States support for Clydesdale staff

SUPPORT is available from the States to any employees affected by Clydesdale Bank International pulling out of the island.

Clydesdale Bank

SUPPORT is available from the States to any employees affected by Clydesdale Bank International pulling out of the island.

The move will come at a cost of 19 local jobs and the bank has announced that employees had begun running down the existing business – a process not expected to be complete before 2014.

Commerce and Employment minister Kevin Stewart confirmed that a support network could be provided.

‘The business decision taken by Clydesdale Bank International to pull out of Guernsey has, of course, been met with disappointment within the business community and within Government and our thoughts are with the Guernsey Clydesdale team who are affected,’ said Deputy Stewart.

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And where was the States support for other similar closures: Northern Rock, Yorkshire, Woolwich etc

It is the closing business' responsibility via their HR team to support their employees.

Or is this a start of a new States programme for supporting and business that closes and lets staff go?

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I assume the 'support' being offered in this case is help, via the usual system, where necessary to find a new job

The 'usual system' being the one offered to many of our long term unemployed who just cannot get a job no matter how hard they try and so have to fall back on over generous handouts


The banks will always be here or was that the first cuckoo of 2013 I heard?


Exactly right - but as usual - its the taxpayers money!


Not sure I am understanding your post Don.

Are you saying you would rather these unfortunate people not receive any help from the states if it comes from your tax?

I for one am happy for my tax to go towards people who genuinely need help, afterall any of us could be next.


and don't forget these people have been paying tax themselves so you might argue they're just getting a service (i.e. support until they find a new job) for what they've paid in already.


At least they have almost year to find alternative employment and will probably get redundancy pay, not like the guys at HMV …can they get help too Kev?

Royston Gauno

Does this mean they will not be supporting Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster staff ?


They have not even been mentioned!


Do the states only help Clydesdale staff ? what about Jessops and HMV staff ? are they not worthy.. having been on the receiving end of this so called help after over 30 years of continuous working in the island.. I recently found myself out of work.. and the help I received from GSSD only made me feel totally useless and suicidal.. I just wish I was either a drugged up lazy drunk or a 16 year old, mobile phone using smoker, single mum and just out of school.. I'd be thrown all the help and money I could want....



It was ever thus.

Help being extended to the finance sector and possibly not (to the same degree - we have to rely on the reporting of this accuratly) to other sectors is an indication of The States desperate realisation that the finance sector is futu.

We should expect that within the staff at Clydesdale there are a number of licence holders that will return to the UK (or Ireland etc)thus the impact on our unemployed figure will be less dramatic.

We should be sympathetic to those made redundant as this is only the start.

The real figure is much greater than The States trot out as they only publish the figure for those signing on.

The figure does not include those who will not, for their own private reasons do not feel that they should lower themselves or are busy seeking work.


Thank god, a golden opportunity for St Kev to shake his finance pompoms and reassure them they really are his BFF's, just in case that nasty topic of our increasingly desperate need for the diversification that he is supposedly to be investigating makes them think otherwise.

What about all the other redundancies in other industries, Kev? Oh, that's right, they're equally important, we're all equal, it's just that some are more equal than others.

Come up with a diversification plan yet, btw? No....?

Hands up who voted this individual in, and worse still, who put him in this position? Anyone 'fessing up?

Nope, just an embarrassed silence.


It was my fellow voters in St Sampson.

Apparently in revenge to St Peter Port North voting patterns for the last 3 terms.


Right, duly noted, Ed, I shall remember to point and laugh as I drive through the Bridge in future.

Seriously, what was it, do you think? Bribery? Drugs? Temporary insanity?

Island Wide Voting

S of S

Be careful not to point and laugh in the Northern half of the Bridge .. the Vale half

We hardly had a proper election at all