our children sticking needles in their arms and smoking crack pipes 24/7.

The fact that various states/countries around the world are now recognising the futility of the "war on drugs" means nothing to these moral crusaders, drugs are wrong, the work of the devil, and woe betide anyone who is tempted by their evil effects (unless of course they come in packets of 20 or bottles marked "wine" or "gin" etc, in which case they must be less harmful than the evil drugs because they are legal).


There is definitely credible and growing support for reviewing the law on drugs, Phil - it's something I've been saying for a while now. If nothing else we should be capable of a mature debate on the issue without all the hyperbole.

Oh by the way, I noticed you use religious language in your comment. Now I know you have a chip on your shoulder about religion but don't stereotype and presume all religious people have closed minds. I am religious and have an open mind on the drugs issue. I don't like the idea of people getting stoned but the reality is they do, and regulating / taxing cannabis (for example) would take money out of the hands of criminals and put it into the public purse - money that could then be spent on education and a similar way to tobacco.



I don't have a chip on my shoulder about religion, I'd just prefer it if it didn't exist.

Whether you like it or not most of these moral crusaders are religious, I'd suggest you're in quite a small minority of religious people who are open minded re drugs.

I wonder what the loons up at La Villiaze think about it?


Nothing like being in a minority of a minority eh! ;-)


Do you also have an open mind on the sex issue but don't like the idea of people climaxing? But the reality is they do, and regulating/taxing sex (for example) would put money into the public purse-money that could then be spent on education and a similar way to tobacco.

Tosh Innit!


Hmmm.....not quite sure what orgasms have to do with a discussion on drug laws Zab, unless you're proposing the States fill the black hole by taxing and regulating them?!

Dave Haslam

Wouldnt it be hilarious, if taking ecstasy was indeed an Olympic sport.

The ecstasy 100M would just be a joy to behold.

"Usain Bolt is sprinting to the line, he's STOPPED!! He's telling Yohan The Beast Blake in tghe next lane that he loves him, he's stripping off HE'S STRIPPING OFF, he's rolling around on the track because it feels good on his skin, all contestants are now practically naked and rolling around on the track, this has become less about who can run the quickest, as to who is anatomically the biggest downstairs as to who gets over the line first! AND THERE IT IS, The beast living up to his name, as he 'flops' over the line" !!!


It seems to me there’s a large number of people who want to legalise cannabis but don’t really give a flying monkeys armpit about its medicinal quality’s, they just want it legalised so they can get stoned.


GI, you're my hero!


Drinking alcohol is not illegal,but does cause problems when it becomes an addiction and/or consumed to excess.Taking drugs without prescription is Illegal.These are facts,but also causes problems when the user becomes addicted.



I'm afraid you're talking absolute tripe. It is perfectly legal to take all manner of drugs without a prescription, many of which can be found in supermarkets and pharmacies across the island.

victor hulien

here is something to ponder on,13yrs ago i took part in cannabis trials at the PEH. the man behind development of sativex was refused a licence by the house of lords to market a medicine in its herbal state,so he had to find a way to extract the THC and CBD, which was bit of a poser as the active ingredients are not water soluble, a tablet form is not viable so 90% of the medication is alcohol !!!


And to think LOCOG was worried about a kebab shop on the torch relay route bearing the 'Olympic' name...


Drugs aren't the problem, people are, that's why controlling them is such an impossible task.

Man has taken drugs for centuries, and in many different forms, and quite probably always will, being the curious, pleasure seeking mammals that we are. I think it's simply in our make up.

Taking drugs is a total lottery. Some people take them in moderation with little to no harm done (no more than inhaling someone else's fag or car fumes), others have addictive personalities/personality disorders/demons/need a crutch/or are just too dumb / hedonistic to appreciate the consequences, and don't know when to say enough is enough.

The other problem, of course, is the people who manufacture many of the grade A's in illegal drug labs, with no rules applied to ensure purity and dosage, and anything gets thrown in to make s quick buck, and of course, not forgetting the other people, namely drug barons, who require huge amounts of the stuff to make their millions, and are willing to exploit / kill anyone and everyone to get them.

Demonising certain 'dangerous' drugs (whilst, let's please not forget, their fellow 'dangerous drugs such alcohol and cigarettes are allowed - and the Government generates considerable revenue from) simply drives them further underground, makes them all the more mysterious and tempting to the naive and is therefore a self defeating activity, rather like all those post Christmas diets we 'have to' go on....

it appears since the apparent temptation of the alleged Adam by the alleged Eve, we give in to temptation. As soon as we are told/tell ourselves we mustn't do something as it's bad....don't eat that cake....must have some cake.... it seems as if we are programmed to do it...!

Therefore, although I agree that illegal drugs ( and I feel I must make the definition here, as we all are aware, surely, that 'legal' drugs kill many 1000's each year and cause untold misery, and, may I add, are relatively accessible to children if they really want to try them) should come with health warnings, and we as a society should do everything we can to protect people from sliding down the slippery slope of excess, to say that making - and keeping them - illegal, is actually doing anything constructive, is rather like saying that those awful warnings on the side of fag packets are working.

Island Wide Voting

Very tragic for the victims' families and friends but the recent events in the UK will hopefully serve to be a much stronger warning than the 'Just say no' campaign


All the more reason for legalisation and regulation.